Bart finds out that he's not the greatest prankster of Springfield Elementary School and that the former prankster (Andy Hamilton) is a twentysomething slacker. Meanwhile, Marge is chastised by her fellow moms over not serving healthy snacks.
!!"Pranks and Greens" contains examples of:
* BasementDweller: Andy lived with his mother when Bart found him.
* DisproportionateRetribution: The other mothers have no tolerance for even slightly unhealthy snacks, and will take their children to hospital for eating them. In the second case, they even ''flag down an ambulance and kick a patient out'' because of their overprotectiveness.
* ScrewedPriorities: For the mothers, their children's health after eating food that's only 99% healthy is more important than saving the life of the person they kicked out of an ambulance.