Bart gets in trouble for setting off the steam pipes in the school. The punishment: time in a behavioral modification camp in Oregon. Unfortunately, Bart has been put on the "No Fly" list after unbuckling his seat belt before the plane to Atlanta could land, so Homer must sacrifice his Vegas trip (funded by Moe, who won a settlement from a company that makes the faulty rope he recently used in a suicide attempt) to take Bart to the camp. Meanwhile, Marge and Lisa clean house and hold a garage sale -- and Marge inadvertently becomes a drug dealer when everyone begins buying the family's expired medication.

* BathroomBreakOut: While eating in a diner, Bart makes Homer think he's doing this to escape him, so he tries to follow him, only to get stuck in the window. Then Bart tells the chef that Homer's trying to do a dine and dash.
* DisproportionateRetribution: Because of Bart unbuckling his seatbelt before his plane in Atlanta came to a complete stop, [[InsaneTrollLogic the pilot flew the plane back to Minneapolis before anyone could get off]].
* DontExplainTheJoke: Combined with LampshadeTheObscureReference.
-->'''Chief Wiggum:''' Save it, Ma Peddle.\\
'''Lou:''' Ma Peddle?\\
'''Chief Wiggum:''' It's a reference to Ma Kettle, a movie character from the 1940s.\\
'''Lou:''' Chief, if you have to explain it, it's not very good.
* DownerEnding and NoEnding: Marge is arrested for selling drugs and is being held in prison with $10,000 bail, while Homer took Bart to Vegas and is now in Nevada State Prison after getting into a fight with a pit boss while Bart ends up missing. Lisa and Maggie are the only ones left to fend for themselves and the episode ends with Lisa vowing to look for work in the morning. Fortunately, [[SnapBack everything is back to normal by the beginning of the next episode]].
* FrivolousLawsuit: Moe sues a company that made a rope that broke when he was trying to hang himself.
* GhostInTheMachine: We go inside Homer's head to see that the harsh and militaristic Serious Homer has locked up drunk, crazy Fun Homer and murdered Intellectual Homer ([[ThisExplainsSoMuch which is one of many, many reasons why Homer is an idiot]]).
* GoryDiscretionShot: While driving back to get Bart from the camp, we hear a loud thud followed by Homer screaming "Stupid horse! The sign says ''deer'' crossing!" and then the windshield of his car with streaks of blood on it.
* {{Jerkass}}[=/=]{{Troll}}: Bart throughout much of the episode.
* MoodSwinger: Boy, does [[ Bart have fun with this.]]
* MythologyGag: Homer mentions Oregan as being the birthplace of Matt Greoning and later, accidentally destroys his birth home.
* OhCrap:
** When Marge tells someone on the other end of her door that she's out of drugs to sell, she has this reaction when she sees that Chief Wiggum is on the other side.
** Also see SkywardScream below.
* OverlyLongGag: Ned singing all the colors in the theme to ''Theatre/JosephAndTheAmazingTechnicolorDreamcoat''. To make it more excruciating, as he reaches the last color, he starts at the beginning again!
* PersonaNonGrata: Bart's on the airport's 'No Fly' list because he unbuckled his seatbelt.
* SkywardScream: Homer does a skyward "D'oh!" when he realizes he has to sacrifice his trip to Las Vegas to drive Bart to a boys camp. His friends hear it from the other side of town and get the hint that Homer's not coming with them.