Recap / Haven S 2 E 8 Friend Or Faux

A man gets up in the morning and goes to the bathroom, to find his exact double using it. After the man uses the bathroom and gets dressed, he goes to the kitchen to find his double eating and making a mess. The man angrily shoots the double in the head. He goes to his car and changes the radio from Rock to Classic. Suddenly, his double appears and holds a gun to his head, angry about being killed for the umpteenth time. The double kicks him out of his car and takes it, saying that he has someone to kill, changing the radio back.

Duke is about to open The Grey Gull as a teenage employee named Henry brings in supplies. Henry is nervous and accidentally breaks some glasses. Duke asks what is wrong, and Henry says that he was hanging out in an abandoned building last night and saw something he should not have. The double drives up and the terrified Henry hides, begging Duke not to reveal him. The double enters and orders whiskey. Duke pours him some. He drinks it and orders a pina colada while spinning a silver dollar on the counter. Duke says that the blender is broken. The double asks where he can find Henry. Duke says that Henry is not here. The double angrily says that Duke is lying, but Duke orders him to get out. The double starts walking away, but turns around and opens fire. Duke returns fire and tells Henry to run. Henry runs out the back and drives away on his motorcycle. Duke shoots the double in the arm. The double retreats to his car and drives away.

Nathan and Audrey arrive at The Grey Gull as Duke tells them all he can about the assailant. Nathan runs a check on the car's license plates and finds that it belongs to a banker named Cornell Stamoran. Nathan privately admits to Audrey that the stress of being the new Chief of Police is getting to him, and that he constantly has to forge records to omit references to the Troubles. Evi eavesdrops on the conversation. As the officers leave, Duke pulls out a shotgun, determined to deal with the assailant himself.

The officers go to Cornell's house and question him. He says that he was in his house talking to his assistant all morning. Audrey realizes that he couldn't be the one who attacked The Grey Gull, as he has no bullet wound. The double drives up, but when he notices the officers, he drives away with the officers in hot pursuit. They follow him to an abandoned building called Everwood, an old hotel. Duke joins them and they take on the double in a gunfight, confirming that he was the assailant due to his bullet wound. The double is killed, and Duke searches his body for the circular maze tattoo, but he doesn't have one.

As they talk, they see what appears to be Cornell run past them into the building. Duke explains that Henry is in the building and the trio enter. Nathan refuses to call for backup as more witnesses will provide fuel for Reverend Driscoll's anti-Troubled campaign. They eventually run into Henry, and Duke explains that Henry is homeless and is using the building as a refuge. Henry explains that last night, he saw Cornell enter and kill a man.

Suddenly, Cornell appears and shoots at them. In the confusion, Audrey and Nathan get separated from Duke and Henry. Audrey and Nathan run into Cornell, who surrenders. He leads them into a boiler room and shows them a pile of dead bodies that all look like him. He explains that he recently spawned a murderous double of himself, who reappears in a new body every time he is killed. The officers figure that this is what Henry saw. Nathan tries to call Duke, but there is no signal. He tells Audrey to guard Cornell while he heads upstairs.

As they run, Henry asks why Duke is not curious about why he's homeless, and Duke says it's none of his business. Henry says that he ran away because his father is inattentive. Duke says that his father was the same way. They find the exit, but Henry says that he can't go and runs back in.

Nathan is trying to get a signal when Cornell walks up, asking for help. He has no idea who Audrey is and the two realize that Audrey is with the double.

"Cornell" starts spinning a silver dollar. Audrey remembers Duke's description and tries to leave, but he realizes that she's on to him and knocks her down.

Cornell and Nathan are lost in the maze-like building.

The double explains to Audrey that he has all of Cornell's memories, but while Cornell is an insecure coward, he is a badass who does whatever he wants. Audrey says that they have something in common, they have the memories of someone else. She asks if he ever wonders if he is real. He says she's thinking too hard. She explains that she has memories of childhood friends and classmates, but she's recently checked up on them and they don't know her, they only know Audrey II, confirming that Audrey II is the real Audrey Parker. He explains that he stole his silver dollar from his best friend, Matt Werner, when they were kids, but then realizes that he didn't actually do that, Cornell did. He begins to see that Audrey really does understand how he feels. Audrey says that it is fortunate that she has Audrey Parker's memories, because she took self-defense classes, and proceeds to disarm the double and handcuff him to a pipe. He asks if the whole talk was just a distraction, but she says it was true. She leaves to find Nathan, while the double promises to kill her.

Selectman Gerst comes to see Nathan and discovers he isn't there. He slips into the chief's old office and starts going through the files. Once Gerst finds the file he's looking for, he takes it and leaves.

Duke catches up to Henry and finds that he went back to retrieve his father's war medal from Iraq, and he realizes that he lied about not caring about his father. Audrey shows up. They are able to get a signal and call Nathan. They decide to head to the atrium.

The double struggles to break free and notices a broken pipe. He impales himself, grunts in pain, and dies, but then reappears in a new body.

Nathan and Cornell come across a wall with a puddle of blood forming from it. Nathan pries apart the bricks and finds a dead body. He asks Cornell who he is, but he says he doesn't know. Nathan attempts to call Audrey, but Cornell smashes a brick over his head, knocking him out. The double appears and asks why he did that. Cornell says that he couldn't take the risk of a cop learning about Neal. Their conversation reveals that when Neal was going to turn Cornell in for embezzling, Cornell spawned his double to kill him for him. The double is meant to do all the things he is afraid to do, like killing Neal and killing the witness, Henry. The double says that he's had enough of following orders. He hands another brick to Cornell and orders him to man up and kill Nathan himself. The double offers to be partners with him once he's done the deed.

Nathan's cellphone, which had flown across the room when he had been knocked out, rings. The double goes to answer it, but Cornell warns him that it is a trick to lure them away from Nathan. Their plan exposed, Audrey and Duke open fire on them. The two take cover and return fire, although the double states that he isn't really concerned if he gets shot, since he'll just come back. Audrey and Duke run out of ammo. Audrey offers to allow the two to leave in peace if they turn over Nathan, but they don't believe her. She gets an idea and orders Duke to get Henry to safety. She comes out of hiding and says she wants to talk, and the double insists they hear her out.

Audrey reminds the double about the talk they had. Even if he has Cornell's memories, it doesn't mean he has to let them define him. He has a chance to live his life independent of Cornell. Cornell angrily attempts to shoot her, but the double shoots him. As he dies, the double passes the silver dollar to her and fades away.

Later, Gerst meets with Nathan. He accuses Nathan of forging reports and says that Haven PD will be looking for a new Chief effective immediately. Nathan realizes that Gerst is a follower of Reverend Driscoll. Gerst warns Nathan to get out of town while he still can and that things will soon get rough on the Troubled. Nathan vows to stay in Haven and walks out.

Duke has a talk with Henry and explains that he's called Henry's father and he should try to patch things up with him. Henry's father shows up and Henry happily greets him.

Later, Nathan gets drunk at The Grey Gull and starts dancing badly. Duke asks if she meant everything she said to the double or if she was playing him, and Audrey says it was both. Duke, amused at Nathan's antics, takes a picture of him with Evi's cellphone. Evi receives a text from Driscoll, "Thanks for the files info. I took care of the rest." Duke is stunned.