This is a recap page for ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'', the [[SpongebobSquarepants second longest]] running Nicktoon so far, which began in 2001 [[note]]The Oh Yeah Cartoon version actually ran from 1998 until 2001 which means it's been on the air for fourteen years[[/note]], [[LongRunner and is currently running to this day]], centered on a luckless ten-year-old named Timmy Turner whose life dealing with negligent parents, uncaring teachers, bullies, an unrequited crush on popular girl Trixie Tang, and a deranged babysitter who tortures kids is made a little less miserable with two fairy godparents: a green-haired, buffoonish mama's boy named Cosmo and a nagging, pink-haired daughter of a fairy mobster named Wanda (later, they'd be joined by a baby fairy named Poof and a dog named Sparky).


[[folder:Season Zero (Oh Yeah! Cartoons)]]

* Recap/S0E1TheFairlyOddParents
* Recap/S0E2TooManyTimmys!
* Recap/S0E3WheresTheWand?
* Recap/S0E4PartyofThree
* Recap/S0E5TheFairyFlu
* Recap/S0E6TheTemp!
* "The Zappys!"
* "Scout's Honor"
* "The Really Bad Day!"
* "Super Humor"
!!Tropes associated with The Oh Yeah Cartoons (Season 0)
* ArtEvolution: The characters look different and less refined than when the series proper premiered.
* BrotherChuck: A very unusual example, Vicky had a brother in the first episode, but we only hear his voice and we never see him, and he is never mentioned again (or was replaced with Tootie).
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: For all characters, but most notably Cosmo and Wanda. Cosmo's voice is almost suave like a game show host and he is also somewhat more intelligent while Wanda is the scatterbrained one.

[[folder:Season One]]

* "The Big Problem!": Timmy wishes he was an adult, but ends up getting mistaken for a pervert by Vicky, is forced to live on the street, and risks losing his fairy godparents.
* "Power Mad!": Timmy wishes for a video game that's more of a challenge, and ends up getting trapped in there along with his friends, Chester (a poor kid with braces) and AJ (an [[BlackAndNerdy African-American nerd]]).
* "Spaced Out": Timmy, Chester, and AJ are acting out scenes from Crash Nebula, a show they like, and so Timmy wishes that they could have a toy alien to play with. However, Cosmo and Wanda end up bringing over Mark Chang, a real alien from the planet of Yugopotamia.
* "Transparents!": After wishing for and losing a baby dinosaur (which Chester and A.J. think is a chicken in a bad costume), Timmy's fairy-obsessed teacher, Mr. Crocker, asks Timmy to meet his parents about his project. Since Timmy can't use his actual parents, he wishes Cosmo and Wanda were his real parents.
* "A Wish Too Far!": Timmy uses his fairy godparents to make him the most popular kid in school -- and ends up in court for abusing his magic and not thanking his fairy godparents.
* "Tiny Timmy!": Timmy goes on a fantastic voyage inside Vicky's body as part of a school project.
* "Father Time!": When Timmy wishes for heat vision and uses it to do his chores faster, he accidentally melts his dad's trophy. Not understanding what the big deal is, Timmy goes back in time and prevents his dad from winning the trophy in the first place, but he ends up changing the future.
* "Apartnership!": It's Cosmo and Wanda's anniversary, but Cosmo thinks Wanda doesn't like him anymore (he thought it was the styrofoam anniversary, while she thought it was the false anger anniversary, which he mistook for real anger), so he goes home to his mother.
* "Chin Up!": Comedian and former talk show host Jay Leno guest stars in this episode where Timmy wishes his favorite comic book superhero was real, but the superhero ends up having a mental breakdown when he discovers that he's fictional.
* "Dog's Day Afternoon": Timmy wishes he can switch minds with Vicky's pet dog, Doydle, so Vicky can finally be nice to him, but Doydle is scheduled to get fixed the next morning...
* "Dream Goat!": On a field trip to see Dimmsdale's mascot, Chompy the Goat, an accident makes Timmy out to be a hero while Vicky is accused of kidnapping Chompy (when Chompy was actually wished away by Timmy after seeing how unhappy he was), and things get complicated when Timmy begins wishing for horrible things in his sleep out of guilt over not telling the truth.
* "The Same Game": After losing his ball to DepravedDentist Dr. Bender (voiced by Creator/GilbertGottfried), Timmy (rather than wish for another ball) wishes everyone were the same, turning everyone into gray blobs and causing all the fairies of the world to return to Fairy World.
* "Christmas Every Day!": Timmy loves Christmas so much that he wishes every day could be Christmas, which lands him in a heap of trouble.
!!Tropes associated with season one:
* MissingEpisode: The Oh Yeah cartoons, except for one, were repackaged as three shorts episode, as there were so few episodes in season one. Around season four, they stopped airing these repackaged episodes when there were considerably more episodes that had been made.
* TheOtherDarrin: For the repackaged Oh Yeah cartoons, Creator/TaraStrong redub Timmy's original voice actor, Creator/MaryKayBergman (who committed suicide before the show became a regular series). The [=DVD=]s of ''Fairly Oddparents'' do have the original "Oh, Yeah!" cartoon shorts in which Mary Kay Bergman voices Timmy Turner rather than Tara Strong.

[[folder:Season Two]]

* "Boys in the Band": Timmy is jealous of Chip Skylark because everyone's so hyped up about his concert that they forgot about his birthday. When Timmy wishes for something bad (but non-lethal) to happen to him, Chip ends up staying at Timmy's house. While Vicky tries to get Chip to marry her, Timmy learns that Chip isn't a bad person at all.
* "Hex Games": Vicky and Timmy compete to be the queen of the skate park.
* "Boy Toy": Timmy's friends are getting rid of their old toys, but Timmy's reluctant to get rid of his Crimson Chin toy, so he wishes himself doll-sized for one last adventure with his action figure.
* "Inspection Detection": Timmy's parents hear about a shoplifter on the news; since Timmy has suddenly gained nice things seemingly out of nowhere, they suspect that he might be the shoplifter. Now, Timmy (who didn't shoplift) has to clear his name.
* "Action Packed": The Turners' lives have been really boring as of late, so Timmy wishes that life could be more like an action movie.
* "Smarty Pants": Timmy is jealous of AJ's good grades, so he wishes to be the smartest kid in class.
* "Super Bike": Timmy and his dad are going to participate in a father-son bicycle race, but Timmy is embarrassed by the run-down bike that his dad made for him. He wishes for the best bicycle ever, but this bike has a mind of its own, and wants Timmy all to himself...
* "A Mile in My Shoes": Timmy switches places with Cosmo and Wanda so they can each see how hard the other's life is.
* "Timvisible": It's the last day of school, and Francis celebrates by beating up every guy in school. To avoid him, Timmy wishes to be invisible...which may be a problem when he has to accept his perfect attendance award later that night. Furthermore, due to his antics, everyone thinks the school is haunted, and Mr. Crocker is on the hunt...
* "That Old Black Magic": On Friday the 13th, Timmy and his parents go to Adrenaland, a local amusement park. However, something's causing chaos and bad luck within the park (and eventually worldwide), and Timmy discovers that it's because of the Anti-Fairies, evil counterparts of regular fairies.
* "Foul Balled": Timmy feels bad for Chester, the worst baseball player on their Little League team, so he wishes that Chester could be the best baseball player ever. However, Chester soon lets his newfound skill get to his head.
* "The Boy Who Would Be Queen": Timmy wants to get Trixie a birthday present, but is unsure of what a girl like her would want. After accidentally wishing himself female, he goes to the mall to look for a present.
* "Totally Spaced Out": It's Mark's birthday, and all he wants is Vicky. When he kidnaps her, Timmy finds himself having to save her.
* "The Switch Glitch": Timmy wishes to turn Vicky into a five-year-old so he can give her a taste of her own medicine. But he goes much too far in his revenge, to the point where, since Vicky's so miserable, she gets to have Cosmo and Wanda as godparents.
* "Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad": Timmy wishes that his parents could become superheroes, but then his parents don't have time for him anymore.
* "Knighty Knight": When Timmy finds himself disappointed by the Camelot fair, he wishes himself into the real Middle Ages, and ends up helping the boy who would become King Arthur.
* "Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary": Timmy discovers that Remy Buxaplenty, a local rich kid, also has a fairy (and the fairy, Juandissimo Magnifico, is none other than Wanda's ex-boyfriend). The two eventually get into a competition with each other.
* "Nectar of the Odds": To raise money for tickets to Crash Nebula On Ice, Timmy starts a lemonade stand. At first, his lemonade is horrible, but after dunking Cosmo's sweaty socks in it, not only does the lemonade taste better, but it grants wishes, too.
* "Hail to the Chief": Timmy competes with Tad and Chad for class presidency, only to find that it's not all it's cracked up to be.
* "Twistory": Timmy wishes to meet the founding fathers of America so he can interview them.
* "Fool's Day Out": Everyone's pranking Timmy on April Fool's Day, so Timmy asks the April Fool, a comedian in Fairy World, to help him get his revenge. However, the April Fool's pranks end up being really mean, and Timmy has to find a way to stop him.
* "Deja Vu": Timmy wishes to have a magic watch to rewind time so he can do things over. Vicky soon gets ahold of it, however, and when Timmy wishes for a second one that only works for him, things start getting really weird.
* "Information Stupor Highway": Timmy writes an email inviting Trixie to the school dance, but Timmy's parents turn it into a mushy, yet threatening, love letter and send it on his behalf. Not wanting Trixie to get ahold of the letter, Timmy wishes himself into the internet to retrieve the letter. Meanwhile, when Mr. Crocker catches video footage of Cosmo and Wanda, he plans to upload it for the entire world to see, so Timmy finds himself having to deal with a much larger problem as well.
* "Scary Godparents": Timmy and friends are having a lame Halloween, so Timmy wishes for everyone's costumes to be real and scary. However, since the rich kids are going as evil Jack-O-Bots, they end up becoming real villains who try to destroy the world. Meanwhile, Mark Chang once again tries to find Vicky.
!!Tropes Associated with season 2
* MissingEpisode: "Hail to the Chief" and "Twistory" aren't aired much (if at all) these days for reasons unknown. Some believe the shorts had particularly offensive jokes about the British and the United States Secret Service, while others believe the episodes were the weakest of the season and were quietly shuffled out in favor of better episodes.

[[folder:Season Three]]

* "Ruled Out": After they keep him from watching a dangerous special on TV about the Dimmsdale SewerGator, Timmy wishes his parents were more permissive, which goes south when they let the house and their hygiene go to pot.
* "That's Life!": Since Timmy's mom is horrible at gardening, Timmy wishes for her garden to be full of life. This wish ends up reviving the dead pet gerbil buried in the backyard, and he has a bone to pick with Timmy...
* "Shiny Teeth": Chip Skylark is releasing a music video for his song "My Shiny Teeth and Me", and everyone's excited...except for the evil dentist Dr. Bender, who steals Chip's teeth while he's sleeping.
* "Odd, Odd West": A place from Timmy's dad's childhood is getting torn down for a new mall, and to save it, Timmy tries to find the deed to the land.
* "Micro Phony": Timmy and friends are excited for summer vacation, but Vicky advertises her babysitting services on the radio, and the parents fall for it. To avoid having a lame summer, Timmy starts his own radio station as "Double T", using a magic microphone to disguise his voice.
* "So Totally Spaced Out": Mark Chang asks for Timmy's help in defeating the Gigglepies, extremely cute aliens who have invaded Yugopotamia.
* "Love Struck!": On Valentine's Day, Cupid selects Tootie to be Timmy's valentine, which displeases Timmy, who wants to be with Trixie. After failing to win Trixie over, he gets so mad that he wishes males and females would be separated, which ends up putting Cupid in danger due to the lack of love.
* "Cosmo Con": Cosmo is picked to host the annual Fairy Convention, and he holds it in Timmy's bathroom, on the same night where the Turners are having Mr. Crocker over for dinner.
* "Wanda's Day Off!": Since Wanda is feeling overworked, Timmy and Cosmo give her a day off at a spa. However, the two might not be able to handle things without her when (thanks to another of Timmy's wishes) cockroaches gain intelligence and start taking over the world.
* "Odd Jobs": Timmy wishes that his dad could have cooler jobs.
* "Movie Magic": Timmy tries to make a movie to impress Trixie at a film festival.
* "Sleepover and Over": Timmy invites Chester and AJ to his treehouse for a sleepover, but when the two get into a fight over whose costume is better, they leave and hold their own sleepovers, which they both want Timmy to attend. So Timmy poofs himself back and forth between the two sleepovers, but when both sleepovers end up being lame, Timmy devises a plan to get his friends to stop feuding.
* "Mother Nature": Mrs. Turner decides to become Channel 6's new weatherman, and Timmy, not wanting her to get run out of town by an angry mob for getting the weather wrong like the weathermen before her, wishes for her every forecast to come true.
* "The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad!": Timmy accidentally releases the Nega-Chin, the Crimson Chin's {{evil counterpart}}, into Dimmsdale.
* "Engine Blocked": Timmy is jealous of his dad's MidlifeCrisisCar, so he wishes he could be the car.
* "Most Wanted Wish": Not wanting to be ignored anymore, Timmy wishes to be the most wanted person in the world.
* "This is Your Wish": Mama Cosma returns and she wants her son to come back home, so she puts him on a game show and tries to convince the audience that he should be taken away from Timmy.
* "Beddy Bye": Tired of sleeping through the cool stuff that happens at night, Timmy wishes for everyone go go without sleep, which causes problems for the Sandman (voice of Jackie Mason).
* "The Grass is Greener": Timmy thinks his parents don't appreciate him, so he runs away from home and ends up at a carnival.
* "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker!": Timmy goes back in time to the day when Mr. Crocker turned into a fairy-obsessed lunatic.
* "Kung Timmy”: Francis, the bully who beats Timmy Turner up, winds up gaining possession of the Turner's property and Timmy must fight him in a ''Kung Fu'' match to get his family's stuff back.
* "Which Witch is Which?": AJ and Timmy fight over whether Alden Bitterroot or Dale Dimm is the true hero of Dimmsdale, since they are building a parade float for Dimmsdale's Founder's Day celebration. Timmy decides to go back in time to find out once and for all.
* "Pipe Down!": A mostly NoDialogueEpisode in which Timmy wishes for quiet after noise causes him to break his Eiffel tower model.
* "The Big Scoop!": In this remake of "A Wish Too Far," Chester and A.J. are on the school news team and investigate how and why Timmy Turner is suddenly rich and popular.
* "Crime Wave": Timmy doesn't want to read last month's issue of the Crimson Chin comic book during his bathtime, so he wishes to go to the comics store to get the current issue... but Cosmo and Wanda forget to put his clothes back on him, so he has to make his way home without anyone seeing him. Meanwhile, since Timmy left the old comic book on the side of the tub, the villainess of the comic gets more power from the bathwater, and the Crimson Chin has to stop her before she destroys the comic book.
* "Odd Ball": Having broken his V-Cube gaming console, Timmy joins Dimmsdale's local basketball team, the Ball Hogs, to get some money to buy a new one, and gives them a lesson in sharing.
* "Where's Wanda?": Wanda goes missing, and so Timmy, in a FilmNoir parody, tries to find out where she is.
* "Imaginary Gary": Timmy wishes that Gary, his old imaginary friend, could be real, but as it turns out, Gary isn't all that nice.
* "Chip Off the Old Chip": Timmy wishes to switch voices with Chip Skylark, but it causes problems for both of them.
* "Snow Bound": While up in a ski resort, Timmy and Vicky get snowed inside a cave.
* "Miss Dimmsdale": Several ladies (and Timmy's dad) are participating in the Miss Dimmsdale pageant, where the winner gets to be mayor for a day. Vicky happens to be one of the contestants, and she'll do anything to win, so Timmy and his fairies try to stop her.
* "Mind Over Magic": Mr. Crocker has been springing pop quizzes on his students as of late, so Timmy wishes for the power to read minds so he knows when they're coming.
!!Tropes Associated with Season 3
* CharacterDevelopment: For Denzel Crocker in the episode, "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker"
* TheMovie: ''AbraCatastrophe'', WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents first movie was from season 3.

[[folder:Season Four]]

* "Shelf Life": Timmy wishes Tom Sawyer out of his book to help him with his book report, but Tom is less than willing to comply.
* "Hard Copy": Timmy wishes for a magic copier to make magazine pictures real, but he accidentally unleashes Dark Laser, a powerful supervillain, on the world.
* "Parent Hoods": On a trip to Canada, Timmy's parents get mistaken for two criminals who look similar to them.
* "Lights... Camera... Adam!": Adam West is starring in the new Crimson Chin movie, but the mysterious director keeps making weird changes to the script.
* "A Bad Case of Diary-Uh!": Timmy gets ahold of Vicky's diary and uses the information inside to torment her.
* "Baby Face": To avoid getting beaten up by Francis at Flappy Bob's Learnatorium, Timmy wishes to be a baby so he could hide with the other babies.
* "Mr. Right!": Timmy wishes he was always right about everything. However, when he accidentally denies that he has fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda disappear, and so Timmy has to find a way to get them back.
* "Vicky Loses Her Icky"
* "Pixies Inc."
* "Odd Couple": Timmy thinks Vicky would be nicer if she had a boyfriend, so he wishes one up for her. However, the new boyfriend, Ricky, is just as much of a jerk to Timmy as Vicky is.
* "Class Clown": Timmy wishes he was the funniest kid ever, but when he tries to warn people that a dangerous plant is attacking the town, no one takes him seriously.
* "The Big Superhero Wish!"
* "Power Pals!"
* "Emotion Commotion!"
* "Fairy Friends & Neighbors!"
* "Just the Two of Us!": Timmy wishes he and his crush, Trixie Tang, were the only two people left on Earth, and soon discovers that, without any other boy to fawn over her, she becomes a bit clingy and deranged.
* "Who's Your Daddy?"
* "Home Wrecker"
* "New Squid in Town": Mark moves to Dimmsdale to avoid getting married to Mandie, a psychotic warrior princess from another planet.
* "Wish Fixers"
* "Truth or Cosmoquences": Cosmo goes to a reunion where he lies about what he's done since high school, while Timmy [[PottyEmergency tries to find a bathroom after drinking too much juice]].
* "Beach Bummed!": Timmy wishes to be the strongest guy on the beach after Francis kicks sand in his face one too many times.
* "Catman Meets the Crimson Chin"
* "Genie Meanie Minie Mo"
* "Nega-Timmy": When Timmy's parents start to get stricter with their parenting, Timmy wishes for himself to do the opposite of what they say, but the wish backfires when they tell him to be good, turning him into a sinister villain.
* "Love at First Height": Timmy wishes that he looks like a buff teenager to he can go on amusement park ride that he was too short for, but the trouble starts when Vicky falls for him.

[[folder:Season Five]]

* "You Doo"
* "Just Desserts!": Timmy wishes every food in the world was desserts and sweets, which turns everyone overweight ([[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything a bit of real-world satire]]).
* "Go Young, West Man!"
* "Birthday Wish!": Tootie is having a miserable birthday, so Timmy lends Cosmo and Wanda to her for the day. However, it may be hard for her to keep quiet about her new (temporary) godparents.
* "Blondas Have More Fun!": Wanda switches places with Blonda, her twin sister.
* "Five Days of FLARG": Timmy helps Mark celebrate FLARG, a Yugopotamian holiday.
* "Timmy's 2D House of Horror": Vicky's parents are coming to visit the Turners, and Timmy wishes for some special 3D glasses that would make everything look scarier.
* "It's a Wishful Life": In this [[ParvumOpus infamous episode]] (with most fans saying this is the worst episode of the show), Timmy's good Samaritan kick gets him chastised for not following everything to the letter, so Timmy wishes he were never born -- and Jorgen shows him a world where everyone benefits from Timmy not existing.
* "Escape from Unwish Island": Timmy's unwished wishes seek revenge on him.
* "The Gland Plan": Cosmo's Fagiggly Gland (the gland that controls transformations in fairies) isn't working, so he needs to get a transplant from Anti-Cosmo.
* "Back to the Norm": Mr. Crocker receives Norm's magic lamp as a present, and the two scheme to ruin Timmy's day.
* "Teeth for Two": Timmy is losing his front teeth, and Jorgen hopes to use them to propose to the Tooth Fairy.
* "Hassle in the Castle": Timmy wants to know what the inside of Cosmo and Wanda's fishbowl castle is like.
* "Remy Rides Again"
* "Talkin' Trash"
* "Timmy TV": Timmy becomes the star of a sitcom.
* "The Masked Magician"
* "The Big Bash": Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda are invited to Cupid's party, and they compete with Remy and Juandissimo in a scavenger hunt.
* "Crash Nebula": This is an episode of the ShowWithinAShow Crash Nebula, telling the origin story of the titular hero. Meanwhile, in the {{framing device}}, Timmy is trying to watch this episode, but he has to explain what the show's about to Cosmo and Wanda.
* "Mooooving Day": The Turners move to a new neighborhood, and Timmy soon finds that there's something very strange about the Dimmadome Farms milk that everybody's drinking.
* "Big Wanda": When Big Daddy goes missing, Wanda temporarily takes over his company.
* "Oh, Brother!": Timmy wishes to have an older brother, but his new brother, Tommy, is loved by everyone, leaving Timmy in the dust.
* "What's the Difference?": To help Mark hide from Princess Mandie, Timmy wishes that everything in the school would be jumbled up like in a puzzle book.
* "Smart Attack": Timmy wishes that his dad would be a genius, but soon afterwards, Timmy's dad stops caring about him.
* "Operation F.U.N."
* "Something's Fishy!": At the beach, Timmy is disappointed by his cheap snorkeling gear, so he wishes to have fish powers to explore the ocean. Timmy and his fairies end up finding Atlantis, where everyone there seems to have a grudge against Cosmo for some reason...
* "Presto Change-O": Timmy wishes for a body-swapping joy buzzer, which soon ends up in the wrong hands.
* "The Good Old Days!": Timmy gets babysat by his grandfather, who opens him up to the world of the violent theatrical cartoon shorts he grew up on -- and Timmy wishes that their life was like a black-and-white cartoon from the 1930s.
* "Future Lost": After finding an old sci-fi comic in the attic, Timmy wishes his life took place in the future, complete with robots, automated houses, and jetpacks.
* "Timmy the Barbarian!": Jorgen tells Binky the fairy (the fairy who [[TheChewToy always gets beaten up or left to take the blame for something Cosmo and/or Wanda did]]) the story of Timmy the Barbarian.
* "No Substitute for Crazy!": After Crocker is injured, Timmy's class gets a substitute who is a better teacher than Crocker ever was -- until Timmy finds out that the substitute is a fairy hunter and out to look for kids with fairy godparents.
!!Tropes Associated with season 5
* SeriesFauxnale: This was supposed to be the last season, but the decision was retracted and it was renewed for a sixth season.

[[folder:Season Six]]
* "Mission Responsible"
* "Hairicane"
* "Open Wide and Say Aaagh!"
* "Odd Pirates"
* "The Fairy Oddlympics"
* "Odd Squad"
* "For Emergencies Only"
* "Cheese and Crockers"
* "Land Before Timmy"
* "Merry Wishmas"
* "King Chang"
* "The End of Universe-ity"
* "Sooper Poof"
* "Wishing Well"
* "Wishy Washy"
* "Poof's Playdate"
* "Vicky Gets Fired"
* "Chindred Spirits"
* "9 Lives!"
* "Dread 'n' Breakfast": After Mr. Turner quits his job to become the Sock Puppet King, Mrs. Turner turns the house into a bed-and-breakfast to earn some money.
* "Birthday Bashed!"
* "Momnipresent"

[[folder:Season Seven]]

* "Anti-Poof"
* "Add-a-Dad"
* "Squirrely-Puffs"
* "Mice Capades"
* "Formula for Disaster"
* "Bad Heir Day"
* "Freaks and Greeks"
* "Fly Boy"
* "Temporary Fairy"
* "Crocker Shocker"
* "Super Zero"
* "Dadbra-Cadabra": Timmy wishes his father was a professional magician, and Crocker thinks Timmy's dad is a fairy godparent.
* "Timmy Turnip"
* "One Man Banned"
* "Frenemy Mine"
* "Chicken Poofs"
* "Stupid Cupid"
* "Double Oh Schnozmo!"
* "Planet Poof"
* "The Boss of Me"
* "He Poofs, He Scores"
* "Play Date of Doom"
* "Teacher's Pet"
* "Manic Mom-Day"
* "Crocker of Gold"
* "Beach Blanket Bozos"
* "Poltergeeks"
* "The Old Man and the C-"
* "Balance of Four"
* "Food Fight"
* "Please Don't Feed the Turners"
* "Take and Fake"
* "Cosmo Rules"
* "Lights Out": In the episode mostly seen ByTheLightsOfTheirEyes, Timmy wishes for it to be dark for twelve hours, but prolonged exposure to the darkness turns Cosmo and Wanda into "scary fairies" that try to eat him.
* "Dad Overboard"
* "Farm Pit"
* "Crock Talk"
* "Spellementary School"
* "Operation Dinkleburg"
!!Tropes associated with season 7
* ScheduleSlip: The season seven episodes were shown out of order at least in the United States. In fact, when Season 8 premiered several season 7 episodes had not been aired.
* ScrewedByTheNetwork: Many American fans had to wait months, and in one instance, a year for the entire series to air while other countries got to see the episodes firsthand.
* ShortRunInPeru: Many of these episodes were shown in other countries months before they aired in the United States.


[[folder:Season Eight]]

* "Love Triangle"
* "Invasion of the Dads"
* "When L.O.S.E.R.S. Attack"
* "Meet the Oddparents": Timmy's parents finally discover that Timmy has fairy godparents and begin using them to make their dreams come true.

[[folder:Season Nine]]

* 1. Fairly [=OddPet=] (March 23, 2013)
* 2. Dinklescouts / I Dream of Cosmo (April 14, 2013)
* 3. Turner & Pooch / Dumbbell Curve (May 4, 2013/May 11, 2013)
* 4. The Terrible Twosome / App Trap (June 1, 2013/June 8, 2013)
* 5. Force of Nature / Viral Vidiots (June 15, 2013/June 22, 2013)
* 6. Scary [=GodCouple=] (October 19, 2013)
* 7. Two and a Half Babies / Anchor's Away (July 25, 2014)
* 8. Finding Emo / Dust Busters (July 9, 2014)
* 9. The Bored Identity / Country Clubbed (July 23, 2014)
* 10. Dog Gone / Turner Back Time (July 28, 2014)
* 11. Cosmonopoly / Hero Hound (July 7, 2014)
* 12. A Boy and His Dog-Boy / Crock Blocked (July 8, 2014)
* 13. Weirdos on a Train / Tons of Timmys (July 29, 2014)
* 14. Let Sleeper Dogs Lie / Cat-Astrophe (July 14, 2014)
* 15. Lame Ducks / A Perfect Nightmare (July 30, 2014)
* 16. Love at First Bark / Desperate without Housewives (July 21, 2014)
* 17. Jerk of All Trades / Snack Attack (July 15, 2014)
* 18. Turning into Turner / The Wand That Got Away (July 16, 2014)
* 19. Stage Fright / Gone Flushin' (July 22, 2014)
* 20. Fairly Old Parent (March 28, 2015)
* 21. School of Crock (May 26, 2014)
* 22. Dimmsdale Tales (July 18, 2014)
* 23. The Past and the Furious (July 11, 2014)
* 24. The Fairy Beginning (March 28, 2015)
* 25. Fairly Odd Fairy Tales (August 1, 2014)
* 26. Man's Worst Friend (February 8, 2015)

[[folder:Season Ten]]

* [[ Nickelodeon have ordered 13 Half-Hour Episodes of FOP for Season 10]].


* "AbraCatastrophe"
* "ChannelChasers"
* "SchoolsOut!TheMusical"
* "Fairy Idol"
* "Fairly Odd Baby"
* "[[WesternAnimation/{{Wishology}} Wishology: The Big Beginning]]"
* "[[WesternAnimation/{{Wishology}} Wishology: The Exciting Middle Part]]"
* "[[WesternAnimation/{{Wishology}} Wishology: The Final Ending]]"
* "Film/AFairlyOddMovieGrowUpTimmyTurner"
* "Timmy’s Secret Wish"
* "Film/AFairlyOddChristmas"
* "Film/AFairlyOddSummer"