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''Dating Agency: Cyrano'' (연애조작단; 시라노) is a 2013 South Korean television series which aired from May 27, 2013 to July 16, 2013. The series is about a dating agency that orchestrates romantic scenarios for paying clients, all in an effort to raise enough money to save an old theater.

Dating Agency: Cyrano, which was based on the 2010 Korean movie ''Cyrano Agency'', is the 4th installment of tvN's [[OhBoyProject ''Oh Boy! Project'']] series. This drama series features star-studded line ups of flower boy leading men. The previous entries in this series are Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, and Flower Boy Next Door.

[[folder: Main Characters]]
* Seo Byunghoon or '''Leader''' (played by Lee Jonghyuk) - TheStoic former genius theater director who served as Cyrano's "president" after the former president (his best friend Do-il) died. He started the Dating Agency in order to save the Cyrano theater as Cyrano's old president had a debt.
* Cha Seungpyo or '''Master''' (played by Lee Chunhee) - Owner of the restaurant next-door to the Dating Agency. Served as Minyoung's master and cooking teacher.
* Gong Minyoung or '''Gong Stone''' (played by [[Music/GirlsGeneration Choi Sooyoung]]) - The LoveGoddess who ThinksLikeARomanceNovel. Will consider sabotaging the mission for the sake of the clients. Joined the Dating Agency after she got fired from her old job. At first, she was hesistant to join since she believed that the Dating Agency are manipulators, but that's exactly the same thing that happens at her old job.
* Moojin (played by Hong Jonghyun) - TheQuietOne. The engineer who is [[TheSmartGuy the brains]] behind all the high-tech gadgets used by the agency in the field. He's also responsible for the [[http://i630.photobucket.com/albums/uu26/dramabeans/drama/2013/Cyrano/Cyrano_01/Cyrano01-00279.jpg high-tech van]] with all the gizmos which is used to spy on the clients and the targets. Always seen playing with a silver Rubik's cube.
* Do Ahrang (played by Jo Yoonwoo) - The adorable NiceGuy. A 19-year-old high schooler who dreams of becoming a theater actor.

[[folder: Secondary Characters]]
* Lee Minshik (played by Bae Seongwoo) and Go Youngdal (played by Kim Minkyo) - Seungpyo's loan shark goons, who intimidate Byunghoon into paying his debt. The [[TagalongKid Tagalong Kids]] who later become the Dating Agency's prominent actors.
* Hyeri (played by Ha Yeonjoo) - A GenkiGirl waitress at Seungpyo's restaurant whose charms made TheStoic Moojin fall for her.
* Yoon Yiseol (played by Kim Junghwa) - Byunghoon's first love from high school. Was engaged to Do-il (who got into a car accident and died).
* Go Do-il (played by Lee Minwoo) - Byunghoon's deceased best friend who was also Yiseol's lover. One of the co-founders of the Cyrano Theater Troupe (along with Byunghoon and Yiseol).

[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dating_Agency:_Cyrano The Other Wiki]] has a list of the clients and the targets.

!!List of Tropes appearing in ''Dating Agency: Cyrano''. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD.

* TheAce - Leader Byunghoon as a stage director. He is still very well-known in his former school, as shown in episode 3.
* AffectionateNickname:
** "Gong Stone" for Gong Minyoung.
** And after all these years, Yiseol still refers to Byunghoon as "Seo Il Rok", as per the StageName below. Aww.
%%* AllForNothing: All the mess in the last 3 episodes were just caused by a misunderstanding.
%%* AxCrazy: [[spoiler:Hawaiian Shirt Guy.]]
* TheApprentice: Minyoung to ''Korea's #1 Chef'' runner-up Dokgo Mi-jin.
%%* BadassLongcoat: Byunghoon
%%* TheBigBoard: [[http://i630.photobucket.com/albums/uu26/dramabeans/drama/2013/Cyrano/Cyrano_01/Cyrano01-00104.jpg There are several]] in the Dating Agency Headquarters.
* BigEater: Minyoung. Possibly [[AdamWesting a homage]] to the actress who plays Minyoung (Choi Sooyoung) herself.
%%* BreatherEpisode: The first half of episode 14. The second half? Not so much.
* BornUnlucky: Creepy client Bong Soon-ah.
** Subverted in Byunghoon's case, since he only has "20 consecutive unlucky days" every 431 days.
* CannotSpitItOut: Leader[=/=]Seo Il Rok in his school, was not able to confess his love for his "Watson", Yoon Yiseol. This is true after they've met again presumably a decade later. Eventually he mans up and admits it though.
* TheCasanova: Ahrang. Breaking hearts is all part of the job.
* CatchPhrase
** ''"Yes chef!"'' - Whenever Minyoung's cooking with someone.
** ''"Bingo''" for Moojin.
** ''"WHAT?"''
* CaughtOnTape: Ahrang when he was kissing the agency's client Ray's love interest Sekyung.
** Justified since there are [[MagicalSecurityCam cameras]] [[SurveillanceAsThePlotDemands EVERYWHERE]].
* CherubicChoir: Background music while Moojin takes off his shades in slow motion to [[ImpossibleMission charm]] [[DoesNotLikeMen Mi-jin]].
%%* TheChessmaster: All of the employees of the agency serve as this.
%%* ContinuityPorn: The entirety of episode 15.
%%* CoolOldGuy: Byunghoon.
%%* CoolOldLady: Moojin's grandma.
* CreepyDoll: Byunghoon's old marionettes which are displayed in their headquarters.
* CuteBookworm: The client Joonhyuk's love interest Jae-in is a cute librarian.
%%* DarkerAndEdgier: The show started as a fun RomanticComedy but it slowly grows darker and darker, especially in [[HolyShitQuotient the last 3 episodes]].
%%* DeadpanSnarker: Byunghoon. Minyoung at times as well.
* DeadPartner: The fireman's best friend from episode 11.
* DeathOfTheHypotenuse: Subverted by the fact that Yiseol did not have another relationship after Do-il's death, although she has admitted to Byunghoon that she loves him.
* DerailingLoveInterests: Exactly what happened in the agency's client Ray's case, when it was revealed that his love interest [[ClassRepresentative Sekyung]] was actually in love with the Dating Agency employee Ahrang.
* DialogueReversal
-->'''Byunghoon''': You will regret it for the rest of your life if you lose someone like him (Master).
-->'''Minyoung''': You will regret it for the rest of your life if you lose someone like me.
* DontYouDarePityMe: Byunghoon to Minyoung when she found out that [[HiddenDepths he also had his heart broken]] when he was a teen.
%%* DramaticWind: Invoked / Parodied when Ray was looking out the window.
* DyingForSymbolism: During episode 8, Byunghoon dreams of himself drowning to death. It turns out that it symbolizes the start of his ''unlucky period''.
* EeriePaleSkinnedBrunette: Their client Bong Soo-ah who looks like she was straight out of TheRing. She works in a haunted house, after all.
* EpicFail
** Minyoung tripping ''three'' times in a row in ''one single episode''.
** Minyoung toppling over a smoke bomb inside the Dating Agency's van...
* [[EvilDebtCollector Evil Debt Collectors]]: Min-shik and Young-dal are not really evil but they're Seungpyo's LoanShark goons as it was Seungpyo's money which was used for the agency. They even had temporary stints as employees of the Dating Agency.
%%* FaceHeelRevolvingDoor: Master and his goons.
%%** [[spoiler:Hyeri.]]
* [[{{Fangirl}} Fangirls]]: A plethora of them for Ray (played by [[Music/SHINee Lee Taemin]]).
%%* FourTemperamentEnsemble
%%** Choleric: Byunghoon
%%** Sanguine: Minyoung
%%** Melancholic: Ahrang
%%** Leukine: Moojin
%%* FriendlyRivalry: Ray and Ahrang.
%%** Byunghoon, and Seungpyo's brother Do-il. Also, Byunghoon and Seungpyo himself, at least until they got into a complicated love triangle.
* GadgeteerGenius: Moojin. One of his best inventions is revealed in episode 9.
* GetRichQuickScheme: The Dating Agency was formed by Byunghoon in order to raise enough money to save the old Cyrano theater.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar: In episode 10, when the client and the target were locked together in a room...
* GloryDays: Byunghoon's tenure as a genius theater director.
* HappyPlace: Ahrang's [[http://i630.photobucket.com/albums/uu26/dramabeans/drama/2013/Cyrano/Cyrano_03/Cyrano03-00242.jpg tent]][[note]]That's Ray in the picture, not Ahrang[[/note]] at the agency. Filled with teddy bears.
* HomeBase: For the Dating Agency, it's the abandoned theater originally from Do-il.
* HugeGuyTinyGirl: Darin and Mijin. Mijin is not very tiny but Darin is really, really tall.
* HumiliationConga: As seen in the EpicFail entry above, Minyoung tripping three times in a row. In one episode.
** And the entirety of what's happening during Byunghoon's unlucky period.
* ImpossibleMission: In Choi Darin's case, since the girl he likes hates him a lot. However, nothing's impossible to the Dating Agency with a "100% success rate".
* {{Irony}}
-->'''Byunghoon''': You're going to get struck by lightning if you don't sleep at home.
-->'''Minyoung''': Lightning my ass!
-->''[ A really loud growl of thunder follows afterwards.]''
%%* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Byunghoon. Why? HiddenDepths, that's why.
%%* TheKlutz: Minyoung.
* LadyKillerInLove: Ahrang, after target Sekyung confessed to him.
%%* LawyerFriendlyCameo: "Sooyoung" in episode 11.
* {{Leitmotif}}: One of the most recognizable ones is ''In The Same Storm'' by Big Baby Driver.
* LoveAtFirstPunch: The baker Darin fell in love with not-so-nice rival girl Mijin because he's the "M" in [=S&M=].
* LoveConfession: The clients [=and/or=] targets, of course.
** And [[spoiler:Seungpyo / Master]] to [[spoiler:Minyoung]]. His [[AnguishedDeclarationOfLove first confession]] got him [[BetterAsFriends friendzoned]] so he [[AbortedDeclarationOfLove pretended]] that it was only a joke.
* LoveHurts: As seen in the love triangles formed in the show.
** We have [[DerailingLoveInterests Ray - Sekyung - Ahrang]];
** Byunghoon - Yiseol - Do-il;
** and [[spoiler:Byunghoon - Minyoung - Seungpyo]].
%%* LukeIAmYourFather: [[spoiler:Seungpyo is Do-il's brother.]]
* [[TheMatchmaker The Matchmakers]]: The main role of the Dating Agency.
%%* MinoredInAssKicking: Seungpyo.
%%* NerdGlasses: Baker Choi Darin.
* NiceGuy:
** Ahrang who gave up his first love for the sake of the client.
** And young Byunghoon who didn't confess to his first love for the sake of his best friend.
%%* NoodleIncident: There are lots of them.
* NotSoStoic: Throughout the show, Moojin gradually begins to open up and talk a little more.
* NotWhatItLooksLike: Minyoung and Byunghoon once [[http://zanydelights.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/cda01-16.jpg posed as a couple]] for the sake of the mission.
* OldFlame: Yiseol to Byunghoon, because NiceGuysFinishLast.
* OlderThanHeLooks: Seungpyo is still quite the looker.
%%* PermaStubble: Byunghoon.
* PragmaticAdaptation: The show based on the 2010 movie ''Cyrano Agency''.
* PrettyBoy: Moojin and Ahrang, to the point that TeenIdol Ray's manager tried to scout them but they both declined.
%%** Might as well call it a CastFullOfPrettyBoys.
* PsychoticSmirk: Hawaiian Shirt Guy. ALL THE TIME.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: Seungpyo decided to [[spoiler:sabotage and conquer]] the Dating Agency since he believes that Byunghoon was responsible for his brother's death (and because Byunghoon's getting in the way of the Seungpyo-Minyong couple).
* SceneryPorn: The painting which served as a backdrop in Byunghoon's play, which was his love interest Yiseol's handiwork.
%%** It's still there in Byunghoon's old school's abandoned theater.
* SeamlessSpontaneousLie: Usually by Byunghoon, who can come up with a lie on the spot. His stoic disposition helps a lot, and he was a genius stage director, after all.
* SecretlyDying: The nurse in the nurse-fireman arc.
* SheIsNotMyGirlfriend: And old man once mistook Byunghoon and Minyoung as lovers. But of course, they're [[JustFriends just co-workers]]. [[ShipTease Or are they?]]
--> '''Byunghoon''': She (Minyoung)'s just a kid.
--> '''Minyoung''': And he (Byunghoon)'s an old man.
* ShoutOut:
** To [[Music/GirlsGeneration SNSD]]. The actress (Choi Sooyoung) who plays Minyoung is a member of that GirlGroup, after all.
** In episode 3, the music video for ''Dream Girl'' by Music/SHINee was being played on a TV set in Ray's classroom.
** The show's title itself is a shout-out to the play ''Theatre/CyranoDeBergerac''. Both Byunghoon (in a flashback) and Ahrang were seen reading a ''Cyrano De Bergerac'' book.
** It was also shown in a flashback that Byunghoon and his colleagues[[note]]his first love ''Yiseol'' and his colleague Seungpyo's deceased brother ''Do-il''[[/note]] staged a production of this play at their school.
* [[StageNames Stage Name]]: Seo Il Rok for Seo Byunghoon, a reference to his childhood nickname, [[{{Pun}} Sherlock]]. He is known for his Holmes-like accurate analyses.
* TheStoic: "The Robot" Moojin... have you seen him smile? Perhaps it only happens rarely.
%%* SupremeChef: Seungpyo, who owns a restaurant.
%%* TallDarkAndSnarky: Byunghoon.
%%* TeacherStudentRomance: Seungpyo and Minyoung (although it was one-sided... at first).
* TeenIdol: Yang Hoyeol / Ray, played by Lee Taemin of Music/SHINee fame.
* ThoseTwoGuys: Seungpyo's goons ''do'' have names: Minshik and Youngdal.
* [[ThroughHisStomach Through Her Stomach]]: Seungpyo in his failed confession to [[spoiler:Minyoung]]. He said that he will cook for her everyday.
* VanInBlack: The Dating Agency's van. Sometimes serves as a BaseOnWheels.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: The Dating Agency manipulates people's minds in the name of love, and even Minyoung herself hated all these manipulations. Keep in mind that they're actually the protagonists.
%%* WhatTheHellHero:
%%** There are numerous cases, usually involves Byunghoon and[=/=]or Seungpyo.
%%** Seungpyo's goons trying to get Minyoung to like Seungpyo more. Just plain nuts.
%%* WhamEpisode: And if you thought Seungpyo and his goons were bonkers, just watch episode 15.
* YouWatchTooMuchX:
** Minyoung things Byunghoon watches too many dramas.
--> [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall "Do you think I could do a sudden U-turn just like in dramas?"]] - '''Minyoung''' to Byunghoon.
** Minyoung once tried to open an envelope using kettle steam. ''Just like in the movies''.