Homer gets into trouble over his football gambling debts and allows the Springfield Mafia to shoot a porno film in the house; Marge leaves for the beach—and encounters a marine biologist named Caleb (voiced by Alec Baldwin) who has dedicated his life to saving manatees.

!! Tropes:

* ArtisticLicenseBiology: Caleb claims manatees and dugongs are the same animal, when they aren't. Manatees are also portrayed as being able to climb onto dry land, whereas they are purely aquatic dwellers.
* BullyingADragon: After Homer convinces some bullies on jet skis to leave the manatees alone, Homer insults them.
* CallBack: The episode starts with Homer watching a Denver Broncos game, holding up a fan flag that says [[TheSimpsonsS8E2YouOnlyMoveTwice "My Team"]].
* HowManyFingers: Homer is asked this after being beaten up by some bullies and assumes the asker can't count.
* ICanChangeMyBeloved: Deconstructed. Marge is fed up with Homer acting the same way he always does. However Caleb points out that Homer isn't at fault. He's still the same man she fell in love with. The problem is that she still expects him to change.
* {{Irony}}: The Santa village where Homer sends his family to so they won't know he's allowing the local mafia to make a porn movie at their home doesn't open during Christmas.
* PetTheDog: Mr. Burns becomes fond of the manatee posing as Homer at the plant, even washing it like a car with Smithers to keep it from dehydrating.
* PickOnSomeoneYourOwnSize: Homer says this to the guys who are hassling the manatees. They point out that the manatees are at least their size if not larger.
* SeldomSeenSpecies: Manatees are a major plot point in this episode.