Science Marches On / Paleoworld

Paleoworld (1994-1997) is one of the most complete documentaries on prehistoric life that ever aired. However, given its air date, it has become majorly dated.

Examples for each episode:

Episode 1: Rise of the Predators

Episode 2: Flight of the Pterosaurs

  • Throughout the episode, paleontologists argue whether pterosaurs walked on two or four legs. Current consensus favors the latter theory.
  • One scientist asserts that pterosaurs would be rather slow on the ground. Current science suggests that this isn't the case at all. Indeed, Quetzalcoatlus would have been a Lightning Bruiser on the ground.

Episode 3: Back to the Seas

  • Whales are no longer believed to have descended from mesonychids, but rather from artiodactyl (even-toed) ungulates, such as pigs, cattle, deer, antelope, camels and hippopotami.
  • Pakicetus was more doglike than the episode portrayed it.

Episode 4: Carnosaurs

  • Most of these guys aren't even carnosaurs in the 21st century. These days, the term refers only to Allosaurus and its closest kin (although the episode does acknowledge that it's something of an informal term).

Episode 5: Missing Links

Episode 6: Sea Monsters

  • Kronosaurus did not grow 50 feet long. The first specimens found were in poor condition, and so the people who put the fossil together gave it too many vertebrae. It probably didn't reach much longer than 30 feet.
  • Plesiosaurs probably couldn't return to land.

Episode 7: Tale of a Sail

Episode 8: Attack of the Killer Kangaroos

Episode 9: Dino Sex

Episode 10: Mistaken Identity

Episode 11: The Legendary T-Rex

  • Most of the episode is dedicated to discussing whether Tyrannosaurus Rex was an obligate scavenger or opportunistic predator. Since the episode aired, at least two Edmontosaurus specimens and a Triceratops were recovered showing bite marks matching the dentition of T-Rex that showed new bone growth around the wound, indicating that they survived attacks from the giant theropod. As such, Tyrannosaurus is now near universally thought to be an opportunistic predator, much like modern day mammalian and avian predators.

Episode 12: Dino Docs

Episode 13: The Mysteries of Extinction

Episode 14: African Graveyard I: Hunting Dinosaurs

  • The skull of Spinosaurus was more elongated (and the entire creature larger) than that.

Episode 15: African Graveyard II: Discovering Dinos

Episode 16: Earthshakers

  • Seismosaurus was not its own species, but rather a large Diplodocus.

Episode 17: Trail of the Neanderthal

Episode 18: Monsters on the Move

Episode 19: Mystery of Dinosaur Cove

Episode 20: Dinos in the Air

  • Protoavis is probably just a jumble of bones from different creatures, not an early bird.

Episode 21: Mammoths!

Episode 22: Are Rhinos Dinos?

Episode 23: Killer Birds

Episode 24: The Land That Time Forgot

Episode 25: Island of the Giant Rats

Episode 26: Troodon: Dinosaur Genius

  • Troodon should have feathers.

Episode 27: Ancient Crocodiles

Episode 28: Dawn of the Cats

Episode 29: Boneheads

Episode 30: Amber Hunters

Episode 31: Dinos in the Snow

Episode 32: Armored Dinos

Episode 33: Flesh on the Bone

Episode 34: Ape Man

Episode 35: Horns and Herds

Episode 36: Treasure Island

Episode 37: Dino Diet

Episode 38: Dwarf Dinos

Episode 39: Early Birds

Episode 40: Prehistoric Sharks

Episode 41: Loch Ness Secrets

  • Mosasaurs could not move on land, nor were they ancestral to monitor lizards.

Episode 42: Secrets of the Brontosaurus

Episode 43: Baby Monsters

Episode 44: Valley of Venom

Episode 45: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Episode 46: Killer Raptors

  • Deinonychus should be feathered.
  • Megaraptor was not a dromaeosaur, but rather a carnosaur with an abnormally large hand claw.

Episode 47: Clash of the Titans

  • Giganotosaurus was not the largest carnivorous dinosaur. Spinosaurus was.

Episode 48: Dinosaur Doomsday

Episode 49: Valley of the Uglies

  • Diatryma should be called Gastornis.
  • Dinohyus should be called Daeodon.
  • Archaeotherium and Megachoerus are one and the same.

Episode 50: Troodon: Portrait of a Killer

  • Troodon should be feathered.