''Let Them Eat Cake'' was a 1999 British comedy series set in 1782 in the Palace of Versailles, as a helpful title card points out every episode, during the reign of UsefulNotes/LouisXVI and UsefulNotes/MarieAntoinette. Lasting a grand total of one [[BritishBrevity six-episode series]] in 1999, it starred Jennifer Saunders as the amoral Colombine, Comtesse de Vache, with Dawn French and Adrian Scarborough as her maid Lisette and foppish manservant Bouffant, respectively.

Idle and rich, Colombine spends her days cataloging the debaucheries of her fellow palace-mates for blackmail purposes, as she has not herself had the chance to debauch as of late and is always looking for a chance to get in good with the royals. Lisette's job is to keep the Comtesse going all hours of the day, only stepping out to have her own debaucherous relations with various men, noble, soldier, and peasant. Meanwhile, Bouffant's hard work keeps her at the forefront of gaudy French fashion, whether it be a dress or a large battleship-adorned wig appropriate for viewing public royal copulation. Unfortunately, those outside the palace walls are already starting to revolt.
!!This show provides examples of:

* BeleagueredAssistant: Lisette and Bouffant.
* BlackComedyRape: Apple. Banana. Thankfully, not a melon. But a cocky Lisette leaves a pineapple by her bed.
* BritishBrevity
* FamousLastWords: Said by Colombine, though technically they were only the penultimate last words of the series. Lisette's "You shouldn't've said that" were the last.
* FridgeLogic: In-universe Bouffant & Lisette, both wonder how [[spoiler:Colombine could have opened so many doors to commit the deed in the episode ''Murder'', refusing to consider that she is innocent of the crime.]]
* GrandeDame: The Comtesse and Madame de Plonge at least make attempts at it.
* GratuitousFrench: Oddly, plenty. Often requires translation for Colombine's benefit, which is confusing in itself.
* LockedRoomMystery: Or a closed room mystery, at least, in the episode "Murder". Colombine '''must''' have done the deed, but it would require her to do an impossible task: [[spoiler:open (many, many) doors.]]
* MarieAntoinette: FunnyForeigner vith a very thick accent and a tendency to not know French (English) vords.
* [[spoiler: MistakenForPregnant]]: It was just bad gas from the Voopee.
* TheRival: Madame de Plonge, with whom Colombine is in a one-upsmanship contest in. The two frequently attempt to ruin one another's reputations, [[spoiler: until Colombine successfully get her exiled from the palace.]]
* ThoseTwoGuys: 1st and 2nd Aristocratic Woman.
* WackyCravings: Soap pudding.