The weather gets cooler as the [[{{TitleDrop}} Quidditch]] season begins and now its only days before Harry's first match, Gryffindor vs Slytherin. Now that [[{{Bookworm}} Hermione]] is Harry and Ron's friend getting homework done is easy, although she still won't let them copy. Then, the day before the Quidditch match the PowerTrio are huddled around a bright blue fire inside a jam jar when Snape sees them and limps over to find an excuse to take points from them. He then confiscates Harry's book, ''Literature/QuidditchThroughTheAges'', as "Library books are not to be taken outside the school." Once Snape is out of ear shot, Harry thinks Snape made up that rule on the spot.

Back in the Gryffindor common room, Hermione checks their Charms homework, and Harry, who is very nervous about the match, tells Hermione and Ron that he is going to ask Snape for the book back. But when he knocks on the door, there is no answer so Harry decides that Snape may have left the book in there and decides to have a look. When he opens the door, he sees Snape getting a bloody leg bandanged by Filch. Snape asks Filch "[[{{Foreshadowing}} How are you supposed to keep your eyes on all heads at once?]]" before he sees Harry. Snape yells at Harry to get out after Harry tries asking for his book back. Harry then runs back to the common room to tell the others what he overhead.

The next morning is the day of the match, and Harry is not hungry even though his fellow classmates insist he eat something so he has some strength. Then the whole school goes down to the Quidditch pitch to watch the game, and the Gryffindor's give Harry moral support by writing Potter for President on some old sheets Scabbers had ruined. Harry then gets changed while Oliver Wood gives a lecture to the team that they have head a lot of times now. It's then time for the match to begin.

The match begins as we get a running commentary by Lee Jordan, a friend of the Weasley twins, who causes [[HilarityEnsues hilarity to ensue]] throughout the game. Gryffindor scores the first goal. Shortly after Hagrid turns up, Harry begins to have trouble with his broom. Ron and Hermione see that Snape is muttering spells under his breath while looking at Harry. Hermione runs over to Snape's side of the stand and knocks Professor Quirrel over on her way to Snape and whispers a fire spell onto Snape's robes, distracting Snape and allowing Harry to get back on his broom and shoot towards the ground. He looks like he nearly swallows something which turns out to be the Golden Snitch and the game finishes in complete confusion.

Harry then goes to Hagrid's to recover from nearly swallowing the Snitch, Ron and Hermione following. There they discover that the three-headed dog belongs to Hagrid and is named [[FluffyTheTerrible Fluffy]]. In addition, Hagrid accidentally lets slip that the dog is guarding something, though he won't say what, and that it is a matter between [[EccentricMentor Professor Dumbledore]] and Nicolas Flamel.