Recap / Regular Show S 01 Ep 08 The Unicorns Have Got To Go

The Unicorns have Got to Go

Mordecai buys a new cologne, but it only attracts a group of bullying unicorns.

The Unicorns have Got to Go provides examples of...

  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: This is the first episode of Regular Show where it's obvious that Cartoon Network's censors don't intervene on the content of their shows (unless it's something serious or they get complaints from Moral Guardians, like what happened with the Cow and Chicken episode "Buffalo Gals") — or just gave up on trying to. Some shining examples of how ruined the Cartoon Network radar is, we have:
    • The "Dudetime" commercial where a bunch of women in bikinis rip off a man's suit (and Rugby scoffs at the notion that a man would want girls ripping his clothes off, though the Ambiguous Syntax makes it sound like Rigby doesn't get why men like women who tear their own clothes off, which makes the line risque either way).
    • The implication that Mordecai is a virgin (the Dudetime spray attracts unicorns. According to most legends, unicorns are attracted to those who have never had sex).
    • Mordecai drinking "unicorn slop," which he then uses for his hair.
    • The fact that the unicorns are based on a lot of male archetype characters that you wouldn't find on a kid-friendly show (and if you did, it would be toned down to mild Parental Bonus levels), such as frat boys, soccer hooligans, British punks, and one who looks like Alex from A Clockwork Orange.
    • The "lady" the unicorns get for Mordecai (who is shown as a burned-out biker, but was originally a man in skimpy women's underwear).
  • Jerkasses: The unicorns, naturally.
  • Shout-Out: One Unicorn as a similar appearance as Alex from A Clockwork Orange.