Fourways Farm is a ScienceShow for children using robots by CASE Productions for Channel4, which was broadcast in 1991.

The show is set on a [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin farm called Fourways]] with a dog called Davenport, a duck called Clarence, a lazy cat with a [[EverythingSoundsSexierInFrench French]] accent called Ginger, a cow called Martha, a pig called Dudley, who is much too fat, a great big horse called Godfrey, and 3 naughty rats called Uno, Duo, and Trio. They discover science in the show, and what happens if certain things happen. It must be Britian's answer to BeakmansWorld!

The show is narrated by MartinJarvis, (narrator of HuxleyPig), the characters were designed by the guy who made the models of the 2003 {{reboot}} of WesternAnimation/FiremanSam. It looks like it's animated using StopMotion, but the characters are robots, and are animated electronically a la Series/Dinosaurs.

Pretty much the entire show is on YouTube, if you haven't seen it, yet!


* ButtMonkey: Godfrey has his moments.
* CatsAreMean: See NightmareFuel.
* EverythingSoundsSexierInFrench: Ginger has a French accent.
* GrumpyBear: Godfrey.
* {{Jerkass}}: Ginger.
* {{Keet}}: Davenport.
* PalleteSwap: Davenport is one of Dusty from Fireman Sam.
* SmallNameBigEgo: Godfrey.
* TitleThemeTune: 3 versions. One at the start of the show, one at the end, and an extended one at the end of the Sound of Music.
* ThemeNaming: The rats, Uno, Duo, and Trio.
* TricksterArchetype: The rats.
* YouAreFat: Dudley.