''Detroit 1-8-7'' is a [[CopShow police drama]] set in UsefulNotes/{{Detroit}}, UsefulNotes/{{Michigan}}. It follows six police officers in the city's police force as they go about their jobs.

The series premiered on Creator/{{ABC}} in 2010, lasting [[ShortRunners only one season]].

* BerserkButton - So far, Washington (a new father) and the Lieutenant both strongly dislike perps who hurt children. The female detective does not take kindly to suspects who make remarks about her good looks.
* {{Cliffhanger}}: The ending to the series premier.
* DeathBySex: [[spoiler: Det. John Stone.]]
* UsefulNotes/{{Detroit}}
* EveryCarIsAPinto - Subverted; the car exploded because [[spoiler: the suspect was involved in an arson and the trunk was loaded with gas cans.]]
* {{Foreshadowing}}: They named one of the episodes [[spoiler: "Stone Cold"]] for a reason...
* HollywoodHealing - Washington is [[spoiler:shot in the gut at the end of the first episode]]. By episode three he's healed well enough to run flat-out in a foot chase until he exhausts himself, with no side effects from the wound.
* MamaBear - Do not be the perp in a case where a child is hurt or killed unless you want to feel the wrath of the Lieutenant.
* {{Mockumentary}}: The show's original concept was that a documentary crew was following a Detroit detective squad and the pilot episode was filled with characters acknowledging the camera and the lieutenant even borrowing the soundman's headphones to listen to the feed from Fitch's lav mic. This had to be quickly abandoned (and the show retooled into a straight procedural) after Detroit banned documentary crews from following cops around after a disastrous raid that resulted in the death of a young girl (it was alleged that the police were overly aggressive to put on a good show for the cameras).
* NaiveNewcomer - Det. Washington, who is naturally paired with Louis Finch, the unit's surliest veteran.
* PapaWolf: Despite Fitch's estranged behavior, he will do absolutely anything to keep his son from harm.
* ReTool: The show was originally meant to be a mockumentary but was retooled into a straight procedural after the pilot.
* SoCalization: In the title itself: 187 is the police code for murder...in California, not Michigan.
* StuffedIntoTheFridge: In the first season finale, the BigBad murders ''an entire family'' just to send a message to Fitch.
** One of the victims was actually found inside a cabinet.
** [[spoiler:Stone]] dies for what reason exactly?
*** He died so his ex-girlfriend/drug addict could pay off her debt. Ironically, she was in debt to the same people who wanted [[spoiler: Stone]] dead, so they told her the alternate way of making them happy was to kill [[spoiler: Stone.]] It didn't end well for her.
* TwoLinesNoWaiting - Every episode follows two unrelated cases, and scene changes include a title card identifying which one they're switching to.
* VillainWithGoodPublicity - Henry Miloy, oh so much.
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse: In the pilot, the medical examiner's black eye is explained away as a result of her after-hours hobby: roller derby. It is never brought up again.