West and Gordon are investigating reports of a ghostly horseman made by Jeremiah, the stable boy of Carl Jackson, a wealthy Mill Creek rancher. West accuses Jeremiah of complicity in the matter despite the protests of Jackson's fiancée, Elizabeth Carter. When the apparition appears it seems to be immune to bullets and able to move at incredible speed; a dropped hat indicates that the rider is Confederate Colonel Beaumont Carson, who died in a fire 13 years ago - a fire which Jackson himself set. Jackson thinks that only he and three other conspirators, who are now leading citizens in Mill Creek, know who was responsible, but Jeremiah, West and Gordon intend to demonstrate just how wrong he is...

!!Tropes present in this episode:
* TheBeastMaster: Jeremiah has some kind of supernatural affinity with animals; most notably, he can mentally communicate with and influence the behavior of horses, even those some distance away.
* BittersweetEnding: A rare example with [[spoiler: Jim and Artie offering Jeremiah a chance to work with them; he turns them down, telling them "I'm still looking for my place."]]
* BluffingTheMurderer: [[spoiler:Jim, Artie and Jeremiah engineer the whole "ghost rider" thing as part of an elaborate plot to bring Jackson and his confederates to justice.]]
* FriendToAllLivingThings: Jeremiah tends to injured animals, likes sleeping in the woods and goes off to play his flute in a cave at night for the benefit of whoever or whatever wants to come and listen.
* NotEvenBotheringWithTheAccent: A blatant example even for this series; Jeremiah pretends to be from Barbados, but when Artie asks "What happened to the Barbados accent?" viewers (not least on the Caribbean island in question) are justified in replying "''What'' accent?"
* StuntCasting: Sammy Davis, Jr. plays Jeremiah and almost gets more screentime than the main characters. By what [[Creator/RatPack probably isn't a coincidence]], Peter Lawford plays Jackson.
* VoiceChangeling: Among Jeremiah's remarkable powers are those of exactly imitating anyone's voice - via the magic of dubbing.
* WillingChanneler: Jeremiah is used as the one through whom the ghost speaks due to his extrasensory powers; at first it's against his will, but at last he's persuaded - reluctantly - into going along with it. [[spoiler:Supposedly. In truth the whole thing's been staged by Jeremiah and the agents.]]