The Norwegian-born citizens of Ogdenville migrate to Springfield after their tainted barley crop (which was put into Krusty Burger's latest sandwich) causes an economic collapse.

!! Tropes:

* BeyondTheImpossible: A Krusty Burger is somehow so unhealthy that its worse for you than a 'double' Krusty Burger, and thats just the exact same sandwich with an extra patty on it.
* BigEater: Homer, as usual, who puts away twelve Mother Nature burgers at Krusty Burger. Too bad for him they turned out to be tainted. [[LampshadeHanging He even asks himself why he ate so many of the burgers when rushing to vomit]].
* DoomedHometown: Ogdenville
* IsThisThingStillOn: If at least the farmer giving the interview minded the trope.
* NeverMyFault: Bart tells his mother that the reason his arm got dislocated was because some kids from Ogdenville dared him to perform a risky skateboarding move, despite the fact that the incident was a result of him trying to show off in front of the newcomers. Homer also blames the Ogden's liquor for costing him his job.
* OhCrap: Homer when he finally realises he has food poisoning and is about to be sick because the Mother Nature burgers were tainted. Then again when he vomits into Lisa's saxophone and can't get his mouth off the end.
* RuleOfThree: Two in quick succession. Homer's stomach rumbles three times before he realises he has food poisoning. He then tries to find a bathroom three times, only to find all three occupied (Marge in the downstairs bathroom, Bart in the upstairs bathroom, and Lisa in Homer and Marge's en suite). So he decides to vomit into Lisa's saxophone instead.
* TakeThat: Itís obvious that the episode is a take on America's immigration issues.