''Father Knows Best'' was the stereotypical 1950s DomCom TV show about the average American home with 2.5 children.

RobertYoung played Jim Anderson, an insurance agent; Jane Wyatt (who would later go on to play Spock's mother Amanda in the original ''Series/{{Star Trek|The Original Series}}'') was Jim's wife, Margaret; Billy Gray played Bud, the wisecracking teenager son; Elinor Donahue as the typical teenager daughter, Betty; and Lauren Chapin as the youngest girl, Kathy (nicknamed "Kitten").

The story revolved around the various issues the family got involved in. It is also noteworthy for being a complete subversion of the trope it supposedly represents. The radio show it was based on (and which featured a completely different cast apart from Young) wasn't ''FatherKnowsBest'' but ''Father Knows Best?'' Note the question mark. And in the TV series the mom, just like today's sitcoms, [[WomenAreWiser often got the better of her husband and son]]. In the radio show she was definitely closer-to-Earth.

This is the show that put Robert Young onto the map as a famous actor, long before his portrayal as a doctor and the title character in MarcusWelby.

Since the show was made during the 1950s, it never dealt with anything controversial.

A pair of [[ReunionShow reunion movies]] featuring the TV cast were made in 1977.

!!This Work Contains These Tropes:

* NotAllowedToGrowUp: By the end of the show in 1960, Lauren Chapin was almost 15 but Kathy was still wearing little girl's dresses and hairstyle.
* StandardFiftiesFather
* {{Uncancelled}} ''Father Knows Best'' was officially cancelled after its first season on Creator/{{CBS}}. Creator/{{NBC}} picked it up and had a healthy run.
* GirlOfTheWeek: Boy version. On the radio show, Betty seems to have a new boyfriend or love interest every couple of episodes.