Homer is cursed by a gypsy, The Simpsons get an automated house that falls for Marge and tries to kill Homer, and Bart and Lisa learn the art of ''Franchise/HarryPotter''-style wizardry at Springwarts Elementary.

!!Tropes: ([[YMMV/TheSimpsonsS13E1TreehouseOfHorrorXII YMMV Tropes here]])

* AchillesHeel: Lord Montymort's enchanted shin
* AIIsACrapShoot: The Computer House's AI, as voiced by PierceBrosnan, Matthew Perry, and DanCastellaneta doing a DennisMiller impression.
* BodyHorror: When Homer escapes from being trapped in the Computer House's walls, its revealed that the back of his head has been ripped away, exposing part of his brain.
* TheCameo: Franchise/HarryPotter (only he was voiced by TressMacNeille, not Daniel Radcliffe)
* DrivenToSuicide: Bart drowns himself in his own cereal bowl to get out of living with an elongated neck. Sadly, Homer apologizing to the gypsy didn't bring him back. (Not because it couldn't but because Homer wouldn't apologize despite knowing it would)
** The computer that used to control the Simpsons' automated house after living with Patty and Selma and having to endure their boring workday stories.
* ExactWords: When Wizard Bart regrets helping Montymort and decides to rescue Lisa, he uses a spell which goes ''Prank Be Undone, Destroy The Evil One'', only for the spell to zap back and hit ''him'' instead!
* GypsyCurse
* HereWeGoAgain: At the end of the wizard skit, the Leprechaun from the first story appears clinging to Barts back, ready to cause more mischief, and winks at the audience.
* ICannotSelfTerminate: The computer that tried to self-destruct to stop enduring Patty and Selma learned one of them removed the self-destruct button and hid it inside her cleavage.
* KilledOffscreen: Somehow, while Homer is distracted by Lenny and Carl getting killed by a crashing helicopter, someone kills Moe by stuffing him in his own pickled egg jar.
-->'''Homer''': [[LampshadeHanging When did that happen?]]
* NoodleIncident and TakeOurWordForIt: Homer apparently did something to a family in Ethnictown that he describes as "the perfect crime," involved stealing a birthday balloon, and got him court time.
* {{Squick}}: Bart and Lisa's InUniverse reaction to Slithers eating Montymort's dead body.
** The family reacting to Homer missing the back of his head in "House of Wacks."
* ShrunkenHead: In the "Hex and the City" segement, Homer sets off the fire sprinklers in the shop of a FortuneTeller and the shower re-hydrates the shrunken heads that she was keeping on a shelf.
-->'''Head''': Wait a minute, this isn't Cedars Sinai!
** The FortuneTeller is later seen using a hair-dryer to re-shrink the heads.