Maggie is taken in by a convent of nuns, who need an innocent child to solve an ancient religious mystery. Meanwhile, Marge goes blind from staring at a solar eclipse without a pinhole projector and Homer tries to cover up Maggie's disappearance before Marge can gain her eyesight back.

* TheChosenOne: Maggie
* DontExplainTheJoke: Homer basically spells out they are making a ''{{Ratatouille}}'' refference before actually making it.
* FoxChickenGrainPuzzle: With Santa's Little Helper, Maggie, and rat poison. Cletus has a fox, duck, and corn.
* GilliganCut: Homer insisted he wouldn't dress himself as a nun. Cut to the next scene and he's [[SubvertedTrope still wearing his everyday clothes]] while Lisa was disguised as a nun. Then he asked her if she's really sure she doesn't want him to do it. [[DoubleSubversion He put on a nun disguise]].
* TheKindnapper: Considering the case Homer [[NotHelpingYourCase was building]] to persuade the nuns to let him take Maggie back, can anyone blame them for keeping her?