Dr. Drakken and Shego steal something from a lab, a device which Drakken ominiously remarks will get him the "obedience" he wants. Meanwhile, Kim finds herself with a conflict between watching her annoying brothers Jim and Tim and answering the call; she resolves the problem by bringing them along on the mission.

It turns out that the stolen device is Dr. Cyrus Bortle's latest invention -- a chip capable of [[MindControlDevice "total mind control"]]. A cutaway reveals that Drakken has already used the chip on Shego, replacing her usual insolence with placid subservience. Worse, Drakken manages to surprise Kim as she approaches his lair, tagging her with another chip....

!!This episode provides examples of:
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Jim and Tim, to Kim. They pull stunts like disconnecting a vital hose during a plane flight to find out what it did, nearly causing a crash. On the other hand, they ultimately save the day by shorting out the mind control chips.
* CreepyMonotone: A variation -- Kim and Shego talk in oddly chipper tones while under mind control.
* EvilCostumeSwitch: After being mind-controlled, Kim dresses in a copy of Shego's supervillain outfit. The oddity is [[LampshadeHanging mentioned]] but never explained.
* HypnoTrinket[=/=]MindControlDevice
* ThePunishmentIsTheCrime: After the mind control chips are fried, Kim decides not to bother capturing Drakken, since he'll be punished "ten times worse" when Shego catches up to him.
* ThisBananaIsArmed: When the Tweebs announce that they have a silicon phase disruptor, Drakken is nervous for a moment, but then scoffs -- he assumes that a ''real'' silicon phase disruptor is a refrigerator-sized device (like the one seen earlier in Bortle's lab). However, the Tweebs [[ChildProdigy built a hand-sized version]], which they use to remotely fry the mind control chips.
* WithMyHandsTied: Ron managed to briefly evade Kim and Shego with his hands tied, then maneuvers so that one of Shego's attacks takes off the ropes.