Recap / Seinfeld S 2 E 1 The Ex Girlfriend

George needs to get some books back from his ex's place, and recruits Jerry to retrieve them. Jerry then begins seeing George's ex, Marlene.

I left some Tropes at her page...

  • Characterization Marches On: George complains about having left his books at his ex-girlfriend's house (which he claims to have read). It's established later in the series that George simply does not like to read anything.
    • Freeze-Frame Bonus: On the other hand, George's books are briefly seen on-camera, and they're all self-help books. Which probably are the only reading material George would have on hand.
  • Minor Flaw Major Break Up
    • George dumps Marlene because he can't stand talking on the phone with her.
    • Marlene dumps Jerry because she saw his act and didn't think it was funny.
  • Running Gag: Nobody likes the taste of Jerry's cantaloupe. Kramer's, meanwhile, nobody wants to taste.
  • Self-Deprecation: Marlene's criticism of Jerry's act is a pretty on-the-nose rephrasing of "a show about nothing":
    "It's just so much fluff."