Be aware that this recap collection goes by the "Director's Cut/Revival" versions of Episodes 21-24, and some of the described scenes might seem out of place if you are only familiar with the broadcast versions of the episodes.


[[AC:The TV series]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode01AngelAttack Episode 01: Angel Attack]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode02UnfamiliarCeiling Episode 02: Unfamiliar Ceiling/The Beast]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode03ATransfer Episode 03: The Phone That Doesn't Ring/A Transfer]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode04HedgehogsDilemma Episode 04: Rain, After the Escape/Hedgehog's Dilemma]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode05BeyondReisHeart Episode 05: Beyond Rei's Heart/Rei I]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode06ShowdownInTokyo3 Episode 06: Showdown in Tokyo-3/Rei II]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode07AHumanWork Episode 07: A Human Work]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode08AsukaStrikes Episode 08: Asuka Strikes!]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode09MomentHeartTogether Episode 09: Moment, Heart, Together/Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win!]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode10MagmaDiver Episode 10: Magma Diver]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode11TheDayTokyo3StoodStill Episode 11: In the Still Darkness/The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode12TheValueOfAMiracleIs Episode 12: The Value of a Miracle is.../She Said, "Don't Make Others Suffer for Your Personal Hatred"]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode13LilliputianHitcher Episode 13: Angel Invasion/Lilliputian Hitcher]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode14WeavingAStory Episode 14: SEELE, Throne of Souls/Weaving a Story]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode15LiesAndSilence Episode 15: Lies and Silence/Those Women Longed for the Touch of Other's Lips, and Thus Invited Their Kisses]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode16SplittingOfTheBreast Episode 16: Sickness unto death, and.../Splitting of the Breast]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode17FourthCHILD Episode 17: Fourth CHILD]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode18Ambivalence Episode 18: A Life Choice/Ambivalence]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode19Introjection Episode 19: A Man's Battle/Introjection]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode20FormOfTheMindFormOfTheMan Episode 20: Form of the Mind, Form of the Man/Weaving a Story 2: Oral Stage]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode21TheBirthOfNerv Episode 21: The Birth of Nerv/He was aware that he was still a child]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode22DontBe Episode 22: At least, be human/Don't be]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode23Tears Episode 23: Tears/Rei III]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode24TheFinalMessenger Episode 24: The Final Messenger/The Beginning and the End, or "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode25DoYouLoveMe Episode 25: The World Ending/Do you love me?]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode26TakeCareOfYourself Episode 26: The Beast that Shouted "I" at the Heart of the World/Take Care of Yourself]]

[[AC:The End of Evangelion]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode25LoveIsDestructive Episode 25: Air/Love is Destructive]]
* [[Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode26INeedYou Episode 26: My Purest Heart for You (Yours Sincerely)/I Need You]]