The following is a list of episodes from the short-lived WB animated sitcom ''WesternAnimation/MissionHill''. Created by Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein of ''TheSimpsons'', this series centers on a struggling cartoonist (working at a waterbed store and, later, his friend's advertising agency) who is forced to take in his nerdy, 17-year-old brother and pet dog after his parents announce that they're moving to Wyoming so they can fall in love all over again.

Even though the WB aired up to "Unemployment, Part 1," Creator/CartoonNetwork's Creator/AdultSwim line-up back in the early days (around 2002-2003) aired the episodes that the WB [[BannedEpisode banned due to content]], like "Andy Joins the PTA," "Kevin's Problem," "Andy vs. ''The Real World''," and "Andy and Kevin Make a Friend," along with the episodes after "Unemployment, Part 1" that didn't air due to the show's early cancellation.

This recap lists the episodes that aired on TV (and are available on DVD) and the unaired, incomplete episodes that only exists as scripts and animatics.


[[folder:Season One]]
#"Pilot (or The Douchebag Aspect)": Andy French, an aspiring cartoonist working at a waterbed store, is forced to take in his highly intellectual, yet very annoying little brother, Kevin, after Andy's parents decide to move away to Wyoming and not take Kevin with them.
#"Andy Joins the PTA (or Great Sexpectations)": When Andy attends Kevin's parent-teacher conference en lieu of their mother and father, he joins the PTA in order to impress Kevin's English teacher. Meanwhile, Kevin becomes obsessed with an online role playing game and Posey sells vegetables from her garden.
#"Kevin's Problem (or Porno for Pyro)": Kevin faces a moral dilemma when two bullies (Griffo and C-Dog) get blamed for burning down the Mission Hill market, which was an accident Kevin caused after trying to hide a pornographic magazine after one of the bullies catches him masturbating to it. Meanwhile, Jim returns from Japan wearing Day-Glo short-shorts which becomes popular with everyone (except Andy).
#"Andy vs. ''Series/TheRealWorld'' (or The Big-Ass Viacom Lawsuit)": Kevin finds a collection of old videos chronicling the time that MTV's ''The Real World'' filmed a season in Mission Hill--and how Andy became part of the cast after one of the house mates gets hit by a bus.
#"Andy and Kevin Make a Friend (or One Bang for Two Brothers)": Kevin and Andy fight for the affections of George's sister. Meanwhile, Gus gets stabbed in the head and Wally urges him to go to the hospital to have the knife removed.
#"Andy Gets a Promotion (or How to Get Head in Business Without Really Trying)": After having his work rejected, Andy decides to abandon his dreams as a cartoonist and become Ron's assistant at the waterbed store, which changes Andy's personality for the worse.
#"Kevin vs. The UsefulNotes/SATs (or Nocturnal Admissions)": After reading that Ivy League colleges are only accepting students with perfect SAT scores, Kevin and his friends work furiously to crack a legendary code that will give them a 1600 score. Meanwhile, Posey advertises her massage services in a newspaper -- which, thanks to a spelling mistake, has her mistaken for a prostitute who does erotic massage and lands her in trouble with a local pimp.
#"Unemployment, Part 1 (or Brother's Big Boner)": After blowing his parents' monthly support money on an organ, Andy finds himself unemployed when his boss, Ron, gets arrested for tax evasion and the waterbed store is seized by the government. When Andy can't hold down a job, Kevin goes to Ron to sign a form that activates Andy's unemployment payment--and becomes the owner of Ron's sports car.
#"Unemployment, Part 2 (or Theory of the Leisure Ass)": After finding out that Jim has a job as a major player of an advertising agency, Andy decides to abandon his slacker ways and get a job as an artist for Jim's ad agency.
#"Kevin Finds Love (or Hot For Weirdie)": Kevin asks out Eunice Eulmeyer, the weirdest girl at his school, in the hopes that her famous scientist father will write him a letter of recommendation for college. Meanwhile, Andy, Jim, and Posey start their own fake nightclub to get back at being turned away at a real nightclub.
#"Stories of Hope and Forgiveness (or Day of the Jackass)": On the day of an international crisis, Posey meditates to find nirvana, Kevin gets involved in the unspecified crisis, and Andy goes out with a famous actress.
#"Happy Birthday, Kevin (or Happy Birthday, Douchebag)": Kevin's birthday is coming up, and, now that he's not at home with his family, he becomes depressed and miserable. Meanwhile, Natalie brings home a boa constrictor from an animal testing raid, and Carlos worries that the boa constrictor will attack their baby.
#"Plan 9 from Mission Hill (or I Married a Gay Man from Outer Space)": Kevin becomes fascinated with classic films when he sneaks into a local theater to watch ''Film/MidnightCowboy'' under the assumption that it's a porno film [[note]](as it has an "X" rating, which back in the 1960s, meant that the film was for adults, but, by today's standards, is somewhere between an "R" and an "NC-17" rating)[[/note]] --and uncovers a lost B-movie that Wally directed in the 1950s.

[[folder:Unaired Episodes]]
#"Meditations on a Career in Advertising (or Supertool)": Andy and Jim are assigned to create a new ad campaign for Chef-A-Rooni brand pasta, but Jim ends up taking the credit for Andy's ideas. Meanwhile, Kevin, Toby, and George buy an upscale Port-A-Potty after school thugs Griffo, C-Dog, and Phat Ass claim the boys' room as their own.
#"To Grandmother's House We Go (or Freaky Weekend in the Crappy Crudwagon)": Andy, Kevin, Jim, and Posey take a road trip on Memorial Day Weekend, while Gus and Wally take care of Stogie.
#"Pretty in Pink (or Crap Gets in Your Eyes)": Andy and Gwen's relationship hits the skids when Andy sleeps with Jim's assistant.
#"Death of a Yale Man (or Premature Matriculation)": Toby and George think Kevin is dying of a terminal illness after Kevin shows up to school bald (which was from trying to get rid of a hip haircut gone bad) and make his dream of going to Yale come true, but will Kevin play along with the plan? Meanwhile, Jim and Andy contend with [=SUV=] drivers.
#"Bye Bye Nerdie (or I Was A Teenaged Porn Star)": Kevin accidentally appears in the background of a porno movie being filmed in the building, and is forced to stay with his parents after coming to visit Kevin and finding that Mission Hill is too colorful for a boy his age, but keeping Kevin around proves to be a mood killer.