''Cupid'' was a romantic {{Dramedy}} series that aired for one season in 1998 on ABC, by Rob Thomas, who also worked on ''Series/DawsonsCreek'' and later created ''Series/VeronicaMars''.

It starred Jeremy Piven as Trevor Hale and Paula Marshall as Dr. Claire Allen.

The show's premise was simple. Trevor was an outpatient who had to keep seeing his psychiatrist, Dr. Allen, for treatment of his delusion: that he believes himself to be ''the'' Cupid, Roman god of love, kicked off Olympus and stripped of his godly powers by Zeus for slacking off on his duties (which is why mortals have such a high divorce rate). Trevor cannot return home to Olympus until he has made one hundred ''lasting'' romantic pairings. Claire works with him on recovering from this delusion -- only the show never makes it clear: is Trevor just a deluded romantic, or is he really who he says he is? We don't know; but one thing is certain: Trevor ''is'' a really gifted matchmaker and an incurable romantic.

Trevor works as a bartender, along with his friend Champ, the better to be in position to find lonely singles and make those matches.

After [[ScrewedByTheNetwork it screwed him the first time]], ABC agreed, an incredible decade after the demise of the original show, to revisit the idea and give the show another season with a brand new cast.


''Cupid'' (2009), now starring Bobby Cannavale as Trevor [[MeaningfulName Pierce]] and Creator/SarahPaulson as Claire [=McCrae=], premiered on ABC on March 31. So far, besides the name and casting changes, the big differences are that the series is set in [[BigApplesauce New York City]] instead of Chicago, Champ has been split into Felix Araiza and his sister Lita, and the Irish pub/performance space Trevor slings drinks at is now an adult movie theater turned Mariachi-Karaoke bar.

There's also [[VideoGame/{{Cupid}} a freeware game of the same name]]. It's totally unrelated.

!!This show provides examples of:

* BelligerentSexualTension - And how.
* CaliforniaDoubling - Averted; the shows are set and filmed in their respective cities (Chicago, 1998; New York, 2009).
* LineOfSightName - Trevor's name comes from the fresco behind the judges in the hearing panel. See the different versions for the original lines.
* LiteraryAgentHypothesis - Trevor treats the book of mythology as if some writer got most of the details right. [[spoiler: He claims Cupid has no mortal wife called Psyche. Presumably because if Trevor is Cupid, he just hasn't found her yet.]]
* MaybeMagicMaybeMundane - We don't know if Trevor is delusional or exactly who he says he is.
* MythologyGag - using actual mythology.
* SettingUpdate - The Cupid/Psyche myth in CONTEMPORARY TIMES.
* ShoutOut - The couple in the pilots of both series' names are [[Series/{{Moonlighting}} Dave and Madeline]].
* WillTheyOrWontThey - Trevor eggs Claire on regarding how much time she seems to want to spend around him outside of his therapy sessions.

* FanGirl: Claire's love for [[ShowWithinAShow Sunset And Vaughn]] is strong enough that she's unsettled when her inner fangirl shows up as she's acting as a professional.
* LineOfSightName: "And love shall make the Earth ''tremor'' / as it's reborn in a storm of fire and ''hail''"
* MeaningfulName: Trevor Hale anagrams out to Heart Lover.
* PluckyOfficeGirl: Kristy, one of the beneficiaries of Trevor's attention, in the episode ''Botched Makeover''.
* RealSongThemeTune: "Human" by The Pretenders, a remake of "Human on the Inside" by the Divinyls
* ShesGotLegs: One of the things Trevor notices during the initial interviews with Claire. As soon as she realizes he's leering, she subtly swings her chair to hide them behind her desk.
* ShowWithinAShow: "[[NameAndName Sunset and Vaughn]]," a fictional BuddyCopShow that also happens to take place in Chicago. Champ manages a minor, recurring role at one point.
* SmartPeopleKnowLatin: Trevor and a love-lorn professor are discussing picking up women in a bar.
-->'''Jennings:''' Ille qui haesitat...[[note]]He who hesitates...[[/note]]\\
'''Trevor:''' ...dormit in vacuo lecto.[[note]]...sleeps in an empty bed. (the actual last words of Jennings' adage are "is lost")[[/note]]
* TheyFightCrime: briefly alluded to by Champ when Trevor is asked to work with a man believing himself to be Literature/DonQuixote.
* UnresolvedSexualTension: Trevor and Claire

* BackStory: The show's first ten minutes introduce us to Cupid and Dave, and give us the BackStory that was only mentioned in the 1998 show; Trevor ends up in a mental hospital as a man under the harmless delusion he's the god of love cast down from Olympus for sloppy work in making love matches.
* BigApplesauce: moving the show from Chicago to New York City.
* ElevatorGoingDown
* TheLastDJ: Done literally in one episode.
* LineOfSightName: "...the world felt the ''tremor'' / and the darkness was ''pierced''"
* ShoutOut: One plot concerning an Irish busker looking for a New York girl he met briefly contains lots of riffs on scenes from ''Once'' and ''PS I Love You''. The first season finale was a reworking of the first show's second episode, ''The Linguist'', with a side plotline being taken from the original pilot.