Episode - 7F15\\
First Aired - 2/14/1991

Worried that Selma is depressed over being single and childless, Marge orders Homer to find Selma a man -- but ends up pairing Principal Skinner with Patty by mistake. Meanwhile, Bart is sentenced to reseed the school's field with Groundskeeper Willie[[note]]in his first appearance[[/note]] after spelling his name out on it with a herbicide he created in science class.

!!Tropes used in this episode:
* BrickJoke: Bart being let off the hook for his reseeding punishment after Principal Skinner falls for Patty. When Skinner and Patty break up, Bart is back to his punishment.
* CallBack and FunnyBackgroundEvent: While Principal Skinner is talking about how much in love he is with Patty, we see the school plunging into chaos. If you look closely, there's grafitti on the wall of Principal Skinner saying, "I Am Still a Weiner," a reference to the "I Am A Weiner" graffito on season one's "Bart the Genius."
* DisproportionateRetribution: Principal Skinner threatens to suspend Bart, Milhouse, Wendell and Louis for dropping their pencils at 2:15pm.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: Patty's sexuality. In this episode, she is established as being willingly celibate [[note]](while Selma has had celibacy thrust upon her and is trying to break it by finding a man to marry or, at least, have sex with so she can have a child and not die alone)[[/note]] due to her hatred of men[[note]]Homer in particular[[/note]], but has a crush on [=MacGyver=] just like her sister and warms up to Skinner (until she realizes how miserable Selma is). In later episodes (starting with "There's Something About Marrying"), it's established that Patty is a lesbian and has known about her sexual orientation since she was a child (while Marge was either too naive or in denial about it).
* IToldYouSo: Doubles as a BrickJoke. After Skinner dates Patty the first time, he lets Bart off his punishment. Bart promptly throws the bag of seeds to Willie and runs off but Willie doesn't seem deterred.
-->'''Wilile''': You'll be back! They always comes back!\\
At the end of the episode, Skinner is dumped by Patty and retakes the school from Bart's control. Making him reseed the field. Guess whose helping Skinner oversee this?
--> '''Willie''': I told ya ye be back!
* MayDecemberRomance: Played with. At first Patty is reluctant as normal and even goes as far as using martial arts on him to keep Skinner's romantic advances at bay. However she warms up to Skinner and even kisses him at least once onscreen. However due to her loyalty and protectiveness to her sister and later on in the series, her lesbianism, it stops.
* OhCrap: Moe, when he discovers it's Principal Skinner calling him[[note]]he was in the middle of his ranting at Bart's prank calling when Skinner got a hold of the phone[[/note]].
-->"Oh no."
* ShoutOut:
** Skinner climbing a bell tower is an homage to ''Film/{{Vertigo}}'', complete with VertigoEffect.
** The final scene of ''Film/GoneWithTheWind'' is spoofed when Skinner declares that "tomorrow is another school day."