Redundancy / Toys

  • "BJD Dolls" or otherwise, "Ball Jointed Dolls Dolls". This is mostly because you can't call them "BJ Dolls".
  • Le-Matoran in BIONICLE often use the term "Toa-Hero", which is redundant as the word "Toa " apparently means "hero" in the Matoran language. Several Le-Matoran slang terms are like this, such as Crash-Wreck, Far-Distance, Fear-Dread, Huge-Big, etc. At one point, Kongu also points out that "Vezon" is the Matoran word for "copy". This is useful to the reader, however, Kongu and his friends are all speaking the Matoran language, so that statement would have seemed completely useless to the people he was speaking to.
    • However, there have been uses of "Toa-Villain" as well.
    • Not to mention Kanohi masks.
  • On the back of the packaging for Ratchet's toy from the Transformers Prime series, Ratchet is listed as "Autobot Ratchet (Autobot)". This is quite common among a certain class of Transformer names, as those Transformer names cannot be trademarked by the maker of Transformers, Hasbro, so Hasbro adds the faction designation, in this case, Autobot or Decepticon, to the name of that Transformer, so it is trademarkable. Examples include Autobot Jazz, Decepticon Brawl, and Autobot Ratchet. If any of those characters show up in Transformers Prime, they will likely have packaging declaring "Autobot Jazz (Autobot)", "Decepticon Brawl (Decepticon)", or "Autobot Ratchet (Autobot)".