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Series: Hec Ramsey
Hec Ramsey starred Richard Boone as Hector "Hec" Ramsey, who had been a gunfighter/lawman in the Wild West, but the heydays of the cowboy are coming to an end, and the 20th century is just beginning, and Ramsey is keeping up with the times. He has developed a strong interest in the then-emerging field of forensics. He still carried a gun, however, his most important "weapons" were now fingerprinting equipment, magnifying lenses, scales, and other equipment (often hand made, by himself) which allowed him to determine the real perpetrators of crimes with greater accuracy than had previously been possible.

Ramsey, having recently become expert with his new equipment, accepts the position of deputy police chief in the fictional town of New Prospect, Oklahoma. Arriving in town, he learns that the chief of police, Oliver B. Stamp (Rick Lenz), is a very young, very inexperienced lawman who needs lots of help. Fortunately, Stamp knows it, and after some initial friction, the two men develop a strong working relationship.

The series aired as part of The NBC Mystery Movie from 1972-74 (it was the only element not set in the present day). Produced by Mark VII Limited (Jack Webb's company).

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alternative title(s): Hec Ramsey
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