Recap / Stupid Mario Brothers S 4 E 12 The Truth About Blaire Vherestorm

Professor Oak continues to use Brock and Gary for his personal gain.

Ryu tells Mario that he's discovered that Blaire doesn't exist, there are no records of any Blaire Vherestorm. Mario and Luigi wonder why Blaire has such a grudge against Mario, briefly considering that he might have dated Pauline before dismissing it when they realize that the Trifecta predates Pauline's death. The brothers also ponder Merlin's final words to Wario, noting that Merlin only said he wouldn't see Wario again and the strange riddle that was delivered to Mario.

Wario and Mona continue to date, although Wario's free time is interrupted by his training with Ryu. Ryu decides to teach the heroes the ways of Ninjitsu, via the first 20 episodes of Naruto.

After the marathon, Ryu teaches them how to block Ninjitsu. Ryu orders everyone to not go on any trips, as the Trifecta could attack at any moment, and to meet for the last training session in 24 hours.

Wario bemoans his lack of quality time with Mona, and apologizes that he isn't good enough for her. Mona tells him that she only wants him to be himself and not try to be any different. D'aaaw.

Meanwhile, the Trifecta prepares for the final battle with the Heroes with Liquid going after Snake, Ken after Ryu, and Blaire after Mario.

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