Kim and Ron meet a teen named Felix (the son of one of Kim's dad's coworkers), who happens to be wheelchair bound--in a super high-tech wheelchair--and who turns out to have a lot in common with Ron. Ron starts spending a lot of time with Felix, and Kim starts feeling jealous of the friendship Ron forms with Felix.
!!This episode provides examples of:

* DisabledMeansHelpless: Kim is initially awkward about Felix being in a wheelchair, and keeps trying to be over-helpful. Fortunately, he finds it more amusing than annoying (see the IWouldSayIfICouldSay entry below).
* IWouldSayIfICouldSay: While guarding the MacGuffin Motor Ed is after:
-->'''Kim:''' Okay, Felix, you go stand watch.\\
'''Felix:''' You mean ''sit'' watch.\\
''(Kim is utterly mortified at her faux pas.)''\\
'''Felix:''' Kim, I'm just playing you.
* OpenMouthInsertFoot: Kim just can't seem to stop herself from doing this when it comes to Felix and his condition. At least, initially.
---> Kim: [[LampshadeHanging I've got to just... stop talking.]]
* SuperWheelchair: Felix's wheelchair has a plethora of cool built-in gadgetry.