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* Adapted from [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=mo1wpcxuxr1em3jreztkzrl4&page=1# this]] forum thread.


!!Season One

[[folder: Day 1 aka The First Day]]

[[AC: Curse]]: None.

[[AC: Pages]]: 1-20

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[OriginalCharacter Aftem]]
* [[Anime/PrincessTutu Ahiru]]
* [[VideoGame/GoldenSun Felix]]
* [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Ganondorf]]
* [[WebVideo/KateModern Gavin Taylore]]
* [[Webcomic/{{Concerned}} Gordon Frohman]]
* [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Kimimaro]]
* [[Manga/MahouSenseiNegima Kotarou]]
* [[VideoGame/DisgaeaHourOfDarkness Laharl]]
* [[VideoGame/RaidouKuzunohaVsTheSoullessArmy Raidou]] [[VideoGame/RaidouKuzunohaVsKingAbaddon Kuzunoha]]
* [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Rei Ayanami]]
* [[Literature/{{Discworld}} Rincewind & The Luggage]]
* [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Skitty]]
* [[VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes Travis Touchdown]]

[[AC: Events]]:
* Ahiru wakes up to find herself in the City
* Raidou gets transported to the City from the Ushigome-gaeri Bridge
* Laharl wakes to find himself in the City, and with his sword missing.
* Ahiru's hair results in a failed attempt at concealment.
* Gavin wakes to find himself in the City.
* Kotarou winds up in the City.
* Everyone in the City so far meets up. They begin to discuss their situation, and compare abilities in some cases.
* The group receives a message from the Troper, telling them what's going on in the City.
* Ahiru becomes the first to suffer the consequences of touching the hourglass, reliving her worst memory.
* Kimimaro appears in the City.
* Raidou and Kimimaro start arguing.
* Felix wakes up in City, finding himself inside a house that was destroyed long ago.
* Rincewind arrives in the City.
* Several characters are amazed by Gavin's camera, and Ahiru displays surprise after seeing the Luggage for the first time.
* The group runs into Skitty, who's sleeping in a window.
* Travis wakes up in an alleyway, possibly with a bad hangover, and finds his beam katana has been stolen.
* Gordon Frohman wakes up in the City after an apparent fall.
* The Group meets Aftem in the Internet Cafe
* Travis and Felix get into a fight in the street outside the Cafe. Aftem intervenes.
* Gavin records his first V-Log from the City.
* Travis attempts to fight Ahiru after she transforms for the first time in the City.
* After being beaten off by Kimimaro, Travis attacks the hourglass and relives the moment of his parent's murder.
* Gavin decides to try to find a bank so he can get the money to upload his video.
* Travis murders every NPC in the Internet Cafe in a fit of rage.
* All the combatant members of the Group gang up on Travis.
* Travis dies outside the library.
* Gannondorf arrives in the city.
* Rei Ayanami arrives in the city.

[[folder: Day 2 aka Gulliver Day]]

[[AC: Curse]]: Physical Age-shift (old characters look young, young character look old. No mental change)

[[AC: Pages]]: 20-43

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[Anime/PrincessTutu Fakir]]
* [[TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering Jaya Ballard]]
* VideoGame/{{Kirby}}
* [[ComicBook/XMen Nightcrawler]]

[[AC: Events]]:
* Travis meets the Troper. Has argument, gets resurrected with no memory of his death.
* Rei meets Forneus and Decarabia.
* Gavin tries to have Travis arrested. Travis annihilates the squad sent to do just that.
* Aftem, Raidou and Kimimaro attack Travis
* Raidou kills Travis
* Gavin gets quite majorly drunk.
* Gannondorf meets with Aftem and Raidou
* Gavin rescues Skitty from Travis' apartment
* Skitty chases duck!Ahiru.
* Kirby eats Aftem
* Travis is resurrected by the Troper in exchange for two weapons and a "Blood Berry" and offered a free resurrection if he can stay alive for 24 hours
* Travis apparently kills Kimimaro but is foiled by substitution jutsu.
* Aftem is resurrected by the Troper in exchange for the trigger to a doomsday machine.
* Skitty chases Kirby
* Aftem falls back to earth post-resurrection with a bang, causing a building collapse.
* Travis commits suicide after being crushed by the building Aftem's fall demolished.

[[folder: Day 3 aka Musical Day]]

[[AC: Curse]]: Characters burst into song at random moments.

[[AC: Pages]]: 43-62.

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated Bumblebee]]
* [[VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft Kel'Thuzad]]
* [[Toys/{{Bionicle}} Makuta Teridax]]
* [[VideoGame/StarTropics Mike Jones]]
* [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 RED Engineer]]
* [[Manga/RozenMaiden Suiseiseki]]
* [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Waspinator]]

[[AC: Events]]:
* Ahiru discovers how to use a computer.
* Travis gets resurrected at the cost of his memory. Again.
* Kimimaro distracts Skitty with a Bone Bell
* Aftem attempts to explain what's going on to Kel'Thuzad.
* Rei has a nightmare about Kaworu.
* Kel'Thuzad touches the hourglass, and relives one of his worst memories.
* Aftem attempts to siphon some of Kel'Thuzad's magic while he's incapacitated.
* Aftem fights Jaya
* Waspinator Arrives in the city and immediately gets smacked on the head by a falling laptop.
* Kirby causes Waspinator's laptop to self-destruct, blowing his arm off.
* Rei, Waspinator and Kirby attack Mike.
* Suiseiseki appears in the city.
* Waspinator accidentally ends up nearly Eye-Beaming the hourglass.
* Rei attacks the hourglass, and relives her experiences during the Third Impact / Human Instrumentality. As a result she begins manifesting her Angelic Days personality.
* Nightcrawler sets up the meeting at the X-Mansion.
* Suiseiseki decides to lead Travis through the Soul Tree to try and find the Troper.
* The Red Engineer wakes up in the city.
* Bumblebee wakes up parked at the side of a road in the city.
* Waspinator receives a new laptop from the Troper.
* Skitty follows Rei and Waspinator back to the hotel.

[[folder: Day 4 aka Filler Day]]

[[AC: Curse]]: None

[[AC: Pages]]: 62-90

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss Asch]]
* [[VideoGame/WithinADeepForest The Ball]]
* [[VideoGame/CaveStory Balrog]]
* [[VideoGame/AnUntitledStory The Bird]]
* [[WesternAmimation/TheFairlyOddparents Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy]]
* Franchise/CrashBandicoot
* [[VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic HK-47]]
* [[Manga/SgtFrog Keroro]]
* ComicBook/TheQuestion
* [[Franchise/{{Metroid}} Samus Aran]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Shiki Yamaxanandu]]
* Literature/ThursdayNext

[[AC: Events]]:
* Question interrogates Mike and Felix for information on The City
* Travis and Suiseiseki continue on their "vision quest"
* Waspinator begins searching for Bumblebee
* Gavin and Felix meet Nightcrawler at the X-Mansion
* Question attempts to infiltrate the X-Mansion grounds. He is foiled by first the Electric Fence, then a mechanical arm.
* Makuta attempts to attack the hourglass with various buildings.
* Bumblebee begins to chase Waspinator round the city, suffering from a case of mistaken identity.
* Crash attacks The Engineer.
* Felix and Nightcrawler spar in the Danger Room.
* Question is captured and interrogated in the X-Mansion.
* The Engineer constructs a dispenser somewhere in the city.
* Mike attacks Crash.
* The Bird appears in the city.
* The Ball drops out of the sky into a bin.
* Mike attempts to diffuse the conflict between him, Crash and The Engineer.
* Waspinator taunts Bumblebee.
* The Ball begins bouncing over the rooftops
* The Bird begins making its way towards the hourglass.
* Bumblebee and Waspinator fight in the streets.
* Crash steals a 1974 Plymouth Barracuda from a car dealership and heads for the hourglass.
* Waspinator is buried under the rubble of building that collapsed during the fight.
* Suiseiseki passes out during the "vision quest" and re-awakens in the city. She walks out of an alleyway directly into the middle of the fight between Waspinator and Bumblebee, and opts to take cover behind a ruined car.
* Bumblebee flees from the combat zone whilst Waspinator is incapacitated by the rubble.
* Nightcrawler, Felix, Gavin and The Question set out to map the City by tagging the buildings.
* Suiseiseki begins discussing the situation with Mike and the Engineer.
* Bumblebee stops outside the X-Mansion. He gets surprised by Nightcrawler, and runs off.
* Kirby almost gets run over by Bumblebee, but is saved by Nightcrawler, copying him in the process.
* Bumblebee runs into, and partly demolishes, a brick wall, confused by what just happened.
* Asch arrives in the city, confused about what's going on.
* Balrog arrives in the city and lightly damages the Fourth Wall.
* Skitty uses Assist and turns into a Transformers style robot.
* Skitty manages to set several people on fire after forgetting to deactivate its flamethrower.
* The engineer uses a dispenser to extinguish the flames and heal the damage done.
* Travis wakes up back in the city.
* Skitty returns to normal.
* Balrog shifts forms, and unleashes a missile barrage on everyone in the square.
* Various characters start to try to subdue Balrog.
* The engineer ends up stuck to the hourglass, reliving his worst memories over and over in a repeating loop.
* Shiki Yamaxanandu arrives in the city.
* The Question begins exploring the sewers.
* Samus Aran arrives in the city.
* Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy arrive in the city, appearing in the middle of a crowded Steak House.
* HK-47 arrives in the city, materializing in a bin.
* Travis wakes up again in the city, having passed out on the soul tree.

[[folder: Day 5 aka HumongousMecha Day]]

[[AC: Curse]]: Everyone gets an appropriate HumongousMecha or is scaled up into one.

[[AC: Pages]]: 90-113

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Alucard]]
* [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 BLU Spy]]
* Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian
* [[Franchise/StarWars Darth Vader]]
* [[Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine Garak]]
* [[Literature/OldKingdom Lirael]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Mother 3}} Lucas]]
* [[Franchise/OnePiece Luffy]]
* [[Franchise/PrinceOfPersia The Prince]]
* Webcomic/ProblemSleuth
* [[Franchise/{{Halo}} The Rookie]]
* [[WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom Vlad Masters]]
* [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Willow Rosenberg]]

[[AC: Departures]]:
* Bumblebee
* Samus Aran

[[AC: Events]]:
* Rei uses Evangelion Unit-00 to attack the hourglass, and fails, forcing her to eject the entry plug.
* Alucard arrives in the city.
* Rei monologues about the Angels, to Alucard's apparent delight...
* Samus attacks Waspinator
* The Question attempts to penetrate the bowels of the X-mansion.
* Makuta goes God Mode and tries to kill everyone.
* Lucas arrives in the city.
* The Prince and The Question verbally spar.
* Lucas and Nightcrawler meet each other.
* A mysterious object crashes in the city, temporarily shorting out most sensors and latent scanning abilities (and killing Makuta).
* [[Franchise/StarTrek The Borg]] arrive in the city, apparently chasing the mysterious object.
* Nightcrawler and Lucas aid Waspinator in fighting the Borg.
* Garak uses his Mecha in a suicide attack on the Borg Cube.
* Luffy arrives in the city.
* Bumblebee gets Transwarped out of the city.
* The Rookie arrives in the city by drop pod.
* Garak begins moving on foot across the city, aiming to escape the Borg
* Gannondorf begins to take control of several Borg drones.
* The Rookie begins to fight the Borg, and starts barely winning.
* The X-Mansion begins to seal itself off.
* The Borg begin to assimilate the city.
* The Question gets injected by a Borg drone.
* The Rookie arrives at the X-Mansion before it goes into lockdown. He is nearly pounced on by the Skitty.
* The Skitty uses Assist on the Rookie and destroys a group of Borg drones.
* The Question finds himself in what may be Unimatrix Zero.
* The Rookie and Skitty enter the X-Mansion, before meeting Felix in the control room.
* Balrog was injected by Borg and decided to use it to sneak it Ganondorf's citadel.
* Timmy and company get lost in citadel.
* Felix, Rookie and Lucas 'surrendered' to Barlog so he can take them to Gannondorf.
* Balrog, Felix and Lucas had an UncomfortableElevatorMoment. Balrog breached the forth wall by speaking about a Golden Sun game.
* The Question meets Three of Twelve (Tot) in Unimatrix Zero.
* BLU Spy arrives in the city.
* Lirael arrives in the city.
* Vlad Masters arrives in the city.
* Conan arrives in the city.
* The Bird meets Conan.
* The Prince uses his amulet to get in Unimatrix Zero.
* Felix, Rookie, Lucas and Barlog reach Ganondorf's throne room. Gannondorf activates traps in the room.
* Thrust temporarily gains control of Waspinator's mind after Vlad possesses him to prevent the Borg from assimilating him.
* Star Destroyer crashes into Borg Cube.
* Ganondorf's citadel begins to crumble.
* Most of the people leave citadel one or another way.
* Skitty fixes his mecha and let the others a ride to X-mansion.
* The Prince had conversation with the Question and uses his amulet to exit Unimatrix Zero.
* Problem Sleuth appeared in the city and was dragged to the mansion.

[[folder: Day 6 aka Opposable Thumbs Day]]

[[AC: Curse]]: If you had opposable Thumbs, you have no more, and vice versa. (I. e. non-animal characters transform into animals and vice versa.)

[[AC: Pages]]: 113-149

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[Manga/{{Cyborg009}} 004 aka Albert Heinrich]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} GLaDOS]]
* [[WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom Danielle Fenton]]
* [[Franchise/MassEffect Garrus Vakarian]]
* [[MemeticMutation Meme]] Franchise/{{Batman}}
* [[ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} Rorschach]]
* [[Manga/IkkiTousen Ryofu Housen]]
* [[Literature/{{Discworld}} Samuel Vimes]]
* [[VideoGame/ValkyriaChronicles Selvaria Bles]]
* [[VideoGame/TimeSplitters Sergeant Cortez]]
* [[VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou Sho Minamimoto]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Suika Ibuki]]

[[AC: Departures]]:
* 004 aka Albert Heinrich
* BLU Spy
* Rincewind & The Luggage
* Sho Minamimoto
* Waspinator

[[AC: Events]]:
* Everyone in the city were transformed by the curse. Nightcrawler to cat, Rookie to fox, Conan to bull, Felix to wolf, Skitty to catgirl, Waspinator to humanoid wasp robot, Lirael to dog, Red Engineer to turtle, Lucas to lion, the bird to birdman, Balrog to square man, Empire troops to penguins and Darth Vader to komodo dragon, the Question to meercat, Vlad Masters to albino linx, Problem Sleuth to weasel, the Prince to black panther.
* Ryofu Housen arrives in the city as red hare.
* Everyone in the mansion takes some time to get out of their rooms.
* The Question awoke in the mansion's medical bay.
* Ryofu Housen touched the hourglass and suffered a memory of [[spoiler:Chinkyuu]] dying in her hands. But Ryofu still did not remembered her.
* Penguin troopers tried to capture the X-mansion, but were driven back.
* Sho Minamimoto appears in the city as kitten.
* Sho Minamimoto was kicked out of the mansion.
* Sho Minamimoto built junk piles and summoned Taboo Noice.
* Danielle Fenton appears in the city as melanistic cheetah.
* Ryofu Housen ran from the Noise into Danielle.
* Barlog began a brawl with Waspinator.
* Lirael used a howl attack to erase Noise. Danielle was hurted by attack and Ryofu decided to carry her into Ryomou's apartment.
* Lirael found Ryofu and Dani and escorted them to the mansion. Ryofu forgot Troper's laptop in the apartment.
* Nightcrawler banished Balrog from the mansion.
* 004 appears in the city uncursed.
* Selvaria appears in the city as fox in big KABOOM.
* Selvaria meets Balrog.
* Lirael invited 004 to the mansion.
* Garrus appears in the city uncursed.
* Lucas ran to hourglass and Ryofu ran after him. They were separated by Noise and arrived to hourglass from the different sides.
* Lucas tried to climb hourglass to have better view of the city. Noise dropped Lucas down. Ryofu caught Lucas.
* Balrog and Lucas joined Empire. Lucas became Darth Vader's padawan.
* Dani meets Vlad Masters. It's looks like they are from different times and Dani tells Vlad of his Bad Future.
* Sho Minamimoto ordered Noise to attack the mansion.
* Ryofu Housen remembered Hadouken basic attack.
* The bird join with Skitty to scout.
* Garrus left the mansion to spy on the Empire.
* Nightcrawler put a force shield around the mansion (it didn't work).
* Lucas began to destroy Sho's junk towers.
* The Question lured Noise in the Danger Room an activated training program... somehow.
* Rorschach appears in the city uncursed.
* Batman appears in the city uncursed.
* Noise in and around the mansion were destroyed and Sho gather remaining ones near hourglass.
* Samuel Vimes appears in the city uncursed.
* Cortez appears in the city uncursed. And encounters Vimes.
* Rorschach tried to get into the mansion. Ryofu warned him about mansion's security system.
* Ryofu, Lirael, Danielle, Rorschach and later Conan went to the hourglass.
* Rorschach received a package with a flamethrower from the mansion.
* Skitty and the bird escaped to the mansion.
* The Borg began the attack.
* Vlad proposed an idea to use ecto-suit and Danielle volunteers.
* Lucas tried to look from the top of the hourglass... again. And then, bad memories had come.
* Batman tried to save Lucas but he too was affected by hourglass' power.
* Team of Balrog, Batman and Rorschach disposed of the Noise near hourglass.
* Vlad prepared ghost suit for Dani.
* Ryofu and Lirael ride Conan (it's better then it sounds).
* Lucas wandered the city in shock and met Sho.
* Dani entered the battle against Borg.
* Lucas returned to X-mansion. He acted funny and Selvaria started to suspect something.
* When the suit power level dropped to 2%, Dani ejected.
* Balrog died in the flood of Borg.
* Everyone start to retreating to the mansion. Ryofu climbed the roof with Batman's help.
* Balrog was revived by the Troper with memories about Jenka as fee.
* Balrog awakened in the mansion's medical bay. The curse was strengthened for Balrog, turning him complete human.
* Batman and Conan lured Borg into conflict with the Empire.
* Selvara and Lucas freed Balrog from the medbay. Balrog told them how he died.
* Lirael carried an unconscious Dani to the mansion. Others also hurried to the mansion.
* Ryofu began to search for Sho.
* Lucas splited that he saw Sho in town.
* Vlad returned to the mansion; Dani wakes from a nightmare about Danny Phantom.
* Rorschach was left behind and out of the mansion.
* Those who couldn't use weapons due the curse gave them to those who could.
* Imperials managed to ward off Borg.
* Nightcrawler prepared the Blackbird to launch. Balrog, Batman, the bird, Conan, Selvaria, Weasel Sleuth, Lirael board the Blackbird.
* The Prince visited Unimatrix. He talked to Tot and desided to help Borg's survival.
* Vlad sent his duplicate to help Nightcrawler.
* Blackbird flew to Sho's location with cloaking mode on.
* Suika Ibuki appears in the city uncursed.
* Blackbird landed swiftly and Nightcrawler attacked Sho head-on.
* Sho transformed to Leo Cantus and warped behind Nightcrawler to attack him.
* Ryofu jumped on Sho from the roof.
* Noise began to overpower Batman and he summoned the Batcycle.
* Weasel Sleuth and Conan go berserk.
* Vlad's duplicate joins the battle, clearing a path for Conan.
* Waspinator returns, but not for the better.
* [=GLaDOS=] appears in the city, uncursed, with the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. She proceeds to deploy a mobile version of herself.
* Sho Minamimoto was killed in battle and refused to be revived by the Troper.
* Everyone begins to shift back to their regular forms.
* Ryofu had a weird dream.

[[folder: Day 7 aka Jurassic Day]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The entire city is transformed into a primeval jungle with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

[[AC: Pages]]: 150-180

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:

* [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Bowser]]
* SelfDemonstrating/{{Deadpool}}
* [[Manga/RanmaOneHalf Ranma Saotome]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Psychonauts}} Razputin]]
* [[Manga/DGrayMan Road Kamelot]]
* [[Series/SamuraiSentaiShinkenger Takeru Shiba]]
* [[Series/DoctorWho Tenth Doctor]]
* [[WesternAnimation/TheSecretSaturdays V. V. Argost]]
* [[VideoGame/TheWorldEndsWithYou Yoshya "Joshua" Kiryu]]

[[AC: Departures]]:
* RED Engineer
* Tenth Doctor

[[AC: Events]]:

* The day starts with jungle growing up all over the city and dinosaurs appearing.
* The Mansion was seriously damaged by the jungle. Everyone gathered in the kitchen and tried to suppress the dinosaurs' attack.
* Batman was checking his manor and Batcave.
* Deadpool appeared in the city.
* Deadpool teleported himself to the X-mansion's kitchen.
* Nightcrawler teleported to the kitchen and began a fight with Deadpool.
* Borg assimilated an army of dinosaurs and start attack on the mansion.
* Deadpool joined the company and tried to flirt with Ryofu. She began to flirt with Nightcrawler.
* Deadpool rode Barlog to fight dinosaurs, shooter game style.
* Engineer was wounded and infected by Borg.
* [=GLaDOS=] tried to trick Batman into test, but he refused, [=GLaDOS=] then questions him.
* Ranma appears in the city as a girl. Then changes into a boy.
* V. V. Argost appears in the city.
* The Prince ended up in Unimatrix Zero again.
* Tenth Doctor appears in the city.
* Lucas encountered Porky statue which chased him.
* Selvaria found jeep in garage.
* Vlad found Ranma and invited him to his manor. Selvaria got everybody in the jeep and rode to manor too.
* Takeru Shiba arrived in the city.
* Joshua arrived in the city.
* Balrog, Deadpool, Conan and Joshua was fighting the statue. And giant snake. It makes sense in context.
* When everybody abandoned the X-mansion, Darth Vader 'liberated' it from Borg and made it new imperial base.
* His great awesomeness, King Bowser Koopa appears in the city.
* [=GLaDOS=] attempts to get Bowser to take a test for cake, but he refuses as well.
* Road Kamelot arrived in the City.
* Razputin arrived in the City.
* Darth Vader discovered the Winslow (with Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda) in the X-mansion.
* The Question meets with the Doctor.
* Lirael and Vlad entered "Death plane".
* Road traped Raz in her Dream Dimension.
* Lucas, Conan and Selvaria returned to Pork tower.
* Lirael and Vlad dragged Raz from Road's Dream Dimension and returned to Vlad's lab. Road followed them.
* Bowser crased the wall and entered the Vlad's mansion.
* Deadpool started a fight with Batman.
* The Borg disappeared from the streets.
* Joshua stoped a fight between Deadpool and Batman.
* Rookie was in the X-mansion, surprised that Empire occupied it.
* Deadpool received first warning for breaking a fourth wall. This is all you want to know.
* [=GLaDOS=] destroyed a door to Vlad's mansion.
* Road, suffering big damage from Vlad's and Lirael, faked her death. Ryofu, frightened, give a speach to Vlad and Lirael. She started to regret it when she noticed Dani was listening.
* Lirael sat on the floor in MyGodWhatHaveIDone pose. Ryofu hugged and comforted her.
* Ryofu suddenly fell on the floor with pain.
* Raz got himself in Ryofu's mind and fought Ryofu's soul. Lirael helped Gaz to restore Ryofu's memories.
* Ryofu forced everyone out of the room so none could see her crying over her lover's death.
* [=GLaDOS=] sends Deadpool to take a test at the Enrichment Center. He comes back, scorched and burned with the Weighted Companion Cube, which is still in Vlad's Mansion.

[[folder: Day 8 aka {{Shipping}} Day aka GenderBender Day]]

[[AC: Curse]]: Everyone in the city is transformed into the opposite gender. Not only that, but they will have the urge to find love in the city and they can only turn back to their original gender by falling in love.

I called it Romantic Curse day, thank you very much for not noticing.

[[AC: Pages]]: 180-240

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:

* [[VideoGame/{{Drakengard}} Caim and Angelus]]
* [[VideoGame/ModernWarfare Gaz]]
* [[VideoGame/MegamanStarforce Geo Stellar and Omega-Xis]]

[[AC: Departures]]:

* Balrog ;-; Good Night Sweet Prince...
* [=GlaDOS=]

[[AC: Events]]:

* Ryofu woke up to find herself as a male. He tried to find a mirror to determine if she was hot or not.
* Lucas awoke to see himself in a dress, and cried. She returned to her fight with The Hippo.
* While dealing with the Hippo, Conan noticed how enormous her new tits were.
* The Rookie awoke female as well.
* Ranma woke up, confused, sure that he had gone to sleep as a male, and set out to find a source of hot water.
* Dani woke up to find herself as a male, and schlee made a joke about how her Father now had a perfect clone.
* Lirael barely noticed turning into a man, and kept on the fight against Road and the Raptors, before they disappeared.
* Suika woke up, lying in a sofa hugging a whiskey-bottle, and found herself as a male.
* Selvaria awoke as a man, and found himself attracted to Conan's body, and Conan felt attracted to him as well.
* Gla DOS awoke in a male body somehow, and felt the urge to kiss someone.
* Caim and Angelus came out of a portal in the sky after killing flying babies of death. Caim became very pissed when she found out that she was now a girl.
* Ranma screamed when hot water did not transform her to boy.
* Joshua woke up at the street, female and wearing Natural Puppy brand clothes. She desided to take a picture of herself.
* Water inside hippo pools was drained, sucking a party outside of the Pork building.
* Gaz arrived in the city as a female. She was not pleased about it.
* Dani have waken Vlad.
* Lucas give herself to rage.
* Deadpool met Balrog. She didn't stop playing with her boobs while talking to her.
* Joshua tried to calm Lucas hard way. She failed.
* Vlad and Dani met Ryofu and Ranma in the corridor. Ryofu complimented Dani's tomboy look.
* Dani advised Ranma to use cold water to change her gender instead. It worked.
* Lirael joined Vlad and Co. and invited them to his house.
* Ryofu was so shocked by Lirael's bishonen look that he could not act like himself around him. He used lame excuse to go away.
* Selvaria found his lance in the shop and bought it.
* Joshua taked a pictures of the city a 2 days ago, a week ago and 1.5 weeks ago. She discovered the city was created slicely more then week ago.
* Ranma felt weird walking hand-to-hand with male Dani and turn himself to female.
* Balrog and Deadpool attacked X-Mansion.
* Joshua saw a Noise on the picture and decided to investigate.
* Rookie escaped the X-mansion by Wathog.
* Suika met with Argost. They were drinking and dancing together.
* Joshua and Batman desided to investigate Noise together.
* Dani flew with Ranma and carried her over the river.
* Ryofu discovered a change in his character caused by the curse. He swore revenge on the Troper.
* Balrog and Deadpool engaged Darth Vader in fight.
* Frodo requested Lucas to help repel the attack on the X-mansion.
* Balrog and Deadpool threw their fight to Lucas. Vader was not fooled, but said nothing.
* Ryofu overcame "bishonen shock" by seeing "true Lirael" with his heart. Vlad became jealous and tried to "snap Ryofu out of it," but Ryofu's answer made her blush.
* Caim discovered the wonders of Guns.
* Conan started to flirt with Selvaria.
* Conan went shopping and bought herself a crossbow.
* Batman destroyed a building Joshua was investigating with explosives.
* Vlad fell ill and collapsed. Ryofu, fearing this may be a psychological trauma, went to find Raz and bring her to Vlad.
* Dani kissed Ranma in a cheek. They both transformed back.
* Vlad was cured and kissed Lirael. Selvaria slapped Lirael. They both transformed back.
* Ryofu offered Raz a post as his subordinate. Raz refused.
* Lucile, Conan, Bowser, Selvaria, Gaz, Joshua, Ryofu, Geo, Argost, Suika, Caim and Angelus all wind up back at the Empire Pork Building by various routes.
** Conan climbs the elevator shaft, watched by Geo
** Bowser and Conan trick the inhabitants of the tower into sending the elevator down for Bowser.
** Selvaria and the rest take Angelus up and through a wall, joining Conan and Bowser and entering into a battle, during which Conan is wounded and he and Selvaria kiss, turning them back to their proper sexes. Lucile fights the Pork Trooper and wins but is left exhausted and unconscious.
** The Empire attacks the Empire Pork Building. Selvaria and Angelus fight them, later joined by Dani, Vlad and Lireal.
*** Angelus takes the unconscious Lucile to Vlad's for safety.
*** Selvaria finds her shield and uses the powers the combination of it and the lance gives gher to fight the Storm Troopers
** Conan, Bowser, Geo, Gaz, Suika, Ryofu, Caim, Joshua and Argost go up to the 100th floor and encounter the Ultimate Chimera. Gaz is knocked immediately unconscious.
*** Conan has a difference of of opinion with Argost and Suika over whether to destroy or take control of the Ultimate Chimera. Conan destroys it's control panel and has epic fight with Suika. Geo and Argost capture the U Cs bird and lure it out a hole in the tower wall dropping it 100 floors but fail to kill it. Bowser is killed by UC but resurrects as skeleton.
*** Ryofu and Joshua go up to next level.
*** Ryofu and Joshua invoked {{Level Up At Intimacy 5}} trope.
*** Everyone decides to disengage and return to Vlad's Mansion and the Abhorsen's house.
* Bowser's Koopa Keep appears in the city.
* After returning to Abhorsen's house Ryofu declared his love to Dani and kissed her.
* Ryofu went to the hourglass and touched it. The result was worse then he expected.

[[folder: Day 9 aka Flood Day]]

[[AC: Curse]]: First of all, everyone who didn't turn back to their old sex the previous day, stay gender-bended for the duration of day 9. Romance no longer works. But perhaps another way to lift this curse can be found...

Also, the city is flooded by water. Most of the buildings' roofs are above the water, and characters can jump from rooftop to rooftop to move around (with the exceptions of Abhorsen's house or the X-mansion because they are too far from other buildings). Vlad's manor is completely submerged and unusable. Other small houses move upwards, to the higher place in the city so they will not be entirely submerged.

[[AC: Pages]]: 240-300

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:

* [[VideoGame/CaveStory Balrog]] - he returns
* [[WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom Dan Phantom]]
* [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Deidara]]
* [[Series/DoctorWho Eleventh Doctor]]
* SelfDemonstrating/TheJoker
* [[Magazine/TopSecret Kopalny]] (see [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=6lumenqls0vaef6rpicjtvz6&page=23# 561 this forum post]].)
* [[Literature/TheNightangelTrilogy Kylar Stern]]
* [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaRondoOfBlood Maria Renard]]
* [[Series/{{Lost}} Miles Straume]]
* [[Literature/TheSecretsOfTheImmortalNicholasFlamel Niccolo Machiavelli]]
* [[Music/BlackSabbath Ozzy Osbourne]]
* [[VideoGame/SoulNomadAndTheWorldEaters Revia (female) and Gig]]
* [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Simon]]

[[AC: Departures]]:

* Lucas
* Niccolo Machiavelli

[[AC: Events]]:

* Kopalny appears in an alley and wanders into the Vlad's Mansion.
* Shortly after midnight, Simon appeared in Vlad's Mansion.
* The Vlad's Mansion party realizes that the mansion is no longer waterproof and leaves for the Abhorsens' house, some of the combined party fights Revia on the way.
* Deadpool was assimilated by a [[Creator/MarvelComics Symbiote]].
* While Angelus and Caim was flying over the city, they spotted Miles Straume. Caim jumped off Angelus to attack Miles.
** Vlad teleported to Miles and shielded him.
* Revia attacks the Abhorsens' House but is chased off soon after.
* [[FanNickname Venompool]] attacked the Abhorsens' House and most everyone fought back.
** Raz astral projected into his head to try to free Deadpool of the Symbiote's control.
*** Now he's deal with Marvel Zombie Deadpool, one of the personifications of Deadpool's mind, within his psyche, which is apparently /b/.
** Lirael used magic to cage Venompool.
* The Eleventh Doctor arrives in the TARDIS on the Abhorsen's house roof.
* Dan Phantom pops up and kills Machiavelli.
* Dan attacks the Abhorsens' House.
* Dan frees Venompool.
* Conan received a magic sword with sonic abilities, for hurting Venompool.
* Arghost chases off Venompool and Dan runs off.
* Dan saved Venompool from drowning.
* Lirael raises a barrier around the Abhorsens' House but soon disappears inside.
* Bowster plots to ship Simon and Geo together, just to see Simon bug-out when he finds out Geo is really a man.
* Conan is called into the house to assist Lirael in reinstating the House's defenses.
* Dan and Caim begin to fight.
* Kylar Stern appears in the city, and attempts to disrupt Dan & Caim's fight.
* He succeeds. Now, Dan is attacking him, and Caim is still attacking Dan.
* Dan loses an arm.
* Dan runs away after he was about to lose the fight.
* Lirael, with the help of Conan, reinstates superior defenses to the House. Consequently, she is made bed-ridden.
* Venompool is kicked out of the house by fire and thunder.
* Angelus is severely injured from one of Dan's large ecto-blasts and is forced to rest on a rooftop.
* Maria Renard from Castlevania appears in the city on top of her own house. Her house happens to be the one Caim and Angelus rest on.
* Deidara appears in the city and approaches Conan and the others.
* Ryofu and Dani go to Ryofu's apartment, not flooded.
* The Joker appears at Ryofu's apartment. Ryofu blasts hims with hadoken.
* Dani agrees to take the Joker to the Abhorsens' House.
* Ryofu goes acts sinister with Abbott and Costello the Stormtroopers.
* Dani brings the Joker as Hidan, Maria and Miles leave to heal Angelus.
* Dan attack again. Gets kicked out again. Somebody chased him but... yeah...
* Hidan appears. He goes over to the Abhorsen's place.
* Timmy all up and changes everyone's sex with magical WINSLOW POWER. And fairies were involved too.
* [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment SUDDENLY]]; Leviathan, the Demon Lord of Envy, tried to suplex The Abhorsens.
* Seeing as magic changed their sex and not the Troper, Bowser comes up with the idea of using his loyal warlock Kamek to change them back. At least those who had not already been changed back back-again.
** Hidan volunteers to carry them.
* Holy shit Ryofu cold blood murdered Lucas, WTF.
** Now she's Vader's apprentice, what the hell?
* Ozzy FUCKING Osborne appears.
* Raz leaves Deapool's mind
* Deadpool makes a reappearance, apparently symbiote-free. When did this happen?
* Everyone makes it to Bowser's castle.
* Lyra appears. Bowser thinks Lyra is a gender-bent Mario. Yawnie-kins uses YAWN. Bowser falls asleep.
* Bowser wakes up and is convinced he has the wrong guy. Kamek changes everyone back and Bowser offers them all a place to sleep.

[[folder: Day 10 aka Beach Day]]

[[AC: Curse]]: Everyone is changed back to their original gender, the flood recedes, an ocean and beach appears and the Troper declares that all make fun, not war.

[[AC: Pages]]: 300-389

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[VideoGame/{{Persona 3}} Aigis]]
* [[VideoGame/GhostRecon Cpt. Scott Mitchell]]
* [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Edward Elric]]
* [[ComicBook/JohnnyTheHomicidalManiac Johnny C.]]
* [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina]]
* [[Franchise/{{Digimon}} Ken and Wormmon]]
* [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Lyra]]
* ComicBook/NikolaiDante and his weapons crest
* [[VideoGame/LuminousArc2 Roland]]
* [[Franchise/{{Halo}} Thel Vadam (The Arbiter)]]
* [[Toys/{{Bionicle}} Vezon]]
* [[Film/{{District 9}} Wikus]]

[[AC: Departures]]:
* Conan
* Danielle
* Vlad Masters

[[AC: Events]]:
* Everyone wakes up and gets the message about the new day's rules.
* Most everyone goes to the beach.
* Thel Vadam appears in the city. He quickly meets Caim and Angelus.
* Vlad wants to be a mom so he asks Kamek to change him back into a woman. Bowser files this under the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy he developed for Birdo.
* Timmy wishes for everyone to get their own sand buggy. Seeing as this includes the vast armies of the Empire and Koopa Keep, he loses consciousness from the strain.
* The Fullmetal Alchemist appears.
* Lyra catches a Krabby. She names it Abby.
* Holy crap we have Pokemon!?
* People discover the gaming booths. Selvaria wins a plush Snorlax.
* Lirael wonders off to go play diplomat to the Empire.
* A buggy races starts.
* Roland appears in the city, confused.
* Lirael rolls a 1 on her Diplomacy check with Vader.
* Vader joins race.
* Houndour bites Lirael's ankle.
* Lyra has a new Houndour. Its name is Puppy!
* Race goes tits up. Fuck, that was confusing.
* Nikolai fails at chatting up Ryofu
* Watermelon splitting game starts.
* By this point, Ed had most definitely appeared.
* Dan and Vlad disappear.
* Lirael is all depressed and stuff.
* Ryofu give Lirael a massage.
** Then she molests her / tries to seduce her.
*** Lirael's player is left going "Umm..."
*** At least Lirael is not depressed anymore.
** Thank god, Kopalny suddenly appears and Lirael excuses herself. Except not: his player retcons this almost immediately and Kopalny appears somewhere completely else deep in the City.
** Ryofu quit herself after she failed seduction roll.
* Bowser wins the buggy race somewhere in there. Everyone else's buggies were too busted up to finish. Except for the Joker. He just plain quit.
* Roland won the watermelon splitting contest. Safeguard belt and sunglasses get!
* Winslow wanders off
** Vader notices and send Stormtroopers off to find him
** Conan, Selvaria and others set off to trail the Stormtroopers.
* Lirael goes to her house to find Geo and Simon in a pickle with a couple intruders. When Simon's player fail to respond, Lirael's player is given leave to godmode and leave.
* Upon noticing he is minus one psychoportal, Raz enlists the help of Maria, Lyra and Lirael to help him find it.
* Lirael shows him the past and they find out it's in the sewers. They go into the sewers.
* In fact, everyone fucking goes into the sewers looking for something; Winslow, a psychoportal, Vezon's cape, etc.
* Except Joker who is busy recruiting a Borg army.
** It is worth nothing here that the Borg reappeared claiming they were free. One in particular, AKA Tot, wanders off and acts Moe.
* Roland, Timmy, Cosmos and Wanda befriended aBorg known as Five of Eleven.
* Roland joined the search for Winslow with Five of Eleven.
* Aigis appears in the city. Eventually join the search in the sewers.
* Fifty Cent makes his appearance by crashing a car into the sewers {Wut) and acting very rude.
* Fifty Cent ramps out of the sewers and onto a skyscraper. Fiddy establishes his need to go SerialEscalation.
* Also he [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking hits on Ryofu]].
* What the hell, Fifty Cent's player?
* Nikolai makes a promise that Fifty will die the next day after he hits aigis with a rocket, or at least almost did since its No-Violence day.
* Somehow, Roland and Five of Eleven met up with the others in the sewers.
* Deadpool makes a sudden return, once again symbiote free.
* Lirael helps Vezon find where his cape is through Remembrancing.
* Fiddy comes back to the sewer looking for Conan under promises of alcohol but only finds the rest.
* Lirael turns a corner and finds Conan, Selvaria and Tot. Selvaria is choking out Tot thinking she is trying to assimilate that. Lirael tells them this is nonsense and offers to help them find Winslow.
* Raz finds his portal. Yay.
* Lireal and Tot find the Winslow has left the sewers and has wondered into the beach with entering the mansion a possibility, but its inherent magic prevents the Remberancing from finding the exact location.
* The first twelve contestants enter the Haunted Mansion consisting of teams of two: 1) Maria and Ed; 2) Aigis and Fiddy; 3) Miles and Raz; 4) Dante and Ryofu; 5) Roland and Five of Eleven; 6) Lyra and Geo
* Team 6 goes into a lush garden while everyone else into another part of the mansion...
* Kopalny fails to sneak inside the mansion and goes back to Bowser's keep
* Joker arrives at the mansion
* Caim and Joker are ushered into the mansion...
* Team 3 head into the attic.
* Team 1 gets its first direct scare. Ed is not amused.
* Lireal and Tot return to Life and race to search fo the Winslow, the crowd of former Borg, Koopa Troop, and off-duty Storm Troopers impeding their progress.
* Team 1 encounters a mirror that reflects the seers as chibis and a statue of a woman crying blood. Ed is STILL not amused and on purposely transforms said statue into something MUCH scarier and smashes the mirror.
* Team 2 is surrounded by ever thickening cloud of fog. Fiddy's not amused.
* Team 3 encounter a shadowy figure behind a curtain and hear ominous growling...
* Team 4 enter a torture chamber with an operating table covered in possibly fresh blood.
* Team 5 enter a large ballroom after following ominous organ music.
* Team 6 enter a garden maze. They are not alone...
* Vezon, Jonny, Joker, and Caim are guided to a clock tower. The former two go down the Path of the Moon while the latter two head down the Path of the Sun.
* Said mirror Ed smashed revealed a secret passageway.
* Nikolai freaks out when he find the operating table covered in REAL blood...
* Ed goes into the path he accidentally discovers. Maria follows him.
* Team 3 gets its first direct scare when they reveal a wolf statue behind the curtain. Raz blows it up.
* The sounds of helicopters are heard at Team 2's location. Fiddy starts freakin' out. Aigis is not amused.
* The lights in the ballroom Team 5 is in go out and dancing ghosts appear...
* Tot and Lireal get lost in the crowd looking for the Winslow and meet with Joshua.
* Joshua then suggests asking this old man for advice. Doesn't know whether the old man needs payment first...
* Kamina appears on the beach.
* Ed uses FridgeLogic to explain going into the secret passage and goes in. Maria continues to follow.
* Fiddy builds up gangsta fire and runs through the fog with Aigis in tow.
* Kamina mistakes the fireworks display and runs in, ready to kick ass. [[HilarityEnsues Hilarity WILL ensue]]...
* Team 1 got momentarily tangled up in the secret passageway by thick, stcky cobwebs. Ed transmutates the walls to get rid of them.
* The fog Team 2 is enveloped with becomes so thick it not only blinds them but muffles any sound at all.
* Team 3 travel to the garret and is attacked by a swarm of bats. Miles is [[RunningGag not amused]], thinking the Troper could do better.
* Tot dismisses Joshua's rumor to continue searching for the Winslow. Joshua then takes his leave.
* Team 4 leaves the torture chamber and enter a long hallway with a solitary door on the side...
* Team 6 encounters a young girl watering a rose bed in the maze...
* Team 5 come upon the organ player in the ballroom, the music so loud it's deafening...
** WordOfGod: This has nothing to do with being loud. Some ultrasonic waves cause negative influence on human psychic. They can be produced by some music instruments, for example, organs.
* Team 1 enters a giant room with equally giant furniture. Maria finds this novel while Ed is STILL [[RunningGag not amused]], more so due to his already short height...
* The receptionist, March Hare, mentions to the butler, Doormouse, that cooperation from BOTH teams entering the clock tower is required to clear it. Oh Crap...
* Kamina comes upon a large group of people, ready to brawl!
* Joker flips a door switch, allowing entrance to Team Moon.
* Vezon notices a switch when he and Jonny enter, and flips it back and forth until it breaks. Jonny is [[OverlyLongGag not amused]] about the prospect of paying for damages. However, Team Sun is allowed access now.
* Kopalny sees Kamina about to attack and manages to stop the Dai-Gurren captain from invoking the No-Violence rule.
* Joshua notices Kamina, but ignores him.
* Kamina gives a long-winded speech just to introduce himself to Kopalny. The latter then says that the Borg are of little threat.
* [[TemptingFate If only he had been here before Day 9...]]
* The fog covering Team 2 suddenly becomes much colder. Fiddy's [[OverlyLongGag not amused]] to the point of calling the Troper a cunt. At the top of his lungs...
* Roland approaches the organ player, but the latter ignores the former and the music becoming eerier...
* Team 6 converses with the girl, who explains that she's [[Literature/AliceInWonderland watering a bed of white roses]]...
* Kopalny explains to Kamina the nature of the City and the Troper, as well as mentioning Simon. Kamina is especially ecstatic about Simon.
* Nikolai tries to used the door he and Ryofu found. His hand gets pierced and he swears up a Russian cuss storm.
* Ed complains out the giant furniture. Fiddy makes a crack about that.
* The girl Team 6 meet tells them they are headed from the mansion's front gate. The girl then leaves, the bed of roses suddenly RED...
** WordOfGod: Not so suddenly. The roses was red-colored from the first place, team 6 just [[FailedASpotCheck did not notice]].
* The organ player momentarily stops playing to address Team 5. He says the dancers don't like it when the music is disturbed. The ghosts emphasize this by attacking...
* Heavy footsteps were heard behind the door Dante tried to open. [[TemptingFate Dante told the person making them to come out]]...
* Tot saw Kamina's shenanigans and decided to ignore him once Kopalny diffused the possible situation. Lireal answered Kamina's question about Simon's whereabouts while still looking for the Winslow.
* Miles was [[OverlyLongGag not amused]] that the bats were just flying above them and decided to use his flashlight. A bat flew down and broke it as soon as Raz ask if they were even dangerous. The swarm then flew away, leaving Team 3 alone on the garret.
* Ed calmed down a bit and decided to search around the room, starting with climbing up the crystal table.
* Fiddy walked into a wall.
* Lyra correctly assumes the white roses were watered with fake blood.
* Roland manages to grab Five of Eleven and successfully run out the ballroom, slamming the door shut behind them.
* Lireal puts Kamina in the general direction of her house. He heads there, but not before [[LargeHam attempting to make a dramatic exit]]. Kopalny correctly worries about the shenanigans Kamina might ensue.
* Miles is not amused by his flashlight being broken. Luckily Raz pulls out his own, and the two of them find a treasure chest...
* Maria followed Ed atop of the table, and turned on the lamps on the table. [[SealedEvilInACan This releases some type of shadow creature]]...
* Joshua is offered to play volleyball with [=NPCs=]. He needs a partner though.
* Nikolai opened a second door, grabbed Ryofu, and the two went through.
* [[Franchise/SilentHill Pyramid]] [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Head]] emerges from the first door Nikolai tried to go through, [[DynamicEntry destroying the door]]. OhCrap.
* Aigis finds a door. She opens it, and all the fog is suddenly sucked out of the room.
* Ed is [[OverusedRunningGag not amused]] by the shadow creature and leaps down from the table to stomp at it. The Shadow then grows gargantuan and grabs both him and Maria.
* Both clock tower teams hear the voice of a little girl, telling them to go back or be devoured...
* Geo relates to Maria about a rumor he heard involving a creature killing [=NPCs=] throughout the city. Lyra believes the ghosts in the mansion were those victims...
* Kamina reaches the house and encounters the guards. He goes into a pre-battle rant, but before he faces them off...
* Selvaria decided to search for her buggy instead of the Winslow and drove the Lireal's place, finding her home having better accommodations. She finds Kamina at the front gate, possibly preventing him from doing something stupid.
* Along the beach, former Borg with beginning to get rowdy as the fireworks climaxed. Some also had liquor bottles in their hands...
* Pyramid Head starts attacking Team 4. Dante allows it to tackle him hard enough to create a hole in the wall, allowing Ryofu a path of escape. However...
* The volleyball players go from Joshua to Lireal to Tot, this time offering a prize if they win.
* '''The bell tower struck twelve, signaling both the end of the day and the revocation of the no-violence rule...'''

* Team 1.
** Ed and Maria defeated the giant shadow, and then a cat appeared and called them names. After Ed started to bully Doorknob, the cat called them hypocrites and disappeared. Neither Ed or Maria paid any attention to [[GenreBlind a bottle full of... something on the table.]]
* Team 2.
** 50cent and Aigis got a "brave or smart" choice. 50 Cent [[GenreSavvy guessed]] the brave path will be the right one, but Aigis persuaded him to follow the smart path. The smart path ended back at the front gate, so 50 Cent decided to [[SequenceBreaking break back through the door.]] They both were then caught by a explosion in the basement and get buried there. They then get out of the mansion without realizing they both died and became ghosts.
* Team 3.
** Miles opened the treasure chest to find some bad smelling slime inside. The slime's stench attracted an army of slimes. After defeating them, Raz and Miles recived a brick of soap. Following the hint, they went to wash themselves, but Raz nearly drown himself in the river. Then Raz and Miles joined up with Kamina and returned to help other the chalengers in the mansion.
* Team 4.
** Ryofu's and Nikolai's strongest attacks could not kill Pyramid Head, so Nikolai decided to sacrifice himself to save Ryofu. Ryofu then ran to the morgue before Nikolai blew himself up. He was later invited to the cup of tea by the Troper.
* Team 5.
** Roland and 5of11 entered a corridor with armors lining the wall. A ghost's cry makes the armors come to life and the two run away. They ended up in the armory, where Roland equipped himself with sword and 5of11 took a bomb.
** Then they entered a chamber with sealed door and a coffin. [[WhatAnIdiot Instead of trying to find a way to unlock the door]], Roland decided [[TooDumbToLive to open the coffin]]. Instead of keys or whatever he hoped to find there, the coffin contained a powerful vampire.
* Team 6.
** The kids run away from the dude with chainsaw while Omega-Xis attacked the guy. After they got out from the maze, they found a scroll and a gentleman-looking salesman who offered them goods with a [[SchmuckBait big discount]]. Lyra bought a Porygon and a Max Revive from him. The salesman then disappeared, and the kids entered the mansion. They met the vampire girl from the garden, who gave them a key for the library.
** Inside the library they found an old man who was locked here by his wife. The reason for this was that he was a vampire. While Omega-Xis served as bait again, Geo and Lyra found the "courage" feather. They escaped from the library and Omega-Xis rejoined them, [[GameplayAndStorySegregation having lost some HP but with no visible injury]].
** Back in the garden the salesman [[TheReveal revealed]] that the scroll has [[ReadTheFinePrint the print at demonic language]], which gives him right on Lyra's soul for being too greedy. Then he transported her into his PocketDimension.
** Geo started the search of the way to save Lyra.
* Clocktower teams.
** Joker and Caim started to age, while Johnny and Vezon became younger. In Vezon's case, he transformed into the past version of himself, which has another personality. Moon team faced crumbling stairs on the way to the top, while Sun team faced fire-breathing dragon heads.
* Others.
** Lirael and Tot decided to find a rumormongrel old man. He said he will not reveal any rumors unless they play Mahjong. In search of players, they meet Joshua, who was explaining situation in the city to the newcomers: Wikus and Ken. Joshua rejected Mahjong offer, saying gambling is not for minors. Wikus and Ken agreed. Joshua downloaded Mahjong rules in his cellphone to help them.
** Rookie was spotted at the streets and Scott Mitchel found himself in the city.
* Johnny and Vezon could see a black-hooded figure: Time Reaper. '''Time Reaper used huge clock to move the time back to 11:50.''' The bells rang thirteen times, '''marking the time when Troper's curse was still working.'''
* Lyra and demonic saleman attacked each other and failed. Demon desided to wait for the proper time and flied away. Megaman found a way into PocketDimension, but not into the place where Lyra was.
* Vampire threw a fireball at 5of11. When it failed, he assumed humans used some kind of trick. 5of11 fainted.
* Caim and Joker opened the path for both teams into the clock room. Beside the Reaper, they so a boy sealed in crystal, who started to play violin. Joker wrongly assumed the boy is Time Reaper and shown he has no taste by criticizing boy's violin skills.
* Ed decided to escape by breaking the wall. No, not the forth one.
* He and Maria find the Receptionist, the Butler, and a dude with a hat sitting around sipping tea. The first two deny the house is a death trap and will investigate later, while the Hatter volunteers to lead Team one to the others.
* The vampire, Demitri, guessed that Roland was sent by someone called Lewis, but Roland correctly denies this. Demitri decides to travel with Roland for the Hell of it.
* The game of Mahjong started. The old man won several rounds in a rows and was about to take bets on clothing until Ken gave a sudden victory. The old man relents and offers to tell our heroes what he knows.
* Tot begins to see the mechanical parts regrowing on her, but total assimilation has not taken hold yet. Meanwhile, all of Bowser's troops turn in for the night while some of the former Borg do so, whether by finding shelter or laying down where they stood. The remaining Borg continued to party.
* The old man says that a stuffed alligator is being held by a young, horny volleyball player. Lireal goes to find him before the others do.
* In the Troper's realm, the Troper tells Dante he was NOT supposed to die that day, as the Troper had put up a spell to prevent that from happening. He asks Dante to find the one with instigated violence before the current curse set in in exchange for a free resurrection, as well as memory of their meeting. Dante agrees and is brought back to life, now the official hired gun of the Troper.
* The Time Reaper started evilly laughing at the four psychos. Vezok tried to out laugh him, but the other three apparently didn't pick up his cue. Then the boy spoke, and Vezok decided to attack the Time Reaper...
* The giant clock was 11:59...
* Kamina unsuccessfully tried to bust through the front door, and instead found an opening to the back entrance, signaling Raz and Miles to follow. Mitchel, however, found him and trained his rifle at him... Miles, luckily, saw this and [[MexicanStandoff point his pistol at Mitchel]].
* The Hatter transports Ed and Maria by throwing his cloak over them like a magic trick. However, he forgot to undo the shrinking...
* Ed and Maria, now three inches tall, find themselves within the demonic realm. Luckily Megaman was nearby and offered to carry the two while recaps and intros were made, as well as some theories about the haunted house.
* Kamina noticed Mitchel sneak up behind him and drew his sword. Mitchel then introduced himself.
* Vezok BARELY avoided an attack from the Time Reaper right after midnight struck, who was using time manipulation against the [=PCs=]. Johnny lunged, trying to stab the Reaper's eyes, but the Reaper instead stopped time against a flung another set of projectiles. Vezok next tried to attack the child directly. He then called out to Joker to attack the time piece itself.
* Geo came upon a trio of card playing demons. Ed called out to them. The demons attacked and Geo retaliated. Ed then caused the table the demons were using to explode, defeating them.
* Mitchel decided to join Kamina, Raz, and Miles in finding anyone else in the mansion.
* Tot and Joshua's group begin searching for the volleyball player, and possibly Lireal.
* Joker tossed one of the needles at the time piece while Johnny tossed the needles that hit him back at Time Reaper.
* Geo saw Lyra on another platform, but the sales demons started to attack him, Ed, and Maria. They fight back while Lyra rushes into the scene with Porygon.
* 5of11 woke up and saw Demitri and at first really scared, but Roland assured her he was safe. For now...
* Demitri then took one of the bombs she had and [[GuideDangIt tossed it at the locked door, blowing it up]]. Within the room behind, they found a rat's tail under glass. Roland takes its and assumes its the object he and 5of11 came to find.
* Demon stole Omega-Xis's soul from Geo. The other prepare to retaliate

[[folder: Interlude: Unimatrix Zero]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The entire City is transported into Unimatrix Zero. No one can die inside this virtual world; they are booted back to the 'real world' for a certain amount of time, then returned, fresh, to where the City is.

[[AC: Pages]]: 389-435

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry Beatrice]]
* Wrestling/HulkHogan
* VideoGame/{{Iji}}
* [[VideoGame/PaperMario Koops]]
* [[VideoGame/TelepathRPG Main]]
* Franchise/SamAndMax
* [[VideoGame/LostPlanet Wayne Holden]]
* [[Franchise/KingdomHearts Xemnas]]

[[AC: Departures]]:

[[AC: Events]]:
* A large forest with grassy fields begin to grow in harmony with the city. A pair of Borg explain it is very similar to Unimatrix Zero...
* James/Rookie's armor and weapons get restored following the cessation of the no-violence rule.
* The Time Reaper was defeated and retreated. The boy in the crystal freed himself, introduced himself as Lewis, thanked the four psychos as they were restored to normal, and flew off in the pegasus to restore the mansion to normal.
* @Last sentence: [[FlatWhat wha?]]
* The demon salesman was tackled by Porygon, causing it to fall off the platform with Omega with it. The other characters make several suggestions about going after it, but for some reason, they don't. Geo decides to jump after it...
* Raz and co. bumped into Demitri, Roland, and 5of11.
* Tot and 5of11 were hit hardest by the change. Everyone else who still wore bathing suits returned to their normal clothes.
* Hulk Hogan and Fiddy woke up. The latter finds Aigis on his cell and calls her.
* Lyra, Maria, and Ed decide to leave for now.
* At the X-Mansion, Darth Vader is given a status report. Though clearly [[RunningGag not amused]], he's at least feeling merciful.
* Geo tries taking advantage of the jury-rigging in his Hunter VG to attack the demon without transforming.
* Geo died in the bottomless pit. And his player did not noticed that and went into RageAgainstTheHeavens.
* Demitri was [[RunningGag not amused]] by Kamina's long winded intro, so he casts his [[GenderBender Midnight Bliss]] on the Dai-Gurren leader, thankfully without the fatal part.
* Lewis returns to his servants to help reestablish control of the mansion. First order of business is locating the Cheshire cat.
* Koops woke up to find himself in Bowser's Castle, but doesn't recognize the place.
* Nikolai decides to put the Troper's mission on hold for the moment after being informed that Fiddy is back.
* Hulkster meets his first NPC.
* Ed, Maria, and Lyra are transported out of the demon's realm and into the Unimatrix. They go to sleep and they have nightmares and immediately wake up.
* The changing landscape is messing up Aigis' search protocols.
* The Winslow appears and runs into a nearby bar, followed by a curious former Borg.
* Koops realizes he's in Bowser's castle.
* In the void, Geo finds himself at his house and sent a heartfelt email to all his friends and family before going to sleep.
* Fiddy gets out of the shower and immediately starts to start some s*** up!! After unsuccessfully trying to break into the X-Mansion, he succeeds to crash his now totaled car straight in Lireal's house.
* Kamina responds to the gender-bender by attacking Demitri. The vampire retaliates.
* Wayne Holden, piloting the PTX-140, enters the city.
* Hulk Hogan takes a page right out of ''Franchise/MetalGearSolid'' and ambushes a former Borg about what's going on. Luckily, Holden comes and stops the Hulkster before the wrestler does anything rash. The Rookie then comes in.
* Lireal noticed the curse ended and quickens her search, thinking Tot might revert back. However, Tot explains that the Collective hasn't come upon here, but the environment changed...
* Abhorsen House security airlifted Fiddy out of the mansion and onto a small strip of land inside a raging river. He called Aigis for a pick up and info on the house he unsuccessfully tries to rob.
* Maria starts panicking that eternal night is the mark of the bad man (Dracula). She calms down when she doesn't see [[EvilTowerOfOminousness Castlevania]].
* A group of former Borg that have not started regrowing their implants are thinking of tracking down the Winslow for themselves. They accidentally find they can summon said implants [[OhCrap AT WILL]]...
* Vader, obviously, is [[RunningGag not amused]], and decides to take matters into his own hands...
* The Borg begin reverting back en masse one-by-one. A pro-Assimilation Borg tried attacking a group of Anti-Assimilation former Borg, only for one the Antis suddenly using plant powers to restrain the Pro, courtesy of the Winslow.
* Selvaria wakes up from her sleep and finds Fiddy sitting on the rock in the river. When the gansta pulled out his assault rifle, the house's more SERIOUS security came out and forced him to leave while ushering Selvaria back inside the house.
* Lireal saw the nearby commotion and found the Winslow! Unfortunately, the former Borg that was being attacked is now having it in his clutches and is using his newfound [[GreenThumb floramancing]] abilities to attack EVERYTHING. He then leaves, and more Borg were approaching Lireal...
* Same with Wayne, The Rookie, and the Hulkster...
* And with Aigis...
* Aigis activated her weapons, ready to defend herself. Seeing this only stopped the Borg momentarily, as they started advancing toward her again.
* Ed suggest going back to the Haunted House for more answers, Maria suggesting doing it ASAP considering the Borg are no longer in check. At the house itself, Kamina decided to stop fighting Demitri, heeding Raz's words that brawling each other right now is pointless.
* Kopalny finds himself in the middle of the Borg reemergence and tries to head back to Bowser's castle as quickly as possible.
* James starts opening fire on the incoming Borg while the Hulkster prepares to kick ASS!!
* Aigis decides to screw the first rule after seeing the Borg tendrils and opens fire.
* The mansion staff starts cleaning up. Demitri gives Kamina a HannibalLecture.
* Joshua finds that the hourglass has VANISHED...
* Nikolai decides to fight off the Borg, much to Crest's chargin.
* Caim slashes an exit from the clock tower and jumps out, in time for Angelus to catch him. They come upon the city proper, and Caim goes to town, venting off his frustrations on the Borg.
* Some Borg pop up in the void where Geo is and attack him.
* Lyra goes to the mansion to get her Pokemon.
* Hogan, Fiddy and Vezon shoot some Borg.
* More Borg keep popping up near Geo.
* Five of Eleven becomes Borg once again and tries to assimilate Roland.
* The Borg attack the X-Mansion. Vader and his 501st legion leave to the streets.
* Running away from the Borg, Kopalny ends up on a rooftop. Again.
* Sam and Max make a dynamic entry in their [[CoolCar DeSoto]], running over countless Borg on the way and landing next to Lirael and Wikus.
* Ed and Maria go back to their normal sizes in a mirror-filled room in the Mansion.
* Fiddy kills Five of Eleven.
* Geo puts up an energy shield around himself.
* Geo pops back into the City.
* Roland decides to make an Engagement with Maria to increase his magical power; Ed takes it [[HilarityEnsues literally]], much to his amusement.
* Max attempts to kill Wikus for... [[WhatMeasureIsANonHuman being a bug,]] but thankfully Sam is around to restrain him. Caim [[OhCrap sees a kindred spirit in the psychotic rabbit.]]
* Raz and Miles meet up with the gathered in front of the haunted mansion. Kamina follows, [[FoeTossingCharge smashing his way through a squad of Borg drones.]] Selvaria meets up with them soon after, followed by Tot and her companions, whom Selvaria is none too happy to see.
* In the distance, [[EvilTowerOfOminousness a massive temple]] erupts from the ground, the forest around it growing even thicker. Tot explains that the City has merged with the virtual Unimatrix Zero. She also informs them that the freedom-seeking Borg have the Winslow, and were using its power to amplify their control over their appearances while within Unimatrix Zero, turning it into control over their surroundings in order to protect themselves from re-assimilation.
* The X-Mansion is overwhelmed, and the Imperial troops stationed inside are forced to activate its shields, cutting off support for Vader. He nevertheless presses on, determined to reacquire the Winslow.
* Geo returns to a warm reception from Maria, Lyra and the others, who believed him to be dead.
* Ed begins the trek to the temple; Raz, then the rest follow his lead.
* The Borg attempt to attack the haunted mansion, but are forced to retreat by... [[FlatWhat a throng of raging-mad cats,]] courtesy of the Mad Hatter.
* Lyra lends Geo the Porygon she 'bought' from the demon as a means of repairing his Hunter VG. They use an Up-Grade disk to evolve it into [=Porygon2=].
* Mitchell follows the group, preferring not to be left alone and without backup in the Borg-infested City.
* The group cut through the thick forest with Ed in the lead, until they're attacked by both Borg and the forest's vines.
* Nikolai and Aigis meet up with the others in the forest.
* A firefight soon breaks out, turning the area into a blazing inferno; everyone scrambles towards the clearing in front of the temple to keep from suffocating.
* The inferno unfortunately reminds Maria of Dracula's attack on her village; she [[HeroicBSOD shuts down for a moment,]] and would have suffocated if not for a timely rescue by Vezon.
* A Borg drone manages to infect Crest, and she is forced to shut herself down to prevent the infection from spreading further or to Nikolai.
* On the other side of the temple, Vader and his troops march towards it, the Dark Lord shrugging off everything the forest threw at them.
* The group reaches the clearing and set up a defensive line to keep the Borg from advancing further.
* Wikus, Lirael, Ken and Wormmon, Kopalny and Caim all hitch a ride with Sam and Max, and they make their way towards the fight growing at the temple, Caim's dragon Angelus behind them.
* The temple group splits up, with several opting to head inside and retrieve the Winslow.
** Selvaria, Fiddy and Lyra remain outside to hold the defensive line.
*** Fiddy is shot by several Borg drones and vanishes from the battle. He reappears in the void, finding the Hourglass and touching it, causing him to freeze in terror as he relieved his worst memory.
*** More recently-killed Borg appear in the void and attempt to assimilate the frozen Fiddy; they are struck helpless by the Hourglass' effects flowing through Fiddy into them ''and through them to the Collective'', forcing the Collective to vaporize the drones before it was damaged beyond repair.
*** Fiddy respawns in the City, right next to his similarly respawned car. He hops in and returns to the fray.
*** The Borg in the fused Unimatrix Zero/City send in mechanical spiders, and the trio's defense is pushed to the limit.
** The infiltration team is momentarily barred by giant boulders from the temple launching at them. The freedom-seekers' now-insane leader appears to them as a holographic head, and demands they all leave. [[ForegoneConclusion Naturally, the party refuses,]] and presses on.
** Inside the temple, the group finds [[DeathCourse three paths,]] each marked with [[PlatformHell an eagle,]] [[IndyEscape a tiger,]] and [[SuperDrowningSkills a shark.]] The paths seal up as soon as several people cross the entrances.
*** Miles, Tot and her companions take the Eagle's Path, finding sets of platforms [[LavaPit hanging over lava.]] They lose one of their own, but Miles finds a puzzle that makes the platforms easier to cross.
*** Ed, Aigis and Nikolai take the [[{{Foreshadowing}} (strangely cluttered and damaged)]] Tiger's Path, and navigate through stone pillars trying to crush them, as well as a long staircase with boulders [[YouFailPhysicsForever that roll]] ''[[YouFailPhysicsForever up]]''.
*** Maria, Roland, Geo, Raz, Mitchell, Kamina, James, Johnny, and the Joker all head down the Shark's Path. It proves to be a nightmare for them as their heavy armor, lack of swimming training and personal curses keep them from advancing through the watery deathtraps quickly.
*** Raz saves everyone from drowning by psychically pushing them through a long underwater tunnel, before he is crushed by stone grinders closing behind them.
** The infiltration team converges in a large room, finding Darth Vader and his stormtroopers there. Vader, refusing to accept aid from them in protecting and using the Winslow, begins to battle them.
** A giant Borg-spider approaches the defensive line outside, and the three are forced to move towards the inside of the temple to bottleneck the incoming Borg units. The temple's outside defenses were no longer working as the freedom-seekers brought all their attention to the infiltration team already further inside.
** Raz appears in the void, and, curious about the Hourglass' properties, proceeds to [[TemptingFate touch it.]] [[CaptainObvious He immediately regrets it.]]
* The [=DeSoto=] passengers attack the Borg besieging the temple.
* Ryofu ambushed Vader. He tried to best her at lightsaber duel, she hit him with a fist instead. Ryofu's attack nearly destroyed Vader's life support system, forced him to retreat.
* All those that have died begins to be randomly resurrected, starting with Raz who finds his buggy and is soon riding in the De Soto.
* Joshua used his teleportation ability to get Winslow. He turned all Borg into humans, then Unimatrix Zero collapsed.

[[folder: Day 11 aka Spacemen and Spooks Day]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The City is split between two different themes: a [[SpaceOpera space opera zone]] and a [[AliensAndMonsters monster-filled zone]]. The characters change appearance depending on which zone they're in.

[[AC: Pages]]: 436-516

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[MemeticMutation Anonymous]] [[http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/trueold-anonymous (personification of 4chan)]]
* [[Franchise/MassEffect Harbinger]]
* [[Manga/PokemonAdventures Koga]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Xenosaga}} KOS-MOS]]
* [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Luigi]]
* [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Sonic]]
* Spriggan (from a LightNovel-style story "Specialists", published in ''Karui Shosetsu Magazine'')

[[AC: Departures]]:
* Beatrice
* Darth Vader (and the Stormtroopers)
* Harbinger
* Ryofu Housen

[[AC: Events]]:

* Darth Vader prepares to launch an all-out spaceship attack from the Exactor.
* Ryofu and Geo went to search for their friends, Chinkyuu and Omega-Xis, at the haunted mansion.
* Spriggan arrives in the City via an elevator car in a Trans Global Specialists Incorporated building. While searching the city, curiosity got the better of him and went to touch the hourglass before he was unconscious.
** Aigis saves him by dragging his air bike to the hangar in Lirael's house.
* Beatrice challenged Selvaria to duel, which ended in a draw.
* When Selvaria was out cold from her wounds, Spriggan led some of the others in protecting the hangar from TIE fighters.
* Losing spacebattle against Vader, everyone retreated to the horror side of the city.
** Sam and Max, Caim and Angelus and Spriggan launch a raid on the Exactor. Spriggan destroys the ship with his demolitions skills.
* A lot of zombies appeared at the horror side of the city.
* Vader and Beatrice killed each other in fight. Beatrice placed a curse to cause an explosion.
** But Lewis took Beatrice's heart and dispelled a curse, seemingly stopping it.
* Xemnas captured Aigis and tried to escape with her in his ship, the Cipher.
** Maria, Sam and Max, Spriggan, Caim and Angelus, Kamina, Iji and Ed raid the Cipher to save Aigis, who had experienced a lot of self-doubt due to her existence as an anti-Shadow machine.
*** Vezon "attacks" some of the heroes after he thinks they were going to attack Xemnas. Luckily, comments from Iji made Vezon realize that he could use Nobodies for an experiment, resolving the standoff between him and Spriggan.
*** Sam and Spriggan each capture Nobodies for Vezon.
*** Spriggan destroys the Cipher from planted detonation packs and heavy artillery from the Cherudim SAGA.
* Max delivers a brutal ShutUpHannibal to Xemnas and proceeds to [[CrowningMomentofAwesome beat the crap out of him most spectacularly]].
* Having studied the Nobodies, Vezon convinces them to work for him with the promise of new hearts. They will live to regret it.
* Luigi arrives in the mansion.
* Spriggan finds the "unconscious" bodies of Beatrice and Vader. He [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozambique_Drill executes them]] to prevent the possibility of being revived as a monster of sorts, being in the horror zone.
* Harbinger (OMG) arrives in orbit above the City, and attempts to MindRape pretty much everyone.
* The Dragon charges at Harbinger.
* Harbinger puts up a Biotic barrier.
* Max momentarily mind rapes Harbinger, distracting him long enough for the Dragon to touch him.
* The Dragon touches Harbinger, all hell breaks loose, resulting in a badly damaged Harbinger and several new Dragons being created.
* Harbinger touches the hourglass, regenerates, and decides to use the Zombies/Husks in the horror half of the city as his indoctrinated army.
* Anonymous hacks Harbinger and immobilizes him.
* Sonic The Hedgehog arrives near the hangar, facing off against the Harbinger and the Husks.
* Selvaria goes off in her spacecraft to assist Sonic in fighting the Harbinger. Vezon and the others, including Raz, do so as well.
* Sam and Max, Ed, Luigi, Spriggan, Maria, Main and Geo are in the mansion, facing off against a Jabberwock, which became more vicious after Sam uses an exorcism spell to supposedly defeat it.
** Luigi faints. Ed carries him off from the tower while the others leave as well, protecting his rear.
* The group battles hordes of Gnosis. Even with a jury rigged Hilbert Effect machine, they were in trouble.
** Xemnas invited the group into his Corridors of Shadow to escape the Gnosis. Sam and Max, Iji, Sonic, Raz, and Ed entered, but it was Xemnas' trap, and they ended up imprisoned within a maze filled with Heartless.
** KOS-MOS arrives into the hangar to save the day. After she activated her Hilbert Effect, they were able to defeat the Gnosis for good. But the ones trapped within the Corridors are still inside.

[[folder: Day 12 aka Shrinking People Day]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The City is in its normal size, though the characters have shrunken down to at least four inches.

[[AC: Pages]]: 517-591

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Dimitri]]
* [[VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes Henry]]
* [[Franchise/MassEffect Kaidan Alenko]]
* [[VideoGame/ValkyrieProfile Lezard Valeth]]
* [[Literature/MarlaMason Rondeau]]

[[AC: Departures]]:

* Joshua
* Nikolai Dante and his weapons crest

[[AC: Events]]:
* Selvaria, KOS-MOS, Anonymous, Luigi, Kamina, Kopalny, Koga, Rookie, Spriggan, Aigis, Mitchell and Maria wake up in the City's TGS (Spriggan's employer) building via an office room. They leave the room and fight their way through the shrunken Gnosis into the elevator and onto the ground floor.
** Anonymous provides exposition by explaining what the TV Tropes Wiki is, how the Troper may be connected to it, and that they might get the upper hand by finding and capturing JustForFun/TropeTan.
** Spriggan explained to the group about a dream/nightmare he had last night. He saw himself and the others against a vast army consisting of [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolidPeaceWalker The Peace Sentinels]], [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4 the Outer Heaven Mother Company and the FROGS]], [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion the Japanese Strategic Self-Defense Forces]], [[Film/TheATeam Black Forest]], [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2 Tengu Commandos]], [[VideoGame/FirstEncounterAssaultRecon ATC Black Ops Security Forces, Replica Forces and Nightcrawlers]] in a standoff, being separated by a river. He wonders if this would be how their last day would end.
* Selvaria decides that the plan is: first find Miles, who is wandering near Bowser's castle accompanied by some shrunken Goombas and Koopas, then find a laptop for Anonymous so that he can hack into security systems to find Trope-Tan in the camera feeds. Maybe also find Joshua and Winslow.
* Dimitri appears in the City, one of the first newcomers to be shrunken in appearance after he arrives.
* After arriving at the outskirts of Bowser's Castle, the group is forced to scatter when their vehicles are treated as children's toys. Selvaria is taken away by a trio of girls, being mistaken for a talking doll. Spriggan and Anonymous immediately were in action to save her, the former after saving Maria from being thrown away by a boy.
* Miles makes contact with Luigi, the latter helping the Koopas and Goombas make it back to Bowser's Castle.
* Spriggan and Aigis evacuate an injured Selvaria after Spriggan and Anonymous' tactics helped her escape with some wounds.
* Xemnas decided to put Sam and Max, Ed, Iji and Sonic to the test after they spent some time trying to find their way out of the Darkness maze.
** Sam and Max and Ed were able to fight their way out. But not Iji and Raz.
* Maria blames Spriggan for shooting up the huge children and hurting them. The latter insists it was Anoymous and he used non-lethal tactics to rescue Selvaria when he witnessed the former use his light machine gun to attack the children.
** Miles radioed in and criticizes the group for Anonymous joining in and for the tactics he used. Spriggan told him to talk to the person instead and ordered Miles to join up before they are to move out and search for a suitable laptop for Anonymous.
* Selvaria slaps the masked Spriggan, telling him that the frag grenades used to distract the children had been responsible for her injuries. [[ChronicHero Spriggan wonders if he's becoming too much of a Samaritan and a Chronic hero, which he thinks were getting mixed with his high school life.]] He also gets chewed out by Maria for the same thing.
* After Miles is recovered, the group retreats to the downtown portion of the City towards a Best Buy store.
** Maria ignored Spriggan through most of the journey, still blaming him for Selvaria's injuries.
* Spriggan takes responsibility for Selvaria's injuries by taking the lead in debriefing the group in the store by placing anyone active into three-man cells and assist Anonymous in finding a suitable laptop for him to use and locate any information on their missing comrades, as well as leading these cells.
** Koga offers the use of Arbok for the operation, which Spriggan accepted.
*** Megaman, KOS-MOS and Aigis form the first cell to infiltrate Best Buy's security room. The gynoid tells Spriggan that Aigis and Megaman can help them.
*** Mitchell, Anonymous and Rookie form the second cell to locate a computer/laptop for Anonymous to use.
*** Spriggan, Maria and Kopalny form the third cell to secure the two cells, as well as to provide security overwatch.
* Spriggan, Selvaria and Maria reconcile, recognizing the masked teenager's action were genuine and not made out of malice when he tried to "rescue" her.
* Iji surrenders to Xemnas after being defeated by numerous Heartless. She is then made as a Nobody, going with him to secure the Winslow. Ed too becomes a Nobody.
* Anonymous hacks successfully into the City's CCTV camera network. He and later, Maria, spot their targets including Trope-Tan, and Joshua riding a giant alligator, being hunted down by Xemnas and Iji's Nobody form. Spriggan broke the news to his allies, shocking Selvaria. After Koga hears Spriggan radioing in on Nobodies taking human form, the ninja suggest that Iji must show that she didn't turn against them.
* Selvaria and the others begin to regroup, splitting their current undermanned forces to two groups. Maria leads one group to locate and subdue Iji. The others will hunt down Joshua and secure the Winslow. Anything else concerning Troper-Tan and Anonymous' female sibling was made secondary.
* Caim and Angelus wake up and get mistaken for toys by a young boy. The boy is promptly stabbed in the head and decapitated.
* Joshua is hunted down by Iji and Ed with Xemnas when the boy escapes from them into the City's downtown core. Joshua is killed and Xemnas succesfully captures the Winslow.
* Henry wakes up miniaturized and in a trashcan. After escaping, he wanders into the battle against Xemnas and (unknowing about anyone's goals) wonders who to side with.
* Nikolai wakes up after spending the entirety of the last day drunk. But when he awakes, he gets the shock of his life as he finds out Lezard Valeth has taken his confusion of being in this new city out on him by killing the crest and ultimately killing Nikolai also.
* Kamina tries to cheer the team despite Xemnas' success in seizing the Winslow.
* Raz succeeds in escaping a water-based trap in Xemnas' Darkness. Max goes in to assist him.
* Selvaria and the others infiltrate a cafe to let Anonymous speak to Trope-Tan. However, they realize that she doesn't offer anything to help them. Maria, Koga and KOS-MOS were able to secure Sam and Max and Raz before they escape Xemnas' realm.
* Xemnas, Ed and Iji return to the abandoned classroom, where Xemnas builds a replica of the Castle That Never Was.
** Xemnas initiates Ed and Iji's Nobodies into the Organisation, renaming them Drawdex and Jixi respectively.
** Jixi leaves to check up on the heroes. She watches Maria and Raz's team escape from the Corridors of darkness, then follows the rest of the group.
* After Selvaria left the cafe, she saw the moon shaped like a cartoon heart. Tired and needing of rest, Selvaria tells the group to retreat. Spriggan offers the use of the TGS building as a new headquarters and a sanctuary.
* KOS-MOS detects Jixi and confronts her. Jixi reveals that she isn't Xenmas's slave, and will try to undermine the Organisation from within. However, she needs Xemnas alive to find out how to retreive her heart. KOS-MOS agrees to keep this secret from the others.
* Henry was too slow to actually fight anyone, but decides to accompany Aigis on the way to the TGS building.
** Selvaria and the others were able to catch up Aigis and Henry, offering them a ride back.
* Anonymous, upset that Trope-tan did not provide any assistance, blinded her. This act caused tension within the group after they went back to the TGS building to seek shelter.
* Spriggan, Aigis and Henry proceed to secure medical supplies at the TGS' clinic, with some help from the non-Nobody Sonic.
* Henry is introduced to the group by Spriggan.
* The heroes tend to the wounded, eat a sandwich (just one, between all of them) and discuss strategies. Koga doesn't want to hold back and proposes killing Ed and Iji's nobodies if they have to. The others, especially Maria, are against this.
* Back at the Xemnas's castle, Jixi and Drawdex discuss how to retrieve their hearts.
* Ed's Heartless, the Steelweaver, attacks the castle. Xemnas orders the Nobodies out to stop it.
* The group is split into two cells in raiding the school to defeat Xemnas and secure the Winslow.
** Maria, Megaman, Raz and Koga infiltrate the school via air ducts a la Metal Gear.
** Selvaria leads the others in fighting through hordes of Nobodies in front of the school. Spriggan provided sniper support with the PTRS-41.
* The infiltration group is split up when Maria loses sight of the others, and follows her Cardinal in the opposite direction of Raz and Koga.
** Maria is the first to reach the Castle That Never Was.
* Ed's Heartless is stopped, but the alchemist's heart is captured by Xemnas. In a fit of what-could-be-rage-if-he-had-emotions, Ed's Nobody rebels and tries to infiltrate the castle
* After becoming the ChewToy, Dimitri has pity taken on him by the Troper.
** Given a spider-mech, Dimitri plows through Nobodies like nothing while quoting [[Fanfic/ShinjiAndWarhammer40k Shinji Ikari]].
** The mech eventually explodes due to high damage, leaving Dimitri helpless. He is collected by KOS-MOS soon after.
* Selvara is captured by a Twilight Thorn, and separated from most of the group. Sam, Max, Spriggan, Kamina and Henry give chase, but only the lagomorph gets past the Nobody forces blocking them.
** Selvara frees herself using her Valkyria abilities just as Max reaches her, while Henry copies one of Travis Touchdown's dark modes to slaughter the Nobodies and reduce their numbers greatly.
* Iji's heartless, the Nano Walker, appears to attack Raz and Koga in the vents.
** Raz attempts to send Koga ahead, so that he can try to subdue his friend's Heartless non-lethally. The Nano Walker had other ideas.
* Maria confronts Jixi in the Castle That Never Was.
** Jixi tells Maria she must leave, and Maria steels herself to fight her comrade.
** Megaman attempts to keep them from fighting.
* Spriggan went to take command of the others, telling them to finish off the remaining Nobodies and give chase to Selvaria.
* Spriggan and the others reunite with Selvaria, just in time to fight off against the Nano Beast Heartless together. Maria confronts Xemnas in a battle.
** Sam, Spriggan and Miles weaken the Nano Beast by shooting its legs. Miles also used the FABAARM SAT-8 and the Frag-12 shotgun shells to weaken the legs too.
*** Caim and Angelus shot fireballs at the Nano Beast when it was charging its rifle arm to fire the Velocithor beam, greatly weakening it. Spriggan finished it off by destroying its rifle arm with a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grom_%28missile%29 MESKO PZR GROM MANPAD]].
* After the Nano Beast was defeated, it began to launch a countdown to destroy itself with a nuclear bomb. Jixi went to disarm it, resulting in a nuclear explosion that collapsed towards itself. [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Jixi was reunited with her heart, and Iji became herself again.]]
* Selvaria and the others face off against Xemnas, who had absorbed most of the Winslow's powers, while Megaman continues his search to locate Ed's heart. Kaidan appears nearby.
* Xemnas begins to outpower the protagonists, thanks to the Winslow. Spriggan, Miles and Maria were debating if the Winslows should be captured or killed off.
* Nocsix and Sonic reunite, resulting in a "normal-looking" Sonic.
* Spriggan and Mitchell moved the PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle in order to snipe at Xemnas from a balcony. The two camouflaged its location to debris to hide it from plain sight.
* The actual Xemnas faces off against Henry in a duel.
* Iji and Maria assist an overheated Aigis to escape. Spriggan covers the gynoid's escape by using sniper fire from the PTRS-41 against the Xemnas clone trying to attack them. The actual Xemnas begins his fight against Henry.
* Xemnas begins to go insane during his fight with Henry. The latter breaks off the fight with a major wound.
* Xemnas appeared to be defeated, until he tries to take Selvaria's heart for his own.
** This pisses off everyone, now wanting to save Selveria and kill Xemnas off permanently.
*** Henry tries to talk Xemnas into not taking Selvaria's heart.
*** Lezard decided to join forces with the group aiming to destroy Xemnas in the hope of absorbing Xemnas' power for himself.
* Xemnas attack the heroes by raining lasers on the group. Rondeau arrives, whose presence brings Xemnas down while Sam and Max saves everyone with the Can O'Nuts.
* Maria and Selvaria touch the Winslow after Xemnas, resulting in the Winslow bathing everyone in bright light.
** While Spriggan moved in towards a wounded Xemnas, he too was affected with bright light alongside Kamina.
* Everyone was out of the school and onto the streets of the City, back in normal size. Seeing a pillar of light, they all go towards it for their next day.

[[folder: Day 13 aka The Dreamscape]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The City is back to normal without any damages sustained with all of the characters in normal size. But the Winslow has taken Xemnas, Maria and Selvaria to their Good, Evil and Neutral realms, forcing the characters to form teams and rescue them.

[[AC: Pages]]: 591-732

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[VideoGame/{{Quest64}} Brian]]
* [[Literature/{{Animorphs}} Marco]]
* [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater Naked Snake]]
* [[Franchise/KingdomHearts Terra]]

[[AC: Departures]]:

* Terra (Since the Evil realm doesn't exist anymore)

[[AC: Events]]:
* The group split into two teams:
** Kamina, Iji, Raz, Anonymous, Mitchell, Geo, Koga and Aigis entered the Good door to rescue Maria.
** Sonic, Kopalny, Sam and Max, Spriggan, Rookie, Henry, Caim and Angelus, Rondeau, Miles, Lezard and Kaidan entered the Neutral door to rescue Selvaria.
** Terra, the incarnation of the good in Xemnas's mind, sealed off the Evil door until the other two sleepers were safe before he joined the Good party.
** Drawdex was reunited with his heart and became Edward again. He entered the Neutral door.
* KOS-MOS is still missing as well.
* Later, Naked Snake appeared in the city (under his box) and entered the neutral door.
* Johnny caught up with the group and found the altar. He entered the Good door.
* The Joker found his way to the altar and tried to get in the Evil door. With no luck.
* The Good party found themselves in an 18th century town, with swirling fog, overcast skies and an ominous castle in the distance.
** They met an older version of Maria - the incarnation of the Good in her mind. She tells them that they have to find the real Maria, who is sleeping, before her evil counterpart does.
** Undead skeletons began to march out of the dark castle.
** Iji investigates one of the houses lining the street. She found dream-versions of [[Franchise/{{Castlevania}} Richter and Annette]], who gave her a cryptic clue as to where Maria was.
** Meanwhile, the rest of the party engage the skeletons.
** Iji relays the clue to the rest of the group. After a brainstorming session, they decide they need to find the memory of the time Shaft tried to brainwash Maria, and that each house in the town represents one of Maria's memories.
* The party encounters four doors, leading each of them to Seiryuu, Byakko, Genbu and Suzaku. They face off against a Dark Maria, Shaft and Dracula before the party is able to secure Maria's unconscious body and escape from the realm.
* The Neutral party finds themselves in a forest. They can see explosions in the distance and hear the sounds of a battle.
** The [=DeSoto=] appears out of nowhere and the party spends some time organizing how to fit everyone inside it.
** Ed goes off on his own and finds a wooden shack in the forest. Inside are two Selvarias - an older, kind women and an innocent child. They offer him some food.
** Henry sits down on Snake's box. [[GenreSavvy Suspicious]], the Rookie used his VISR to scan the box and saw Snake. Introductions are made.
** Spriggan sees a force of soldiers moving off into the distance. They don't see the party, much to his relief.
* The Neutral party meets up with Ed in the shack when the old Selvaria closes her door to them. Spriggan tried to negotiate with no avail. He and Sam later realize that the Selvarias they met is a manifestation of what Selvaria wanted in the first place. They pledge to her that they would free their other two siblings fighting in the field.
** Luigi and Max choose to stay behind to accompany the House and Child Selvarias.
* After the Neutral Party encounters the two Selvarias, one Black and one White, Sam uses the BFG to stun them. However, the white Selvaria begins to fight off against Sam. Spriggan leads the others to destroy the Batomys after he gives them instructions on how to defeat it.
** Ed begins a solo trek on destroying the Batomys, with some effect.
* Snake and Spriggan incapacitate white Selvaria with tranquilizer bullets. Kaidan and Rondeau conduct non-lethal attacks to help the two incapacitate her.
** White Selvaria is finally defeated thanks to Sam giving an Armor Piercing Speech to her, distracting her long enough for everyone else to defeat her.
* The black Selvaria brought back her white Selvaria sibling back, reuniting them with the old and young Selvaria. Their souls were able to enable the Neutral party to get Selvaria from the grandfather clock, where her body was locked up. The party evacuates the realm afterward.
* The two parties join up and enter the Evil realm. The group splits up. Selvaria leads the party to search the nearby castle while Spriggan leads another to secure the ruins of Radiant Garden and find out who was responsible for destroying it.
** They eventually engage Xehanort and his Guardian. The parties step through a portal to enter another realm, where most of them secure Keyblades before engaging Xehanort once more.
* After the group sustained a lot of injuries, a few chose to retreat starting with Maria. Vezon and Kopalny assists in their retreat before the former leaves off. The others who chose to stay behind and cover them fight against Xehanort once more.
** When Maria, Ed and Raz are in Vezon's realm, Vezon takes the latter's heart for his Nobody minion. Maria is disgusted by his action, and removes her own heart the same way to stop him doing it again. Ed later draws out Drawdex by stabbing himself.
* The party retreats to the City with Xemnas' tranquilized body.
* When Xemnas tells the party that the others with Vezon are in another realm, he opens up a portal to locate them. Half of the party stays behind to secure Selvaria while a small few head to the portal and secure Maria, Raz and Ed as well as to subdue Vezon.
* Anonymous begins to piss off everyone. Naked Snake subdues him alongside Sam.
* Maria and Raz's Nobodies were evacuated. However, Drawdex refuses to reunite with Ed at all costs. This pisses off certain people, but decide to locate Vezon and his Spear of Fusion instead for the meantime as suggested by Miles.
* Vezon undoes his work, having Maria and Raz back with their old bodies. Drawdex refuses to take in the heart.
* A new door is revealed in the altar. The party descends down. They meet a damaged KOS-MOS, but she disappears. Despite the party's disbelief, they move on.
* When the party arrives at the bottom of the stairs, the Winslow reveals that the area they're in is a secondary base of operations Joshua and it had prepared covertly.
* While a few rest up and heal and shower, Spriggan went off to the kitchen to prepare Wonton noodles for those who wish to eat. The group decides to tell significant stories in their lives.
** Mitchell takes a photo of the group as a memento of their struggle.
* Xemnas asks the party for advice in facing the upcoming threat, discussing strategy with Snake, Iji, Spriggan and Mitchell.
* Marco morphed into Anon, whose personality briefly took over, and he started a fight with the heroes for the heck of it. He was subdued and placed in his room with help from Xemnas.
* Xemnas and Spriggan inspect the [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=867cnxpqmkkzb2bjc06knmpe&page=727#18160 Fast Attack Vehicles and motorbikes]] he found in the garage.

[[folder: Day 14 aka The Finale]]

[[AC: Curse]]: None. However, the city [=NPCs=] are now fully sentient and will [[{{muggles}} react to the characters accordingly.]]

[[AC: Pages]]: 732-769

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:

* [[TroperWorks/TheMassiveMultiFandomRPG The Troper]] (OhCrap)

[[AC: Departures]]:

* Caim and Angelus

[[AC: Events]]:

* Everyone wakes up to find Selvaria has cooked breakfast.
* After hearing church bells, the party gets out of their base and to the hourglass, hearing the voice of the Troper mocking them.
* The Troper turns into a replica of Ahiru. The party fights it to the death. Afterwards, it began to change to Felix.
** During Maria's fight against the vampire Djinni, Naked Snake and Spriggan move it to assist her with some, interesting anti-vampire weapons.
* Anonymous summons [[EldritchAbomination Sith]][[Franchise/TheElderScrolls is]] to help them win against the Troper, who took the form of Ganondorf. [[DivideByZero It didn't.]]
* Spriggan and Naked Snake were getting ready to plant explosives on the cars parked on a street and use them as [=IEDs=] when Ganondorf was fighting Xemnas in the same location. They waited to see if the stalemate will be to their advantage. Seeing that it was not to their advantage, they began their work.
* The explosive attacks manages to defeat Ganondorf from a combination of TNT planted on his back and the vehicle [=IEDs=] on the street. but he then changes into Nightcrawler.
* Nightcrawler uses TeleportSpam tactics against everyone, and mortally wounds Angelus. She grabs him and the copy is forced to bring her into his own dimension. He leaves her there while he goes off to kill everyone else.
* Angelus unleashes a massive flame attack on Nightcrawler when he 'ports back into his dimension, knowing full well that doing so would kill her too. They both get deposited back into the city after that.
* Caim brutally slices apart what's left of Nightcrawler's Copy. After he's gone, Caim has one last conversation with Angelus before she succumbs to her wounds. Because of their pact bond, Caim also dies, but not before [[GoOutWithASmile smiling to the rest of the group]] and telling them to finish off the Troper. The party begins to engage the fake Ryofu.
* Spriggan had contacted TGS to request for supply drops. But as the company was about to provide an update, the building disappeared into nothingness.
* In an act of desperation, Spriggan rams the [[http://www.jankel.com/pdf/LRPV.pdf Al-Tha'lab]] into the entrance of an abandoned hotel to secure one of the supply drop boxes deployed into what was remaining in the City thanks to the front mounted push bars.
* Luigi activates the Negative Zone, stunning both allies and foes alike. This allows Mitchell to kill the fake Ryofu with his Barrett M99 sniper rifle.
* The party faces the Troper once again, taking the form of Selvaria. The TGS' lone remaining Kawasaki CH-47JA tries to interevene in the fight, but the fake Selvaria takes it down.
* Kamina lands the Gurren on the fake Selvaria while the flames from the Selvaria and Raz' pyrokinesis created a large explosion that took out the downtown core of the City. The Troper-Selvaria survived, but he's badly injured.
* Everyone weakens the fake Selvaria, but Spriggan (sort of cold-like) shoots the fake Selvaria's legs in order to allow the real Selvaria to kill it. Although most evacuate, Vezon tries to throw a slab at the fake Selvaria.
* Before the Troper dies, a bright white light envelopes what remains of the city.

[[folder: Day 15]]

[[AC: Pages]]: 769-778

[[AC: Curse]]: None.

[[AC: Departures]]:

* Everyone including the Troper.

[[AC: Events]]:

* Some of the party members begin to leave on their own. Selvaria gets a chance to meet the Troper again.
* The Troper lets everybody return to their own worlds.
** Kopalny returns back to Poland and to his job. However, his boss and his colleagues didn't believe him about what he went through.
** Miles finds himself back on the island, thinking that he had experienced the events of the MMFPRG as a dream. But as he searches his own things, he finds out that an Imperial Stormtrooper-issued blaster is with him, giving credence to the fact that he was with the party before.
** Anonymous returns the Interwebz. He is reunited with Yotsuba, then finds and beats up Trope-Tan for putting him through the MMFRPG.
** Kamina returns to the afterlife of his world.
** Just as Vezon is back home, his repaired powers land him in an alternate version of his world. As he begins planning the City Reunion Party, he is mistaken for a 'friend of Mata Nui' and led off to some undisclosed event.
** Luigi arrives back in the Mushroom Kingdom, beating his older brother Mario in a cart race.
** Aigis returns back to Iwatodai and attends Gekkoukan High School with the rest of her SEES comrades.
** The Rookie wakes up in a drop-pod, meets up with his UNSC ODST squad and continues the war against the Covenant.
** Mitchell wakes up in the aftermath of the Mexican/American border EMP blast with his GHOST squad after defeating Mexican military rebels and their Panamanian mercenary allies.
** Iji returns to her world and is reunited with her brother.
** Maria returns home and explains everything to Richter and Annette, using her souvenirs as proof. She grows up and, several years later, [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaSymphonyOfTheNight leaves to find an evil Richter.]]
** Dimitri wakes up on life support, where [[http://archiesonic.wikia.com/wiki/Archie_Sonic_the_Hedgehog_Issue_212 Sonic Issue 212]] left off. He tells his story to his versions of Sonic and Tails, who remark "Crazy multiverse out there, eh?"
** Xemnas returns to the Castle That Never Was, calling off his plans to invade the City.
** Spriggan wakes up at the TGS's Makati City branch via lower penthouse back in the Philippines. He's sent on a SOU mission by TGS to halt a plot by radical Hong Kong nationals to attack Filipino [=OFWs=] after [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2010_Manila_hostage_crisis Hong Kong nationals in Manila were killed by an ex-police officer.]] He succeeds and his work is credited by the media to the Hong Kong Police's Special Duties Unit as the SOU overtly doesn't exist.
** Raz wakes up just before the final battle in his world, right where he left. He doubts the reality of the last few days, but finds a flashlight from the city in his backpack.
** Sam and Max find themselves in the middle of a firefight with some {{mook}}s at the end of the case they were working on before being pulled into the city. After emerging victorious, capturing the villain, and rescuing some child slaves, the two drive off into the sunset, confident the others returned to their worlds safely and Max wanting to get a copy of ''Valkyria Chronicles''.
* Selvaria tries to leave the City, but fails - she is already dead in her world. She remains in the abandoned City as a prisoner.
* Trope-Tan rescues Selvaria from her hell. A very much alive Troper looks upon this, and disappears, uttering the words: [[AC:"Live."]]

!!Season Two

[[folder: Day 1: The Gathering]]

[[AC: Curse]]: None.

[[AC: Pages]]: 1-73

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* Anonymous (veteran), and his MoralityPet Manga/{{Yotsuba}}
* [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 BLU Scout]]
* [[Franchise/KingdomHearts Braig]]
* [[Manga/SoulEater Crona and Ragnarok]]
* [[ComicBook/SonicTheHedgehog Dimitri]] (veteran)
* [[VideoGame/Left4Dead2 Ellis]]
* [[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha Fate Testarossa]]
* Film/ForrestGump
* [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Iroh]]
* [[Literature/{{Dragonback}} Jack and Drycos]]
* [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Jack Noir]]
* [[Manga/SchoolRumble Kenji Harima]]
* [[Comicbook/GreenLantern Larfleeze and Sayd]]
* [[VideoGame/ValkyrieProfile Lezard Valeth]] (veteran)
* [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaSymphonyOfTheNight Maria Renard]] (veteran)
* [[VideoGame/MagicalStarsign Mashu Bran]]
* [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater Naked Snake]] (veteran)
* [[Manga/MahouSenseiNegima Negi Springfield]]
* [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 RED Engineer]] (veteran)
* [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Sakuya Izayoi]]
* [[Literature/{{Discworld}} Samuel Vimes]]
* [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Shirou Emiya]]
* [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaIISimonsQuest Simon Belmont]]
* Spriggan (veteran)
* [[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikerS Subaru Nakajima]]
* [[Toys/{{Bionicle}} Takanuva]]
* [[Anime/DigimonAdventure02 T.K. and Patamon]]
* [[VideoGame/ShinMegamiTenseiIIINocturne True Demon, Hito-Shura]]
* [[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated Wreck-Gar]]
* [[VideoGame/MegamanZero Zero]]
* [[WesternAnimation/InvaderZim Zim and Gir]]

[[AC: Events]]:
* Trope-Tan tries to destroy the Xanatos Roulette, only for her explosives to actually fuel its activation - Just as the master of the city had planned. She escapes and flys away.
* Hito-Shura wakes up in an abandoned hospital in the new City. He scares some kids and goes to explore.
* Jack Noir is dragged into the City and wakes up in his office tower, which has been transported there as well.
* Subaru is snatched from her world and dumped in an alleyway.
* Crona wakes up in the city and is picked on by Ragnarok until some of the other characters notice and start trying to defend Crona.
* Jack and Drycos wake up in the city.
* The Inn that Maria Renard was staying in is sucked out of her world. She goes out, noting the city's familiarity.
* Dimitri wakes up to find that has been transported as well. He leaves, looking for any of the characters from Season One.
* Iroh finds that his tea shop is now in the City. He meets Dimitri and offers him tea.
* Mashu Bran is transported into the city.
* Simon Belmont is snatched, appearing in the city in a fountain.
* Emiya Shirou wakes up in the city, fights some robots, and finds he can no longer summon Saber.
* Jack Noir meets Iroh and Dimitri. Emiya watches the meeting from an alleyway.
* Harima is transported along with his motorbike mid-jump and starts to explore.
* Spriggan enters the City from the floor of TGS Macau's private elevator car after he assisted Special Reaction Force units to defend the company's main corporate office from heavily armed men.
* Subaru meets Dimitri and the group. Seeing Ragnarok apparently attacking Crona, she prepares to attack herself.
* Maria stumbles across the group, and is stunned to see Simon Belmont. She is happy to reunite with Spriggan, another veteran like her and Dimitri.
* A purple mist makes the people go crazy, some attacking the Party. While most of the Party kill them, Spriggan, Subaru, Harima and Shirou attack them by knocking them out cold.
** Anonymous shows up, this time with Yotsuba.
* Larfleeze and Sayd arrive inside a replica of the temple on Okaara underground and eventually find their way out. He finds that his Central Power Battery is now hanging on a stick like a knapsack.
* Wreck-Gar arrives in the City from Detroit.
* Larfleeze meets with Wreck-Gar and soon he and a Legion of Constructs attempt to empty the Transformer's backpack.
* Everyone converges upon the Giant Roulette wheel. Everyone finds it has the same effects as the Hourglass from the previous season after Larfleeze is accidentally sent head fist into it by Wreck-Gar.
* Zero wakes up in the city after being whisked away post-battle with Dr. Weil.
* As Spriggan drove the party to the TGS building located in the outskirts of the downtown care, Larfleeze began to seize control of a nearby building. He initially began plans to retake it, but Maria and Shirou were against it, thinking that he wanted to force him to join them. Spriggan told them that he decided to do it because Larfleeze nearly got people killed.
* Zim convinces Wreck-Gar to become his servant. Not a difficult task, all things considered.
* Harima changes his outfit into a samurai tunic with a sword to get into the spirit of things, seeing as everything is weird already. He also demonstrates he can telepathically communicate with animals, especially Pyotar the giraffe that followed him from his universe. Pyotar is currently hiding somewhere in the city with the stealth of a ninja, waiting to be called on.
* Fate Testarossa arrives in the City alongside Braig and start fighting with each other, until Subaru arrived and told them to stop.
* Sakuya arrives in the City.
* After much argument, Spriggan grudgingly decides to see Larfleeze alone. The others begin to approach Larfleeze after he left them.
** Spriggan negotiated to Larfleeze to leave the building and move to a replica of the Burj Khalifa. He accepts.
* Ellis arrives in the City after being evacuated from a zombie-infested New Orleans. He begins to check the City.
* Maria angrily told Spriggan that he should have refused after learning of Larfleeze's conditions. Spriggan retorted her and mentioned that he was dangerous already.
* Sayd and TGS' SRF teams begin to search the Burj Khalifa for signs of life. The former informs Spriggan that she thinks human-like lifeforms are in the building before she warns him of Black Lantern zombies.
* Ellis, Iroh, Jack and the Engineer face off agaisnt Left 4 Dead-based zombies trying to attack them in the cordoned streets.
* Spriggan, Shirou, Bran, Harima and Sayd head off to the Burj Khalifa's 45th floor to check on a SRF team that failed to report in and if they were attacked by zombies. Fate and Subaru joins them when fast zombies appear, trying to overwhelm them.
* Maria and Crona arrive at the TGS building, confronting Demi-Fiend and his demon legions.
* Naked Snake appears in the City near Anonymous and Yotsuba.
* Lezard Valeth arrives in the City and meets up with Anonymous, planning on staging an alliance together.
* Zim meets up with Larfleeze and offers an alliance, but is forcibly rejected.
* The BLU Scout arrived in the City after stealing the RED suitcase, helping Spriggan's party battle the zombies.
* Maria and Simon leave the TGS building to battle zombies after being told of their comrades being in danger.
* Zero arrives in the Burj Khalifa to aid Spriggan in battling the zombies. Braig decides to join in the fight too. Same thing with Hito-Shura.
* Spriggan and the others secured the Burj Khalifa and left for the City. Maria and Simon are angry at him for endangering himself over the tower. He told them that they had some part of the blame too and should not recklessly shoulder everything to him. Except for Subaru and Fate, heading to a separate direction.
* Spriggan's group landed in the City to look for the Engineer, Jack and any of their allies. Simon and Maria stay in Iroh's tea shop from another direction. Spriggan is mad that Simon and Maria are laying the blame on him for the stuff he did in the Burj Khalifa when he told them that he should "talk" to Larfleeze instead as he didn't hurt anyone and such, wanted them to shoulder the blame as much as he did. They didn't listen.
* Spriggan and company arrived at Iroh's teahouse. Larfleeze too arrived in there. Shirou separated them to see Fate and Subaru.
* Forrest Gump arrives. On a bench. Spriggan assists him in finding a place to stay for the night. Everyone too finds a place to sleep in Iroh's tea shop. Shirou stays with Fate and Subaru as he is too worried to go to the TGS compound due to the demon presence made by Hito-Shura will keep him awake.

[[folder: Day 2: Duelist City]]

[[AC: Curse]]: Everyone receives Duel Disks and has their abilities encoded onto cards.

[[AC: Pages]]: 73 - 132

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:

* [[VideoGame/HalfLife G-Man]] - NPC
* [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Gendo Ikari]] - NPC
* [[VideoGame/DawnOfWar Gorgutz Headhunta]]
* [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Kozo Fuyutsuki]] - NPC
* [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Ritsuko Akagi]] - NPC

[[AC: Departures]]:

[[AC: Events]]:

* Everyone wakes up with Duel Decks on their persons.
* Harima's motorcycle became a D-Wheel. Suffice to say, he wasn't happy.
* Gorgutz Headhunta arrives in the City. He battles Larfleeze in the streets.
* Spriggan gets a talk with the G-Man, but is ended abruptly.
* Just about everyone started pwning the annoying NPC's and won new cards.
** Larfleeze is the only one who merely knocks out the [=NPCs=] directly and steals their decks without dueling at all.
* Sayd confronts Spriggan on the nature of the explosives found on the Burj Khalifa. He denies it and told her SRF units had yet to verify them.
* Snake meets Zim and GIR and makes the mistake of talking to them, becoming thoroughly confounded as a result.
* Harima accidentally fused himself with Lucario via Polymerization and had to resort to running away from nerds who wanna catch him.
* Spriggan grudgingly accepts a mission for his party during another meeting with the G-Man.
* [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Team Rocket]] appears and attacks the group at the Japanese restaurant. They respond by fighting them in the streets.
** Maria and Simon help evacuate a fatigued Shirou while the others hold off the Rocket goons from reaching him.
** Larfleeze and Hito-Shura face off against each other in a card match.
* Zim attempts to convince Gorgutz to become his servant. Owing to Gorgutz's Orky combination of stubbornness and thickness, this fails.
* With the Rockets defeated, the group tries to locate Shirou and Maria.
* After reuniting, a corrupted Yugi Muto appears and terrorizes the City. The party sets off to defeat the summoned creatures and the corrupted Yugi.
** Enerjak goes rampant, forcing Shirou, Fate and Sayd to subdue it in order to liberate the Dimitri personality.
* With Yugi's initial wave of monsters defeated, the group attempts to track him down, only to find that [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion the Geofront]] has appeared within the city.
* The party engages the corrupt Yugi and his summoned creatures.
* The Egyptian Gods are summoned and everyone shows their true worth.
* The corrupted Yugi is defeated and is restored back to his normal, unconscious state.
* Spriggan and most of the party head back en route to the TGS building via Kawasaki CH-47JA Chinook to get some needed rest and shelter, being greeted by TGS security chief Jonathan Reynolds. Simon opted to stay in Iroh's tea house. Larfleeze goes out to some restaurants with Sayd. Fate, Subaru and Shirou return to Fate's appartment.
* Everyone including Gorgrutz went to lower penthouse floors to rest up for the day.

[[folder: Day 3: East and West]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The entire is transformed into two sides: one [[TheWildWest Wild West-themed]] and one [[JidaiGeki Feudal Japan-themed.]] In addition, both sides carry SteamPunk / ClockPunk aesthetics and technologies as well.

[[AC: Pages]]: 132 - 209

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Asuka Langley Sohryu]]
* [[VideoGame/CommandAndConquer CABAL]] - NPC
* [[Webcomic/{{Noblesse}} Cadis 'Rai' Etrama Di Raizel and Frankenstein]]
* [[Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000 Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Oddworld}} D. Caste Raider]] - NPC
* [[VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes Dr. Letz Shake]] - NPC
* [[VideoGame/HaloReach Jorge-052]] - NPC
* [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Kaworu Nagisa]] - NPC
* [[Series/{{Firefly}} River Tam]]
* [[Franchise/{{Terminator}} Skynet]]

[[AC: Departures]]:
* Gorgutz Headhunta
* Jorge-052 - NPC

[[AC: Events]]:
* Everyone has their outfit changed to either Eastern or Western clothing depending on which territory with a steam punk twist. East = Feudal Japan, West = Wild West. Clothes change when people cross territories.
* Gorgutz awakes to find that his armor and weapons have been turned into SteamPunk equivalents. He is not amused. He later leaves via a train station and is not seen again.
* Harima is ecstatic that he is decked out as a Ronin samurai. He enters otaku mode. While riding on an armored giraffe stockpiled with weapons.
* Anonymous decrypted the coordinates as a park located near the TGS compound. He suggests checking it out.
* CABAL offers TGS access to his cyborg forces. Jonthan Reynolds, as security chief, politely refuses for now. CABAL told him that his offer was still open.
* Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo appear in the eastern section of the City.
* Ritsuko Akagi has a very bad morning, due to the Magi supercomputers now behaving like 16th century Japanese peasants.
* Askuka see's Unit 02's new look, and is not pleased.
* Kaworu and Jorge appear in the party, the former using the Evangelion Mark 06 and an AT field to down a floating covenant battleship. Spriggan and the others charge in to the ship to secure it from hostiles.
* Shirou, Subaru, and Fate are cornered by a group of thugs on their way to the east-side train station. After warning them to let them by, the trio prepares for battle. Harima and Sayd join them.
* Hito-Shura and Larfleeze join the battle with the thugs, as well. Men in uniforms arrive and take the thugs away, but the thug leader is killed and assimilated by Larfleeze.
* The thugs, as well as the men in uniforms, escape to a seemingly-abandoned house, and are serving under Dr. Letz Shake. Dr. Shake commands his underlings to search for Yotsuba.
* Kaworu moves in the direction of the Geofront. He passes through the divide, and the Mark 06 gets samurai-esque armour.
* The Magi detect Kaworu, and sound the Angel alarm, although they insist it's an evil spririt.
* Spriggan and company begin to search the downed Covenant battleship with help from Jorge. They fought against various Covenant aliens including Hunters. CABAL's cyborg forces arrive to assist them.
* A Meta-infected Optimus Prime appears, trashing half ot the battleship. Spriggan, Bran, Jack and Zero bust inside and face off against a Shipmaster. Bran was able to secure the battleship's access logs for valuable intel. Simon later arrives to assist them, including Harima.
* Harima demonstrates that he could use Gestalt Mode, making him a bit scared that the VideoGame/FinalFantasy Command Menu is real.
* Pink gas that makes everyone unnaturally happy envelopes the city, courtesy of Zim. Made Subaru half drunk and Maria fully intoxicated.
* Snake and Anonymous faces off against Yotsuba's kidnappers.
* OP escaped, now smashing through random buildings.
* Meta-Optimus escapes and Larfleeze was going to pursue, but then.....
* VideoGame/{{Oddworld}} Outlaws gain the Orange Light of Avarice and begin to terrorize the City.
* Asuka tries to face off against Kaworu outside Central Dogma. This ends with Asuka's entry plug ejecting and Unit 02 having a bifurcated arm, half of its head missing, and massive internal injuries. Thanks to synchronization, Asuka is in similar shape.
* With the Shipmaster killed due to timely intervention by Zero (and also finished off by Spriggan for good measure) and the datapad acquired, the party sets off what to do about the downed ship. Spriggan and Harima were off to remove the hydrogen bomb before the rest of the ship can be destroyed as they can't risk detonating it.
* Fate along with the intoxicated Subaru and Maria managed to find Wreck-Gar and succeed.
* Hito-Shura finds and tends to Asuka, and then ferries her around due to her unconsciousness.
* Everyone who were not at the Covenant ship battle against Meta Optimus and doing little, though cumulative, damage to the Autobot leader.
* Shirou, Subaru, and Crona are severly injured from the fight against Meta-Optimus, but are ambushed by Outlaws. However, Larfleeze and his constructs arrive to the fight and the whole thing [[MeleeATrois devolves in a massive shootout between the Outlaws and Larfleeze's constructs with the rampaging Optimus still on the loose.]]
** Lafleeze and D. Caste fight each other during all of this.
* Spriggan, Iroh, Jorge and Harima retreat from the exploding battleship. They encounter the G-Man and he congratulates them on their success.
* Back in the lower penthouse, Spriggan was confused and baffled by Maria's condition until she warned him of the pink gas by Zim.
* Subaru's cybernetics break down due to battle damage and overheating. Mach Caliber knocks her unconcious for her own sefety
* Mecha-gnomes began to fall out of the sky and attack the party. Meanwhile, Larfleeze was pillaging the east side of the City after the gas affected the residents.
* Battle ensues at the centre of the city. Zim is beaten, but not before revealing his true colors under the blue light of hope.
* River Tam and the Skynet computer system appear in different parts of the City's western section. They both decided to work together to survive.
* The pink gas is dissipated in the western section of the City. The east, however, is still covered in it though it is slowly fading.
* Cadis 'Rai' Etrama Di Raizel and Frankenstein appear in the lobby of the building in the TGS compound. Introductions are made. Fate brings Shirou and an unconscious Subaru in for medical treatment.

[[folder: Day 4: Another's Form]]

[[AC: Curse]]: Everyone is transformed into one of three different forms:
* The form of the lover, family member, or friend closest to them,
* The form of their greatest foe, or
* The form of their idol or role model.

[[AC: Pages]]: 209 - 302

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[BigBad 6^3]] - NPC
* [[Film/{{Inception}} Dom Cobb]]
* [[Franchise/{{Castlevania}} Dracula]] - NPC
* [[VideoGame/GodOfWar Kratos]]
* [[VideoGame/MassEffect2 Legion]]
* [[Film/{{Inception}} Mal Cobb]] - NPC
* [[Manga/SoulEater Medusa]] - NPC
* [[Fanfic/PokemonMysteryDungeonSilverResistance Ray]]

[[AC: Departures]]:
* Iroh
* Jack and Draycos]]
* Kratos

[[AC: Events]]:
* Everyone wakes up in different bodies.
* Asuka wakes up in Rei's body. She is not pleased.
* Anonymous wakes up in the body of AE-tan, and Yotsuba wakes up dressed as what she thinks a Tsukutsuku-boushi is.
* Kratos arrives in a different body. Also, Larfleeze too barges in the TGS building's lobby as Ophidian, alarming the Special Reaction Force operators guarding it.
* Dom Cobb escapes captivity, waking up as Mal. He escapes after confronting Mal, who was in his body. Taking refuge in a bar, he finds a naked John Connor, used by Skynet and a River Tam in a guy's body with a dress.
* Dimitri wakes up as his son.
* The party gathers in the fifth floor aka the clinic to reintroduce themselves and figure out the curse of the day. Spriggan introduces Kratos to the group.
* Crow and Servo awake to find themselves transformed into Dr. Forrester and [[Film/ManosTheHandsOfFate Torgo.]]
* Wreck-Gar, having the apperance of Ratchet, tries to revert his form. When he meets Servo, he realizes that he can't do so. He later tries to take garbage from the Burj Khalifa when Sayd tries to dissuade him from doing so.
* The party heads to the lobby after Snake used the Ophidian Larfleeze as a slide when reports came in of massive tremors before it died. The hijacked Unit 01 continued to make its way towards the TGS compound, placing SRF units on high alert.
* Maria, Crona, Hito-Shura, Fate and Shirou visit Iroh's tea shop for food.
* Jack allows Larfleeze to use his Imp subordinates as his vessels.
* Dom confronts the Engineer, giving the two a bad way to introduce themselves while the latter explains about the City.
* The towering Shinji appears near the TGS compound, putting all its security forces into a defensive by firing RPG-7 rockets onto it. In the course of the battle, it fires rockets towards the compound.
* Shinji is defeated and the mystery girl piloting the thing is being healed by Rai's power, which is the manipulation of blood.
* Iroh disappears, never to be seen again.
* Skynet introduces himself to the group. Confessing to a murder that he deemed "necessary", he does not make a good first impression.
* Legion arrives in the body of the female Commander Shepard.
* The SRF is deployed to search the abandoned train station. Jack does the same thing.
* Skynet reassures Spriggan that he'll help the party find a way home.
* Braig and Snake leave in a Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk, despite pleas from Spriggan not to rush it. He later leaves the TGS compound with the party to head to the downed SSV Normandy. Legion offers to assist them in trying to find a way to treat Madeleine, the girl who piloted the giant earlier.
* Spriggan get inside the tea shop, seeing Iroh's corpse. He assists Cobb in acquiring a sniper rifle.
* Spriggan, Cobb, Jack, Zero and RED Engineer begin preparations to use the abandoned freight train. While Snake and Braig begin to infiltrate the Geofront with Hito-Shura, Maria leads the rest to the SSV Normandy to begin treatment for Madeleine, under Frankenstein and Rai's direction. Shirou and Fate shop in the market for food to welcome an unconscious Subaru back.
* Slipping away from the group, Skynet hacks into the Normandy's computer systems and plants a viral version of himself.
* The freight train suddenly moves, leaving RED Engineer, Cobb, Larfleeze, Zero and Servo and Crow inside the cars. Meanwhile, Subaru awakens in the form of Teana Lanster.
* Unable to get help from the others aside from Sayd, Rai and Frakenstein as they were busy trying to save Madeleine's life, Spriggan moved alone to board the moving freight train and help the others stop it.
* Mal engages the group on the mobile freight train before Spriggan disarms her. Larfleezes threatens Mal afterward. Before that happened, she summons an airstrike via laser designator pistol. Everyone in the train began to evacuate.
* Meanwhile, Fate and Shirou return to Fate's apartment. They are soon joined by Subaru and Maria, Crona, Simon and eventually almost everyone else.
* Fate asks Subaru how she knows one of Nanoha's spells, and Subaru finally reveals the fact that she is from 10 years into Fate's future.
* Castlevania appears in the City. Larfleeze and Jack began to stage solo raids on the place. Zero follows the former in a safe distance.
* Mysterious Shopkeeper NPC appears in the City with his clones and shop. He attempts to find potential customers regardless of their alignment.
* Larfleeze, Hito-Shura and Dimitri meet up with Dracula. Medusa also appears, offering an alliance with the vampire overlord.
* Bran, Subaru and Maria leave the apartment and are about to infiltrate Castlevania when they meet 6[[superscript:3]], the creator of the city.
* Being confronted by Legion, Skynet explains his hacking as an attempt to help the group. He leaves the ship, but not before saying the organics will turn on them.
* Jack and Wreck-Gar stumble across the meeting as well. The heroes attack 6[[superscript:3]], who easily defeats them, healing their wounds as it leaves.
* Jack Morgan and Draycos mysteriously vanish.
* Madeleine recovers thanks to Braig and Snake's efforst with help from the shopkeeper.
* Ray appears in the city, and is almost immediately attacked by bandits. And by bandits I mean two nine year old girls, and by attacked I mean being hugged and getting his ears pulled.
* Spriggan offers Maria, Bran, Jack and Engineer a ride to Castlevania after he evacuates an unconscious Cobb to the TGS building. Simon and Zero join them as the Super Cougar chopper enters Castlevania territory.
* An alternate version of Shirou and Saber appear in Castlevania, in the bodies of Saber and Archer respectively. The purple mist reached them, making them corrupt. The Castlevania party engaged them, joined by Braig. Wreck-Gar and Cobb also join in the fight. Dracula and Larfleeze engage the corrupted alternate Saber and Shirou too.
* Zim arrives and agrees to treat the heavily wounded Fate. Crona, Asuka, Anonymous and Snake arrive to join in the battle.
* Frankenstein unleashes his anger in a literal sea of blood on the corrupted duo.
* Cobb covertly summons an airstrike against the corrupt Archer and Saber.
* The corrupt Archer and Saber are defeated thanks to Bran and Dracula.
* The party begins to withdraw from Castlevania, not having the strength to take Dracula on. Others began to stay in Castlevania.
* Shopkeeper took on Madeleine as his Apprentice Salesperson, doing his best to spoof Star Wars. He succeeds too.

[[folder: Day 5: Mecha City]]

[[AC: Curse]]: Everyone is turned into a TransformingMecha.
* Robots become human, but gain a suit of equivalent armor.

[[AC: Pages]]: 302 - 368

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[VideoGame/MetroidPrime Ghor]]
* [[VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia Lloyd Irving]]
* VideoGame/{{Overlord}}
* [[Literature/TheOutsiders Two-Bit]]

[[AC: Departures]]:

[[AC: Events]]:
* Everyone wakes up in various Transformer-type bodies. A few like Wreck-Gar wake up in human-based bodies.
* Larfleeze sets up a security specialist company. Everyone is worried about it when he mentions about contract killings.
* Shopkeeper moves his L-Mart to a mountain top due to chaos in the city. There are now five fixed structures in the City: the Roulette in the Center, Burj Khalifa in the East, Castlevania in the West, Overlord's Tower in the North, and Shopkeeper's L-Mart turned Feudal Japanese Palace on a Mountain Top in the South.
* Overlord arrives in the outskirts of the City and begins to prepare for a raid.
* Ghor wakes up in the western area of the City, only to discover he no longer has any of his equipment. Spriggan tells him that they could face off against Dracula. Ghor agrees to help in any way.
* Wreck-Gar goes to eat human food, being accompanied by the Engineer.
* Overlord's minions were able to secure enough electronic equipment for him to tap onto the party's comms. His minions face off against Snake, Crow, and Servo.
* Most of the party begins to secure Energon cubes for energy purposes. Shopkeeper fought some stragglers from the Holy Britannian Empire with several others.
* Dracula begins to plunder and take over the west part of the City.
* Two-Bit arrives in the City, thinking that it was a movie set.
* Frankenstein analyzes the Meta gas to research for any countermeasures.
* Eggmanland appears after the Meta appeared in the City streets. Characters refer to it as an amusement park. Dr. Robotnik unleashes the Egg Fighters at the characters who've entered the park. A select few from Spriggan, Maria, Braig, Crona and Simon decided to infiltrate the park to search for Robotnik.
* Most of the people reach Robotnik in a coliseum-like place, except for Larfleeze and Sayd with Wreck-Gar.
* The corrupt Robotnik and his Egg Dragoon was defeated, but he had something up his sleeve...
* Most of the party regroup outside the ruins of Eggman Land. A few return to Dracula's castle.
* Shopkeeper took Madeleine into a pocket dimension to give her basic training for 1 month. She returns dragging a T-Rex skull with Shopkeeper lazing around on it back to the L-Mart.
* Spriggan helps Zero return to his place. Maria asks Fate for a new place to stay in her apartment due to Simon's worries on Spriggan's militarist attitude. Maria decides to head back to her room in the TGS building's lower penthouse. Fate tells Simon that he should not be thinking like that.
* Shirou and Subaru race in their vehicle forms.
* Lloyd Irving appears in the City. He challenges Spriggan, who found him, before the latter told him where he was and offers him a place to stay at the TGS compound. Engineer too leads Two-Bit back to the TGS compound.
* A flash of light engulfs the entire City thanks in part to 6[[superscript:3]].

[[folder: Day 6: City High]]

[[AC: Curse]]: Everyone thinks they're living normal high-school lives in an ordinary city.

[[AC: Pages]]: 368 - 502

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[Literature/AClockworkOrange Alex]] - NPC
* [[VideoGame/{{Fable}} Jack of Blades]]
* UsefulNotes/JackTheRipper
* [[Franchise/MassEffect Jane Shepard]]
* [[Literature/BattleRoyale Kiriyama]] - NPC
* [[VideoGame/{{Fallout3}} Lone Wanderer]]
* [[Franchise/{{Halloween}} Michael Myers]] - NPC
* [[WesternAnimation/{{Doug}} Mr. Bud Dink]]
* [[Film/TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen Ravage]]

[[AC: Departures]]:

[[AC: Events]]:
* Everyone wakes up with high school memories.
* Fate is a ChildProdigy who is attending City High for the first time.
* Crona enters City High as her mom Medusa works there as a nurse.
* Larfleeze is the head of [[MegaCorp a multi-billion dollar company]] dealing in securities and other industries, Sayd is his personal secretary, Ophidian is a prized pet snake he carries around everywhere, and his constructs are his mercenary personnel.
* The Lone Wanderer wakes up as a high school student.
* Jack of Blades tortures his PE students.
* Iroh is a martial arts teacher and a guidance counselor. Snake is a world history teacher. Braig, Dimitri and Mr.Dink teaches various science subjects while Cobb handles philosophy. The Engineer aka Dell does math classes. Jack Noir teaches English. Jack of Blades and Jane Shepard are PE teachers. Jack the Ripper's a security guard while Ravage is the security dog.
* Rai is revealed to be a prince of a small country named Cadisa. His family's rule got overthrown by radicals. Frakenstein orders Harima to keep an eye out for any potential assassins.
* Maria, Simon and Dracula live in Castle Vania as part of the upper class. Maria heads the cheerleading club.
** D. Caste Raider and the rest of his Outlaws are their bodyguards and the security at Dracula's school.
* Paul Wong aka Spriggan had recently joined up with City High's Cadet Officer Candidate Course aka cadetship aka COCC aka Cadet Army Training. He is also a probationary auxiliary police officer.
* Maria and Paul are in a relationship.
* Harima is a known troublemaker, but is friends with Paul. Two-Bit is a troublemaker and cuts classes.
* Crow has a weird dream about singing the Franchise/{{Gamera}} theme song.
* Lloyd fails at every one of his classes. Horrendously.
* Subaru and Shirou are the captains of the girl's basketball team and the archery club respectively. They live next door to each other and are childhood friends.
* Cobb took his class to an Inception-like dream experience, startling some of them. Wreck-Gar drew mustaches on them in this period. They were all pissed about it.
* Alex gets bored of St Belmont's and decides to go and have some fun.
* In Jack's PE class, the students divided themselves into two teams for a dodgeball match. Let's say that... it went out of hand.
** This resulted in the police being called and Jack being arrested.
* Two-Bit snaps and starts going crazy, thinking that the popular kids are parasites. He trashes Paul's BMW [=RT1200=].
** Paul eventually finds it and calls emergency services, using his auxiliary police status.
* Shirou faints. Paul and Iroh carry him to the infirmary, where he recovers. Braig and Medusa are worried about the fainting spells.
** Paul calls emergency services and the chairman of TGS Inc. for help in replacing the bike. Harima investigates the bike's damages to see who the possible suspect was.
* Numerous fainting spells begin to occur. Police and ambulance services were called in to City High.
* Shirou and Subaru help Fate see her mom in the downtown core.
* Alex appears at the school with his new droogs Kiryama and Micheal Myers, and attempts to rape Asuka (he gets pretty far) but is thankfully foiled when Hito Shura, Shepard, and Jack of Blades show up.
* Alex goes outside to have a one on one fight with Hito-Shura, and almost wins until Hito unlocks his memories and they become more or less evenly matched.
* Kiriyama is taken out by Shepard with little effort. Myers gives everyone a lot [[CurbStompBattle of trouble]] until he is knocked outside by Fate and Shirou. Alex sees how outnumbered he is and bolts.
* Myers is finally knocked unconscious by Shepard, Hito-Shura, Shirou, Jack, and Fate working together in a [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome CMOA.]]
* Asuka is apparently rejected by Hito-Shura, her saviour, and is getting close to the DespairEventHorizon. She is taken back to NERV by section 02.
* Fate, Maria, Hito-Shura, Snake, Lloyd, and Braig have recovered most of their original memories.
* Water Polo takes place at City High's swimming pool.
* Zim attaches his PAK to an unconscious Kiriyama in order to have a cryptic conversation with his subconcious.
* Jack the Blades, Anonymous and Shepard later recover their memories. Rai and Frankenstein too had their memories back, but the latter had accidentally revealed it to the public via PA system, startling some of the students and staff.
* Gunfire takes place near the school. CABAL institutes a lockdown. Everyone inside takes cover, except a select few. Some of the students and staff decided to fight back.
* Paul uses his auxiliary police status to summon SWAT, some of them securing the outskirts of the school with uniformed officers. The school was declared safe after CABAL warned them of a lone gunman.
* Ray recovers his true memories.
* A bright white light engulfs the world, taking Fate and the others with it.

[[folder: Day 7: The Mindscape]]

[[AC: Curse]]: None. All the player characters are in a room called the Orange Room, which is a base for them to use.

[[AC: Pages]]: 502 - 751

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[Literature/CiaphasCain Ciaphas Cain and Jurgen]]
* [[VideoGame/MuramasaTheDemonBlade Kisuke]]
* [[VideoGame/StarTropics Mike Jones]] (veteran)
* [[AncientGreece Pyrrhus of Epirus]]
* [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Sakura Mato]] (NPC)
* [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Shinji Mato]] (NPC)
* [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight True Assassin]] (NPC)
* [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Zoken Mato]] (NPC)

[[AC: Departures]]:
* Anonymous and Yotsuba
* Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo

[[AC: Events]]:
* Everyone gets in the orange room, confused.
* Pyrrhus and Ciaphas arrive, the latter busting in with a tank.
* The party begins to decide on which mindscape to explore first.
* Crow and Servo, Ray, Shepard, Ciaphas and Jurgen, Lloyd, Sayd, Iroh, and Jack of Blades entered Wreck-Gar's mindscape to secure his true memories.
* Maria, Shiruo, Harima, Hito-Shura, Fate and Braig enter Subaru's mindscape to secure her memories. GIR is sent by Zim to assist them. All of them were able to secure Subaru's memories.
* Sayd barely stops Lloyd and Jack of Blades from fighting.
* Wreck-Gar and the party engages manifestations of Soundwave and Optimus Prime. Eventually, the party was able to defeat them and have Wreck-Gar's real memories secured, returning back to the Orange room.
* Naked Snake, Larfleeze, Bran, Ravage, Ray, Crona and Wreck-Gar with Servo went into Servo's mindscape, a horrible place full of idiots and bad movies. After some harrowing experiences involving spring sprites, Franchise/{{Gamera}}, Film/MrBNatural, and a mushroom man, they managed to reassemble him, recovering his memories.
* Simon, Dimitri, Zero and Zim went to Zim's mindscape. They were able to recover his real memories.
* Mike Jones arrives in the Orange room.
* Harima, Pyrrhus, Rai and Frakenstein and the Engineer (aka Dell) head to Harima's mindscape. Harima faces a manifestation of Karasuma.
* Maria, Fate, Subaru, Braig, Shepard and Shirou head to Shirou's mindscape, managing to recover his lost memories. They face and defeat a manifestation of Gilgamesh.
* Anonymous and Yotsuba were able to leave the Orange room, leaving the others behind (Although not without some [[BodyHorror consequences...]]).
* Fate, Braig, Maria, Jack, Caina and Jurgen face off against an evil Crona when they went to her mindscape, defeating her and recovering her memories.
* Asuka appears in the Orange room, confused. Subaru heals her wounds via pod.
* Overlord, Mike Jones and Zero went to Bran's mindscape, able to secure his memories. Mike begins to question the necessity of doing this, until Bran told him that it was needed.
* Trouble ensures after Two-Bit and Maria get drunk, with Ray on the side. Shirou and Fate break it up.
* Ray falls flat on his face after getting drunk himself...right onto a glass bottle. After passing out, Wreck-Gar accidentally sucks him up with a vacuum cleaner and tries to clean him up in a sponge-filled dishwasher. Luckily, Harima stops the Transformer and fixes him up himself.
* Kisuke appears in the Orange room after being sucked in by a portal.
* Larfleeze, Maria, RED Engineer, Ray, Gnarl, Wreck-Gar, Harima and Two-Bit enter his mindscape. They went through his memories and are successful.
* Kisuke, Cain, Shepard, Hito-Shura, Fate, Braig, Crona enter Asuka's mindscape and get to see and be shocked by [[BreakTheCutie her childhood]]. They defeated an Angel, recovering Asuka's memories.
* Asuka seems to have had her self-image and confidence reasserted by this, as is back to her normal personality.
* Two-bit, Maria, Shirou, Subaru, Sayd and Wreck-Gar play a game of poker to pass the time before Zero's mindscape opens. Despite dealer Sayd's exasperation, it quickly devolves into [[FanService strip poker.]]
* Harima creates William the Chocobo with the power of chicken DNA, an accident, and a Final Fantasy DS chip in a cloning device. Harima shows off his softer side.
* Two-Bit tries to get Asuka to fight. However, things get out of hand very quickly and she tries to throttle him.
* Asuka is restrained by Subaru, and then by Shepard's biotics. Sayd eventually knocks her out cold, prompting a WhatTheHellHero from Shepard.
* Mike Jones, Larfleeze, Maria, Two-Bit, Ray, Naked Snake, Harima, Crona, Overlord, Wreck-Gar and Dell venture to his mindscape, planning to travel to the other side of a manifestation of the City to secure his memories while fighting along the way. The party splits to help Dell secure his memories while the rest hold the line against the Borgs.
* Psuedo Omega appears in the City, nearly forcing everyone to fight before they were warped out of the Orange Room for safety.
* The party arrives in 6[[superscript:3]]'s headquarters, forcing him to conjure up copies of Black Hand, Black Queen, Omega and commandos of the Indonesian Army's Kopassus. Everyone had a chance to defeat the copies before fighting against 6[[superscript:3]]. At the end, it is revealed that 6[[superscript:3]] is [[spoiler:Trope-Tan #666]].
* Crow and Servo disappear.
* Trope-Tan brought the party back into the City. Healing pods were manifested to heal anyone injured.
* Sakura and Shinji Matou, along with their grandfather Zoken Mato and another mysterious figure appear in the City at night, the former seeking refuge at the TGS compound.

[[folder: Day 8: A Brief Respite]]

[[AC: Curse]]: None. [[BlatantLies Everyone gets some time off for R&R.]] But not for long...

[[AC: Pages]]: 751 - 909

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[Series/{{Angel}} Connor]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Boktai}} Django the Solar Boy and Otenko]]
* [[Toys/{{Bionicle}} Pohatu]]
* [[Webcomic/EightBitTheater Red Mage]]
* [[OriginalCharacter Aki]]

[[AC: Departures]]:
* Dimitri
* Overlord

[[AC: Events]]:
* Soul Edge appears in the City. Shepard and some of the others inspect the crater with the demonic sword.
* Pohatu appears in the City.
* Bran leads most of the party in attacking Castlevania, due to the [[{{Irony}} growing alliance between Dracula and other villains]]. Wreck-Gar, Maria, Two-Bit and Engineer race off to the castle.
* Harima gathers things for the Shopkeeper covertly.
* Spriggan and a team of TGS UH-60M Black Hawks covertly infiltrate Castlevania. One of them was damaged by Raider's forces, being forced to retreat. He infiltrates the castle by himself.
* Django the Solar Boy and Otenko arrive near the outskirts of Castlevania.
* Pyrrhus was wounded during the fight against Raider, being forced to be sent back to the TGS compound for medical treatment.
* Red Mage appears in Castlevania. He offers to aid the party in battling Dracula.
* Rai confronts Dracula in his throne room. After hearing his story, he turns to the dark side.
* Maria, Simon and the others meet with the Clone shopkeeper prior to entering Dracula's throne room. The group engages him, but Dracula flees before Rai's Blood Knight fights the party.
* Red Mage takes a leek and turns it to a talking red longsword.
* Dimitri begins to plot.
* Braig and the other remaining party members confront Medusa. They fight after Medusa refuses to budge in conducting inhumane experiments. Fate, Engineer and Pyrrhus arrive in time to assist Braig to fight against Medusa.
* Spriggan and the party in the throne room begin to leave, going to Medusa's alchemy lab after Dracula and Rai's Blood Knight leave Castlevania. They are met with a fake Subaru before Sayd joined them.
* The fake Subaru turns to her Succubus form and takes Dell hostage. It later tosses him away.
* The party of Fate, Shirou, Subaru, Braig, Bran, and Pyrrhus eventually defeats Medusa, with Fate delivering the killing blow by decapitation.
* Fate, Shiruo, Subaru, Braig and Crona returned to the TGS compound by walking. The rest evacuated by CH-47JA Chinook, including a wounded Pyrrhus back for additional treatment and rest.
* Spriggan, Braig, Kisuke and Harima find solace in a nearby Chinese Buddhist temple.
* Maria and the others visit Wreck-Gar's place. When they find out that his TV's missing, they all help retrieve it by getting some things ready prior to visiting Larfleeze.
* Brainwashing is initiated throughout the City. A few are unaffected by this.
* SAR operations are conducted to rescue allied survivors and recon the City.
* Connor arrives, seeking refuge with the party. Introductions are made.
* Metal Sonics are deployed in the City. Some of the heroes attack them. An insane Dimitri arrives near the ruins of the TGS complex.
* The party defeated the Metal Sonics and Dimitri's giant mech, ending with Subaru [[KilledOffForReal killing Dimitri.]]
* Most of the party withdrew while a few others stayed behind to secure the ruins. Spriggan, Wreck-Gar and Mike were about to hunt down Ravage when the two advised Spriggan to resume it tomorrow.

[[folder: Day 9: Skyland]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The City's turned to a world where places are turned into islands. The party gains access to World War I/II-based aircraft to get around as main transport.

[[AC: Pages]]: 909 - 1044

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[VideoGame/ManaKhemiaAlchemistsOfAlRevis Anna Lemouri]]
* [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Bowser]] (veteran - NPC)
* [[Creator/AliceSoft Rance]]
* ComicBook/ScottPilgrim

[[AC: Departures]]:
* D. Caste Raider (NPC)

[[AC: Events]]:
* Everyone wakes up and gains access to their aircraft.
* Bowser's Castle appeared, taking over the ruins of the TGS complex.
* Pyrrhus meets with Bowser without any good results.
* Wreck-Gar tells Maria of Bowser's Castle. She visits Bowsers and tell him what happened to the last party.
* Larfleeze and Zim with respective sidekicks approach Bowser with offers of cooperation, which are accepted.
* Raider appears and lays havoc to the party. Most of them vow to fight him once they face him again.
* Maria encounters Spriggan and talks to him about having some time together. He accepts.
* Sakura gets ill. Fate and the others find out that Sakura has some "worms" in her body.
* Spriggan gets angry after Maria shoots him down. He and Maria, with Two-Bit, engage Raider's fighter planes.
* The party engages Raider's Iron Vulture airship. Sayd, Larfleeze and Bran raid it to secure the prisoners.
* Rance arrives with Chaos. Things don't go well.
* Spriggan cries after finding out that Maria and Two-Bit were together. Naked Snake offers his assistance. Rance offers his help too, which gives Braig, Shirou and Harima some doubt.
* Delphinus appears under a corrupted Vyse, Aika and Fina. The party battles it. Bowser and Larfleeze engage the three.
* Scott Pilgrim appears in a purple Sopwith Camel.
* Two-Bit and Spriggan infiltrate Bowser's castle on different methods to check on Maria.
* Anna Lemouri arrives, confused.
* Spriggan is captured by the Thwomps and Dry Bones, disarming him of his weapons.

[[folder: Day 10: The Power of Music]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The City is back to normal, but the party members have access and knowledge to play musical instruments.

[[AC: Pages]]: 1044 - 1115

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* SelfDemonstrating/{{Deadpool}} (veteran)
* [[Series/DoctorWho The Master]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Kirby}} Poppy Bros. Jr.]]
* [[WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants Squidward Tentacles]]

[[AC: Departures]]:
* Shinji Mato (NPC)

[[AC: Events]]:
* Everyone gains access to musical instruments.
* Squidward and Poppy arrive in the city in different areas before meeting up with most of the party.
* 6[[superscript:3]] threatens to kill the party before Selvaria stops her.
* Shirou and the others engage Zouken before the latter retreats. He tells Selvaria of their situation.
* Spriggan, in his civilian identity as Paul, practices the use of the Shamisen. He is later approached by Maria, who wanted to do an "audition".
* Most of the groups head to the stadium to register their bands.
* Deadpool arrives, excited to participate in the Battle of the Bands.
* The bands engage and defeat Tenacious D.
* Paul, Engineer, Subaru, Shirou, Crona and Braig encounter Sakura, who turns into Dark Sakura.
* Fate is kidnapped under Zouken's custody. Engineer and Paul told the others to retreat as they cannot figure out how to save Fate and eliminate Zouken. Subaru grudingly agrees.

[[folder: Day 11: The Wasteland's Aria]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The City is affected by an End of the world-like event, resulting in its desert environment. Most of the items, vehicles, weapons and equipment have been aged due to this.

[[AC: Pages]]: 1115 - 1251

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Cynthia]]
* Manga/InuYasha
* [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Kenpachi Zaraki and Yachiru Kusajishi]]
* [[Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn Mukuro Rokudo]]
* [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Red]]
* [[Machinima/RedVsBlue Sarge]]
* [[Franchise/KingdomHearts Sora]]
* [[VideoGame/KingdomHeartsBirthBySleep Terra]]

[[AC: Departures]]:
* True Assassin - NPC
* Zouken Mato - NPC

[[AC: Events]]:
* The party wakes up, noticing the changes in environment.
* The Sarge wakes up, wanting to seek the Red Team. He confronts the Engineer.
* Kenpachi and Yachiru arrive in the City, confused to its changes.
* Sarge, Engineer, Deadpool, Poppy and Mike encounter a Vorox and fight with it twice.
* Shirou and the others in Fate's apartment discuss on how to rescue Fate and Sakura from their fates.
* Medusa had been resurrected from the dead.
* Subaru leaves to scout out Zoukan's mountain. She meets Dark Sakura and tries to talk her down. This fails, and Subaru is badly injured.
* Red arrives in the City after he was in a Pokemon center.
* Dark Sakura retreats from the fight while Shirou, Maria, Two-Bit, Crona and Braig secure Subaru.
* Spriggan reunites with Pyrrhus, the two helping escort Maria and Two-Bit back to Pyrrhus' camp.
* True Assassin and later, a black Berserker, appears in the "mountain" to confront the party.
* Shirou, Crona and Braig engage a corrupt Overlord under the Grail's control.
* Harima is forced to host a reality survival show named "Harima Vs. Wild".
* Most of the party fight Zouken, True Assassin. Crona faces Dark Sakura alone. Larfleeze "strikes a deal" to free the Holy Grail, but it makes him fight the party under its control. Later, Fate does the same as well.
* Spriggan guns down Zouken with a headshot thanks to a silenced VSS Vintorez. Red's Pikachu kills him off with a Volt Tackle. This also kills off True Assassin.
* Two-Bit and Braig began to attack the Grail. Spriggan joins in before Shirou destroys the Grail, releasing its control over Sakura.
* Spriggan, Mike and Red sought refuge in the Avalon penthouse Spriggan used as a safehouse. They are joined by Jack Noir, Bran, Sarge, Scott, Squidward and Deadpool, who teleported himself in.
* Mukuro joins Spriggan's party, seeking refuge with them after he appears in the City.
* Inuyasha appears in the penthouse after appearing in the City.
* Spriggan and the party in the penthouse fight against the skeletal army in the streets. Maria joins in too with Pyrrhus and Simon.
* Larfleeze drops in on Braig and Shirou, telling them of the attack. They tell him to go away as they are tired and think that Simon and Maria can do it.
* Medusa's specter arrives in the apartment, wanting to see if Crona was well.
* Spriggan tells Shirou about "his reality" back in his world.
* Mukuro creates an illusion of 666 to test the heroes. He was kicked out of Fate's apartment.
* Terra appears, confronting Braig and fighting him before leaving to try and escape. Afterwards, he requests to seek refuge in the apartment complex.
* Sora appears when his Gummi Ship crashes in the City.
* Cynthia arrives, almost engaging Red until the latter convinces her that it's not the right time to fight.
* A crazed Pohatu engages Cynthia and the others outside the apartment complex.
* Everyone retires to get sleep.
* Neo Arcadia appears overnight.

[[folder: Day 12: Present of Future's Past]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The City is back to normal. Every [=PC=] gets older or younger, depending on his/her preference. Their memories are not affected ''while'' their powers are.

[[AC: Pages]]: 1251 - 1384

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn Chrome Dokuro]]
* [[VideoGame/MegaManZero Ciel and the Resistance forces]]
* [[Anime/AdventChildren Cloud Strife]]
* [[VideoGame/MegaManZero Dr. Weil, Copy X, Sage Harpuia, Fighting Fefnir, Fairy Leviathan, and Hidden Phantom]]

[[AC: Departures]]:

[[AC: Events]]:
* Most of the party wakes up to see that they have aged older or younger.
* Subaru, Shirou, Crona, Braig, Maria and Paul went to help calm down a 19-year old and traumatised Fate after she fought them and Sakura despite their efforts to try and reassure her that she was fine.
* Some of the party went to eat at Flarby's.
* Mathias (aka, Dracula) conducts covert meetings without getting the party's attention.
* Maria and Paul went to spend the day together.
* Two-Bit and Wreck-Gar hang out with each other as they were turned old.
* Unknown knights had appeared in the City, encountering some of the party members in Flarby's.
* Mike meets Inuyasha, who faints on him.
* Mathias went to Burj Khalifa and met Simon, intending on getting his stolen things back.
* Maria and Paul began to think about the origin of the second city.
* Skynet appears in a different body while most of the party tours Neo Arcadia.
* Many of the party members who are too young to defend themselves stay in a shopping mall. Shirou's group meet Lethaldiran, an [[VideoGame/MountAndBlade elven trader.]]
* Lethaldiran gives Sakura an enchanted sword as a gift, and Subaru helps Shirou win a similarly enchanted bow.
* Cloud Strife appears in the city, being younger.
* Dr. Weil covertly planned operations against some of the party members for the next day.
* Zim's computer has a conversation with Skynet.
* Everyone goes back to their places to sleep.

[[folder: Day 13: Realm of the Elementals]]

[[AC: Curse]]: All active [=PCs=] get to use [[ElementalPowers a certain Element]], or are transformed into elemental beings, depending on their preference.

[[AC: Pages]]: 1384 - 1512

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Green]]
* [[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire May and her trainer team]]
* [[WesternAnimation/{{Spliced}} Mister Smarty Smarts and Octocat]] (NPC)
* [[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikerS Quint Nakajima]] ([[http://nanoha.wikia.com/wiki/Quint_Nakajima description]]) (NPC)
* [[VideoGame/MetroidPrimeTrilogy Ridley and some of his Space Pirates]]

[[AC: Departures]]:
* Iroh
* Red Mage

[[AC: Events]]:
* Everyone wakes up before they find out they have the ability to use elemental powers.
* Maria finds herself being a monster based on the four animals she can summon. Spriggan and Two-Bit try to calm her down.
* Harpuia engages Shirou and Sayd.
* Ridley and a small crew of space pirates appear in the city.
* Leviathan takes Wreck-Gar's Allspark.
* Bran and Spriggan engage Golem Type Es. Subaru and Spriggan are later kidnapped.
* The two captives spent time talking to each other.
* Shirou and the others negotiate with the Pendorians with success.
* Skynet attempts to hack into Neo Arcadian computer networks with no success.
* Braig requests Maria to look for Medusa in Castlevania.
* May appears in the city. The Engineer greets her.
* Pyrrhus calls on the City inhabitants for aid, and the resulting volunteers form the City Militia. One of the volunteers is Quint Nakajima, Subaru's mother.
* Copy X appears and confronts the party, who demand to know why Spriggan and Subaru were taken hostage. Negotiations break down, Shirou declares war on Neo-Arcadia, and the party is attacked in response.
* Red Mage dies.
* Subaru is tortured to gain information on the party, but restists.
* Green appears.
* Spriggan is also tortured to gain information on the party as well.
* Fefnir takes his army and attacks Vault 100, slaughtering all but 5 of the ghouls.
* Subaru and Spriggan sleep in their cells, the former after being tortured, while the others return back to their places of dwelling to sleep.

[[folder: Day 14: Rise of the Lantern Corps.]]

[[AC: Curse]]: All active [=PCs=] get a [[http://greenlantern.wikia.com/wiki/Power_Ring_(Disambiguation) Power Ring]].

[[AC: Pages]]: 1512 - 1598

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Fuhrer King Bradley]]
* Gai Caliber / Xi (a [[VideoGame/MegaManZero Reploid]] copy of Subaru) (NPC)
* [[Franchise/StarWars Lone Battle Droid and Grapple Droid]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Boktai}} Lucian]]
* [[Franchise/{{Halo}} The Rookie]] (veteran)
* [[VideoGame/BlazBlue Taokaka]]
* [[VideoGame/MegaManZero X (as a Cyber-Elf)]]

[[AC: Departures]]:
* Copy X and Weil

[[AC: Events]]:
* Everyone becomes a Lantern for the day.
* Neo Arcadia attacks the surrounding areas, war is declared.
* The Rookie appears back again, this time in another city.
* The Lone Battle Droid and Grapple Droid appears.
* Bradley, Taokaka and Lucian appear.
* Weil begins torturing Subaru again, which quickly becomes a vivisection as he studies her cybernetic implants.
* The battle between the Neo-Arcadian army and the combined forces of the City Militia, the pendorians and Bowser's troops begins. Due to Neo-Arcadia's ruthless tactics and Pyrrhus's old-fashioned outlook on war, there are high civilian casualties.
* This almost causes a breakdown by the three Violet ring users, and does cause a breakdown by Pyrrhus.
* Four teams attempt to infiltrate Neo Arcadia. Shirou heads up a team that enters via the sewers. Graig leads a team onto the rooftops, Fate takes a team in by air, supported by Bowser's doomships, and a team enteres via the city streets while Cain takes command of the Militia.
* In a shouting match with Bowser, Zim stupidly reveals his plan to betray the Koopa King.
* As a result, Zim is cursed to be constantly watched by Kamek.
* The ground team fights Fefnir, while the sewer team fights Leviathan and the air team fight Harpuia. The rooftop team fight Phantom. All four guardians are defeated and forced /convinced to retreat.
* The rooftp team are also confronted by Gai Caliber, a reploid constructed from data gathered by Weil's studies on Subaru. She is defeated, but not killed.
* The four teams meet up at the base of the tower. They find and rescue Subaru and Spriggan before moving on to defeat Copy X.
* They then confront Weil, killing him before he can destroy all of Neo-Arcadia. The Militia and the Resistance hold off (barely) the Neo Arcadian army.
* Maria and Asuka confront each other. Spriggan overhears after he got separated from Chrome and Inuyasha, the two helping him escape from Neo Arcadia.
* Subaru, on the way out of neo-Arcadia, is reunited with her mother.
* Pyrrhus, Fate and Spriggan seek shelter in a Buddhist temple for the night.
* Everyone else returns home to sleep.

[[folder: Day 15: Resort City]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The city is divided into four parts; a tropical coastline, a winter/Christmas-themed area, cyberspace, and the normal city.

[[AC: Pages]]: 1598 - 1750

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[Series/HawaiiFive0 Anton and Victor Hesse]] (NPC)
* [[VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry Erika Furudo]]
* [[WesternAnimation/XiaolinShowdown Jack Spicer]] (NPC)
* [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment The Spoony One, Spoony the White, & Spencer D. Bum]] (NPC)

[[AC: Events]]:
* The different city parts appears. Everyone wakes up to the changes.
* The Secret Santa event starts.
* Erika appears.
* Paul buys Maria an emerald ring to thank her for giving him a gift, despite having some grudge against her. Two-Bit doesn't take it well.
* When Maria asks why Paul did it, he told her to keep the ring as a reminder of what they went through.
* Ridley and his space pirate crew captured a large fortress that appeared in the cyberworld quadrant of the city and turns it into their pirate base.
* The golden tickets appeared in the hands of those who participated in the Secret Santa events, allowing them to enter a castle.
* #19450 and #666 appear. Two-Bit disses the former for what he went through. Most of the party disses him for his attitude, including Maria and Ridley.
* #666 and Zim were engaged in a conversation that Paul overheard when the latter offered her an alliance to defeat the good-aligned heroes.
* Two-Bit retreats to the beach to reflect on his actions.
* Langley appears in the castle.
* Snake and Paul plan to non-lethally take down Two-Bit in case he does something "stupid" after #19450 confronts him again. Wreck-Gar and Maria appear as well.
* #666 warns Two-Bit that the castle will disappear at 12 Midnight. Paul and Mike, overhearing her, leave to prepare for the inevitable.
* Most of the characters leave before the deadline.
* The Hesse Brothers walk around the City, talking about their plan to meet with Spriggan in the future.

[[folder: Day 16: The Concrete Jungle]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The city has been changed to have a tropical jungle-like environment.

[[AC: Pages]]: 1750 - 1851

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[Webcomic/MegaTokyo Ed]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Fable}} The Hero of Bowerstone]]
* [[Webcomic/PennyArcade Tycho Brahe and John Gabriel]]

[[AC: Events]]:
* Most of the characters wake up to see the jungle.
* Ed arrives and was attacked by a tiger. May, Red, Mike and Inuyasha arrive to assist.
* Two-Bit and Maria navigate through the jungle.
* The Rookie arrives at the 1st Basement parking level of the Avalon. Spriggan arrives via private elevator also before the two aim their weapons at each other. Then a stormtrooper officer arrives, aiming weapons at them.
* Two-Bit and Maria take refuge in an abandoned building. They later meet with a dinosaur.
* The droids are attacked by various creatures.
* Petey was in Pyrrhus' camp.
* Spriggan and the Rookie are attacked by rabid German Shepards. Ramirez and other members of the militia help out in killing them.
* Tycho and Gabriel appear.
* Spriggan assists Ramirez and the others to secure transport.
* Victor Hesse contacts Spriggan.
* Sayd heals Two-Bit before she was under attack.
* Headcrabs arrive in the City, attacking the party and civilians.
* Spriggan engages an alien spore pod.
* Anton Hesse leads his men to "assist" in fighting the headcrabs.
* Hunters appear in the City.
* Two-Bit becomes an amnesiac.
* Some of the party members either regroup or head out to fight the headcrab zombies.
* Two-Bit searches for water in a grocery store, but gets attacked by a trio of grenchlers. Some of the Militia come to fight them off while he flees.
* Spriggan, Maria, Sora and Bowser regroup at Pyrrhus' camp with Anton bringing a Terrex ICV. Ed arrives in an abandoned Mercedes Sprinter ambulance while May followed Sora there as well.
* The Hero appears.
* Two-Bit meets the Hero in an embarassing way.
* General Guy meets with Anton to buy arms from him. The latter accepts. Ed too buys arms from him.
* Pohatu encounters Malum, and the two face off.
* The rest of the Combine invasion force arrives.
* Two-Bit gets affected by Meta. Sayd removes it from him before the Engineers stays with the greaser.
* Shirou, Subaru, Spriggan and anyone else willing to fight the Combine move out.
* The Combine Advisors appear, but are defeated.
* Sora has some problems maintaining his mana levels before he turns to a cocoon.
* Everyone gets some sleep.

[[folder: Day 17: Underground]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The city has been placed underground with a network of caves and tunnels.

[[AC: Pages]]: 1851 - 1997

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} John Egbert]]
* [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 The RED Spy]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Tenshi Hinanai]]

[[AC: Events]]:
* Everyone finds out to see the underground conditions.
* Tenshi and John appear.
* Two-Bit and Maria set out to locate watches.
* Spriggan rides on an Enduro bike to locate allies and civilians.
* Sora has amnesia.
* Dell's baby Yoshi is named Scarlett.
* Asuka is possessed by Soul Edge. Hito-Shura intervenes before she injures Deadpool and Spriggan.
* Tallon Metroids appear in the City.
* Warp pipes are installed for easy navigation on the subterrenean City.
* Charades appear, fighting the party members using their own abilities.
* Spriggan overreacts to a small quip from Two-Bit, culminating in the TGS agent attacking, then holding Two-Bit at gunpoint after he did a roundhouse kick and a pistol whip. Shirou, Subaru, Maria, and Jurgen pull them apart and chastise Spriggan for his unprofessional and outright uncalled behavior. As Spriggan leaves, an unknown beast smashes on his bike, totally pulverizing Spriggan's legs.
* The "beast", a Charade based on Wreck-Gar, confronts Shirou, Subaru, Maria, Two-Bit, Zero, Cain and Jurgen, and Aki. They are able to defeat it, although Cain loses a (mechanical) finger and Aki is accidentally shot in the shoulder by Zero's Burning Shot.
* General Guy confronts the Hesse Brothers about his purchased weapons, namely [[ItWorksBetterWithBullets why they stopped shooting.]] It gets resolved.
* Spriggan gets tended to by Quint and a mage twice, now that both of his legs were broken after he and the other regroup near the apartment complex. This [[HeroicBSOD brings his fighting spirit down as he can't help the others survive the day.]]
* Cain agrees to help Aki infiltrate the Facility.
* Wreck-Gar and The Family talk to Spriggan about his recent fight with Two-Bit, eventually confiscating his weapons on account of his recent overreaction, though Two-Bit intervenes and insists that they don't search Spriggan for more, as those would be his only defense against #666's forces. Spriggan leaves in a huff, then steals a car so he can drive to the temple. The owner rushes out to see that it was gone. The car was later retrieved by Wreck-Gar after Spriggan abandoned it.
* The Family discusses what has transpired, sparking a brief discussion about Fate's feelings for Nanoha.
* Maria, Mike, and Bran all discuss the nature of The City and how it might have been created this time around.
* The Hesse Brothers try to locate Spriggan, only for their sedan to be smashed up by Jurgen's mech.
* Cain heads off with Aki with assistance from Bran and Two-Bit.
* Dell, Simon and Mike face off against a Charade clone of Larfleeze.
* Cain and Jurgen, Two-Bit, Bran, and Aki break into the Facility where Aki was created. They are almost immediately captured by Doctor Langley. Two-Bit seemingly is killed attempting to break out, but is revived by Meta, with some unsettling side effects.
* The RED Spy appears. He gets into an encounter with the Engineer, Sora, Maria and later Spriggan.
* The Family and others go to Eggmanland, which has been rebuilt by the Series/MythBusters and Series/BillNyeTheScienceGuy to be '''SCIENCE'''land.
* Langley's barrier fails, and the group in the Facility pursue him into the structure's generator room.
* Deadpool and Sora head to '''SCIENCE''' land as well.
* Cain disarms Langley and has him at swordpoint, but the scientist detonates a failsafe in Aki's chest before she can finish him and escapes via teleporter after one final TheReasonYouSuckSpeech.
* 666 appears at '''SCIENCE!'''-Land with a new look. The [=PCs=] nearby gather to meet her, and she attacks them, now [[spoiler:fused with the Troper to become the Wiki Witch of the Web.]] She proceeds to open seven cans of whoopass and defeat the entire group easily, doing severe damage to most of the characters using new, traumatic reality warping powers.
* Spriggan and the Rookie try to tend to the wounded characters. Crona loses it after everything that's happened and attacks.
* After the fight and hearing from the Tans, everyone retreats to regroup and rest.

[[folder: Day 18: Bullets, Babes and Things Blowing Up]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The city is back to normal in the surface, but the [=PC=]s are in a City that is based on action media from live action movies and TV shows to video games and anime/manga.

[[AC: Pages]]: 1997 - 2118

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[VideoGame/SuperMarioRPG Geno]]
* [[Franchise/{{Rambo}} John Rambo]] (NPC)
* Creator/StephenColbert

[[AC: Departures]]:
* Two-Bit

[[AC: Events]]:
* The [=PCs=] wake up after recovering from yesterday.
* Bran wakes up in a hospital after Spriggan called up civil defense to bring him to one. He leaves.
* Geno and Stephen Colbert appear, the former already meeting Bran before John meets him.
* Bran engages Rance in a fight over almost harming a civilian. Some of the others join in like John.
* Deadpool engages in a debate over whether Crona should be killed or not. Opinions are divided.
* The Hesse brothers kill off a customer of theirs via Semtex for not paying them. Paul later visits the crime scene.
* Larfleeze and Sayd take care of the gunmen who barged in the diner.
* Maria talks to Deadpool on calling of his plans. The two of them go and comfort Erika, who needed help.
* A bank robbery takes place. Spriggan, due to his line of work, decides to go and help them.
* Everyone takes on the bank robbers and stops them.
* #666 appears to Langley where he is rewarded with a kiss. It is revealed later that kiss #666 gave will kill Langley.
* #19450 reappears in the city. Many [=PCs=] meet up with her, where she announces her plan to perform a HeroicSacrifice so #666 can be taken down. This plan is met with disapproval and the [=PCs=] try to dissuade the Trope-tan.
* #666 appears in the city and finds #19450 and the [=PCs=]. #19450 goes into a HeroicBSOD.
* The [=PCs=] try to attack #666 but to no avail. #666 then proceeds to attack the [=PCs=]. Wikipe-tan and the other Trope-tans appear and manage to hurt #666. The [=PCs=] are told to retreat and do so, with #19450 in tow. Two-Bit then appears with a Phlebotinum spear, where he manages to hurt the Wiki Witch. She retaliates by sending Two-Bit out of the City with a portal.
* Some of the party members help protect 19450 while the others fight against 666 and a corrupt John Rambo.
* Thanks to the party distracting #666, #19450 was able to gain access to the Roulette and put #666 away from the City.
* After the battle, a large number of PC's head to Flarby's for lunch. While they are there, May hears a little of Erika's backstory and offers to let Erika return to May's world instead of her own. Erika agrees.
* Bowser orders his forces to hunt down Bran after a previous confrontation. Geno offers his assistance to the latter, helping him by trying to go see Bowser before he's taken to Koopa Keep.
* Maria, Deadpool, Simon, Red and Mike head to Castlevania by infiltrating it in the sewers, while Spriggan enters in the same way from another direction. May, the droids, Poppy Jr. and Red join in as well although they lagged a bit behind. They face various undead bosses of people they know of, except for Spriggan who faces [[MemeticMutation an undead tuna sandwich]]. The group meet up in the clock room and face against Dracula.
* The Family exchanges presents while Maria's party part ways after defeating Dracula.

[[folder: Day 19: The Leak]]

[[AC: Curse]]: The city has now begun to experience a variety of curses, including the party members.

[[AC: Pages]]: 2118 - 2218

[[AC: Events]]:
* Everyone in the party wakes up to notice different curses within themselves.
* Maria nearly attacked Spriggan in her vampire form. This prompted the latter to secure some blood for her.
* Spriggan noted a green lantern ring with him. Larfleeze advises him to do a Lantern oath to fully activate its powers, which he did.
* Some of the party memgbers went to see Shirou, trying to cope with the curse changes.
* A temple appears in the downtown core of the City.
* Spriggan tries to find Maria after she turns to her vampire self with Mike. However, she ambushes the former from the back before he was able to get away.
* Four dungeons appear including a flying ship when #19450 informs the party of them to counter the curses for good.
* The party splits off to search groups to arm the devices located deep in the dungeons. The militia assists by cordoning the areas they can go to in order to help the heroes get in without any problem.
* Larfleeze attempts to head to the flying ship with some difficulty. Same goes with Zim.
* The search groups were able to get the beacons to safety while battling with the jumbling curses as their handicap.
* #19450 was able to successfully hack the beacons.
* The Roulette disappears in the end with a white tower.

[[folder: Day 20: Endgame]]

[[AC: Curse]]: None involved.

[[AC: Pages]]: 2218 - 2266

[[AC: Events]]:
* The party sees the white tower that replaced the Roulette.
* The party regroups at said place and makes preparations for the final battle.
* The other Trope-tans arrive and grant invincibility to #666's reality warping powers to some members of the party ([=PCs=].)
* A large Pseudo army heads toward the tower to help #666. Some of the party ([=NPCs=]) [[PutOnABus stay behind to hold them off.]]
* The party goes up the tower and find that #666 has been fused to the roulette, resulting in the monstrosity known as [[EldritchAbomination Giga]][[http://smg.photobucket.com/user/DemovereXeno/media/My%20Artwork/MMFRPGGigatrope-tan.jpg.html trope-tan]].
* The party battles Gigatrope-tan on an infinite road, alternating between fighting the rogue 'tan herself and fighting her hordes of pseudos.
* Orange pseudos arrive, forming into the Meta Bosses from previous days, all of whom join together to help in the fight.
* The party manages to sever the tubes connecting the monitors to Gigatrope-tan, separating the lower part of her body- However, then she unleashes her [[http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v48/DemovereXeno/My%20Artwork/MMFRPGGigatrope-tanFinalForm.jpg final form.]]
* After further combat, the party defeats #666, resulting in the near-dead and weakened 'tan collapsing to the floor, accompanied by the Troper's chair. The party talks with the Troper before he vanishes. #666 is sealed inside the Crimson Stone, to be dealt with by the Trope-Tans.
* The Party returns to the City and begins celebrating with the Militia. However, almost immediately Langley appears and is shot extremely dead[[note]]God ''damn'' it.[[/note]] by Aki. He manages to twist his death into his own victory before dying, making Aki break down. Cain comforts her while everyone else feels awkward.
* Everyone returns back to their respective residences to sleep as the Trope Tans are trying to get portals ready for the party members.

[[folder: Day 21: Farewells]]

[[AC: Curse]]: None involved.

[[AC: Pages]]: 2266 - ?

[[AC: Events]]:
* Most of the party members are invited to join in Harlaus' party.
* Paul/Spriggan is upset when his invitation was sent to him with a sandwich.
* A few party members like Maria, Simon and Red begin to see their goodbyes.
* A number of party members honour the memory of the city by making sculptures of its residents out of ice cream. Yes.
* Everyone leaves the City, most heading back to their own places.
* Selvaria visits Iji, leading to a reunion.

!!Season Three

[[folder:Day 1: Everyone Meets Everyone]]

[[AC: Curse]]: None involved. Several characters arrive at Extremus.

[[AC: Pages]]: 1 - 84

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:
* [[OriginalCharacter Aki]] (veteran)
* [[WesternAnimation/{{Ben10}} Ben Tennyson]]
* [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Cloud Strife]]
* SelfDemonstrating/{{Deadpool}}
* [[WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog Dr. Horrible]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Mother3}} Duster]]
* [[WesternAnimation/LiloAndStitchTheSeries Experiment 625/Reuben]]
* [[VideoGame/MarioAndLuigi Fawful]]
* [[VideoGame/ChronoTrigger Frog]]
* [[VideoGame/MassEffect2 Garrus Vakarian]]
* [[VideoGame/GodHand Gene]]
* [[Franchise/TheWitcher Geralt of Rivia]]
* [[VideoGame/BlazBlue Hakumen]]
* [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Iris]]
* [[VideoGame/ValkyriaChronicles Isara Gunther]] with her [[CoolTank Edelweiss]]
* [[VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss Jade Curtiss]]
* [[WesternAnimation/MyLifeAsATeenageRobot Jenny Wakeman]]
* [[VideoGame/{{StarCraft II}} Jim Raynor]]
* [[Manga/RurouniKenshin Kenshin Himura]]
* VideoGame/{{Kirby}}
* [[VideoGame/DarkForcesSaga Kyle Katarn]]
* [[Toys/{{Bionicle}} The Makuta]]
* [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} May]]
* [[VideoGame/StarTropics Mike Jones]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Persona3}} Minako Arisato]]
* [[Franchise/OnePiece Monkey D. Luffy]]
* [[WesternAnimation/RegularShow Mordecai and Rigby]]
* [[VideoGame/EpicMickey Oswald The Lucky Rabbit]]
* [[VideoGame/Disgaea3AbsenceOfJustice Raspberyl]]
* [[VideoGame/NiGHTSIntoDreams Reala]]
* [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Red]]
* [[Franchise/KingdomHearts Riku]]
* [[ComicBook/XMen Rogue]]
* [[Franchise/{{Metroid}} Rundas]]
* [[Franchise/{{Metroid}} Samus Aran]]
* [[WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants Sandy Cheeks]]
* [[Franchise/MortalKombat Sub-Zero the Younger]]
* [[Literature/{{Discworld}} Susan Sto-Helit]]
* [[VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes Travis Touchdown]]
* [[VideoGame/MountAndBlade Warlord Ithilrandir]]

[[AC: Events]]:

* Several characters arrive in three different places throughout Extremus.
* Three groups were created after the characters arrive. Group A started on a fishing dock. Group B started on the ruins of a town square while Group C arrived at an abandoned shopping mall.
* GROUP A: (Composed of Raspberyl, Garrus Vakarian, Samus Aran, Minako Arisato, Isara Gunther, Travis Touchdown, Aki, Jade Curtiss, Fawful, Gene, Susan Sto-Helit, May, and Kenshin Himura)
** Everyone in Group A arrives at the docks
** The Group gets ambushed by bandits but defeats them. There are some complaints about using lethal force/nonlethal force.
** They retreats to warehouse when a storm threatens to arrive and puts the complaints out of mind for the time being.
** Everyone goes through a mini-maze and speaks with the head of the warehouses, who explains the problem with scavengers as well as the history of how he arrived. [[note]]He and his family were teleported in way back when, and are currently trying to gather enough food just to survive.[[/note]]
** They head of the warehouses, Edison, explains how a group went towards a pillar of light to re settle, about the scavenger camp nearby, and about a defunct radio tower nearby as well before he offers food and then leaves.
** The Group talks amongst themselves and gets to know one another within the group.
** They leaves after the storm is over and meets Isara (who was inactive until then) who promptly shuts herself inside the tank.
** The group finds an abandoned "Flarby's" restaurant.
** Everyone approaches the fortress and tries a diplomatic approach, but is soon found out and quickly overwhelm the bandits.
* GROUP B: (Composed of Jim Raynor, Rogue, Sandy Cheeks, Duster, Rundas, Hakumen, Geralt of Rivia, Ithilrandir, Mordecai and Rigby, Ben Tennyson, and Iris)
** Everyone in Group B finds themselves at the town square.
** The group decide to use a nearby tower to get a view of their whereabouts.
** Pterodactyls attack the group, who fend them off with little effort.
** Moving on from the tower, they encounter a waterfall that flows upwards. Near it is a library.
* GROUP C: (Composed of Kyle Katarn, Mike Jones, Kirby, Frog, The Makuta/Emily, Dr. Horrible, Experiment 625, Reala, Red, Jenny Wakeman, Cloud Strife, Monkey D. Luffy, Sub-Zero, and Deadpool)
** Everyone in Group C meets up inside the abandoned shopping mall. This includes little girl Emily, who is, in fact, possessed by Makuta.
** On the way to find the food court, the group ends up fighting off an attack from some enraged animals. A strange, evil presence is felt...
** After finding the food court and gathering what food they could, the group decides to head for Kyle's ship, the ''Raven's Claw''.
** As they arrive at the ship, the group is ambushed by a small squad of [[VideoGame/{{Crysis}} C.E.L.L. operatives]], who are successfully defeated.
** The ''Raven's Claw'' takes off, but soon crashes near a settlement.
** The settlement is abandoned, except for a crazy old man in a poncho, who offers the parts to fix the ship for some bear claws.
** During the search for bears, the group is attacked by a herd of [[Franchise/HarryPotter thestrals]]. It's decided that these are the "bears" the poncho man was referring to, so the group collects fangs from them once they're dealt with.
** The group trades the thestral fangs for spaceship parts, along with a few other supplies that the poncho man has lying around.
** While the ship is being worked on, the group decides to set up camp for the night.
** Meanwhile, Reala begins to form a sinister alliance with an entity known as the Makuta...
* Everyone heads off with their groups to catch some sleep.

[[folder: Day 2: Color Shuffle]]

[[AC: Curse storm]]: The landscape, characters' clothing, equipment, eyes and hair have changed colors.

[[AC: Curse zones encountered]]: In addition, deadly monsters, primarily undead, are now present (though not exclusively). The party need not worry about being infected with zombie viruses or the like, assuming they stay alive. Radios and other such means of communication still work, but they are unreliable and prone to failing at inopportune times. Since when has a horror movie protagonist ever had a reliable cell phone?

[[AC: Pages]]: 82 - 133

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:

* Film/{{Hellboy}} -- Group C
* [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Justicar Alaric]] -- Group C
* [[VideoGame/SengokuBasara Motochika Chosokabe]] -- Group A
* [[Manga/ZatchBell Parco Folgore and Kanchome]] -- Group A
* [[Anime/DennouCoil Yuko 'Isako' Amasawa]] -- Group B

[[AC: Events]]:

* Group A:

** Parco Folgore and Kanchome, as well as Motochika Chosokabe, pop up.
** The group drives out on the Edelweiss away from the radio tower, down the road past the Flarby's restaurant.
** The colors suddenly start becoming duller... And a mysterious radio transmission is heard by all the groups.
** Undead wolf-rat-dogs (Carcass Eaters) and a treant attack.
** And after they're soundly defeated, Susan uses her [[AC:Voice]] to get the undead dogs to accompany and assist the group.
** A [[VideoGame/Left4Dead Witch]] then attacks, followed by more zombies.
** The group escapes, arriving in a town, where they are welcomed rather warmly.
** They meet Sam Edeson, the brother of the head of the warehouses, Nathan. Sam mentions some jeeps that need fixing, so that the townsfolk may use them to travel around.
** See "Group A+B" below.
** sleepytime~

* Group B:

** Yuko 'Isako' Amasawa arrive.
** Group B heads on a cart towards a place where the colors seem mysteriously duller.
** Red X pops up, way behind the group.
** The group is attacked by a horde of zombies and the like.
** Isako ends up being knocked out due to an explosion. Though due to the efforts of others, the zombies do not get to her.
** Rundas carries Isako away and puts her down near a tree to keep her safe.
** Oswald the Lucky Rabbit joins the fray.
** As the group engages the horde, a Scrake (a chainsaw-wielding zombie) attacks. Mordecai and Rigby distract it long enough for Oswald to hook it; Hakumen then distracts the Scrake to let Oswald trip the monster over. However, it grabs Sandy as it goes down, forcing Hakumen to tackle it to the ground and deliver the finishing blow.
** A red-armored figure that appears to be Raynor returns; it turns out to be an Infested Terran. Hakumen takes the Scrake's chainsaw, activates his Super Mode, and engages the creature in close combat. He is shot in the torso when "Raynor" grabs him; however, he manages to struggle free and kill the Terran with a FinishingMove.
** Ithilrandir and Isako go missing in the meanwhile.
** As the colors return to normal, the Infested Terran's armor returns to its natural yellow color, indicating that it's not Raynor.
** Raynor returns and the group heads for a ruined area populated by a small band of others, led by a woman with dark skin and bright red hair, who were sucked into Extremus. They offer their assistance in exchange for a moisture vaporator held by another group -- one that lives within a town.
** Group B splits up; Raynor, Sandy, Mordecai, Rigby, Iris, Geralt, Oswald and Rundas head out to visit the town with the "vaporator"; the rest stays in the campsite. Isako returns, stays in the campsite.

* Group A+B:

** Raynor, Sandy, Mordecai, Rigby, Iris, Geralt, Oswald and Rundas arrive at the vaporator town. ''Which happens to be the very town that Group A is currently in.''
** Raynor sees Samus and Fawful; he suspects that Samus is a ghost and that Fawful is a weird little thing.
** Raynor and others begin to realize that the band who sent them here lied quite a lot about the locals, and stealing the Vaporator might not be as inconsequential as they were told.
** The townsfolk apprehend the Group B expedition.
** The townsfolk explain that the dark-skinned woman's band who sent them here are liars and bandits.
** Raynor and others head back to the liars-and-bandits' campsite; Ithilrandir returns and joins them on the way.

* Group B, together again:

** Raynor confronts the band of liars, who simply get up and leave. Victory, I guess?
** sleepytime~

* Group C:

** As the group muses over their respective palette swaps, Hellboy and Alaric appear in Extremus and join up with them.
** Jenny is running out of power, and the group decides to head out to find a power converter or something to help her. Also to find some damn FOOD.
** When looking for food, the group finds a bunch of gopher holes, which they collect gophers from so they can eat.
** Everyone gets on board the ''Raven's Claw'', which lands in a very eerie-looking area.
** Almost immediately, the group is attacked by a pack of [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Stalfos and Stalhounds]], which are dispatched with relative ease. A [[VideoGame/{{Minecraft}} Ghast]] joins in the fray not too long after, proving resilient before it goes down after several attacks.
** sleepytime~

* NPC events:

** Makuta has taken over the "Avenue Darkness" gang and sends them out to look for "protosteel".


[[folder: Day 3: Dungeon Crawl]]

[[AC: Curse storm]]:

[[AC: Curse zones encountered]]:

* The caves within the hills have been transformed into a massive labyrinthine dungeon filled with monsters and all manner of traps. Who knows? Even treasure might await those who know where and how to look.
* Outfits, armor, and weapons have changed into fantasy equivalents. Guns become bows or crossbows, energy weapons become brilliant energy weapons (which pass directly through armor but are incapable of harming non-living material, undead notwithstanding), while weapons which would otherwise fit in with a fantasy setting would remain unchanged. Proficiency in these weapons is imparted for the duration of the characters' stay in the curse zone.
* In the case of characters who rely on a suit of armor or some other life support in order to function, that condition does not apply while inside the curse zone, unless the item in question would not be changed by it (for example, someone who needed to have their sword with them at all times would still need to do so, but a Quarian would not need to constantly worry about their immune system).
* While inside the curse zone, ammunition will never run out. The characters will find that their weapons always seem to have enough ammo to get by.
* In order to maintain their status as being "special", all metallic vehicles will be changed into a steampunk-esque weapon, chosen by the character who actually owns it. Anyone inside the vehicles when entering the curse zone will be safely ejected from it before the conversion so as not to be trapped inside. Anything else inside them will reappear unharmed once they leave the curse zone.

[[AC: Pages]]: 133 - 240

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:

* [[VideoGame/DevilMayCry Dante]] -- Group A
* [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyV Faris Scherwiz]] -- Group B
* [[VideoGame/DungeonFighterOnline Ixia]] -- Group A
* [[Franchise/ResidentEvil Jill Valentine]] -- Group B
* [[Series/KamenRiderFaiz Masato Kusaka]] -- Group C
* [[VideoGame/MassEffect2 Thane Krios]] -- Group C

[[AC: Departures]]:

* Jade Curtiss
* Sub-Zero

[[AC: Events]]:

* Group A:

** Jill appears in one of the buildings in the town, and immediately fights some invisible monsters, causing loud explosions heard by Groups A and B.
** Dante pops up, Ixia soon after.
** The group decides to wander around the town and try and trade/work for some supplies before leaving.
** Dante meets the lizardfolk Vecos, who hires him to help guard the walls. Vecos also sens out someone to hire Gene. Travis joins in slightly later.
** Vecos mentions some people who visited the town or passed through in the recent days: Group A, expedition of Group B, a big armed guy accompanied by a ghost (?), and a minotaur with a sword (which might be Alastor, a sword Dante has once lost).
** Dante, Gene and Travis fight some undead cougars, competing with each other.
** A redhead woman named Lithos pops up and takes Dante to the armory. (She's in charge of the armory, and she's obsessed with guns.) Dante promptly is given a lot of stuff from her.
** Jade Curtiss decides to remain in the town[[note]]thus conveniently being written out of the party as Jade's player has switched to Ixia[[/note]].
** Having collected enough supplies, the group departs, and soon comes upon some hills.
** The group enters the cavern/dungeon entrance in the hills, and is subjected to the curse zone's effects.
** They come to a crossroads in the dungeon. Which route: Treasury, Furnace, Nest, Arena? They choose Arena.
** Makuta talks to Fawful in his head, trying to get him to work for him.
** After [[HandWave some trapped-corridor hijinks]] they come upon a chimera and manage to calm it down.
** Some goblins pop up, and the group negotiates for safe passage in exchange for winning a fight in the arena.
** The fight is against "The Answerer". Yeah yeah they win. The goblins' "boss", Galderstern the [[http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs20/f/2007/253/8/5/Ethergaunt_by_boudicca.jpg ethergaunt]], offers them two things from his treasury and safe passage. Travis picks a motorcycle engine, while Ixia ditzily takes a hat.
** The group proceeds towards the exit, but then a NPC merc (?) squad led by "Lt. Hatsune" and "Lt. Baast" sambushes them, their boss having located Group A through their radio transmissions earlier.
** With some help from Galderstern, Group B escapes and reaches a neighborhood of 1990's style houses.

* Group B:

** Jill runs off to join Group B in their campsite outside town.
** Faris appears.
** Raynor decides they should go "North", towards the pillar of light.
** They come upon a route-blocking hill with a cave in it. They enter, of course, because there is always adventure to be found in caves.
** The cave soon turns into a dungeon; within is the curse zone. Transformations ahoy.
** Some further travel down the tunnels, and then, [[VideoGame/MetroidPrime Reptilicuses]] and Reptilicus Hunters.
** Then the group is attacked by [[VideoGame/{{Diablo}} Fetishes]]. [[HehHehYouSaidX *snrk*]]
** The group crosses a chasm, gets past a chimera and exits the cave (and the curse zone). Outside, they see a neighborhood of 1990's style houses in the distance. They decide to approach it.
** The group finds some broken toys in the area and proceeds to search the houses.

* Group C:

** As everyone wakes up, they spot Kusaka, who has just appeared in the area.
** Deciding to get out of zombie territory (and find a power source for Jenny), the group takes the ''Raven's Claw'' out to a mountainous area with a cave nearby.
** While exploring the cave, Sub-Zero gets kidnapped by some [[Franchise/MortalKombat cyborg ninjas]]. The group pursues them.
** As they get further in the cave, everyone's equipment and abilities transforms to their medieval fantasy equivalents. Even the ''Raven's Claw'' gets transformed into a weapon for Kyle to use.
** The group finds a treasure chest. Deadpool tries to open it, causing it to reveal itself as a [[ChestMonster mimic]].
** The group meets a woman in blue called Elizabeth, who introduces herself, then leaves. Meanwhile, mysterious noises pipe up and don't stop.
** Belkar and Thane Krios arrive.
** The group walks into a dungeon section infested with mushrooms.
** They get ambushed by a clan of [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}} Night Goblins]].
** In a shocking twist, they defeat their enemies and continue.
** They come upon the dungeon exit, which is also guarded by a chimera. The chimera then leaves for no reason whatsoever and they emerge out of the cave into a neighborhood of 1990's style houses.

* Groups B+C:

** Groups B and C meet in the abandoned neighborhood.
*** Alaric w/ 625 and Hakumen meet and the first thing they do is fight.
*** Geralt and Deadpool duel.
*** Oswald tells Jenny about his tragic past and abandonment by Walt Disney.

* Groups A+B+C:

** Group A arrives in a tank, much to the panic of groups B+C.
** Everyone murder each other... no wait, they actually make introductions and talk and stuff.
** Everyone sits down for a meal.
** May and Red have a Pokemon battle.
** Kyle finds more broken toys around the city, as well as a power converter for Jenny.
** Makuta talks to Reala and Fawful, telling them to meet with him in a private place. Some people get a bit suspicious when Reala flies away.
** Something (Makuta? Dark Star?) manages to sneak out of Fawful and into the minds of May's Pokemon.
** Reala, Makuta and Fawful have a meeting and are plotting like crazy to TakeOverTheWorld. Fawful is to make a device that will allow them to mind-control people around Extremus.
** Due to a series of circumstances, a naked Aki, a flustered Raspberyl and a furious Alaric end up being in the same room. Kirby manages to defuse the crisis.
** Everyone go to sleep.

* NPC Events:

** The Trope-tans notice mysterious radio silence from a couple of Trope-tans around the multiverse, and SendInTheSearchTeam into the '{{verse}}s where the missing girls were stationed.


[[folder: Day 4: Toy Time]]

[[AC: Curse storm]]:

* Everyone has been transformed into toy versions of themselves, shrunk to a fraction of their normal size and stripped of all their normal powers.
* Anyone whose character has been made into an action figure in real life becomes that action figure, meaning that relative sizes between characters may be different than they are on other days.
* Anyone who possesses projectile weapons will keep them, but they will fire either small bbs or some sort of action figure javelin-like projectile. Ammunition of either kind will be extremely limited for each person, but the plus-side is that most will be interchangeable between anyone who use that type.
* Non-projectile weapons become plastic versions of the originals. Similarly, Aki's blades would be spring-loaded.
* The Pokemon trainers' Pokemon are outside of their Pokeballs for the duration of the curse and are similarly affected.

[[AC: Curse zones encountered]]:

[[AC: Pages]]: 240 - 311

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:

* [[Franchise/ResidentEvil Alyssa Ashcroft]]
* [[Franchise/GhostInTheShell Batou]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Persona 3}} Fuuka Yamagishi]]
* [[VideoGame/BattleForWesnoth Mal Keshar]]
* [[VideoGame/CastlevaniaAriaOfSorrow Soma Cruz]]
* [[VideoGame/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAsPortable Stern the Destructor/Material-S]]
* [[VideoGame/KingdomHeartsBirthBySleep Vanitas]]

[[AC: Events]]:

* Groups A+B+C:

** Everyone struggle to get out of their beds, let alone out of rooms.
** Batou, Stern the Destructor, Fuuka Yamagishi pop up. Mal Keshar had appeared last night.
** Makuta manifests physically as a small creature and hides around.
** Stern finds a RC toy truck to drive around in.
** Alyssa Ashcroft arrives.
** The heroes decide to get the hell out of town before whatever is responsible for the broken toys strewn around comes back and finds them.
** Evil chimeric-mashup toys attack. The group fights them back and escapes into a house.
*** The minotaur mentioned earlier assists a little.
** Emily and Reala discuss, deciding that Emily should be more active and helpful to gain the group's trust.
** The curse deactivates. Everyone transform/grow back in the middle of their battle against the evil toys, which transform back into their true monstrous forms as well.
** Big fight.
*** Deadpool and Mal Keshar fight each other.
** The players escape the town, and soon find themselves at a three-way crossroads (not counting the way back).
** Soma Cruz arrives.
** The groups decide to split up again, and there's some quarreling about who will switch groups.
*** Rogue joins Group C.
*** Jenny joins Group B.
*** Batou chooses Group A.
*** Alyssa chooses Group A.
*** Folgore and Janchome join Group B.
*** Stern chooses Group B.
*** Mal Keshar chooses Group C.
*** Soma Cruz is following Group B without revealing himself.
*** Fuuka's choice or whereabouts are unknown.
** Each group heads down their chosen path, hoping to make it eventually to the pillar of light. Group A obviously takes off in the Edelweiss, Group C -- in ''Raven's Claw'', Group B -- on foot.

* Group A:

** Makuta finds the Dark Star that lives within Fawful's mind, and both forces of evil have a nice chat.
** They come upon a tower, with a satellite dish on the roof, and some vehicles parked around it. A group of scavengers is nearby. The scavengers leg it when they see the tank.
** Travis finds an incomplete, but undestroyed motorcycle.
** A landspeeder with six [=NPCs=] inside arrives.
** The [=NPCs=] ask Group A if they've found anything interesting around. There's some tension as one of them, a [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Kroot]], has a grudge against the likes of Aki.
** Mataba the Kroot taunts Aki into shooting him, and responds in kind. Raspberyl, seeing things have gone south, calls for everyone to evacuate into the tank. The group tries to mend things by healing Aki and Mataba.
** The scavengers get all pissed at Mataba and all impressed by Group A. They decide to go away and leave all the scrap lying around to Group A.
** Some black-hooded Ixia clones suddenly teleport in to take Ixia to their "Mistress Ilder".
** Ixia is rendered unconscious, while the clones go into battle, and finally teleport away with Ixia.
** The group continues on forward, and ends up next to a jungle. There's some kind of a building far within, too far in to see what it is.
** (sleep mode on)

* Group B:

** Arrives at a town surrounded by an electrified fence and watched over by a bored elf with a machine gun.
** Oswald, Mordecai and Rigby poke at the electric fence.
** Jenny goes to the building staffed by one "Christa" in hopes of getting some tasty electricity.
** Soma Cruz introduces himself.
** The group stays for the night in an old building.
** Makuta manifests himself and has a short private chat with Stern.
** Stern casually proposes to the group that they should massacre the town and steal everything. The group is disconcerted by this.
** (sleep mode on)

* Group C:

** ''Raven's Claw'' lands in a metal forest in order to meet with a strange computer-y wizard down on the ground.
*** The www.izard talks in RPG text boxes and has emoticons for a face.
** The group is given some crystalline fruits, but is unsure if they can be eaten.
** The ''Raven's Claw'' departs and soon comes upon The Omar--a group of NPC traders--in the forest.
** The Omar offer a discount on their goods in exchange for finding a snake monster's spinal fibre and, potentially, finding a killed "Protector" and salvaging whatever it had on itself.
** Some time later, the group does indeed engage the robotic snake monster, kills it, recovers the fibre, yay for discounts.
** Vanitas pops up.

* NPC Events:

** The missing Trope-tans are still, well, missing. And the ones that went to look for them have disappeared as well. #11184 dos the most logical thing possible: rush off to look for them all.
** Someone's broken into a Troper-Tan place. With nefarious intent, I suppose.


[[folder: Day 5: Welcome to the Jungle]]

[[AC: Curse storm]]:

[[AC: Curse zones encountered]]:

* The groups have entered a vast jungle.

[[AC: Pages]]: 311 - appx. 412 (for Group A), 311-405 (for groups B+C)

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:

* [[Series/DoctorWho The Doctor]] -- Group C
* [[Videogame/SuperMarioRPG Geno]] -- Groups B+C

[[AC: Departures]]:

* Cloud Strife
* Deadpool
* Frog
* Isara

[[AC: Events]]:

* Group A:

** Isara's gone. The Edelweiss still remains though.
** Fawful's made a small robot called Roger.
** The group heads deep into the jungle, and finds evil-looking twin totem poles. A momentary sickness befalls them.
** Meanwhile, Susan notes that a ghost is following them. Samus notes that the ghost is a young man.
** Lizardfolk attack, then run in fear. The ghost disappears.
** A Pidgey apparently takes a liking to Dante and begins following him around.
** Group A fights [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot winged gorillas with swords]]. Meanwhile, May had sent out some of her Pokemon which make it to the lizardmen's settlement and return.
** DANTE used the ULTRA BALL. Gotcha! PIDGEY was caught!
*** Give a nickname to PIDGEY? >YES
*** Beatrix. (yeah, it's a girl Pidgey.)
** The group comes upon a big floating sphere of water, and a temporary sickness affects them again. At the same time, a shriek of some colossal bird can be heard. The lizardfolk meanwhile are back, benevolent, though keeping their distance.
** The lizardfolk tell the group about the "Ruendra", the being responsible for the flying gorillas and the shrieking, as well as other anomalous incidents.
** The team argues if they should fight Ruendra or take a safe, side path. One group (Kenshin, Minako, Alyssa, Travis) wants to fight, but the majority prefers safety.
** Kenshin, Travis, Minako, Dante, Gene and Alyssa leave to fight the Ruendra; May follows to talk some sense into them. They come upon a ruined city.
** The rest of the group decides to follow after them.
** Travis and Dante get separated from the others by some weird fog.
** Okay let's split it up a little.

** '''The City Group (Kenshin, Gene, Alyssa, Minako, May)'''
*** The city group comes upon mutant mice. One of them accompanies Gene as the group follows after a mysterious floating light.
*** Kenshin and Gene are grabbed by some malicious animate webs, made by [[TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons ettercaps]]. Very short combat ensues.
*** The city group keeps following the light, arriving at towering buildings covered with insect hives.
*** They hear someone shouting, and investigate. More mice join them on the way.
*** Upon investigating the strange sounds of merry shouting, everyone find themselves isolated and suddenly encounter their loved ones... In a shocking twist that surprises no one, they're actually monsters in disguise.
*** Kenshin, Minako and May meet, still shocked and hurt from this attack. They're found by the Other People From Group A.
*** Gene finds himself in front of the mysterious "Yellow Fang Pub".

** '''Dante and Travis'''
*** Dante & Travis enter the mysterious "Yellow Fang Pub", an abandoned place. They find a strange old man inside, a gambler.
*** Dante, Travis and the old guy sit down to a game of poker.
*** While playing, the old man names the city as Ulduvai.
*** Dante and Travis begin becoming irate when the old man refuses to give them useful info, and are promptly attacked by a [[Franchise/FinalFantasy Tonberry]].
*** Gene ends up in the building and intervenes.
*** Dante ends up knocked out and especially badly wounded.
*** The old man gets killed, revealing his true demon form.

** '''The Other People From Group A'''
*** Are followed by more ghosts as they're making their way to Ulduvai.
*** Fawful's robot Roger is sent into Ulduvai for reconnaissance. The transmission is cut off when it enters one of the buildings.
*** Once they make it in, they come upon a weird GravityScrew area.
*** [[EverythingTryingToKillYou Bricks begin attacking the group.]] A weird headless bird takes a liking to Fawful and begins to accompany him.
*** The group arrives at the building that stymied Roger. Roger himself returns.
*** The group finds and retrieves Kenshin, Minako and May from nearby, then arrives near the "Yellow Fang Pub" as Gene and Travis leave. They begin taking care of the badly wounded Dante.

** So, group A is together again, including Alyssa, who finally arrives.
** Minako finds a sizeable tunnel opening in the pavement, leading to a treasure trove.
** The fog starts getting thinner, and Group A sees a watchtower in the distance.
** With the fog mostly gone, the group now sees an exit route out of the city.
** They meet Galdestern, Kirby and Reala. Galdestern notes that the lack of fog will lead to the Ruendra's death in a matter of days. He also tells them about some wicked wizards running around Ulduvai.
** The group reaches a consensus to move on.
** Reala and Kirby join Group A.
** Aki knocks out Kenshin with a rifle, believing him to be a liability. It is her commissar duty to execute him. She also stabs Gene. Poor girl. Everything comes out pretty OK though.
** Group A, travelling on, meets a merchant woman, a [[Franchise/MassEffect Quarian]] named Nel'Reya vas Israfiyl. The group buys stuff, moves on.
** The group comes upon a displaced [[VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas Caesar's Legion]] camp. Soon, the Legionaries, who like to say "[[AuthorVocabularyCalendar profligate]]" a lot, let them in and give them a sleeping place in a big tent. With the crucifixions and the slavery, being in the camp is a rather uneasy experience.
** In the dead of night, Raspberyl sneaks out to free the crucified prisoner. She's caught, and is gonna be punished, and all her friends killed too.
** The entire Legion attacks the group.
** Oh, by the way, last night Makuta silently delivered the mind-control masks to Fawful and Reala. Funny how we forgot to mention that.
** The group decides to leg it out of there, grabbing the crucified man on the way. They make it to a settlement thanks to Nel'Reya's help. Good night!

* Group B:

** The group leaves in a NPC's Isuzu truck, heading towards a jungle.
** They find some exploding, yet edible fruits.
** A giant octopus-like monster emerges from the jungle. Ithilrandir distracts it with exploding fruit and the group slips away.
** In the jungle, the group comes upon a stream of corrosive water. As the group contemplates it, the vegetation itself rises up against them.
** And promptly is killed. Stupid vegetation. The group continues along the stream.
** A shriek of some colossal bird can be heard.
** Some large creatures are hiding in the stream...
** The truck is attacked by [[Franchise/{{Alien}} Xenomorphs]]. Who are defeated.
** The group spots a massive flower in the middle of the acid river. It attacks. Is defeated.
** The group then comes upon a wooden shack. Just some rope, rotten potatoes and a touch-activated lantern inside. Oswald, however, also finds a Pendant of Opposite Accent.
** ''Raven's Claw'' lands near to greet them. Group B and Group C now have essentially become one. See "Group B+C" from now on.

* Group C:

** The Doctor is here.
** 625 casually mentions being a weapon of mass destruction created by a mad scientist, and becomes the target of distrust.
** The group comes upon a downed dropship deep in the jungle.
** The group is attacked by soldiers. Deadpool pulls off a HeroicSacrifice to let the others escape in the ''Raven's Claw''.
** Makuta has a very brief chat with Vanitas.
** Kyle lands the ''Raven's Claw'' and leaves to investigate the mysterious soldiers.
** A shriek of some colossal bird can be heard.
** The group... suddenly is exploring Ulduvai? Okay, I admit, I have no idea when this happened.
** They notice some kind of a robed person running around on air. It's none other than Galdestern. He tells them some things about the city and Ruendra, then leaves.
** Group C decides to fight Ruendra.
** The group is transported to some stables, which they investigate. Four persons are sent to investigate the distant sound of bells instead. That's a lot of splitting up for one day...
** Cloud Strife suddenly returns to his world.

** '''Bells Group (Reala and Kirby)'''

*** Makuta temporarily teleports Reala to Makuta's HQ, introducing Reala to Makuta's second-in-charge, "Grandpappy Ghostman".
*** Makuta mentions that Vanitas, not allied with Makuta and yet aware of him, is a liability. Reala suggests persuading Vanitas he's a part of the plan, even if he isn't.
*** Makuta demonstrates the power of [[MindControlDevice Infected Masks]], and plots to use them on the animals of Extremus.
*** Makuta[[note]]Four times the charm, right?[[/note]] and Reala teleport back, taking bags of masks with them.
*** The two-man group departs.
*** The bell-sounds are found to come from a large watchtower overlooking the walls of the city, with an unmanned cart leaving it.
*** Kirby and Reala meet Galdestern in the watchtower. He asks them for help in defending him from monsters while he uses an artifact to control the fog of Ulduvai.
*** [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Tzeentch's Horrors]] pop up to attack. Kirby and Reala manage to hold them off while Galdestern finishes his job, lifting the fog off the city, then the three of them finish off the beasts easily. They then leave and head towards Group A.
*** Reala and Kirby join Group A.

** '''Stables Group (others)'''

*** A blob-like monster pops up to attack while the group is investigating the oddly spacious stables. ''It's Ruendra.''
*** The group fights Ruendra, obviously with some difficulty.
*** Ruendra escapes, and Rogue follows in the ''Raven's Claw'', then they continue to fight it.
*** Frog finishes off Ruendra. The team blasts off.
*** The crew of ''Raven's Claw'' spots Group B and lands in the jungle near them. They then end up accompanying group B.

* Group B+C:

** The ''Raven's Claw'' crew notices the RED base in the distance. Did I mention that there's a RED base with an entire ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' RED team in it? Because there is.
** They land near the RED base, and are cautiously invited.
** Makuta recruits Vanitas. Frog is a witness, but Makuta uses his powers to make Frog misinterpret the situation as Vanitas and an unknown someone plotting against Emily.
** Not that it matters, becase then Makuta puts a mind-control mask on Frog. The rest of the team believes that Frog is dead.
** [[Videogame/SuperMarioRPG Geno]] pops up.
** The groups stay in the RED base for the night.

* RED Team:

** From the VideoGame/TeamFortress2 {{verse}}, an entire RED base along with the RED team ends up in Extremus. [[MindScrew Scarlett, the RED Engineer's Yoshi dinosaur daughter]] (see Season Two), is present.
** A ship crashes nearby, and the RED investigates. It is a crashed [[{{Series/Firefly}} Reaver ship]].
** A fight against Reavers ensues. The RED team infiltrates the ship.
** A shriek of some colossal bird can be heard.
** The RED team massacres the ship's crew, kills their [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking captain]]. Then they go back to their base and fortify themselves, preparing for the arduous adventuring that awaits them.
** The team notices ''Raven's Claw'' in the distance, and believes it to be hostile.
** The ''Raven's Claw'', with groups B and C within, lands near the RED base. The groups are welcomed, if cautiously. They stay for the night.

* NPC Events:

** Prothero, the minotaur that Dante has heard about and seen earlier, is travelling around on an unspecified quest. Alastor, a demon who inhabits his sword, convinces him to see Dante as danger.
** The guys who have captured Sub-Zero have finished building their robotic warrior, 520. They're now searching for the now-merged group B.
** Makuta gets an armor made of protosteel built for him, as well as a cape and mask.
** The Trope-tans determine that Extremus is where the badguy probably is hiding. Trope-tan #19450 speeds off there on her own in hopes of rescuing her sisters.
*** Meanwhile, [[OhCrap #666 escapes prison]].


[[folder: Day 6: A Mile in Another's Shoes]]

* Note: From now on, "Group B+C" becomes simply Group B.

[[AC: Curse storm]]:

* Characters have their powers, equipment, and outfits (and physical appearance if the player so chooses) changed to those of a different character who is similar to them in some way.
* Similarities can be fairly broad, such as voice actor/actress or similar personality.

[[AC: Curse zones encountered]]:

[[AC: Pages]]: Group B: 405 - 516, Group A: appx. 412 - 517

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:

* [[WesternAnimation/{{Nine}} 7]] -- Group B
* [[VideoGame/{{Hitman}} Agent 47]] -- Group A
* [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Azula]] -- Group B
* [[Franchise/MortalKombat Cyrax]] -- Group B
* [[VideoGame/{{Suikoden}} Freyjadour Falenas]] -- Group B
* [[Toys/{{Bionicle}} Karzahni]] -- Group B
* [[LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya Kyon]] -- Group B
* [[LightNovel/{{Slayers}} Lina Inverse]] -- Group A
* [[Manga/{{Bleach}} Renji]] -- Group B
* Wrestling/ReyMysterioJr -- Group B
* [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Rock Lee]] -- Group A
* [[Franchise/KingdomHearts Roxas]] -- Group B
* [[Franchise/HarryPotter Severus Snape]] -- Group B
* [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid Solid Snake (Old)]] -- Group A

[[AC: Departures]]:
* Alyssa Ashcroft
* Ben
* Experiment 625
* Folgore and Kanchome
* Kenshin
* Red
* Riku
* Susan

[[AC: Events]]:

* Group A:
** People start waking up, and Raspberyl chews everyone out for not checking up on Aki yet.
** Dante and Batou run into Agent 47 outside of the settlement gate, and invite him to join the group.
** Solid Snake sneaks up on Samus and Garrus using a cardboard box. After some hilarious misunderstandings, he decides to group up with everyone else.
** Beryl, May, and Kenshin bump into Rock Lee and introduce themselves to him. Guess who decides to join the group?
** Travis finds a Job Center from his universe, and gets caught up in doing odd jobs. Kenshin also gets thrown into the mix, delivering water to various townsfolk. HilarityEnsues.
** [[Series/ArrestedDevelopment Gob]] ambushes the group hanging out at the tank with a spectacular magic show! Thoroughly annoyed, Nel sends him away, and checks up on how everyone is doing.
** After eating breakfast, the group has a meeting to discuss teamwork issues. Kenshin, noticeably, walks out of the meeting after a heated debate about what happened back in Ulduvai.
** Batou, Samus, Garrus, Fawful, and Dante meet with the leaders of Cielo City, including Mrs. Whirshire, an old woman with a prosthetic leg and an [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Ultra Ball]], and Oliven, a gnomish engineer. They reveal that the Bloodhounds, the mercenary squad that the group ran into in the caves, forced them to settle in the town, and don't seem to want anyone pursuing the pillar of light.
*** They also revealed what's up ahead: a lake with a building at the bottom and chimeras, an ocean that gives people and vehicles a nautical theme, and a large mountain made of both lava and ice.
** Kenshin and Beryl have a conversation where the samurai reveals his violent past.
** Everyone trades for various supplies in the city. Meanwhile, May talks with Mrs. Whirshire, and discovers that she's her grandmother. What a twist!
** A Frumentarii from the Legion approaches Kenshin and tries to convince him to join their cause. When he refuses, they attempt to assassinate him, though the shot misses. After the sniper is caught by Batou and the townspeople, the group decides that it's probably time to move out.
** After awhile of traveling, they reached the lake mentioned by the Cielo City leaders. At the same time, everyone's powers and equipment change to wildly different forms. In some cases, their entire appearances shifted dramatically.
** While most of the group stayed on the surface to battle chimeras, Samus, Beryl, Garrus, Snake, May, and Fawful sneaked into the base under the lake. There, they ran into Galdestern (who had also changed with the curse, so they didn't recognize him), who showed them a map of all of the radio towers the Bloodhounds are keeping track of.
** After retrieving whatever important information they could get from the chimera base, the group escaped and moved on.
** Once they reached the beach, Lina Inverse dropped into the ocean nearby, and immediately made a mad dash for the food. After stopping her, she decided to join the group on their quest to the pillar of light.
* Group B:
** Rey Mysterio, 7 and Azula pop up.
** Riku disappears after hearing something in the base and following it.
** Roxas arrives in Extremus.
*** Vanitas runs off to kill him.
** 520 and his builders have found group B.
** Red recognizes Sub-Zero in the group of cyborgs, and everyone works to take them down. Sub-Zero is recovered safely, though his programming has taken away his free will and made him fiercely loyal to the group.
** Folgore's book burns in the chaos, causing him and Kanchome to disappear.
** Meanwhile, Makuta introduces himself to Azula, and recruits her to his cause.
** Some of the group decides to go hunting. They find mangoes and some [[WesternAnimation/GeneratorRex pink rabbits.]] Unfortunately, the mother of the rabbits decides to attack, forcing the group to make their escape.
** Cyrax arrives, plucked out from before he was automated. He recognizes Sub-Zero and thinks that his fellow clan member was the first victim of the Cyber Initiative.


[[folder: Day 7: The Pirates Who Do Quite A Lot]]

[[AC: Curse storm]]:

[[AC: Curse zones encountered]]:

* A {{pirate}}-themed zone transforms everyone's vehicles, outfits, and probably their other equipment.

[[AC: Pages]]: Group A: 517 - 601, Group B: 516 - 601

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:

* [[VideoGame/EternalDarkness Alexandra Roivas]] -- Group A
* [[VideoGame/AmericanMcGeesAlice Alice Liddell]] -- Group B
* [[Manga/HayateTheCombatButler Ayasaki Hayate]] -- Group B
* [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Rainbow Dash]] -- Group B
* [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Red]] (back after departing) -- Group B
* [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI Setzer Gabbiani]] -- Group B

[[AC: Departures]]:

* 7
* Mordecai and Rigby

[[AC: Events]]:

* Group A:
** Once everyone was good and ready to go, the Edelweiss moved into the ocean, transforming into a large, [=WW2=]-era battleship upon hitting the water.
** Rock Lee got drunk off of a medicine bottle and attempted to attack Agent 47, but was stopped by Lina and Kirby.
** The group came upon an island with a crashed pirate ship. As some of them ventured on to it, they found none other than... 6ł (or Sixes)!
** After everyone (note that the island group didn't include those who knew her from the second season) introduced themselves to her, they were all ambushed by the [[Manga/OnePiece Captain Buggy and his crew,]] who desired the treasure from the ship.
** Lina sneaked off during the brawl to steal treasure from the ship. One item from it, a compass, brought an undead monster to life known as the Sea King, which scared away the Buggy Pirates. Once the group got back to the ship, the ethereal sea serpent attacked it, focusing on whoever was holding the compass at the time. With some group effort, it eventually fell.
** Before celebrations could finish, Aki and May both recognized Sixes from the City. Aki attempted to stab her to death, but before she could, May's Gardevoir, Rall, used Psychic on the Trope-tan to separate her from everyone else.
** Sixes was forced to explain her side of the story, earning many mixed reactions from the group. Though the ethics of her experiment were questionable, she didn't appear to be the monster May and Aki painted her as. Thus, she was allowed to stay in the group, much to the veterans' dismay.
** The Boatleweiss soon came across another island. Dante's Pidgey, Beatrix, found a stack of cards there she found most interesting. After bringing them back to the boat, Minako recognized them and reached for them, causing her to disappear.
** Minako's disappearance heralded the entire landscape around the group changing. The ocean turned to blood, and [[VideoGame/{{Persona3}} Tartarus]] appeared on the island. Beryl, Dante, Gene, Lina, Batou, Travis, May, Samus, Kirby, and Rock Lee all entered the looming tower on a quest to save Minako.
** While the others were exploring Tartarus, Garrus and Fawful approached Sixes to learn more about her and what she knew of their universes.
** After viewing many of Minako's memories, the tower team found themselves on top of Tartatrus, facing the Nyx Avatar. A long, grueling battle commenced, eventually ending with Minako appearing and finishing the deity off. Once the Avatar was defeated, the mindscape disappeared, and Minako laid on the island unconscious.
** Eventually, the Boatleweiss reached land, transforming into a tank once more. With a half-lava and half-ice mountain in front of them, the group ate dinner and winded down from a long day.


[[folder: Day 8: Hailfire Peaks]]

[[AC: Curse storm]]:

[[AC: Curse zones encountered]]:

* All vehicles vanish the moment the group nears the base of the mountain, but will reappear at the top should they reach it. All supplies inside said vehicles will be divvied up between multiple backpacks, which appear in place of the vehicles. While this will save them the trouble of attempting to get the vehicles up the mountain, it also means that the group will have the extra weight of their gear without the luxury of something to drive around, so climbing quickly is not only wise, but necessary for survival.
* Before both parties stands an enormous mountain - One half extremely cold and the other volcanic. Both parties are starting from the same direction, but Group A is on the icy side while Group B is on the fiery side.
* Depending on what the parties decide to do, it may be possible to switch sides, though depending on how they choose to do so, this could be unwise...
* Powers, equipment, appearances, and clothing are not affected on either side of the mountain.

[[AC: Pages]]: 601 - ?

[[AC: New Arrivals]]:

* [[VideoGame/Disgaea2CursedMemories Axel]] -- Group B
* [[VideoGame/{{Recettear}} Griff]] -- Group B
* [[VideoGame/{{Persona4}} Yukiko]] -- Group B

[[AC: Departures]]:

[[AC: Events]]:

* Group A:
** Everyone wakes up. Some people realize that the exposed radiator on the back of the Edelweiss is one huge weak point, and begin discussing what to do about it.
* ...

...then a whole lot of other stuff happens except nobody recapped it.

[[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=13671865000A90570900&page=3#62 Feel free to take a look at this recap though.]]

In any case, the end of the season involves a confrontation with the god Ashur (whom you might know as "The Troper") who intends to harvest the Trope-Tans' biodata (which incidentally means subjecting their entire species to CessationOfExistence) to create a God over all reality and thus destroy all free will. He is opposed by Dr. Langley, whose completely different plan involves harvesting the Trope-tans' biodata to create a God over all reality (except without the "destruction of free will" part and more along the lines of turning the multiverse into an utopian paradise). To that end Dr. Langley has hired the mercenaries Bloodhounds, who are ''very good'' mercenaries.

In the dramatic finale[[note]]which wasn't really supposed to be the finale but then real life kicked in[[/note]], Ashur offers the characters a chance to side with him, then traps the remaining ones in 80's Miami, and replaces their memories with fake ones so that they will live out the rest of their life as common city folk.

!!''At Intervals'' (Season Three-And-A-Half)

Unlike previous seasons, this one doesn't seem to be divided into days and has a more chapterless structure.

[[folder: Introductions]]

[[AC: New arrivals:]]
* [[Videogame/CastlevaniaIIIDraculasCurse Sypha Belnades]]
* [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls Mabel Pines]]
* [[WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime Arcee]]
* [[VideoGame/DarkSouls The Chosen Undead]], "Sir Alfred of Astora"
* [[VideoGame/{{Dota2}} Mogul Khan, the Axe]]
* [[LightNovel/FateZero Emiya Kiritsugu]]
* [[Literature/TheDresdenFiles Harry Dresden]]
* [[VideoGame/FireEmblemElibe Marc]]
* [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure Foo Fighters]] (that's a single person)
* [[Franchise/{{Naruto}} Tenten]]
* [[VideoGame/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAsPortable Levi the Slasher]]
* [[ComicStrip/PugadBaboy Special Agent Dobermaxx]]
* Franchise/{{Batman}}
* [[VideoGame/GoldenSun Sveta]]
* [[LightNovel/HighSchoolDXD Yuuto Kiba]]
* [[VideoGame/CosmicBreak Medicball]]
* VideoGame/MaxPayne
* [[OriginalCharacter Lucille]]
* [[Manga/SoulEater Maka Albam and Soul "Eater" Evans]]
* [[VideoGame/SoulSeries Alexander Michelakos]]
* [[VideoGame/SaintsRow Jeremy "The Boss" Reinhardt]]
* [[VideoGame/KidIcarusUprising Pit]]
* Asha (an OriginalCharacter from the [[TabletopGame/{{Pathfinder}} Golarion]] universe)
* [[Franchise/FinalFantasy Gilgamesh]]
* [[LightNovel/TheLegendOfTheLegendaryHeroes Ryner Lute]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Persona3}} Fuuka Yamagishi]]

* The gang from the previous season (this includes: Beryl, Batou, Oswald, Aki, May, Agatha, Travis, Kyle, Wheatley, Vezon, Gene) has regained their memories, and has formed a sort of a covert group.
* They forcibly summon several characters from other universes, to assist them in taking down Ashur and Dr. Langley.
** The characters summoned include: Sylpha Belnades, Mabel Pines, Arcee, The Chosen Undead, The Axe, Emiya Kiritsugu, Harry Dresden, Foo Fighters, Tenten, Levi, Dobermaxx, Batman, Sveta, Yuuto Kiba, Medicball, Max Payne, Lucille, Maka Albam (and Soul Evans), Alexander, The Boss, Pit, Asha, Fuuka Yamagishi (not at all in that order.) There's also [[VideoGame/FireEmblemElibe Marc]], who's apparently arrived some time ago.
** Everyone are given pagers for sake of maintaining contact.
* The gang goes to the covert group's apartment, where they are greeted and given a meal by Gilgamesh, and Ryner Lute makes his appearance. Everyone take a nap.

[[folder:Mission 1]]
[[AC: New arrivals:]]
* [[Manga/HayateTheCombatButler Isumi Saginomiya]]
* [[Literature/{{Animorphs}} Jake Berenson]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Persona4}} Teddie]]
* [[VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening Lucina]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Touhou}} Marisa Kirisame]]

* Beryl gives the new arrivals their first mission: infiltrate a Bloodhound scouting camp which was recently overrun by Ashur's troops, and recover info about where their Trope-Tan ally is being held.
* The new arrivals head through the portal, successfully slaughter Ashur's guards and force their commander (a [[Franchise/MassEffect Salarian]]) to help them find the info about Sixes's whereabouts in the camp's computer system (she turns out to be on the Bloodhound flagship).
** Emiya is heavily wounded and tended to by Medicball.
** Meanwhile, Isumi joins the party, while Lucine, Teddie and Jake pop up in Extremus near the camp and get noticed by the group.
** Also, our good buddies the Bloodhounds (Hatsuse, Warschauer and the like) were watching the battle the entire time.
* Everybody go back. The Salarian commander is taken hostage and detained by Batou. The characters pass time in various ways. This includes, among other things:
** Marisa Kirisame had arrived in the meanwhile and has been stealing random stuff around Miami. Tenten sees her, finds her suspicious and apprehends her, then takes her to the base.
** Jake learns how to morph into Oswald.
** Harry offers Emiya Kiritsugu to put a spell on him that will allow him to come out of the Time Accel safely, without hurting himself horribly. Kiritsugu says no, and a conflict erupts between the two of them.
** Lucille has a bad day. She accidentally transforms into her true Nephilim form, and when her tail is [[FantasticArousal touched by Sveta]], she instinctively fires off her "Murderous Gaze" eyebeam, which is noticed by several people (what with it making a huge hole in the wall and all). Obadiah, the spirit that lives in Lucille's necklace, reveals himself to everyone present but her, and assures them that he's friendly but would rather not have her know of his presence.

[[folder:Mission 2]]
[[AC: New arrivals:]]
* [[Anime/DarkerThanBlack Hei]]
* [[VideoGame/GodHand Gene]] finally pops up again
* [[WesternAnimation/YoungJustice Zatanna Zatara]]
* [[Videogame/{{Dota2}} Rattletrap the Clockwerk]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Blood}} Caleb]]
* [[Literature/{{Discworld}} Rincewind]]
* [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer40000}} Cades]]
* [[VisualNovel/FateStayNight Archer]]
* [[VideoGame/AssassinsCreedIVBlackFlag Edward Kenway]]

* The second mission involves infiltrating the Bloodhound flagship to rescue Sixes.
* The group goes through a portal into the flagship's storage closet, finds Sixes (who has had a makeover), gets into a fight, and escapes.
** Meanwhile, Lucille and Kiritsugu have a conflict which leaves the apartament even more wrecked than before.
* Everyone lick their wounds.
** Jake acquires a new morph in the form of a [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Gardevoir]].
* Hei, Zatanna and Rattletrap arrive. Meanwhile, Agatha et al explain to Sixes what's been going on in her absence, including the fact that Trope-Tan Number One has allied with Ashur and volunteered to let him absorb the Trope-Tans' biodata, and that Sixes was to be blamed for evil stuff and painted as a villain (i.e. all that happened back near the end of S3).
* The volatil(l)e Lucille breaks Soul's finger and receives some counseling.
* Marc asks Lucille to teach her to fight--as a way to help Lucille learn to touch people without hurting them.
* Sveta acquires her "Jupiter Djinni".
* Caleb arrives in town. For some time he tries unsuccesfully to find Beryl, has a major disagreement with Oswald, and eventually ends up [[AssPull suddenly feeling extremely tired for no good reason]] and falling asleep.
* Kiritsugu has Beryl summon a Heroic Spirit--a "familiar to fight for and alongside him"--through a certain specific ritual. It involves killing cute furry pets.
** Beryl decides to practice the ritual, and ends up summoning Cades and Edward, who introduces himself as Duncan. The Heroic Spirit that Kiritsugu summons is Archer.
* The heroes hold a fun tournament to test out their fighting skills.
* Rincewind arrives.
* Beryl, May and Aki meet with a man known as La Croix. He kinda-sorta explains to Beryl how to create a return portal from Extremus back to Pseudo-Miami, so that she can accompany the group on the missions instead of staying behind to maintain the return portal.

[[folder:Mission 3]]
[[AC: New arrivals:]]

* [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Aang]]

* The third mission involves going into a forest to go after #812, one of Ashur's lieutenants.
* Aang is pulled into the forest.