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Sandbox: Con Crit Thread
This is a list in chronological order of posters who have expressed interest in getting feedback on the constructive criticism thread on the Writer's Block forum. If we're stuck regarding who should go next, consulting this can help.

You may add yourself at the bottom, if you so please.

NOTE: When adding your name, could you also add the name of your work (and if it's untitled, some brief description of its text type, or whatever). This is purely for the aid in contacting people who've submitted.

  • Jinxmenow: Dangerous Loners in Dangerous Times, partial first chapter.
  • LongLiveHumour - Reeds and Black Water: Chapter Six - Naruto fanfic
  • Tymor The Trickster: Jackalopes
  • Morwen Edhelwen: Cuba Libre and/or Isaholmi Spar.
  • Kesar: Happy Go Lucky- Chapters one and possibly two- comic book script.
  • Candle "Will you be there"
  • Prometheus Creations: "Zeitgeist" - WIP of almost finished twelve page comic story.
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