Sandbox / Con Crit Thread

This is a list in chronological order of posters who have expressed interest in getting feedback on the constructive criticism thread on the Writer's Block forum. If we're stuck regarding who should go next, consulting this can help.

You may add yourself at the bottom, if you so please.

NOTE: When adding your name, also add the name of your work (and if it's untitled, some brief description of its text type, or whatever). This is purely for the aid in contacting people who've submitted.

Add here.

The Fairy Of The Moon Itís a short story and an origin of sorts.

Breaxer: Journey's Birth An ongoing mini series that serves as an intro to the planned series. Basically, it is an Origins Episode and Pilot. Kakuzan

'''War Of A Thousand Worlds'''( The Duology Of Nicholas Andersen , Part 1), Fanfic that does not require knowledge of any universe in particular, focusing on the dreams of an author and his relations with his characters. Joacobanfield

'''The Falcon Writer''', Part 2 of The Duology Of Nicholas Andersen, Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic about the main character of the previous story and his life in the Miraculous universe. Joacobanfield

Theriomorph Chronicles: Subhuman, a Web Serial Novel by Imperator Luzio. A story about a young boy named Warren Hiedler who is transmutated into a Bald Eagle Theriomorph. Chapter 1 is published and it is in Work-In Progress. Huthman

Blue Hell is a script for the first issue of a comic book. It's about a mermaid who hires a group of human pirates to dispose of an evil treasure chest for her. Para Chomp

Please read the rules below before posting. We're taking turns to post text, and text posted out of turn will be hollered.

The discussion over at the "Is being Troperiffic a Bad Thing?" thread got a few of us seriously talking about starting a full-fledged, free for all dedicated Con Crit thread. Thanks go to your friendly neighborhood Herald, chihuahua0, for giving this the go-ahead.

This is how it's going to work:
  • This thread is for helping people improve as writers. Please stay away from needlessly gushing or needlessly being mean when handing out criticism.
  • No mentioning your own work when giving out criticism. This is to prevent "Let's talk about ME" derails.
  • Feedback will be given to one person at a time. We're taking a somewhat leisurely pace; a person's turn will end after two weeks or when they get feedback from five different people whichever comes first, but we don't want to cut anyone off if their turn hasn't yet lasted a week. However, a writer can end their turn early if they feel they're done.
  • When a turn ends, we wait 12 hours to see if anyone who has just given feedback wants to go; after that, we contact whoever's on the top of the feedback request list. If they don't respond within 48 hours, we move down the list.
  • If someone doesn't respond to a notification at all within two weeks, their name is removed from the feedback request list.
  • Yes, it's okay to point out spelling and grammar errors made by the person you're giving feedback to.
  • If you're unfamiliar with the original verse of a piece of Fan Fiction up for feedback, pretend it's a piece of original fiction and criticize accordingly.
  • If and when you step up to receive feedback:
    • Post actual writing (not world-building, concepts, layouts, character lists and so on).
    • Be specific in what you are looking for, or at least mention what is troubling you the most.
    • Fan Fiction is fine, but take into account that anyone not familiar with the source material will judge your piece "blind", essentially by the same standards as original fiction. This means you might get called out on flaws that fan fiction usually gets away with in practice, perhaps even justifiably so. Just like any other kind of criticism, consider it or ignore at at your discretion.
    • Be ready to hear some things you probably didn't want to hear. This should go without saying, but, please: No being bitter, being sarcastic, calling people out for "going too far" or otherwise expressing disapproval of the criticism given to you. If you think people are being unfair to your writing, make your case civilly.