Recap / Lupin IIIS 4 E 6

Fujiko is just recently started teaching at an all-girls school, where she is the object of admiration/attraction for, apparently, most of the girls in the school. This include Isolde Brach, who was writing confession to Fujiko when Isolde spies Fujiko kissing another student. Fujiko uses this event to become closer to Isolde.

It is revealed that Isolde's pendant is a reminder of her father, a scholar who passed away recently. Up to then, she stayed at home, so she is transfer student at the school. Some other girls catch Isolde monopolizing Fujiko's time and decide to punish her by cutting off her braids. An emotional Isolde visits Fujiko at night for comfort and asks to be taught how to kiss. Fujiko accedes, eyeing Isolde's pendant. However, Isolde is Oscar in disguise, and he knocks Fujiko unconscious.

Flashback to three months ago: Brache dies with his thesis unpublished, a thesis that could fetch a high price. However, the two halves are encrypted and cannot be decrypted without the other. Fujiko already has one half, and Zenigata and Oscar want to stop her from getting the other. Then Lupin's calling card arrives saying he'll steal both.

Oscar is conflicted over Fujiko. She is bewitchingly beautiful, but he hates for having sex with Zenigata. He plans to use Fujiko as bait to catch Lupin for Zenigata.

Lupin abducts Isolde, and they hide in the chapel. Isolde is upset that Fujiko was only after her pendant and cries that Fujiko has taken something precious of hers. No, not her pendant. No, not her heart. However, Lupin gets jumped by machine gun toting school girls, and he escapes with Isolde to the conservatory, where Oscar traps and gasses him.

Oscar calls Zenigata to report on Lupin's capture only to get Fujiko. She stole the pendant while they were kissing and wants the code to open it, threatening to torture Zenigata. She is aware that the wrong code would destroy the thesis half. Oscar gives in, only to have Zenigata drive up wondering what the heck he's talking about. Oh, and Lupin has escaped as well.

Lupin and Fujiko meet up to split the loot. Lupin's contribution was to trick Zenigata and Oscar into using the remaining thesis half as bait, and Fujiko's was to get unlock the pendant: ZNGT. Oscar vows vengeance on Fujiko.

This episode features examples of:

  • Ironic Echo:
    • The Goethe quote Fujiko teaches in class.
    • Isolde's confession letter.
  • Symbolic Blood: Oscar pours wine over Fujiko's naked body, staining the bed red and leaving a trail of crimson.
  • Self-Destructing Security: The pendant Fujiko steas from Oscar is locked by a code (Ze-Ni-Ga-Ta), and the wrong code will destroy the other half of the thesis.