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    The Lost Turnabout 
Our spikey-haired hero awakes from a cell-phone induced nightmare only to find himself knocked on the head by a villainous man in a blue shirt.

Part 1-1: Trial

Phoenix Wright wakes up and sees a young policewoman by the name of Maggey Byrde, who is hoping that he would make her "Not Guilty" in the eyes of justice. There's just one problem: Phoenix doesn't remember anything. He doesn't remember Maggey, his time as a lawyer, or anything else for that matter. As it turns out, she is accused for killing her boyfried and fellow police officer, Dustin Prince, who snapped his neck in a bad fall. The killer had pushed him off an upper path in a local park.

As the trial begins, an irritable Dick Gumshoe is called up. Apparently, he and Maggey were best buds. In yesterday's trial, Phoenix presented a pair of glasses which became important since the victim grabbed the killer's glasses as he fell. The reason they suspected Maggey is because the victim wrote the killer's name. They even have a picture, right there, written with his right hand. Phoenix then spots a contradiction. The name spelt "Maggie" when it's actually "Maggey". Which doesn't make sense since they both had a thing together. Maggey even made a custom yellow baseball glove for his birthday the night he was killed.

Phoenix then spots another contradiction. The baseball glove was made for someone who is left-handed. While it was clear Dustin's finger was used to write Maggey's name, his right hand was used to write the name. Couldn't he have used his left hand instead?

So the victim misspelled Maggey's name and he used the wrong hand. Somehow this is enough to convince the Judge that Maggey is indeed innocent. But wait, Payne has one more trick up his sleeve. He decides to call in a witness that would make the Judge change his mind again.

Part 1-2: Trial

After hearing about Phoenix's amnesia, Maggey tells Phoenix that she found a cell phone lying in the middle of the park. The person who presumably lost it called and told her to meet at 6PM. Maggey gave the same phone to Phoenix yesterday. Just then, an adolescent girl in purple robes barges in and is angry at Phoenix. She had been trying to get a hold of him on phone but he wouldn't answer. Maya Fey gives Phoenix a list of con artists that he told her to find.

Back in the court-room, Payne brings in Richard Wellington, who claims to be a first-class university student and is not afraid to boast how first-classly he is. He testifies that he saw the victim fall from a higher place and with him a banana bunch. He obviously must have bad eyesight because it was actually the baseball glove Maggey gave to Dustin. And it turns out he does have bad eyesight as when Phoenix presents the glove, Wellington mistakes the glove as a bunch of bananas again. So why didn't he bring glasses to court? He claims that he lost them and didn't bring them with him.

Wellington next testifies that he called at 6:45 PM. But wait, the autopsy confirmed that the murder happened 17 minutes prior to that phone call. There is just no excuse for him to take so long, as there was a phone booth just several steps away from the crime scene. Wellington admitted that he was looking for his glasses. The glasses he grabbed could be from the killer. Wellington also knew Maggey's name, or rather how it's said, because she told him in the phone call.

Payne wants to know why Wellington would kill Dustin Prince. He got his phone back, so why in such a lethal matter? Phoenix accuses Wellington of being part of a group of con artists. It turns out Dustin was in his police uniform when they met at the park. As a con artist, seeing someone with a police officer in uniform is not a good sign at all. The best thing to do is keep him quiet.

Wellington has a motive, but he wants Phoenix to show if all of this is true. After all, he found his phone later right? Phoenix decides to punch in his phone number just to make sure. Phoenix's phone rings - inside Wellington's pocket. Just before today's trial, Wellington tried to take back his phone just to be safe. In fact, he took someone else's instead. This convinces the court that Wellington is guilty and calls off the trial with Phoenix the victor.

Maggey is now free of any charges concerning Dustin's death, but she still feels guilty in some way. She reveals to Phoenix that she is a very unlucky girl her whole life. Her bad luck is taken to ludicrous levels (She lost every tic-tac-toe game she ever played, she never even tied). Based on her luck, she blames herself for Dustin dying the way he did. But as always, she remains optimistic and happy, even in the face of tragedy.

Everyone leaves the court on a happy note as Phoenix finally regains his memories.

Behind the Turnabout

Con artist Richard Wellington lost his cellphone in a park somewhere and had called it in case someone found it. That someone was police officer Maggey Byrde, who promised him she'd return it when they met at the park. That night, Maggey met up with her fellow officer Dustin Prince, who had just come out of work, still in his police uniform.

When they finally met, Wellington freaked out over the sight that the woman had brought a police officer with her. He assumed that she had discovered his list and brought an officer so that he would be taken in for questioning. Wellington attacked Dustin on top of an embankment. The fight ended with Wellington pushing Dustin off the embankment, Dustin taking Wellington's glasses with him, falling on the concrete bellow, dying instantly to a broken neck. He fell on Wellington's glasses, crushing them.

Wellington went to Dustin's body. He used his right pointer-finger to write "Maggie" to implicate Maggey for the murder. He tried to find his glasses for 15 whole minutes before calling the police as a "witness".

Maggey turned over Wellington's phone to her lawyer, so minutes before the trial started, Wellington bashed said lawyer's head with a fire extinguisher, knocking him out, and took what he thought was his phone (it was actually Phoenix's phone) so that he would invalidate Maggey's case.

    Reunion, and Turnabout 

Phoenix Wright met Maya a month prior to Maggey's story. However, things weren't exactly "Hello, how are you?"

Part 1: Investigation

One rainy day, a foul-tempered surgeon named Turner Grey comes to Phoenix Wright as he wants someone to disprove any rumors of him getting involved in an incident a year ago. His story is that a drugged nurse had accidentally killed fourteen patients who were under her care. Ever since the incident, business has been suffering since no one wants go to his hospital at risk of being at the receiving end of more incidents. He wants the nurse to confess that she did it so that it will all be over. There is one problem, she died in a car accident. The solution? Maya Fey's village. He has heard from an acquaintance that they can contact the dead, so he would need them to have the nurse sign a confession. He wants Maya to do it... Under the condition that Turner brings Phoenix with him.

There he reunites with Maya and also meets her family members: Her 8-year-old cousin, Pearl Fey, who is very good at spirit techniques, and her aunt Morgan Fey, Pearl's mother. He also meets Lotta Hart, a southern photographer from a while back. She is here to see Maya's spirit-channeling in action, but unfortunately they couldn't be allowed inside as the channeler would need peace. However, things turn out rather unpeaceful, as they hear two gunshots. Phoenix breaks down a supposedly unbreakable door and sees a bloodied Turner's corpse on the ground and a different woman in Maya's hairdo and garbs, saying she killed him out of revenge. Lotta takes two pictures as the scene is revealed to her.

Phoenix calls the police, with Morgan taking care of things. Later after Gumshoe's arrival, he learns that Turner was shot in the forehead and stabbed in the heart with a knife. Also, Maya is taken into custody, as she was the only other person in that room, making her the prime suspect.

Phoenix meets a ditzy college student who calls herself Ini Miney, who claims to be here to study the Kurain Channeling Technique the Kurain tribe is known for. Coincidentally, she also knows Turner. He also sees Pearl, who is hiding a key of some kind.

Phoenix has to spend the night at the village. This is gonna be a long next few days.

The next day, Phoenix talks to Maya, who feels guilty for what happened yesterday. She gives her side of the story: She was sitting in front of Turner contacting the nurse when she lost consciousness, as is supposed to happen to one who is channeling spirits. She also recalls having some sort of nightmare. She was trapped in a tight black space, as if she was trapped in a coffin. She also smells a scent that is very familiar to her. While Maya doesn't have much hope for Phoenix, she gives him her Magatama and tells him to let Pearl hold on to it for a bit.

Back at the village, he talks to Morgan, who claims to have performed a severing technique to stop the spirit. She also shows some great pride for Pearl, as the latter has lots of spiritual power in her, even more than Maya seems to have. Phoenix also notices some sort of hole in the sacred folding screen. After Morgan leaves, Phoenix runs into Ini, who denies knowing anything about Dr. Turner, despite that she is very likely the acquaintance that Turner was talking about.

Phoenix finally runs into Pearl, who is still silent. However, this changes when Phoenix shows her Maya's magatama. She seems to think both Phoenix and Maya are "lovers". She gives Phoenix the key and charges the magatama. She tells Phoenix it helps people see other people's secrets.

Phoenix and Pearl talk to Gumshoe, who brings him some bad news: Not only do they have evidence against Maya, Phoenix would be facing one of Manfred von Karma's offsprings. They became a prosecutor at the age of 13 and haven't lost a case. Gumshoe gives Phoenix a tabloid relating to the hospital incident. The nurse that died in the car accident was one Mimi Miney.

Phoenix talks to Ini again, this time she tells Phoenix she doesn't know the victim, but then Phoenix sees a red lock. Pearl explains to Phoenix that what he is seeing is a Psyche-lock, a spiritual entity that represents a secret. The lock breaks when said person reveals their secret. Phoenix manages to break Ini's by proving that the nurse mentioned in Gumshoe's tabloid was her sister. Ini should know Turner because Ini's sister works at his clinic. The lock breaks as Ini gives in. She blames Turner for her sister's death as he pushed her too hard.

Phoenix makes one last trip to the detention center to talk to Maya but instead meets her late sister Mia Fey, who tells Phoenix that it wasn't possible for Maya to kill the victim. She knows this because Maya wasn't supposed to dream while she was using her technique, so it is possible that she was set up. Mia also tells Phoenix that the key Pearl gave him is the "key" to help turn the case around. When Phoenix asks how, three Psyche-Locks appear around Mia. She seems to be hiding something regarding the real killer...

Part 2-1: Trial

Before the trial begins, Phoenix meets with Maya and Pearl, the latter of whom ran the whole way there from Kurain Village without getting winded. Maya brings up Edgeworth, but Phoenix tells her not to talk about him, because he's gone.

The trial kicks off with Phoenix meeting Franziska von Karma, the daughter of Manfred von Karma. She's just as ruthless as her old man, and wants Phoenix to predict a "justified self-defense" plea for Maya as Grey was attacking her. However doing so would confirm that she indeed killed him and her reputation would be ruined. Phoenix pleads "not guilty". Von Karma predicts that he will change his mind in a short time.

Gumshoe is brought to the stand. He testifies about the condition of Dr. Grey's body, namely that he was stabbed near the heart with a knife and then shot at point-blank range with a gun. He also testifies that both weapons have Maya's fingerprints on them. Things aren't looking too good for her. Phoenix sticks to his guns and insists on pleading "Not Guilty", and Gumshoe presents another piece of evidence: Maya's blood-stained channeling outfit.

The blood on the outfit is actually Dr. Grey's. Examining the evidence reveals a hole in the sleeve. This proves that Dr. Grey tried to shoot Maya after being stabbed, and was probably trying to kill her. But as Franziska points out, that argument only works if Phoenix was pleading justified self defense.

Gumshoe testifies yet again, this time speculating on how the fight must have happened. Going off of the evidence, he says that Dr. Grey must have shot at Maya right after being stabbed, but missed because of the close proximity. Phoenix points out the contradiction in that scenario, though. If the outfit was shot at point-blank range, where were the gunpowder burns?

Franziska tries to argue that it still fits. The victim could have shoved the defendant away before shooting. But if that's the case, how could the victim manage that while weakened by blood loss? Franziska then speculates that the defendant shoved the victim away before the shot was fired, but Phoenix says this makes no sense. The hole in the folding screen was about eight inches off of the ground, and must have come from the same bullet that went through Maya's outfit sleeve. If that is the case (as it appears to be), Maya must have been squatting near the screen. The question is, what would Maya have been doing over there, if she was busy killing Dr. Grey?

Franziska's far from finished, though. She yells at Gumshoe for ruining her "perfect" logic, and then announces her plan to bring Lotta Hart to the stand. The Judge calls a recess, first.

Part 2-2: Trial

Up next on the witness stand is Lotta. In her testimony, she claims that she took a single photograph and presents it in court. It looks like Maya holding a gun with her back turned from the camera. The examination goes nowhere and Phoenix has nothing to prove that the woman in the picture was not Maya. As it stands, she and Grey were the only people who had gone in the room before the crime took place.

Just when things seem lost, Pearl brings in Mia for help. Mia reminds Phoenix that Lotta took more than a single photo and Lotta is hiding it from the court. Phoenix requests another testimony, but the judge overrules him. He overturns that overrule however as Von Karma wants to continue on, as she doesn't want the trial to end when Phoenix has some fight left in him.

Phoenix brings up the second photo and accuses Lotta of withholding it. The photographer says that the prosecutor told her not to bring it up. When confronted about this, Von Karma says that the photograph is redundant and saw no point in submitting it. The photo is the same woman but her face and physique are much different from Maya. Phoenix concludes that this woman is certainly not Maya, but Von Karma counters his claim by showing a picture of Mia and Phoenix's conversation from yesterday, pointing out that the former, just like Lotta's photo has the same clothing and hair as Maya but with a much different face and body. That is because she is in a middle of channeling a spirit, similar to what we see in Lotta's photo.

Her lecture is moot as Phoenix points out the woman's left sleeve. The bullet hole left by the bullet is missing, and this is after the gun was fired. Von Karma denies hiding it from the courtroom and blames Gumshoe for overlooking such critical evidence. Phoenix assumes the shooter is someone else. He explains by theorizing that Maya left the Chamber at some point. He proves this by showing the Black Key. Maya should have had it by the time of her arrest. Instead, it was found in the hands of Pearl.

At this point, the judge is confused, the woman in Lotta's picture could be Maya, but the key proves that Maya had left the room at some point. He ends the trial without a verdict, leaving Phoenix relieved and Von Karma furious.

Part 3: Investigation

When Phoenix asks Pearl about what she was doing at the time of the murder, she claims she was doing nothing. Her tone of voice and the Psyche Locks that appear suggest something else. When he asks her about the key, she tells Phoenix that she found it in the incinerator at the garden.

Back on Winding Way, he runs into Ini, who shows Phoenix a purple urn. The urn is said to contain the spirit of Ami Fey, the founder if the Kurain Channeling Technique. The are cracks all around it and it is labeled "I AM". Ini still denies being involved with the murder. Determined to get her to talk, he asks her about the accident that killed her older sister. He was met with more Psyche Locks. Phoenix looks inside the incinerator and discovers a shred of Maya's clothing with a bit of blood on it.

In the meditation chamber, Phoenix sees Morgan looking at a photo and talking eerie sentences. She insists that all she did in the channeling room was release the spirit, and tells Phoenix more about the Kurain traditions. It has been 16 years since Misty ran off from a certain scandal. If she doesn't return in 4 years, she would be declared dead and the Master title would be given to her offspring, unless they're all dead of course, or in Maya's case, executed for murder. Then the title would go to the branching family, which Pearl would be the new Master. Phoenix notices that a hint of excitement in her voice, and not the bad kind. Hmm...

Returning to the detention center, he tells Maya what Mia told him about mediums not dreaming. Phoenix concludes that Maya was set up somehow. Someone wanted Grey dead and wanted Maya to take the blame. He also asks about Pearl's alibi. Maya remembers playing with a ball with her before the channeling had began. She usually keeps the ball in a clothing box in the Side Room.

On his way to the side room, he encounter's Lotta, who keeps running from Phoenix as soon as he is within her line of sight. After disappearing in the side room, she is found hiding in the clothing box. After she runs off, Phoenix notices a hole in the box. I seems to be the same height as the one on the folding screen! He also finds Pearl's ball.

And speaking of Pearl, Phoenix decides that it's time to get some words out of her. Using the evidence he found, he gets Pearl to confess that she broke the sacred urn with her ball. She spent a while trying to fix it in Winding Way. She saw no one while she fixed it up.

Phoenix ponders about how everything is connected, especially regarding Ini. He was too deep in thought to notice Lotta getting his attention at first. After scolding her for hiding evidence in today's trial, he tries to get information regarding Ini. All Lotta tells him that she was once hospitalized. To get information, she suggests going to the clinic she was treated in.

Reluctantly, Phoenix made a visit to the Hotti Clinic. There he meets a person who claims to be the eponymous owner, but is actually one of the patients. However, he does give information regarding Ini. Ini was a victim of a car accident. She was so badly burnt from the accident, that she needed surgical attention. Luckily, they used her photo to reconstruct her face. Hotti happens to be holding that very same photo... for some reason. He also gives him a tabloid regarding the accident. Here, Phoenix would find some startling information regarding the crash...

Back at the village, Phoenix learns from Lotta that Morgan had called the police and set up a get together with them. Lotta also speculates that Morgan could be trying to steal the Master seat. Lotta has learned that Morgan is Misty's older sister. Misty is the "Master" of the technique, however, usually the eldest daughter of the family, Morgan in this case, should have had the most powerful medium of the family. However, since Morgan was weak, the title went to Misty instead.

With a little help with Maya's Magatama. Phoenix was able to use the evidence he had gotten from Hotti and was able to had Ini admit that she had been the same accident that killed Mimi. She was in the passenger's seat when they both fell asleep and were suddenly trapped in the great ball of fire. Ini grabbed her purse and was able to get out. Her sister of course, wasn't so lucky. This tragedy sounds like a good reason to kill Grey as Ini still holds a grudge against him.

After seeing her mother off, Pearl has a very bad feeling about what was going to happen. She is extremely worried about Maya and wants Phoenix to visit her.

At the Detention Center, Phoenix instead meets Mia, who wants to see how her former student is doing. Breaking her Psyche Locks, he and Mia were able to put together that Morgan and Ini conspired to have Dr Grey dead. And that the cloth and key could be used against them both. Mia doesn't have a clue about why her aunt would help get Grey killed. But suspects that it may have something to do with her mother...

Part 4-1: Trial

Before trial, Phoenix asks Pearl to contact Mia for help, but more so that Pearl won't to watch today's trial. Von Karma is very confident on her victory. Much so that she had set up a TV crew to watch Phoenix Wright first defeat.

As Mia predicted Morgan was called up to help her claims regarding the key. Morgan testifies that Maya had escaped her while she was performing the technique, which is why she was outside the room and with her, the key. The cross examination saw Morgan cleverly covering up all of the holes in her testimony.

After she was done, Ini was called up to say where the killer had gone to. She testifies that her sister talked to her. She told her about how she was murdered and how she got her revenge. Ini claims feeling happy in a sad way for seeing her sister for the first time in years. She also claims seeing nothing weird on her. Phoenix points out that she would have seen blood all over her sister's clothing. Learning of her mistake she briefly goes out of character when pressured. She then says that the room was dark. Ini claims to have led her back to the channeling room. She said that she saw no one but Phoenix points out that she would have seen Pearl fixing the broken urn along the way. It was obvious that she was never at Winding Way when the crime took place, but somehow she knew that Morgan was the only person in the Channeling Chamber in the aftermath. When asked about this, Phoenix theorizes that she was at the Channeling Chamber the whole time. But weren't Maya and Grey the only ones in the room. Phoenix shows the court she could have been hiding behind the folding screen inside the clothing box that was brought in from the Side Room, waiting for a chance to kill Dr. Grey. Phoenix knows about the box because there is a hole like the one on the folding screen. When Grey fired the gun at the killer, the bullet went through the folding screen and inside the box. When asked about how she did it, Phoenix brings up Morgan as her accomplice.

After going through what really happened in there, it looks like thing are looking up. However, von Karma chuckles, as there is one flaw to Phoenix's theory. Why would Ini go through the trouble to get her revenge, and why in such a ridiculous fashion? The car accident isn't good enough as Ini would have killed him long ago when she had the chance if that were a motive.

Mia gives Phoenix another minute to think over. Phoenix asks for another testimony. Von Karma, clearly not learning from yesterday, allows it if it means driving her opponent to the ground.

Part 4-2: Trial

During recess von Karma shows up to taunt Phoenix... wierd.

Phoenix asks to go into more detail about the car accident Ini was in. Ini claims that Mimi was tired from all of the talking she had to do. When asked why they couldn't switch drivers, Ini claims she didn't have a driver's license, and no the "License Photo" doesn't count. Even if she had the license, Mimi still would let her drive. That is because the car she drove was new. She got it from England.

Now hold on, if that was a British car and she got from the right as she said from the article and British cars had the drivers seat in the right side of the car, does that mean she came out from the drivers seat? Mimi was the one driving, then that means...

Phoenix then states that the Ini on the stand is in fact her older sister Mimi all along and vice versa. Mimi had used the picture if Ini for the reconstruction to fool people into thinking she herself had perished. When Dr Grey wanted to contact her through the Kurain Channeling Technique. One problem, the one person he wanted to contact is not actually dead. The technique doesn't work on the living, obviously. If the technique doesn't work on the spirit in this case Mimi, then it's still among the living.

Not willing to go through a much greater scandal, Mimi decided she would stop the channeling on whenever costs.

It unbelievable yes, but then Mimi finally breaks out of her sisterly persona and confesses to her crime. She only became Ini to get away from everything that had been happening, from the malpractice incident to the car accident that took her sister's life. It was too much for her. If only that spiritual mumbo-jumbo didn't happened...

Despite more questions to be answered, the one thing that matters is that Maya's innocence is proven. von Karma does not take her loss kindly, especially since her loss is documented and whips Phoenix out of consciousness.

After the trial, Maya briefly reunites with Mia (which is very awkward considering what we had just seen) Maya recognizes the scent she smelled in her dream. It was Mia's old robes.

Maya is confused on why Morgan helped out Mimi. Phoenix suspects that she did all of that so that Pearl would be the next master since with Maya would be out of the way through capital punishment.

Even though that plan may have been foiled, Morgan hasn't given up as she waits for another opportunity to bring Maya down and Pearl up...

Behind the Turnabout

In Kurain Channelling tradition, the eldest daughter of the current Master usually succeeds her. However, because of Morgan Fey's weak powers, the title of Master actually went to her younger sister Misty. Misty would later disappear after the DL-6 incident, and if she did not return within 20 years the village would consider her dead and her eldest surviving daughter would become Master.

Misty had two children, Mia and Maya. Mia would leave the village to become an attorney, while Maya would remain in training. Morgan also had a child, Pearl, who was considered a channelling prodigy and would be a worthy Master if the main Master family were unavailable. Mia would later be murdered, leaving Maya as heir to the title of Master.

At Doctor Turner Grey's private clinic, a nurse by the name of Mimi Miney made a series of errors resulting in the death of 14 patients. The stress of the subsequent police investigation exhausted her. Driving home with her younger sister Ini one night, she fell asleep and the car crashed. In the panic to escape the burning car, she grabs Ini's purse by mistake. Ini is killed in the accident, while Mimi is badly burned. Desiring to escape the scandal, she uses Ini's license photograph and her need for reconstructive surgery to take on her sister's identity. It's not a pleasant year for Mimi, who has no interest in resuming Ini's studies of parapsychology.

Doctor Grey's clinic experiences a downturn in business because of the scandal and the rumours that he drugged Mimi to silence her. In desperation he happens across a Parapsychology Student, one Ini Miney, who tells him of the Kurain Channelling Technique. He announces his plan to have the spirit of Mimi channelled to uncover the truth behind the malpractice. Panicking about being discovered, Mimi goes to Kurain village and conspires with Morgan Fey to murder Doctor Grey and frame Maya for it. The past would stay buried for Mimi, and with Maya imprisoned or executed Pearl would become the next Master.

Before Doctor Grey and Maya go into the channelling room, Mimi sneaks in, wearing a spirit medium outfit and a wig, and hides in a large clothes box she and Morgan moved there. Once the door is locked and the channelling begins, Mimi comes out and drugs Maya, stowing her in the box, and proceeds to stab Doctor Grey. What she hadn't counted on was that he would survive the initial attack, and had a gun. His one shot misses, so then she grabs the gun off him and shoots him in the head. At this point Phoenix Wright and Lotta Hart break into the room, so Mimi acts as though her spirit is in possession of Maya. Morgan shoos them away to call the police, after which they bring Maya out of the box, put her fingerprints on the murder weapons and move the box back to the side room.

    Turnabout Big Top 

Part 1: Investigation

Just days before New Years Phoenix took Pearl to see the circus. She was blown away by everything she saw there, including the incredible flying man known as Maximillion Galactica.

The next morning, Maya calls Phoenix and tells him that Max himself was arrest under the charge of murder and wants him to meet her at the Detention Center.

There, they the fabulous Max himself. Max brags about how "rescued" the Big Berry Circus. He also learns that the ringleader, Russell Berry, was the victim. The last time he saw Russell is when they talked in his office. He claims that he only talked about his salary, but some Psyche Locks appear suggesting more than that. Phoenix and Maya slowly realize that Max isn't taking his situation seriously. After being told the reality he is in, he breaks character and pleads Phoenix to defend him in court.

At the crime scene, they meet who else but Gumshoe, who tells them that the victim died by a nasty blow to the head. What’s strange is that the killer’s footprints are nowhere to be seen. Maybe he could have flown? Speaking of flying, the investigators found Max’s hat in the crime scene. Speaking of Max, he doesn’t seem very liked with his co-workers. Gumshoe also mentions that they had an eyewitness, also they are forbidden from entering the Lodging Plaza, or so Gumshoe says.

They head inside the night top, where Phoenix was attacked by a tiger. Thankfully they were saved by a highly charming lion tamer Regina Berry, daughter of Russell Berry. She is unsettlingly perky for a girl whose dad just died. She talks about the time her dad shot her friend lion dead. She remembers that Russell went to his office in a hurry the last time she saw him. She also announces that Max and a tenor singer named Trilo proposed their love to her. They went to Russell's office and find the papers to Max's salary. The salary raise is incredible, but Phoenix notices that the paper was dated a week ago. Maya also steals a poster from the wall.

Outside, they meet a meek and stuttery Benjamin Woodman, a ventriloquist, who tries to say he lost something but couldn’t. They entered the Lodging room, where they meet the Moe the Clown, who greets them with a bombardment of lame jokes and slang (which Maya apparently enjoys). With all of his effort to not lose his mind, Phoenix manages to learn from Moe that he is the eyewitness and that he believes that Max was the killer. He calls Russell a great man, always paying his worker even when no one showed up from the show. When asked about Ben, Moe mentions that he wouldn’t talk unless he has his puppet. He also tells them that Max hit a bottle over Ben’s head at the cafeteria yesterday and says that they should check it out, as there’s “Gotti” be something interesting there.

After finding a shattered battle at the cafeteria, they talked to Max again. With the bottle, they managed to make Max confess that he wasn't called to Russell’s office to negotiate a salary but that he had a fight with Ben over Regina. They both had confess their love to her and it really made Max mad. Max claims that on that night, he asked Russell for Regina’s hand in marriage, a request which Russell accepts. He then saw Russell leave the office with his hat and cloak since it was so cold outside. Max says he hid Ben’s puppet, Trilo Quist, in the Ringmaster’s room, so that Ben, well, Trilo wouldn’t cause him any trouble, so they when back to Russell’s room, find the puppet, and gives it the Ben. As they decide on what to do next, Ben starts to talk in a strange and rude manner at them through his puppet Trilo. Trilo, as we will refer to in Ben’s character, pretty much hates everything in this circus. However, the silver lining in all of this is Regina, whom he is planning to propose to. He also implies that he will testify in court tomorrow against Max.

As they explore more of the circus, a monkey ambushes Phoenix and steals his badge. Regina comes and tells Phoenix the monkey, named Money, usually steals shiny things. She also believes that Trilo is an actual person with Ben always hanging out with him for some reason and that she would be happy to marry him.

Money isn’t really Regina’s kind of animal, so she suggests that she talks to Moe about Money. They learn from Moe that Regina seems to be living in some sort of fantasy world in her head, that everything strange in the circus is everyday normal stuff for her. Moe leads them to the room of the acrobat named Acro, where Money usually keeps his, err, findings. They find Phoenix’s badge, but they also find a ring with “From T to R” engraved to it.

After that monkey business, Phoenix decides to call it a day.

Part 2-1: Trial

The trial begins with Von Karma loudly proclaims that the case from Maya’s village did not count as a legitimate case and wants to beat Phoenix for real this time. She calls up Gumshoe, who testifies that Russell died due to blunt force trauma that snapped his vertebrae. The body was found laying on top of a heavy wooden box. When Phoenix asked for it’s contents, Gumshoe says that they found a small bottle of pepper. He also says that they couldn’t find the murder weapon. Maybe it disappeared through magic?

Von Karma calls up Ben and Trilo. After a difficult introduction, Trilo testifies that he saw Max heading towards the crime. He knew it was Max because he was wearing his signature silk hat, cloak and white roses. Phoenix says he could have also seen Russell, but Von Karma points out that Russell would have had already passed by by the time Ben & Trilo got to their spot. Phoenix then realizes that it was strange that they would be hanging out in the harsh cold weather in the dead of night, so he theorizes that they were waiting for Regina to propose to her.

Trilo says that he was going to give Regina an engagement ring. He says that he still has it in his pocket, when it is actually in Phoenix’s hands. Trilo admits that he and Ben left their spot for five minutes to chase after Money, who stole the ring, which means that someone other than Max may have passed by their spot while they were chasing the monkey.

Trilo then testifies that when he saw Max, he simply said “good evening” to him, which is very unlike him especially after the fight they had that morning. Phoenix then theorizes that the man in the silk hat, cloak, and white roses they saw that night could actually the victim, Russell as they didn’t have a clear view of the man in the hat, cloak, and robes. Von Karma retaliates by bringing announcing another witness, who will cement Max as the perpetrator once and for all!

Part 2-2: Trial

Max says that he went in Russell's office with his costume and Russell went to the crime scene with the costume. Max wonders why they only found the silk hat not not his cloak.

Von Karma calls up Moe. After another difficult introduction, he claims that he peeked out of the window just before he went to bed. Phoenix reminds him of the thump he heard outside. When questioned about seeing the whole crime, Moe admits that he did not see the murder weapon, Phoenix pushes Moe, saying that he saw the whole when he also said that he heard a thump. After his memory is jogged, Moe admits that he only saw Russell already face down on the box. Von Karma told him to keep his mouth shut. He testifies again, saying that he only saw the silhouette of the killer wearing Max's silk hat and cloak but couldn't see what he was holding. Phoenix points out that Moe could have also seen the white roses as Trilo says he was wearing. In another testimony regarding the symbols, he claims that he was wearing his hat the whole time, when it fact the hat was found at the crime scene.

At this point Moe was furious and throws a tantrum. Curious, Phoenix asks Moe how the killer left the scene. Moe finally admits that he himself couldn’t comprehend what happened. Von Karma certainly didn’t help. In his final testimony, Moe claims that the killer flew away from the crime scene. This revelation confuses everyone and the judge calls off the trial for more investigation.

Part 3: Investigation

Part 4-1: Trial

Court reconvened. Franziska opened by stating her plan to present a new witness that hat seen Maximillion fly out the window. She called Acro to the stand.

Part 4-2: Trial

Behind the Turnabout

At the Berry Big Circus, Russell Berry presided over a group of performers: The acrobatic team Acro and Bat, the Ventriloquist act Ben and Trilo Quist, Moe the Clown, Money the Monkey, Maximillion Glactica the Magician and his own daughter, Regina the animal tamer. Regina's favourite animal to control was Leon the Lion.

Bat was quite smitten with Regina, and would often tease her by throwing pepper at her and make her sneeze. One day she tries to get her own back by giving him a scarf laced with pepper. After this, he announces he will put his head in Leon's mouth to impress her. Unfortunately lions are affected by pepper as well, and Leon sneezes and bites down on Bat. Acro tries to rescue his brother and his legs are terribly injured. Bat is now in a coma from which there is little chance of recovery, and it looks like Acro's days as an acrobat are over.

Russell Berry shoots Leon the next day, believing him dangerous. Due to Regina's upbringing she cannot fully appreciate what is going on, believing that Leon and Bat are now "stars" that she will get to see one day. Although consciously he knows she had no malice, Acro cannot stand to see her so completely ignorant about her role in the accident, and it drives him to try and kill her.

On the day of the incident, Acro slips a note into Regina's pocket for "The Murderer" to come to the circus plaza at 10pm to discuss it. Being in her own little world, she does not realise the note is for her, so posts it on the cafeteria noticeboard. Her father sees the note, realises the implications and tears it off. At the same time, Money has stolen a lifesize bust of Max because of the shiny playing cards and stowed it in Acro's room, who he lives with.

On the night of the incident, Max and Russell discuss the possibility of marrying Regina. After this meeting, Russell dons Max's cloak and hat to avoid being identified. Although he is spotted by Ben and Trilo, they think he is Max. Russell arrives to find a large crate, and as he bends over it to pick it up, Acro springs his trap. Unable to see who is lifting the cradle, he ties a rope to the bust and drops it out the window, thinking it will strike Regina. The bust hits Russell and kills him, Max's cloak snagging on the bust and his hat being left on the ground.

The noise wakes up Moe, who sees the bust being lifted back up by Acro, but due to the darkness it just looks like Max performing his signature flying trick to escape the scene of the crime.

    Farewell, My Turnabout 

Part 1-1: Investigation

Part 1-2: Investigation

Part 2-1: Trial

Part 2-2: Trial

Part 3-1: Investigation

Part 3-2: Investigation

Part 4-1: Trial

Part 4-2: Trial

Behind the Turnabout