Recap / Stupid Mario Brothers S 4 E 11 The Trifecta

In this episode, Blaire goes into an inner monologue detailing how he created the Trifecta. Meanwhile, Ryu trains the Heroes in rather pointless ways.

DK is kicked out of the movie business for an unknown reason.

Wario, still recovering from Waluigi's sacrifice, begins to use Waluigi's hat to pretend his best friend is still there. However, Mona (Wario's longtime crush) appears and offers to go on a date with him. Wario quickly agrees.

After more tasks for Professor Oak, Brock and Gary begin to complain that Oak is using them. The Professor ignores this and gives them their final task to decide who sucks more: they have to wax his back.

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  • Big Bad: Implied that Blaire is working for someone.
  • Villain Episode: For about half of the episode at least, we learn more about the Trifecta's intentions.

Alternative Title(s): The Trifecta