||''[[color:#004488:Hi RobotBuddy! Do you want to tell the nice tropers about SpeechBubbles?'']]|| || ||

|| ||[[AC:<<Affirmative, carbon-based friend. Speech Bubbles are floating text circles (or [[OddShapedPanel other shapes]]) that characters in ComicBooks and WebComics or other [[NewspaperComics dimensionally-challenged]] media use to communicate. That is all.>>]]|| ||

||''[[color:#004488:Hold on there, Robot Buddy! There's just gotta be more to it than that!'']]|| || ||

|| ||[[AC:<<Perhaps Professor Verbose has more data on this topic.>>]]|| ||

|| || ||'''[[color:#005500:Why indeed I do! Speech Bubbles aren't just generic circles or places to put words, but {{metafiction}}al constructs that can be [[PaintingTheMedium painted, shaped, and written different ways!]] [[SpeechbubblesInterruption We can even superimpose them to show interruptions, if we were so rude as to interrupt!]]''']]||

|| ||[[AC:<<This is illogical and serves no functional purpose.>>]]|| ||

|| || ||'''[[color:#005500:Oh, [[StrawVulcan silly Robot Buddy!]] Your logical mind hasn't noticed one of the greatest uses for Speech Bubbles. In fact, your own speech bubble is different from young Tommy's and my own.''']]||

||''[[color:#004488:Whoa! That's cool! But, why are they different?'']]|| || ||

|| || ||'''[[color:#005500:Yes, it is indeed "Cool" Timmy! Differently shaped and even colored or fonted bubbles are nature's way to help readers notice who's saying what more easily, as well as how they're feeling and even if they're robots, as your Robot Buddy's bubble shows. In fact, some species even use {{Rebus Bubble}}s at times!''']]||

|| ||[[AC:[[color:red:>>Warning! Warning! Logic circuit malfunction! Switching to mode:]] [[CrushKillDestroy Crush. Kill. Destroy.!]]<<]]|| ||

||[[color:#004488:Gee willikers, doc! Robot Buddy has gone berserk!]]|| || ||

|| || ||'''[[color:#005500:Yes, and if you'll notice, both your own and your robotic friends' speech bubbles have changed to show your excited emotions! Now, to hit the "Off Switch"...''']]||

|| ||[[AC:[[color:red:>>Crush! Kiiillll....]] deessstroooooy... >>]]|| ||

||''[[color:#004488:That was a close one, doc! I've never been more scared in my short fictional life!'']]|| || ||

|| || ||'''[[color:#005500:That certainly was, Jimmy! Just remember that things can always get scarier! For example, some villains and monsters like to use black speech balloons and strange colored text. If I were to change my speech bubble just so, and highlight it with a mouse...''']]||

[[caption-width:550:[[spoiler: '''[[VoiceOfTheLegion COWER, MORTAL! FOR WE]] [[EmotionEater SHALL FEAST ON THE TEARS OF THE INNOCENT,]] [[EvilTastesGood THE SWEETEST DRINK OF THE EARTH!]]''']]]]

||''[[color:#004488:Waaaah!'']]|| || ||

|| || ||'''[[color:#005500:Billy? Where did you go? Oooh, tears!''']]||