Recap / Farscape Comics 04 Tangled Roots

Tangled Roots

While Aeryn goes searching for the cause of her son's mutation, Crichton and Chiana hunt down Roiin, the hired tracker who is trying to kill Deke. Chiana seduces Roiin to keep him busy while Crichton and the local authorities spring a trap, but Chiana finds herself falling in love with the tracker. Meanwhile, Aeryn tracks down some of her former Peacekeeper comrades and find some on a planet under Hynerian control where free Sebaceans follow the teachings of a peace-preaching religion called Yemahl. Amazingly, she discovers that her former Peacekeeper lover Velorek is alive and one of the worshippers, as are the parents of Captain Bialar Crais.

Issue 1: In Search Of...

Issue 2: Undercover of the Night

Issue 3: Prybella Little Tenderness

Issue 4: Baxx in the High Life Again