Cletus's kids become stars on Krusty's show after Lisa offers to home-school them. Meanwhile, Bart is sent to therapy for scaring children with tales of a LethalChef who cannibalizes kids.

!! Tropes:
* AsHimself: Creator/StephenSondheim, Creator/AndyDick and Creator/JamesPatterson.
* ArtShift: The "Dark Stanley" sequences are based on the illustrations of Creator/EdwardGorey.
* BigNo: Krusty when he learned the only Spuckler kids fathered by Cletus were the one who couldn't sing and the one who couldn't ad lib.
* BitingTheHandHumor: Bart tells Dr. Swanson that he once dreamt that the Simpsons were cartoon characters, and that their success led to a "crazy propaganda network called Creator/FoxNews."
* BrickJoke: Bart was sent to therapy for making up a story about a child murdering chef known as "Dark Stanley". The viewers eventually learned Bart's therapist had a child who was killed by a "Dark Stanley" and is deeply troubled by it.
* CrashingDreams: Marge is dreaming of Creator/JamesPatterson, and he's about to ask her to kiss when he suddenly sounds like an alarm clock, waking her up.
* PimpDuds: Cletus wears them after becoming his kids' manager.
* ShoutOut: Lisa's story is a WholePlotReference to ''Film/TheSoundOfMusic'', complete with songs. The ending parodies ''Series/TheHoneymooners''.
* WingdingPupils: Enforced. Krusty gets dollar signs on his eyes when he learns that the Spuckler kids don't have agents. He then takes off the dollar sign contact lenses and comments that [[CrazyPrepared he knew he would find an use for them someday.]]
* WrongfullyAttributed: Krusty thinks Creator/StephenSondheim was the one who wrote ''Theater/{{Cats}}''.