Running Gag / Real Life

  • Major League Baseball's Washington Nationals hold a race every home game featuring five mascots (originally four) in Presidential costumes. Teddy Roosevelt had never won a race in the first six-plus seasons of the races, and the PR people find weird ways of screwing him out of certain victories every now and again.
    • Finally subverted just one day after the Nationals clinched their first National League East title on October 3, 2012 as Teddy got his first win after 6 seasons and over 500 races. After getting official support from both major political parties.
  • There is tongue-in-cheek "secret society" of journalists called The Order of the Occult Hand who slip the phrase "It was as if an occult hand had..." into their papers as an In-Joke.
  • Whenever Penn & Teller does the Pick a Card-routine, ít is always the Three of Clubs.