-->''Miyo![[note]]Behold![[/note]] Denshi Sentai! Denziman!''

''Denshi Sentai Denziman'' (Electronic Squadron Electroman) was the fourth ''Franchise/SuperSentai'' series, lasting from 1980-1981. It was the first Sentai series where the heroes wore the trademark visors.

The evil Vader Clan, led by Queen Hedrian, decides to refit Earth to suit their ideals of beauty. And for Vader, that involves sending their minions to pollute the world. They had previously [[IncrediblyLamePun laid waste]] to another planet, Denzi Star 3,000 years ago. Now, IC the Denzidog, a survivor of Denzi Star, awakens to recruit five young people to gain the powers of the only force that can fight Vader: the Denzimen!

!!The Heroes:

* Ippei Akagi / '''[[color:red:Denzi Red]]''': [[TheLeader The main man]] of Denziman; a MartialPacifist who teaches Karate to the kids at the athletic club.
* Daigorō Oume / '''[[color:blue:Denzi Blue]]''': A [[KidAppealCharacter laid-back]] acrobat with an [[BigEater addiction to anpan buns]]; as [=DenziBlue=], he [[FragileSpeedster knows how to apply his speed against the foe]].
* Jun Kiyama / '''[[color:gold:Denzi Yellow]]''': A [[TheSmartGuy researcher and inventor]] who fights with [[TheBigGuy great]] [[GeniusBruiser strength]] as [=DenziYellow=].
* Tatsuya Midorikawa / '''[[color:green:Denzi Green]]''': A private eye whose [[YouKilledMyFather father died at the hands of Vader]]. The [[TheLancer "cool guy"]] on the team.
* Akira Momoi / '''[[color:fuchsia:Denzi Pink]]''': The [[TheSmurfettePrinciple one]] [[TheChick girl]] on the Denziman team. She had a TenMinuteRetirement at the end of episode one, but rejoined an episode later. Teaches swimming to kids.
* IC: The TeamPet and TalkingAnimal, albeit robot dog. TheMentor.

!!The Villains (Vader Clan):
* Queen Hedrian: BigBad, DimensionLord
* General Hedrer: TheDragon
* Demon King Banriki: TheStarscream - [[spoiler:Unlike most Starscreams, he actually succeeds in taking over in leading the villain group, making Hedrian his servant.]]
* Mirror & Keller: ThoseTwoBadGuys


!!'''Recurring''' Super Sentai tropes:

* AllYourPowersCombined: The [[PrecisionGuidedBoomerang Denzi Boomerang]].
* ByThePowerOfGreyskull: "Denzi Spark!"
* CallingYourAttacks:
* ColorCodedCharacters: The first Sentai team to use the team's prefix as a head word for its codenames, followed by the English names of each member's corresponding color as the tail word.
* CoolAirship: The Denzi Tiger, where the Denzi Fighter is stored.
* CoolBike: Denzi Red's Denzi Machine
* CoolCar: The Denzi Buggy for the rest of the team.
* EyeCatch: Denziman's eye catch is similar to ''Series/BattleFeverJ'', the eyecatch before the break features a still image of the Denziman team, while the eyecatch after the break features Daidenzin. The same sting as Battle Fever's eyecatch is used as well.
* FinishingMove: Electronic Lightning Fall!
* HomeBase: Denzi Land
* HumongousMecha: The Daidenzin, which was the first {{transforming mecha}} in Super Sentai, as it changes from a flying jet called the Denzi Fighter. It would be [[Series/ChoushinseiFlashman five years]] before they thought of having another one.
%% * IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming:
%% * InTheNameOfTheMoon:
* LawOfChromaticSuperiority: Out of the five Denzi Stones embedded on each Denziman's helmet, Denzi Red's is said to be the most powerful. On a minor note, he is also the only one with yellow accents on his helmet.
* MechaMooks: Dustlers.
* MonsterOfTheWeek: The Vader Monsters, who are all numbered on their buckles. The first one is actually Monster No. 00 and all subsequent creatures are numbered in order of appearance, although some of them (particularly the ones in Episodes 18-20 and 24-26) show up in reverse order and Monster No. 37 does not exist at all (it skips from 36 to 38). The Vader Monster in the movie is the only one not numbered.
* MakeMyMonsterGrow: Introduced this trope to Super Sentai, although the monsters could alter their size at any time. In fact, the first one debuted giant size. (In ''Series/BattleFeverJ'', monsters called their "brothers," giant robot versions of themselves.)
* MookMobile: The Vader Fighter jets.
* TheMovie: Premiered on the same date as Episode 24. From this point on, almost all of the Super Sentai movies were all original works, with the exception of the second ''[[Series/ChoushinseiFlashman Flashman]]'' movie.
%% * RegularCaller
%% * RobotBuddy: IC the Denzi Dog
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Denzi Pink, who did not even want to be part of the team at first.
%% * SupervillainLair:
%% * ThemeMusicPowerUp:
* TransformationTrinket: Introduced this trope to Super Sentai with the Denzi Rings. [[Series/TaiyouSentaiSunVulcan The next one would introduce the wrist worn trinkets]].
* WeaponOfChoice:
** SimpleStaff: The Denzi Sticks.[[note]]They actually resemble short swords.[[/note]]
** PowerFist: The Denzi Punches.

!!Tropes specific to Denshi Sentai Denziman
* BittersweetEnding: Yeah, we know Vader Clan falls, but [[spoiler:the TeamPet dies and Queen Hedrian is still out there]].
* CelebrityStar: Creator/RyuseiNakao guests as a singer who sings a song connected to the Denzi Star in one episode.
* ColorfulThemeNaming: The heroes' last names include their colors; '''[[color:red:Aka]]'''ki, '''[[color:blue:[=O=]]]'''me[[note]]The Kanji is "''Ao''"/"Blue".[[/note]] , '''[[color:gold:Ki]]'''yama, '''[[color:green:Midori]]'''kawa and '''[[color:pink:Momo]]'''i.
%% * EnemyCivilWar
%% * LiterallyShatteredLives
%% * LostTechnology: The Daidenzin
%% * MasterOfIllusion: Mirror and Keller.
* MeaningfulName: Hedorian is derived from Hedoro, meaning sludge.
* SequelHook: Rather than being totally defeated, Hedrian is merely [[SealedEvilInACan frozen]], [[spoiler:which provides an opening for her return in ''Series/TaiyouSentaiSunVulcan'']].
* ShoutOut: Hedrian resembles Hela from Marvel Comics.
%% * TakenForGranite
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Daigorou just has to get his anpan.
* YouKilledMyFather: Tatsuya's father died at the hands of Vader minions.