On first sight, there is a house missing between 11 and 13 Grimmauld Place. But then another house magically appears between them. The house looks like it hasn't been lived in for years and judging by some of the decorations, it looks more of a home for Dark Wizards than allies of Dumbledore. While the adults go into a meeting, Harry goes upstairs and meets with Ron and Hermione. He's fleetingly pleased to see them - and then ends up venting his anger at being cooped up for weeks without anyone telling him what was going on.

They are joined by Fred, George and Ginny. They explain that the house is the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix, a secret organisation set up by Dumbledore to fight Voldemort. However, Cornelius Fudge and the Ministry of Magic have refused to believe that Voldemort has returned. Indeed, Fudge seems intent on undermining Dumbledore, and ''The Daily Prophet'' has been carrying out a smear campaign against Dumbledore and Harry. Ron's older brother Percy split from the family after being offered a job in Fudge's office; he believed that his family's close ties to Dumbledore were holding his career back.

The meeting finishes and most of the Order members file out of the house. Tonks accidentally trips and uncovers a portrait a woman, who is screaming in rage that there are "mudbloods" in her house. Sirius appears to help draw the curtains back over the portrait, and explains that it's a portrait of his mother.