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[[caption-width-right:325: [[WackyCollege Pictured]] (from left to right): [[SouthernFriedGenius Dale]], [[StraightGay Calvin]], [[BlackBestFriend Ashleigh]], [[BrilliantButLazy Cappie]], [[CoolBigSis Casey]], [[{{Jerkass}} Evan]], [[RichBitch Rebecca]], [[CoolLoser Rusty]]. Not pictured: [[AlphaBitch Frannie]].]]

-> ''"I wanna have a real college experience! I wanna have fun!"''\\
''"You don't know how to have fun!"''\\
''"But I can learn; isn't that what college is for?"''\\
''"Hell no!"''

''Greek'' is an Creator/ABCFamily original series that can be best described with this equation: "BrotherhoodOfFunnyHats + TeenDrama + {{Dramedy}} + a little nutmeg + some pepper + a pinch of cheese = ''GRΣΣK''".

Set at the fictional Cyprus-Rhodes University in Ohio, the series focuses on Rusty Cartwright, a HollywoodNerd fresh out of high-school with dreams of joining a fraternity and having a 'real college experience', while also being a member of the Honors Engineering program and pursuing a degree in [[WeirdScience Polymer Science]]. The series begins on his [[FishOutOfWater first day at school]] and ends during his junior year, exploring the goings-on of his friends and classmates, as well as his relationship with his CoolBigSis, Casey [[note]](played by Creator/KelseyGrammer's daughter, Spencer Grammer)[[/note]]. Unlike many teen dramas on nowadays, it's not really a drama; College/Greek life isn't treated as a matter of life or death (usually), and some "serious" issues - such as Betsy's alcoholism - are even played for laughs.

The show ran for four seasons, and the final episode aired in March, 2011.

!!This show provides examples of...
* FiveFiveFive: Per usual for a tv show, every phone number begins with this.
* AccidentalMisnaming: Cappie finds several names to refer to Evan by. [[HilariousInHindsight One of which is "Evan Longoria", before the baseball player with the same name led his team to the World Series]]. Cappie was going for the ''Series/DesperateHousewives'' connection.
* ADayInTheLimelight: All About Beav.
--> '''Beaver:''' "I am the star of my own life. I deserve to be center stage... Thanks Mom."
* AddedAlliterativeAppeal:
** Ben Bennett.
** And his fake ID, Frankie Franklin.
** Other characters with alliterative names include Casey Cartwright, Lisa Lawson, and Peter Parkes.
* AdorablyPrecociousChild: Hailey, Professor Segal's eight year old daughter.
%%* TheAlcoholic: Betsy.
* AlphaBitch:
** Frannie.
** Tegan at the Nationals level proves that being an AlphaBitch is one of two general paths of a ZBZ alumna (with Lizzi being the other general path).
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: Evan seems to be this to Cappie at first, but as the series progresses you realize that Cappie is actually this to Evan - or at least the Evan he wanted to be at the beginning of college, given that Cappie is the KT golden boy and dates Casey first.
%%* AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents: [[spoiler:Cappie's parents]].
%%* AmicableExes: Cappie and Rebecca.
* AnOfferYouCantRefuse: Evan bribes [[spoiler:a Lambda Sig who genuinely likes Casey to leave her alone for a thousand dollars.]]
* AnticipatoryBreathSpray: Of course, this being Dale, he sprays it directly into his eyes.
* AscendedExtra: Lisa Lawson made her first appearance as the unnamed hot girl Rusty spits tequila all over when his first attempt at doing a body shot goes badly, and she gets brought back a few episodes later in a slightly larger semi-recurring role.
* BachelorAuction: The Geek Auction in Season 3.
* BackForTheFinale: [[spoiler:Wade, Jen K and Lisa Lawson. Frannie was back for the episode before.]]
* TheBackwardsR: Σ for E in the name. Note that Σ is Sigma, and is the equivalent of S in English.
%%* BaitAndSwitchTyrant: Lizzi.
* BaseballEpisode: In season three, Omega Chi and ZBZ team up against Gamma Psi and Kappa Tau.
* BeachEpisode: The season one finale. The season three finale probably qualifies as well, though it takes place more around the beach instead of actually on it.
* BeautifulAllAlong: Lizzi, after Casey and Ashleigh make her over to bust her out of PluckyOfficeGirl mode.
* BettyAndVeronica:
** Evan (Betty) and Cappie (Veronica) for Casey (in this case, only because Cappie is the canon LoveInterest; Evan actually fits the Veronica personality type much better, being rich and kind of a prick).
** Casey (Betty) and Rebecca (Veronica) for Cappie.
** Max (Betty) and Cappie (Veronica) for Casey.
** Dana (Betty) and Katherine (Veronica) for Rusty.
* BigHeroicRun: Subverted in 'Picking Teams', with the Kappa Tau's running off a night of very hard drinking on their way to face off against the Omega Chi's in floor hockey.
* BlackBestFriend: Calvin (sort of) to Rusty, and Ashleigh to Casey.
** To elaborate on Calvin, he's more a best friend who happens to be black (and gay); he's never played up as "hip" or anything along those lines, only ''relatively'' so compared to Rusty and Dale who are both very nerdy, especially early on.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Beaver does this at the end of 'All About Beav', when he looks directly into the camera and tells the audience "I love my life."
%%* {{Bridezilla}}: Kiki, Frannie's Big Sis.
%%* BrilliantButLazy: Cappie, in spades.
* BrotherhoodOfFunnyHats: Without the hats (usually) and with a lot more drinking.
* BrotherSisterIncest: The writers really seem to like having Rusty unknowingly hit on his sister.
* ChuckCunninghamSyndrome: Pretty much Rusty's entire pledge class; lampshaded at the beginning of season four with discussion of how no one has seen them for ages.
* ComingOutStory: Played seriously (Calvin in season 1, Grant in season 3) and for laughs (Heath in season 1, Rebecca in season 2). Most notable in the former two cases; the episode ''A New Normal'' centers largely on Calvin's Gayngst and the OX's lack of acceptance after he's outed, but includes a brief cutaway to Heath coming out to the [=KTs=], who are completely nonchalant (and were more worried that he might have found out Beaver once hit on his underage sister).
* ComicallyMissingThePoint: Cappie tells Rusty that he knows his sister in the "Biblical sense", which Rusty innocently assumes means that they know each other from church.
* CoolBigSis:
** Casey to Rusty.
** Male versions includes to Cappie to Rusty and Evan to Calvin.
%%* CoolLoser: Rusty
* CorruptTheCutie: Cappie to Rusty, though one of his girl friends takes it farther than even he would like.
%%* CreditCardPlot: With Ashleigh in the end of season one.
* CrisisOfFaith: Dale goes through one during his guilt spiral over [[spoiler:losing his virginity]]. It's PlayedForLaughs, and he gets over it within a few episodes.
* CurseCutShort: Cappie.
--> "You my little friend are now a fu... ([[ItMakesSenseInContext a random nun appears]]) ...fun buddy. A fun buddy."
* TheCynic: Rebecca. It's pretty justified, considering her relationship with her father.
* DarkHorseVictory: Ashleigh comes out of nowhere to win the ZBZ presidency, which comes as a surprise to everyone... even her, seeing as how she wasn't even running.
* DeathBySex: Jordan kills Rusty in their game of Assassin after having sex with him.
* DeathGlare: Rebecca has them down to an art form.
%%* DoggedNiceGuy:
%%** Rusty, Rusty, Rusty.
%%** Dale as well.
%%* DoubleAgent: Rebecca in season two.
%%* {{Dramedy}}
* DumbassHasAPoint: Beaver explains to Casey why Cappie and Evan will probably never be friends during his DayInTheLimelight; it's one of the few sensible points he makes.
%%* DumbBlonde: Both Laura and Beth, but averted by Katherine and Casey (well, most of the time).
* EroticEating: Rebecca eats ice cream very deliberately and suggestively in front of Cappie when he drops by the ZBZ house to return her toothbrush.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment:
** Evan cheating on Casey in the first episode.
** Lizzi's entire spiel to Ashleigh and Casey when she's first introduced set her entire tone, and Ashleigh and Casey's faces said it all... [[OhCrap This is going to]] ''[[OhCrap suck]]''.
* EstablishingShot: There's one (or two) for each of the Greek houses.
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer: When Casey asks "Who wants to see Ashleigh's boobs?" all of the Kappa Taus - and ''Betsy'' - look at her.
* ExpansionPackPast: Cappie's numerous majors (and one-time photography minor).
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: Evan, in the 'Freshman Daze' flashbacks, to show that he's since left his rebellious ways behind.
* FakeDefector: Rebecca to Iota Kappa Iota.
* FalseFriend: [[spoiler:Lasker Parkes]] to Kappa Tau.
* TheFirstCutIsTheDeepest: Actually said by Cappie to Rusty when Rusty has trouble letting go of Jen K. even after she used him to expose the corruption in the Greek system. He does eventually get over it.
* FirstGirlWins: Gender-flipped. [[spoiler:Casey and Calvin both end the series in relationships with the guys they hooked up with in their first week at college (Cappie and Heath), and the finale implies that Rebecca could end up the same way (with Evan).]]
* FirstNameBasis: Cappie and his parents. They insist everyone else call them by their first names as well.
* FishOutOfWater:
** Rusty, early on.
** Tomboyish Jordan first doesn't fit in well with the rest of feminine ZBZ girls.
* FreudianExcuse: Implied about [[spoiler:why Cappie doesn't want to leave college.]]
* FundraiserCarnival: Proposed by Casey to help Greek Row smooth things over with Dean Bowman after the scandal that ended the first half of season one. ZBZ and Tri-Pi set up rival kissing booths, which Tri-Pi wins in a rout after the restrictions Lizzi places upon ZBZ. The Kappa Taus went with yeti pelting, which they later changed to yeti wrestling after Rusty forgot the snow machine.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: During one of Casey's dates with Max, Heath can be seen [[ItMakesSenseInContext surreptitiously returning a stolen rooster statue in the background]]. As he tries to slip away, a couple at a nearby table ask him to refill their drink, so he steps into the role of waiter and also refills Casey and Max's drinks before finally exiting the scene with no one the wiser.
* FunWithAcronyms: In season two, [[spoiler:Frannie]] leaves ZBZ to start her own sorority called Iota Kappa Iota... also known as IKI.
* GargleBlaster: Aerosol Death Juice turns a geek party into the wildest party the party frat's thrown in years.
* GeniusDitz: For someone so stupid, Beaver actually provides a insight during his DayInTheLimelight.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar:
** Any mention of the Gag Reflex.
** 'I'm sorry for being such a dick... tator'.
** The use of 'fun-buddies' qualifies, and also serves as an in-universe example.
** Then there's all the sexual innuendo during the cram session for "Joshua Whopper"; from the discussion of phalluses 'going soft', 'too much to cram in', it goes on...
** "Guilty Treasures" has Heath, who is gay, holding a rooster statue.
** The title and last line of the ZBZ national convention episode: "[[CountryMatters See You Next Time, Sisters!]]"
** Cappie unknowingly hits on a married woman, who holds up her ring finger in a very [[FlipTheBird familiar gesture]].
%%* TheGenericGuy: Heath; he's still adorable.
* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: Lizzi does this (and says the line word-for-word, minus "Man") to a panicking Casey after Frannie reveals her plan to win back the ZBZ presidency at the national convention. Though Lizzi doesn't slap her; she just grabs her shoulders and then apologizes for "handling a sister roughly".
* TheGloriousWarOfSisterlyRivalry: Zeta Beta Zeta, for certain definitions of the word "sister". Specifically, Casey serves as the pretty one to Frannie's ''and'' Rebecca's smart ones.
* GoingNative: To stop their new neighbor, Professor Tom Hilgendorf, from ruining their fun with his rules, the [=KTs=] decide to make him an honorary member. HilarityEnsues.
* GreyAndGrayMorality: Discussed between Casey and Rusty when she states that life in college isn't [[BlackAndWhiteMorality black and white]].
* GroinAttack: Casey accidentally hits Cappie in the nuts in 'I Know What You Did Last Semester' when his attempt at a surprise greeting startles her.
* HelloAttorney: Well, "hello law student!" for Katherine.
%%* HeterosexualLifePartners: Ashleigh and Casey.
* HiddenDepths:
** Rebecca who is shown to be more than a RichBitch.
** We find out in season four that [[spoiler:Beaver]], of all people, is studying to be a kindergarten teacher.
* HisNameReallyIsBarkeep: Wade is both a Kappa Tau nickname (he can't swim) and his real name.
* HisStoryRepeatsItself: [[spoiler:Casey & Cappie's relationship. Cappie & Evan's friendship]]
* HollywoodNerd: Rusty straddles both types. Dale is a type 1 and Max is a type 2. Psi Phi Pi is an [[BrotherhoodOfFunnyHats entire fraternity of type 1's]].
* HollywoodSpelling:
** Ashleigh (self-explanatory); Lizzi ("Two Zeta-Beta Z's", no E.)
** Ashleigh actually is a fairly traditional spelling, but it's traditionally ''[[ViewerGenderConfusion male]]''.
%%* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: Casey, to maximum.
%%* HugeSchoolGirl: Katherine.
* HufflepuffHouse: Every house ''not'' named Omega Chi, Kappa Tau, or ZBZ...
* IncompatibleOrientation:
** Ashleigh thinks Calvin has a crush on her in early season one, and she tries to come on to him after she gets drunk at a party which results in him revealing to her that he's gay.
** Also, Calvin and the guy who was flirting with him at the gym; the guy was straight and just wanted some flattering attention since his girlfriend had recently broken up with him. Calvin was not amused.
* InnocentlyInsensitive: Dale has his moments of this because of his religious and personal beliefs, most notable is his hanging a confederate flag on his side of the room not understanding that it is offensive to black people and his reaction to being told that Calvin is gay is to offer to [[CureYourGays cure him]].
* INeedAFreakingDrink: Cappie, after whatever it was he had to do to get Gladys to give them a noise permit for the Vesuvius party.
* InventedIndividual: [[spoiler:Joshua Whopper]], the genius KT member created by brothers past to keep their house grades from dropping below the required average.
* ItIsPronouncedTroPAY: Heath's younger sister, Heather, is pronounced 'Heath-er'.
* ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne: Evan: "Now the fate of the entire Greek system is in the hands of a flaky, alcoholic degenerate!" Cappie: "I'm not an alcoholic."
* ItsAlwaysSpring: Seriously, an Ohio with no snow?
** Lampshaded by Cappie in "The Tortoise and the Hair", including "the weather never seems to change" in his list of reasons he would never want to leave college.
** Also in "Our Fathers" when telling Rebecca's dad about the school, Cappie says, "It's the only place in Ohio that's exactly like Southern California."
** It finally snows in the fourth season. For ''one'' episode.
* IronicEcho: "I didn't give you permission to call me by a nickname."
* JerkassHasAPoint: Frannie's frequent bouts of advice to Casey.
* KidnappedByAnAlly: [[spoiler:The Kappa Tau pledge class kidnap Cappie and Rusty on their way to play golf with Omega Chi, resulting in their loss by default]].
* LadyKillerInLove: Cappie, though in his case he was in love with Casey first, and is still hung up on her even after she broke up with him.
* LampshadeHanging: On Beaver's DayInTheLimelight:
--> '''Casey''': "Why am I seeing you more often today than ever before?"
--> '''Beaver''': "Maybe I've been there all along and you never noticed."
* LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn: In 'Black & White and Read All Over', the song playing over the final scene turns out to be the music playing in Casey's car. Rusty starts fiddling with the radio as they drive away from the school - causing the song to cut out - so she complains, he switches it back, and then the song resumes.
* LonelyRichKid: Evan and Rebecca both fall in this category, sometimes.
* LoveTriangle: Among others, Cappie/Casey/Evan.
* MissFanservice: Pretty much any of the Zeta Betas count, but Rebecca in particular.
* MrFanservice: Cappie gets a fair number of shirtless scenes. As does Calvin.
* ModestyBedsheet: Featured in any scene with a naked female.
* TheMole: Jen K who was secretly reporting on everyone in the Greek system as part of her journalism course and ends up exposing their secrets in an front page article.
* MoreDakka: During his ambush attempt in 'The Half-Naked Gun', Rusty starts out firing small (nerf) arms at Jordan, and keeps upgrading his weapons until he's using an enormous gun that fires an absurd number of nerf darts in a matter of seconds. [[ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy He still misses]].
* MyFriendsAndZoidberg: During the beer pong game in episode two:
-->'''Wade:''' Gentlemen [beat] and Omega Chi's.
* NaiveNewcomer: Rusty to the Greek system.
* NerdsAreVirgins:
** Averted with Rusty, [[spoiler:who has slept with every girl he has dated.]]
** Also averted with [[spoiler:Dale, but his reaction was quite disheartening]].
* TheNicknamer: Kappa Tau in general, but Cappie takes it to extremes. He eventually starts giving Rusty nicknames for his nickname.
* NoodleIncident:
** The CRU Honors Engineering students managed to get a building condemned after an incident involving a genetically modified raccoon.
** According to Cappie, Beaver nearly became a Canadian citizen.
** We don't know what happened between Cappie and Casey on Cinco de Mayo, but it apparently involved tequila.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: Cappie.
** With a dose of WickedCultured, such as the time he wins an argument ''in latin'' and then gives the following;
--> '''Cappie''': "''Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit materiari?'' [{{Beat}}] Translation! How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood!"
* OddFriendship: Cappie and Dale. They really aren't the characters you would expect to end up starting a book club together.
* OhCrap: Cappie's reaction to ''both'' of the girls that he hooked up with recently (on the same night) being in the same study group as him and Casey in 'Social Studies'.
* OnceAnEpisode: Casey and Rusty meet up and have a brother/sister chat in most episodes.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: Cappie most notably; even Dean Bowman calls him Mr. Cappie.
** GivenNameReveal: We get to find out in the finale that his name is [[spoiler:Captain John Paul Jones]].
** A few of the minor Kappa Taus are only known thusly.
** Another notable example is Wade; his real name is Wade, and so is his nickname.
** Beaver is another. His given name is revealed in 'All About Beav'.
%%* OneOfTheBoys: Jordan.
* TheOneThatGotAway: Dale considers Casey this for him. The sentiment is not mutual.
* PairTheSpares: Ashleigh and Rusty and implied with Evan and Rebecca in the final season.
* PinkMeansFeminine: ZBZ's sorority color is [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick piiiink]]. Lampshaded in the convention episode: "I've never realized there could be so many shades of pink."
* {{Pixellation}}: The KT party in the Pilot episode briefly shows a streaker with his private parts blurred out.
* PlotParallel: The Evan/Casey/Cappie triangle to [[spoiler:Rusty/Jordan/Andy.]]
** Many of Rusty's early experiences in the Greek system are later repeated with Peter Parkes.
* PluckyOfficeGirl: Lizzi fulfills this trope to the rest of ZBZ Nationals at the convention.
* PregnancyScare: Casey and Cappie get drunk and have unprotected sex at the end of 'Home Coming and Going'; she doesn't remember until the following episode (the next day) that she stopped taking birth control when they broke up a few months before. Cappie makes a valiant effort to not freak out when she tells him (he's not totally successful), and then gives her the most relieved hug you can possibly imagine when she reveals that she took the Morning-After Pill.
* PreviouslyOn: Used in every episode.
%%* PrimAndProperBun: Katherine.
* PutOnABus:
** Jordan, who moves to New York to pursue a career in photography.
** Max leaves CRU without so much as a goodbye after Casey breaks up with him.
* QuirkyCurls: Lizzi, to the point where Ashleigh's first line to her as they get ready to make her over is, "It's time to get serious... ''and it starts with the hair''."
* ReallyGetsAround:
** Pretty much every member of Kappa Tau would qualify as a male example, though Cappie probably has the biggest reputation.
** Lisa Lawson is a female example.
* ReallySeventeenYearsOld: Jonah, the guy Casey met at the shelter and later slept with turns out to be 16. She's suitably squicked when she finds out.
* RememberTheNewGuy:
** Happens infrequently throughout the series, as minor characters pop up throughout the different houses/Greek system in general as needed.
** The most glaring example is Grant, introduced at the end of season two as a love interest for Calvin, who has apparently been in the OX house for the entire series so far, including having pre-existing friendships with Evan and Ashleigh, and was even part of the group of [=OXs=] who taped Rusty to a wall midway through season one.
** OX President Dean; it's even lampshaded early in season two when someone says, "I thought Evan was president of Omega Chi?"
* RetCon: Remember when Heath said he was graduating at the end of Rusty's sophomore fall semester? Well, they explained his return as him failing his finals after some of his frat brothers were expelled, however he still shows up in season 4, which takes place the fall of Rusty's junior year. I love Heath, but WritersCannotDoMath.
* RichBitch: Rebecca, before her father had an affair and lost his office and his influence.
* RichPeople: The Chambers and the Logans.
%%* RomanticRunnerup: Evan.
* RousingSpeech:
** Cappie loves them. They usually contain a high number of movie references.
** Rusty gives one to the [=KTs=] after [[spoiler:their house gets torn down in the finale, cementing his place as Cappie's successor]].
%%* RunningGag: The ''other'' Gentleman's Choice.
* ScienceFair: Rusty and Dale compete against each other in one during season three.
* SeriousBusiness: [=ZBZ's=] social calendar. One sister was worried about the house losing it if the scheme in "The Great Cappie" failed, but Casey told her that thanks to the scandal and Lizzi's oversight, the only thing on it was a trip to the outlet mall.
* ShipperOnDeck: Rusty, and seemingly the entire KT house, supports Cappie/Casey (Wade explicitly calls her the love of Cappie's life). The ZBZ's seem to support Evan/Casey, but it's revealed to be more any pairing which links the houses.
* ShoutOut:
** Some characters participate in a psychological study numbered 8675309.
** Cappie and Evan get jobs at ''Series/PartyDown'' catering; they even have to wear pink bowties.
** "The Half-Naked Gun" plot with Rusty and Jordan has shades of ''Film/MrAndMrsSmith2005''.
** Cappie straight up quotes directly from TheMatrix at least twice while giving advice to Rusty.
** The Kappa Tau Thanksgiving dinner in 'The Wish-Pretzel' is a reference to 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'.
** "Can we be mature and just say what we're all thinking? [beat] How the hell could they cancel Series/GilmoreGirls?
** "Good lord, it's like we died and went to Series/GossipGirl."
** Casey and Cappie give us this Film/StarWars themed gem in 'Picking Teams':
--> "I happen to like nice guys."
--> "I'm nice guys."
** "[[Film/StarWars Help me Toby Kwon; you're my only hope.]]"
* ShownTheirWork: The series is set in Ohio, so why not get an Ohio weatherman to do a cameo weatherman appearance? (Although it's set in ''Central'' Ohio (Analogous to Ohio University), and the weatherman was from the [[UsefulNotes/ToledoOhio Toledo]] ABC station...)
* TheSlacker: Cappie. When some speak of graduating, he tells them, "Bite your tongue!"
** This was a ship sticking point for the final season, as Casey broke up with him because he couldn't commit to graduating. He finally does in the last episode... [[spoiler:but it took the KT house being destroyed to get him to commit.]]
* SouthernFriedGenius: Dale. He's definitely smart, and the first season has him proudly displaying a Confederate flag in his dorm room.
--> "I know that I may seem like just a Christian hick with a very bright future ahead of him..."
--> ''[Rusty and Calvin exchange a look]''
* SpeedDating: Rusty and Cappie go through this at Dobler's.
* StealthHiBye: 'From Rushing with Love' - Rebecca attempts a couple of these while meeting with Casey and Ashleigh to discuss her spying in Frannie's sorority. Her first attempt is successful, but her second one less so, as Casey informs her that she can still see her shoe poking out from behind the garbage can where she's hiding. Rebecca sheepishly stands up and walks away normally.
* StonersAreFunny:
** Casey and Evan get high in 'High and Dry' after unknowingly eating pot brownies while on sober patrol. After consuming a large quantity of food (and apparently sitting under the table for ten minutes pretending they were a pair of shoes), they finally wind up sitting in the shower together and smelling various hair products.
** Cappie and Calvin get stoned in the KT backyard in 'Cross Examined Life' when they're stumped on a class assignment about the meaning of life. The ensuing conversation is priceless.
* StraightGay: Calvin, Heath and initially Grant, although after coming out to his brothers he morphed overnight into full-on CampGay.
** Grant's change is sort justified with an arc about him expressing new sides to himself he may have kept hidden while closeted; it's contrasted with Calvin, who he suggests may be so concerned with not being a stereotype he's cutting himself off from new experiences he might enjoy.
* SuddenlySexuality: Rebecca decides that she's a lesbian after kissing a girl and realizing that she enjoyed it. Her prior relationships with Cappie and Evan beg to differ, and she decides it was just a passing girl crush after the second date ([[NoBisexuals because for some reason there's no chance that she could be bisexual]]).
* TakeThat: A pretty funny one.
--> '''Rebecca''': Hey, remember that terrible Creator/MatthewMcConaughey film?
--> '''Dale''': ''{{Film/Sahara|2005}}''? Uh, ''{{Film/EDtv}}''? ''Film/TheWeddingPlanner''? ''Film/FailureToLaunch''? ''Film/HowToLoseAGuyIn10Days''? ''Film/FoolsGold''?
--> '''Rebecca''': No! ''Film/GhostsOfGirlfriendsPast''.
* TakeThatKiss: Ashleigh kisses Rusty right in front of Evan, who earlier said Rusty was on a pity date.
* TakeOurWordForIt: Heath's sister being [[YoungerThanTheyLook younger than she looks]].
%%* TeenDrama
* TeensAreShort: All of the freshmen (Rebecca, Rusty, Calvin) are shorter than their "bigs" (Casey, Cappie, Evan). Averted with Lizzi, who's shorter than most of the ZBZ sisters even though she's older than all of them.
* ThatCameOutWrong:
** At various times, in particular Heath saying he was going to pound one of the Omega Chi's, elaborating that he meant with his fist and realizing that wasn't quite clear enough either.
** Also occurs anytime someone tries to give advice that accidentally comes out sounding like they're talking about sex. Which happens a ''lot''.
--> '''Cappie''': "You need to do her before she does you. [beat] With your weapon. [beat] That shoots. [beat] DARTS!"
--> '''Rusty''': "I got it!"
* ThreeAmigos: Cappie, Evan, and Casey in the {{backstory}}.
%%* TitleCard
%%* TomBoy: Jordan.
* TookALevelInJerkass: Trip, Calvin's OX brother. Calvin calls him out on it.
** Evan in early season four, even more than usual for him. He gets better.
* TrashTheSet: [[spoiler:The KT house gets destroyed in the most emotional scene of the series finale]].
* TricksterMentor: Cappie to Rusty.
* TwoGuysAndAGirl: Cappie, Evan, and Casey.
* UnusualEuphemism: "Studying" for sex.
* VisualInnuendo: Cappie notices that Rebecca is wearing his shirt and asks her to return it (since it's his lucky shirt), so she strips it off in the middle of the street, revealing her sweaty body and sports bra. [[SomethingElseAlsoRises The hose he was washing his car with spontaneously starts pouring water]], followed by a GilliganCut to them having sex in the back of his car.
%%* VolleyingInsults: Cappie and Evan. Rebecca and Casey.
* VomitDiscretionShot: Cappie hurls into a nearby bucket after witnessing Casey kissing Evan in 'Picking Teams'... And for once he wasn't just being dramatic - he was incredibly hung over.
* WackyFratBoyHijinx: Kappa Tau lives for this trope.
* WeirdScience: Why Max decided to study science.
%%* WeUsedToBeFriends: Cappie and Evan.
* WhatDidIDoLastNight:
** Cappie spends an evening trying desperately to have a threesome at a party in order to squash the rumors that he has become a serial monogamist. The following morning he [[BedmateReveal wakes up in bed with]]... [[spoiler:Wade and Beaver]]. [[AmbiguousSituation They probably didn't have sex]], but unanimously decide go eat breakfast instead of thinking about it too hard.
** Rusty gets black-out drunk at a KT party at the end of 'Home Coming and Going', and spends the next episode, 'Fumble', retracing his steps and trying to piece together his night. It was a wild ride from start to finish.
* WholeEpisodeFlashback: Freshman Daze, for the most part.
%%* WillTheyOrWontThey: Cappie and Casey, definitely.
* {{Yandere}}: One from Cappie's past finds him in 'Friday Night Frights', though in the end, his kiss fails to impress her and she leaves in disappointment.
* YoungerThanTheyLook:
** Jonah, Casey's date in "Highway to the Discomfort Zone". He's 16, but has a fake ID good enough to fool Lizzi, the resident "Party Patrol" for the [[AddedAlliterativeAppeal Double Date Dash at Dobler's]].
** And, of course, Heath's younger sister.
* YourCheatingHeart: Evan on Casey
** [[spoiler:Rebecca on Evan]]
** [[spoiler:Fisher]] on Ashleigh
** Jordan on Andy.


->''I don't know if you're aware of the following statistic, but two percent of the male population was in a fraternity...''