Upon arrival in UsefulNotes/SanFrancisco to meet with Prince Shinosuke of UsefulNotes/{{Japan}}, West and Gordon are attacked by horsemen wearing Japanese armor. At nearly the same time the valuable Sword of Kuniyoshi, due to be returned to Japan, is stolen from the Japanese delegation; they blame America for the theft and the Prince states that if the sword is not recovered before he leaves the next day, he will be forced to commit seppuku. On top of that, restoring the sword is important to strengthening the U. S.-friendly Emperor's power in Japan. West and Gordon are tasked with retrieving the weapon.

!!Tropes present in this episode:
* DuelToTheDeath: The climactic swordfight between Jim and the villain.
* EvilAllAlong: [[spoiler:Reiko O’Hara, the State Department representative's personal translator who does her best to help Jim and Artie locate the sword - or so they think.]]
* EvilFormerFriend: [[spoiler:Gideon Falconer, Jim's former instructor in the art of Japanese swordplay, turns out to be the villain.]]
* FatBastard: The sizable Hannibal Egloff, opportunistic, murderous General Manager of the Aryan-Pacific Trading Company.
* ObfuscatingStupidity: [[spoiler:Reiko. She seems very sweet and rather simple - until she kills you.]]
* PoirotSpeak: Reiko. [[spoiler:Except it's all a part of her ObfuscatingStupidity act. She really speaks perfect English.]]
* SelfDeprecation: Hannibal Egloff frequently draws attention to how portly he is.
* SwordFight: Pretty much the entire episode builds up to one between Jim and the villain, which finally occurs at the end.
* TrailOfBreadCrumbs: Artie comes up with a trick briefcase which bleeds luminescent dust.