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Running Gag: Role Play
  • In We Are Our Avatars, Mega Man sometimes has a tendency to drone off of something related to the subject, such as an adventure he had.
    • Link used to break any pots he came across, before he Took a Level in Badass.
    • Lip tends to chase after the talking lime after saying "Ooh, a fruit!" whenever it appears.
    • "Die, monster! You don't BELONG in this world!"
    • The Black Hole Bomb and it's constant uselessness.
    • Unusually Uninteresting Sights.
    • Ozzy and petrification.
      • And now, Mega Man's joined in on the fun.
    • Characters tend to attack Mega Man or one of his friends... Without realizing that they can't feel pain.
    • Luigi usually enters by crashing through the wall and shouting "Nobody expects-a-the Second Bananish Inquisition!", or some variant.
    • Ever since their respective Balloon Belly incidents, if Carter/Catherine or Michael decides to eat, Bass would warn them not to eat too much.
    • Silver being called a bird.
    • Yggdra missing with Crusade.
    • Tenshi winding up in Darker and Edgier worlds (usually Castlevania and Aventheim).
    • Duo getting blown apart.
    • For a short time, Hydronix chasing Scourge around.
    • Kouji in his genderbent form giving a Marshmallow Hell to Joey.
      • Catherine's also joining in on the fun of giving a Marshmallow Hell, but she does it to nearly everyone, even those who ask her to give such a hug.
    • Joey being mistaken for a girl, it's not really all that hard, though.
    • Bassy will hug or tackle hug everyone, and you will like it.
    • Pianos falling on Ed Bighead.
    • Characters being bored.
    • Hydronix's characters being ignored.(no lie, it happens)
    • "Raven"'s love of cats. Starting to be played down, well, just a bit.
    • Before Iron Amy got a girlfriend, she hit on a lot of women, and none of them felt comfortable with it.
    • Newcomers getting freaked out by Mana, usually with a variation of "You're huge..."
    • Random bystanders not noticing Anne.
    • Jurgen offering Cain a mug of tanna after a battle.
    • Sapph fainting at or otherwise reacting unpleasantly to the sight of blood.
    • Hilarity posted his message in the discussion instead of the main topic. Sapph and Raidou seem to be his apprentices.
  • Running Gag: In Yu Gi Oh East Academy, Jacques being unconscious limits what he can do.
  • Destroy The Godmodder has several.
    • Things failing to hit the godmodder in extremely ludicrous ways.
    • The godmodder blocking attacks in even more ludicrous ways.note 
    • The creepy dummy.
    • Split personalities are suddenly extremely fashionable. Then the GM got one too...
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