The Simpsons install a tennis court in their backyard after Homer is told that a mausoleum he wants for the still-alive Grandpa Simpson would need enough concrete for a tennis court -- and it ends up tearing the family apart when Homer's goofing off becomes gossip fodder for the neighborhood and Marge decides to trade him in for Bart.

!! Tropes:
* ArtShift: Like season seven's "Radioactive Man," this episode used digital ink and paint rather than traditional cel animation in the days before cel animation would fall out of fashion and digital ink and paint would be a thing. And much like "Radioactive Man," fans responded unfavorably to the change.
* FlushingToiletScreamingShower: Bart turns on the kitchen faucet while Homer is showering, and finds that he can play Homer's screams like a musical instrument.
* GroinAttack: Homer ''sets himself up for one'' by holding open his pants with the intent on catching a tennis ball. Oh, did he ever.
* {{Jerkass}}: Surprisingly, Marge is an even bigger jerkass in this episode then Homer. He ends up getting a tennis court in the backyard and has fun with it and makes his friends and neighbors laugh and enjoy themselves. Marge gets embarrassed and outright tells him to stop having fun and play seriously.
** Plus once Homer signs them up for a just for fun tournament to see how they do, she immediately ditches him for Bart and barely expresses any remorse throughout the entire episode.
** Admittedly, Homer dumping Lisa for Serena Williams was cruel, but Marge did it too.
* JerkassHasAPoint: Homer is allowed to have fun playing tennis even if Marge is being a SoreLoser.
* ShoutOut: The title is an allusion to ''ComicBook/DennisTheMenaceUS''.