Episode [=PABF03=]\\
First Aired 1/8/12

After putting up with TSA agents and airport incompetence, Homer goes on a rampage on a grounded airplane -- and his antics become viral video gold (just like his showboating on "Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass") and a chance to host his own political talk show on Creator/{{Fox News|Channel}}.

!!This episode contains examples of:

* AdamWesting: Music/TedNugent.
* BetterTheDevilYouKnow: The episode's opening features a billboard with an ad for Quimby's campaign describing him as "The Devil You Know" for 18 years.
* BlatantLies: When James Madison tells Homer that his portrait is printed at 5,000-dollar bills, Homer asks if he gives those portraits to fans and claims to be a fan.
* {{Expy}}: Homer becomes one of Radio/GlennBeck
* FoxNewsLiberal: And he has a song: [[Film/TheWizardOfOz "Oh, the plain and simple fact is,]] I'd love to raise your taxes, And make your children gay."
* NoSympathy: The plane crew don't care how hot, tired and uncomfortable their passengers are. When Homer badly needs to go to the bathroom the air hostess actually tells him off.
--> "You should have thought of that before you took the liquid you need to live."
* OpinionChangingDream: Homer has a dream where former President UsefulNotes/JamesMadison convinces him not to support Ted Nugent's candidacy. Subverted when the dream is revealed to be a fake with an actor pretending to be Madison.
* PoliticallyIncorrectVillain: When Mr. Burns asks Homer to pick someone to be the Republican Party's next presidential candidate, he insists that Homer picks a white male.
* PompousPoliticalPundit: Homer becomes this-a very successful, very ''insane'' example of this.
* RealityIsUnrealistic or OurLawyersAdvisedThisTrope: While Homer is putting up with the ridiculous practices on the plane, a disclaimer appears telling the audience that if they're on a plane watching this episode, this is ''not'' their airline. Also, when the family is criticizing TedNugent's political views, they make sure to say they ''love'' his music.
* TheReasonYouSuck: Homer delivers an epic one towards the airlines about how they don't treat their passengers with any kind of respect.
* SelfDeprecation: "Ladies and gentlemen, I am full of crap."
* ShoutOut: The chalkboard gag is "Tintin did not sucksuck", in reference to the 2011 ''[[WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfTintin Tintin]]'' movie.
* SoccerHatingAmericans: Homer speaks ill of [[UsefulNotes/AssociationFootball Soccer]] in his show.
* SpecialGuest: Music/TedNugent AsHimself
* TakeThat: Once again at the Republican Party and FOX News pundits.
* TenderTears: Being a Radio/GlennBeck parody, this is taken UpToEleven. Lampshaded by the characters.
-->'''Carl''': Don't you think he's been crying a lot lately?
-->'''Lenny''': No way! When a man who loves America cries, that makes him super-straight.