On their way to a team building seminar, Mulder and Scully are sidetracked by an investigation into a mysterious death in the woods.

* AtopAMountainOfCorpses: Played with. Mulder and Scully fell into a pit full of dead and injured people that were dragged there by the monsters of the week. They tried to stack them so that they could get out of the pit.
* ChekhovsGag: Building a tower out of something unusual. First it's mentioned as a team building exercise by the other FBI agents who are accompanying Mulder and Scully, then Mulder jokes about it with Scully, then they are in the hole in the woods building a tower out of human bodies.
* TheDarknessGazesBack: At the end.
* IntimateHealing: Discussed. If only it had rained sleeping bags...
* LapPillow: Scully moves Mulder to her lap for warmth (& sleeping), while she keeps watch.
-->'''Mulder:''' I don't wanna wrestle.
* MacGyvering: Scully opens a bullet with her bare hands and tries to use the gunpowder to start a fire. Subverted in that it fizzes out before it can actually set anything on fire.
* MonsterOfTheWeek: Moth men, primitive looking people with tree-like skin.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: The moth men's eyes shine red in the dark.
* ShoutOut: WhenAnimalsAttack and MobyDick.
* TrailOfBreadCrumbs: Michelle marks their trail with white stones. The moth man takes them and that helps them to get lost in the woods.