Recap / Seinfeld S 2 E 2 The Pony Remark

Jerry offends a distant relative as he claims he hates "anyone who ever had a pony when growing up". Soon said relative passes away and Jerry feels guilty about it. Worse thing is that the funeral is scheduled just before the softball tournament final, where Jerry's team will be playing.
  • The Bet: Kramer plans to replace his flat's furniture with "levels". Jerry, knowing beforehand that he won't actually do it makes a bet about it. Kramer then declares the bet invalid as soon he backs out of his project.
  • Characterization Marches On: In his first apperance, Uncle Leo, while still a pest towards Jerry, is more of a stern, no-nonsense blowhard as opposed to his eventual characterization of a nutjob who accused everyone of antisemitism.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Elaine begins to show some signs of this:
    "Funerals always make me think about my own mortality and how I'm actually going to die someday. Me, dead. Imagine that!"
  • The Gambler: Kramer's gambling habit is introduced here.
  • The Ghost: The first we hear of Jerry's unseen cousin Jeffrey. Jerry would later explain that they did initially consider having him appear onscreen at some point, but "he got too big in our minds for anyone to fill those shoes."
  • Out of Focus: George doesn't really have a storyline here. His only real purpose in this episode is to try and talk Jerry out of attending Manya's funeral so he can take part in a sporting event. In fact George doesn't appear until over halfway through the episode!
    • Kramer doesn't have much to do either, except for planning to revamp his pad.
  • Values Dissonance: An in-universe example. Manya feels extremely offended by Jerry's remark about ponies. But, as Jerry lampshades it, ponies are like compact cars in Poland, while in New York, they are more associated with snooty kids with Dutch surnames.