[[{{Series/Deadwood}} David]] [[Series/NYPDBlue Milch]] returns to {{Creator/HBO}} with his typical idiosyncratic view of humanity. His subject this time is a racetrack, where trainers, jockeys, gamblers, and others all coalesce in an experience like no other.

The series begins with Chester "Ace" Bernstein (Creator/DustinHoffman) being released from prison, with his record meaning he can no longer own a racehorse. But he just gets his bodyguard Gus to buy one for him, and prepares to use the winnings to establish a casino nearby. Also, a quartet of self-described degenerate gamblers have figured out a new way to play the odds that could mean endless riches, and the drama between a new jockey, his agent, and his boss adds to our view of what goes on behind the scenes of the sport that makes the whole thing tick.

The series was cancelled after one season due to a series of high-profile horse injuries/deaths.

!!This series provides examples of:

* AutoErotica: Jerry and Naomi's "driving lesson" in Episode 7.
* BadassGrandpa / BewareTheNiceOnes: Gus "the Greek" seems like an easygoing guy, then he [[spoiler:disarms a hitman and kills him with nothing but his bare hands]] in the last episode.
** For good measure, Gus also [[spoiler: hides the body in a bathroom stall, uses his tie to close and lock it from the outside without leaving prints, and disposes of the hitman's gun in the paper towel trash bin.]]
* BungledSuicide: [[spoiler:Joey Rathburn only grazes his cheek when an earthquake jogs his aim right before he fires. Later, when he goes to a hospital to take care of his cheek, he realizes that his stuttering has stopped.]]
* ConvenientMiscarriage: [[spoiler:Jo has one in the final episode]] after being kicked by a horse
* FieryRedhead: Subverted in that Rosie can be quite demure, except when she's riding in a horse race.
* TheGamblingAddict: Gerry is a successful horse handicapper, but still feels the need to blow his winnings on poker.
* LondonGangster: Michael Gambon's Mike
* NoEnding: The series finale doesn't really wrap any of the plotlines up to any degree, and the show was unexpectedly canceled due to the number of horse deaths.
* PetTheDog: Turo is a pretty big asshole through the first half of the series, but he mellows out a little after taking an at-risk boy under his wing.
* ProfessionalGambler: The four amigos seem to have no other job besides betting on horses.
* RealLifeWritesThePlot: The series was cancelled after the third horse death while filming. Production was shortly after filming began on season 2.
** Richard Kind has debated this, saying the show was doomed even before the deaths thanks to David Milch and Creator/MichaelMann utterly despising each other and each trying to forcibly drag the show to what they wanted it to be, and the budget was out of control.
* TheUnintelligible: A common complaint about the show was that many characters are unintelligible due to thick accents, stuttering, mumbling, and being Nick Nolte.