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* ''Series/XenaWarriorPrincess'': Xena and Gabrielle say each other's names to varying degrees. Most notably and dramatically in "Sacrifice" (which also included their daughter Hope) and "Friend in Need".
--> '''Gabrielle:''' HOPE!
--> '''Xena:''' GABRIELLE!
--> '''Gabrielle:''' XEEENA-A-A-A!
%%* ''Series/TwentyFour'' had this in the form of "JOSH!" "UNCLE JACK!" "JOOOSSSHH!" "UNCLE JAAAAACK!" close to the end of the sixth season. Just one factor out of many why 24 fans like to pretend [[SeasonalRot season six was just a bad dream.]]
%%* ''Series/{{Lost}}'':
%%** [[http://youtube.com/watch?v=SUULXFNE0V0 WAAAAAAAALLLLLLLTTTT!]]
%%** Hurley screams "Jack!" in the series finale.
%%* ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}:'' Hello, Newman. Or "KRAMER".
* ''Series/DoctorWho'', new series:
** One interesting twist happened in [[Recap/DoctorWhoS30E1PartnersInCrime "Partners in Crime"]]. Donna and the Doctor see each other for the first time through windows on opposite sides of a room that they are both spying on. Cue completely silently mimed shouts of "DONNA!" and "DOCTOR!"
** The Master demands this of the Doctor when the two of them are fighting. "Use my name!" "...Master." Repeated later: "Doctor." "Master." "I like it when you use my name."
** Although it is ''not'' the character's name (who cares what WOTAN thinks?), the use of the phrase "Doctor who?" has been treated as a running gag for 50 years, and intersects with this trope in [[Recap/DoctorWhoS33E6TheBellsOfSaintJohn "The Bells of Saint John"]] when the Doctor asks Clara to keep repeating "Doctor who?" because he realizes he likes the sound of it.
* Parodied in ''Series/TheITCrowd'': Douglas Reynholm bursts into his father's [[TheFunInFuneral funeral]], takes off his sunglasses, gets his bearings, and [[IncomingHam when he's sure he's got everyone's attention]] lets out an anguished "FATHERRR!"
* ''Series/RedDwarf'', hilarious example during the first series ''Future Echos'' episode. Lister is looking in a mirror when his reflection does something [[MirrorScare different]], he calls "RIMMER RIMMER" in panic and Arnold comes along asking what's wrong but Lister seeing things are normal tells him to forget it.
-->'''Rimmer''': Fine! Well, if you have any more problems with ''nothing'' and\\
things that don't matter, just scream out my name hysterically and I'll\\
come pelting down the corridor. Allright?
** "LISTER" or "MR LISTER SIR" from Rimmer and Kryten.
** Best subversion in the ''Rimmer World'' episode, when they leave Rimmer for 557 years. Upon seeing his friends again, Rimmer recalls their names "Derick Custer" (Lister), "Kit" (Cat) and "Titan" (Kryten).
** Lister often yells "KRISSY" when his former flame Kochanski comes back.
* Parodied in several ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus'' sketches:
** The detectives' ridiculous names [[WhosOnFirst are always echoed]] after they introduce themselves:
-->'''Lookout''': This house is surrounded. I must ask that no one leave the room. I'm Chief Superintendent Lookout.\\
'''Lady Velloper''': Lookout!\\
'''Lookout''': [[WhereWhere What? Where?]] Oh, me - Lookout. Lookout of the Yard.\\
'''Lady Velloper''': Why, what would we see?\\
'''Lookout''': I'm sorry?\\
'''Lady Velloper''': What would we see if we look out of the yard?
** "The Semaphore Version of ''Literature/WutheringHeights''" is ''full'' of saying and screaming names, despite having no spoken lines.
** The end of the Argument Clinic sketch has a policeman called [[SmithOfTheYard Inspector Thompson's Gazelle of the Yard]] coming on and arresting the cast for "[[HypocriticalHumor always saying 'It's so-and-so of the Yard' every time the fuzz arrives]]."
%%* ''Series/TheColbertReport'':
%%** [[KoreanPopMusic RAA]][[ArchEnemy AIINN!!!!!]]''' [[RunningGag Happens every times he's mentioned]].
%%** MANILOW!!!
%%*** RICKLEEES!!!
%%** After he lost the Best Spoken Word Album grammy to Al Gore's AnInconvenientTruth, ''GOORE!!!!!''
%%** After being screwed over by his extraterrestrial financial advisor, ''GOOORLOOOCK!!!''
%%** After hearing that NASA's manned space program has been stopped, "Well, we're not in space, so you can hear me scream: ''OBAMAAA!''"
%%** In cursing Music/KanyeWest, his voice was auto tuned mid anguished yell.
%%* ''GomerPyleUSMC'': "PYYY-LEEE!"
* ''Franchise/SuperSentai'' example: Since Asuka of ''Abaranger'' gets blown up, being NotQuiteDead, then possessed by an ArtifactOfDoom, many name-yelling opportunities arise. There's also a lot of "Nakadai-senseeei!"
%%* ''Series/KamenRiderDecade'':
%%** CURSE YOU, DECAAADE! [[NeverLiveItDown He says it less than you think]].
%%** [[Series/KamenRiderOOO OOOOO!!!]]
* In the [[Series/KamenRiderFourze Fourze]] portion of ''Movie War Megamax'', Gentaro screams, "NADESHIKO!" as [[spoiler: Kannagi kills her.]] He spends the next couple minutes softly whispering her name.
* ''Series/TheXFiles'': Agents Mulder and Scully would say each other's names in poignant moments. The names were said in various tones of voice and various volumes -- sometimes they whispered, sometimes they screamed. It was nearly always [[LastNameBasis surname]]. Scully tried "Fox" (Mulder's somewhat embarrassing first name) only twice, and he called her "Dana" only is season 1, and it kind of felt like he was deliberately messing with her.
* ''[[Series/{{McCloud}} [=McCloud=]]]'': Chief Peter B. Clifford whenever New Mexico lawman Sam [=McCloud=] gets on his nerves, which is all the time. [=McCLOUD=]!
* {{Buffyverse}}
** Buffy loves shouting her boyfriends name out aloud, "ANGEEEL" or "RIEEELY" as well her father figure "GILES" . When her younger sister Dawn is introduced [[spoiler: created]] she yell "DAAAAWN" accordingly.
** From Willow comes "OZ!!!", "Xander!!!" [[LesYay and]] "Tara!!".
** Angel in possible BadFuture has a tragic little "Buffy" as he's getting staked.
** Spike loves saying Drusilla's name or as he puts it "Drew.."
** Darla gives Buffy a run for her money how many times she says "ANGEL!" or more usually "ANGELUS!". Angel returns the favor with "Darla" being his favorite sentence in the second series of ''Series/{{Angel}}''.
** In Angel the supporting cast get their names shouted out many times, "DOYLE", "CORDELIA" "WES" (Wesley's nickname) "GUNN" (or "CHARLIES") "LAWN", "FRED" (or sometimes "WINIFRED") and "CONNER" (frequently by Angel).
*** [[spoiler: One peculiar haunting example is when Wesley is attacked by Angel after baby Conner is lost, Angel previously refers to Wesley affectionately as "Wes" out of friendship. But when he is dragged away from the bedridden former watcher, Angel just bellows his surname "PRICE!!" with pure venom. It's not till Wesley saves him from the bottom of the ocean that Angel calls him "Wes" again]].
** Hilarious example in ending of ''Conviction'' in the last season of Angel when Spike comes back after his apparent HeroicSacrifice in Buffy.
-->'''Wesley''': Spike? (in confusion)\\
'''Angel''': Spike (in anger)\\
'''Harmony''': Blondey Bear? (in joy).
* ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'':
** When Turk and J.D. reunite after Turk's honeymoon, they spend a good few minutes of saying "TURK!", "J.D.!" as they run toward each other.
%%** "Saaashaaa!!" (JD's scooter.)
* ''Series/StargateSG1'': Conversations between the scientist (Daniel Jackson) and the "dumb" military commander of the team have devolved into merely repeating each other's names with various intonations: '' "Jack." "Daniel." "Jaaaack." "Daaaniel."''
%%* ''Series/StargateAtlantis'':
%%** Kolya!!
%%** "Elizabeth!" "John!" "ELIZABETH!"
%%* ''Series/{{Cheers}}'':
%%** All together now: '''"Norm!"'''
%%** '''Diane''': Norman.
%%* ''Series/{{Destinos}}'':
%%** "Rosario... perdoname..." (crumple letter)
%%* ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'':
%%** CROOOW!
%%** Chains of this have been occasionally used in the theater during scenes of it in the movie, ending with "Chief? [=McCloud=]!"
%%** TV's Frank, on finding the movie "Squanto: A Warrior's Tale" has come and gone at the theater while he held a $1000 scalped ticket waiting for it. '''SQUANTO-O-O-O-O-O!!!'''
* ''Series/SherlockHolmes'': In the 1980s Granada production of "The Final Problem", Watson, knowing that Holmes has gone to meet [[ArchEnemy Moriarty]] and probably his own death, repeatedly calls his friend's name over the roaring of Reichenbach Falls.
* In a film adaptation of ''Literature/TheOdyssey'', Odysseus calls out to Poseidon several times after he decimates his crew in revenge for blinding the Cyclops.
%%* ''Series/{{Heroes}}'': MY NAME IS SYLAR!
* Happens in ''Series/EastEnders'' quite a lot.
** [[CatchPhrase "RICK]] ''[[CatchPhrase AAYYY!!!]]''
** Steve Owen's cry of "PHIL!!!" just before his crashed car explodes spectacularly, killing him.
** Sharon cries husband Dennis' name repeatedly, first out of joy when [[HopeSpot it looks like they're about to be reunited in order to start a new life]], then in anguish when [[TearJerker he's stabbed in the chest and dies in her arms]].
* ''Series/TheTudors'': Since nobody (barring Thomas More, his pseudo-father figure) calls Henry by his name directly to his face, for obvious reasons, the show has treated us to more than one somewhat {{narm}}ful shot of people desperately shouting "Majesty!" as they are dragged off to the Tower of London or just snubbed by the king.
%%* ''Series/{{Fortysomething}}'': PILFREY!
%%* ''Series/HigherGround'': SCOTT! SCOOOTT!
%%* ''Series/ThatMitchellAndWebbLook'': HENNIMOOORE!!!!
* ''Series/PushingDaisies'' has this lovely LampshadeHanging:
-->'''Olive Snook''': I also heard you walking the streets and moaning [Chuck's] name like in a Tennessee Williams.
%%* ''Series/{{Merlin|2008}}'': Arthur! [[AccidentalInnuendo Go]] [[HoYay faster!]]
%%** [[MostWonderfulSound GUINEVEEERE!]]
* ''Series/BostonLegal'': Danny Crane lies somewhere between this trope and VerbalTic. Sometimes he says his own name to punctuate something awesome he's just done. And sometimes after breaking wind.
%%* ''Series/{{Primeval}}'': '''HELEN!'''
* ''Series/{{MysteryScienceTheater3000}}'': Invoked in the "Pod People episode, in which Joel & the Bots shouted these exchanges throughout, always ending with [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJkzmgPUBhQ CHIEF! MCCLOUD!]]
%%* ''Series/BoyMeetsWorld'': [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMg4b6sAelg MR FEENY!]] Used so often it was politely dubbed "the Feeny Call".
* ''Series/WithoutATrace'': When Martin gets shot. Badly. Danny says his name twice, quietly and shakily.
%%* Sam and Dean of ''Series/{{Supernatural}}''. Bonus points if Dean says Sammy.
* ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'':
** Creator/WilWheaton plays an antagonistic version of himself. Sheldon used to adore Wheaton's character Wesley on ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'', but he became his mortal enemy when he failed to come to a fans' convention. They keep meeting, and when Sheldon is driven over the edge, he would scream in a hammy voice: "WHEEATOOON!" Then he would swear revenge. In one episode, [[SkywardScream he does this while looking toward the sky]].
** [[OverlyLongGag (knock knock knock) "Penny" (knock knock knock) "Penny" (knock knock knock) "Penny"]] is Sheldon's way of knocking at his friends' doors. Variations include "Leonard. Leonard. Leonard." or "Leonard and Penny. Leonard and Penny. Leonard and Penny."
%%* ''Series/TheWestWing'': MRS. LANDINGHAM!
%%** [[SassySecretary DONNAAA!!!]]
%%** "MARGARET!!!"
%%* ''Series/TopGear'': [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ur3HqxLnjyY&feature=PlayList&p=E14D3088F1A69431=1&playnext_from=PL&index=4 OLIVERRRR!!!]]
%%* ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'': "Newman!"
* In ''Series/TheTwilightZone'' episode "Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room", the main character (Jackie) receives a phone call from George. We know it's George because Jackie says his name 16 times in the call that lasts less than a minute. When George shows up in the hotel room, Jackie calls George by his name 24 times. When George leaves, Jackie says his name another six times while he's all alone in the room, then when George shows up again, Jackie says his name another five times. This gives a grand total of 51 times that George's name is said in a 22-minute episode.
%%* ''Series/{{Farscape}}'':
%%** ''CRICHTON!!!''
%%** ''CHIANAAA!!!''
* In ''Over There'', episode 3, Hassan and his sister Sawa performed this trope when they met each other.
%%* ''ManosALaObra'': BENITOOO!. OncePerEpisode.
* ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'':
** In ''A Study In Pink'', John shouts Sherlock's name when he realises that [[spoiler:Sherlock is in another building with the murderer]]. It's muffled through a window, which lessens the impact, but the fact that there's a dramatic echo (as well as an appropriate choice in soundtrack) helps.
** John does this again in ''The Reichenbach Fall'' just before [[spoiler:Sherlock jumps off the building]], this time clearly audible.
** In ''The Empty Hearse'', Sherlock and Mary cry John's name several times each [[spoiler:while rescuing John from inside a bonfire.]]
* In the series 3 finale of ''The Series/InspectorLynley Mysteries'', Lynley's beloved partner Barbara Havers is shot. All Lynley can manage is a frantic shout of "[[LastNameBasis Havers!!!]]" and then a hoarse whisper of "[[YouCalledMeXItMustBeSerious Barbara]]? ''' Barbara???'''"
%%* ''Series/TheBradyBunch'' episode in the Grand Canyon brought us the infamous “BOBBY! CINDY!”
* Series/{{Dexter}}:
** Dexter screams Trinity's name. He is his SerialKiller nemesis and manages to escape him again: "ARTHUUURRR!"
** From the third season: "MIGUEEEL!" Complete with knocking over his own computer and furniture in his office, {{Percussive Therapy}} style. It was all in Dexter's head, but he was absolutely infuriated. He thought Miguel Prado was his friend. Miguel was the first man with whom he could be open since his foster father Harry died. Said friend utterly screwed him over.
* ''Series/{{MASH}}'': In "Operation Noselift", Hawkeye can't say more than a sentence to or about his friend ''Stosh'' without saying his name.
* ''Series/HoratioHornblower'':
** Horatio does say "Archie" a lot, but Archie Kennedy is his dearest friend and [[HeterosexualLifePartners Heterosexual Life Partner]], and moreover [[BreakTheCutie a broken cutie]]. One fan webpage kept counting the scores of how many times he says his name per episode. Episode "The Duchess and the Devil", when Archie felt DrivenToSuicide and decided to starve himself, had 21 instances.
** "The Examination for Lieutenant": Horatio screams Bunting's name when he's trying to desert. The honourable Horatio wants to save him and and bring him to justice, which the surly seaman of the week doesn't appreciate and considers it CruelMercy. Horatio's BUUN-TIIING in SlowMotion is rather laughable, though.
* ''Series/TrueBlood'' has ''Sookie'': The girl's name is repeated endlessly by her lover Bill; [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXK_xA8s9SY one episode had 36 instances]]. This fact and Bill's accent have turned this into a Memetic Mutation: '''Sookeh!'''. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9Tgdd_3dZA&feature=related This was parodied in one episode by Sookie herself]]. And as if the SayMyName in-show was not enough, Snoop Dogg made a song called "Oh Sookie" about the character that had her name in every verse of the song.
* ''Series/{{Smallville}}'': Clark, before saving the DamselInDistress, ALWAYS pauses to say his/her name before zooming off.
* ''Series/{{Highlander}}'', when Duncan finds his friend dead in his church. "DAAARIIUUS! DARIUS!"
%%* ''Series/MacGyver'': MACGYVER!
* ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'':
** Data gets a couple of these. Usually when he's assumed dead, like in the episode "The Most Toys", by TheStoic Worf of all people.
** In "Tin Man", it's Picard who screams. It was Patrick Stewart's line, so the odds of it being done badly were pretty slim.
* ''Series/BarneyAndFriends'': BAAARNEEYY! - the kids greet their (imaginary?) friend this way almost every episode. Followed by crowding around and hugging him.  One way to kick off the episode has one or more children sitting around and making Barney come to them before depressedly saying, "hello, barney", prompting the dinosaur to ask what's wrong.
* In the first ''Series/MrShow'' episode, during the in-universe {{Biopic}} of Ronnie Dobbs, [[spoiler:after Ronnie dies]], Movie!Terry does this while [[spoiler:holding the corpse of Ronnie]]. The in-universe "real" Terry claims he did this for hours, setting a new world record for screaming.
-->'''Movie!Terry''': RONIIEE!!! *gasp* RONIIEE!!! *gasp* RONIIIEEE!!!
%%* ''Series/ArrestedDevelopment'': "Steve Holt!"
* Used at the end of a ''Series/LawAndOrder'' original flavor episode in which a husband confessed to the murder his wife probably committed while he was testifying in her defense. Right after she was acquitted, the police swooped into the courtroom to arrest him, and the couple said each other's names as they were being separated. It was tragic at first. Then they just kept doing it, louder and louder, and it became [[NarmCharm something else entirely]].
* {{Invoked|Trope}} by [[VillainProtagonist Walter White]] in the [[Recap/BreakingBadS5E7SayMyName appropriately titled episode]] of ''Series/BreakingBad''. This proved that his ego has [[AcquiredSituationalNarcissism gotten through his head in a major fashion after]] killing Gus Fring.
-->'''Declan:''' Who the hell are you?
-->'''Walter White:''' You know. You all know exactly who I am. Say my name.
-->'''Declan:''' Do what? I don't–I don't have a damn clue who the hell you are.
-->'''Walter White:''' Yeah you do. I'm the cook. I'm the man who killed Gus Fring.
-->'''Declan:''' Bullshit. Cartel got Fring.
-->'''Walter White:''' You sure?
-->''[Declan glances at Mike, who shakes his head]''
--> '''Walter White:''' That's right. Now, say my name.
--> '''Declan:''' ...[[TheDreaded You're Heisenberg.]]
--> '''Walter White:''' You're goddamn right.
** Interestingly enough, this scene takes the opposite approach from most other examples on this page. Instead of screaming it, Declan almost whispers it. Not out of anger, but out of fear. Because Declan realizes that he is not facing Walter White the pain-in-the-ass cook of Gus Fring's operation, but instead Heisenberg, the new drug kingpin. Not a man to be angry at, but to be afraid of.
* During an Africa special on ''Series/TopGear'', the boys end up stealing bits of each others cars when James' skid plate comes loose. It keeps going on, until [[CrazyAwesome Jezza]] steals a part of James' bonnet to mend his car. James is '''''furious'''''.
--> '''Jezza:''' ''(narrating)'' As dawn broke, the peace and serenity of this beautiful Ugandan morning was shattered by the bellow of a wild animal.\\
'''May:''' '''''CLARKSOOOOOOOOOON!!!'''''
** Clarkson does it twice earlier in the special before May does it to him. He does it first to Hammond after the latter makes them stop at a dingy hotel, and is ''disgusted'' to find skid marks on the bed sheets: "HAMMOOOND!", and then "MAY!" when he learns May stole part of his door to replace his broken skid plate.
* ''[[Series/ImAlanPartridge I'm Alan Partridge]]'': Alan tries to attract a friend's attention [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwW3ytid4DA in a car park]]
* Whenever Murdoc in ''Series/MacGyver'' seemingly meets his end: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gozY_9zRrJw MACGYVEEER!]]
%% * ''Series/KamenRiderGaim'': HASE!
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