Recap / Farscape Comics 03 Gone And Back

Gone and Back

Moya returns to Hyneria so that Deke can be examined by physicians and Crichton and Aeryn can find out about their son's ability. During the examination, Crichton is accidentally thrust into an unrealised reality where D'Argo and Zhaan are still alive and Princess Katralla and her daughter are part of the crew, but Aeryn is still a Peacekeeper and Deke was never born. When Crichton attempts to locate Aeryn through the services of a professional tracker, Scorpius (not an enemy in this universe) directs him to a man named Roiin — the Man in Black.

Issue 1: Through A Glass, Weirdly

Issue 2: With Enemies Like These...

Issue 3: Call In The Murines

Issue 4: All Fall Down