'''Original air date''': July 17, 2005

While out shopping for groceries, Lois goes to put back a ham -- and ends up stealing it. Soon, she becomes a kleptomaniac and lands in prison, where her family break her out during a visit and the Griffins end up starting a new life in Asiantown.
!!This episode contains examples of:
* {{Crossdresser}}: A cutaway features Brian in a dress and high heels. Stewie walks in and it gets awkward.
--> '''Stewie''': All right, so I'm just gonna go out in the hallway and throw up about something else.
* DisproportionateRetribution: The judge extends Louis's sentence to three (nearly five) years in prison just because he was upset that Peter sneezed during the trial.
* HehHehYouSaidX:
--> '''Lois''': I guess I was stealing, because I was so sick of the same old routine. I felt like I had a void in my life. Like, there was a secret hole in me.\\
(Quagmire appears in the background)\\
'''Quagmire''': (excitedly) Oh, God!\\
'''Lois''': And I was trying to fill that hole with all kinds of expensive objects and things.\\
'''Quagmire''': Oh, God!\\
'''Lois''': And I felt wonderful with all those things filling that hole.\\
'''Quagmire''': Oh, God!\\
'''Lois''': I did this to myself so I'm just gonna have to lay back and let the penal system teach me a lesson.\\
'''Quagmire''': [[SubvertedTrope That one is also sexual.]]
* IdenticalLookingAsians: Immediately upon entering Asiatown, Peter assumes every man is Creator/JackieChan. Subverted when one of the people actually ''is'' Jackie Chan, and Jackie immediately assumes everyone is either Creator/EthanHawke or Creator/FrankieMuniz.
--> '''Jackie Chan''': Oh my God, it's ''Malcolm in Middle''!\\
'''Meg''': I'm not a boy.\\
'''Jackie Chan''': (angrily) Yes you ''are''...
* {{Rotoscoping}}: Used to recreate the "[[Music/AHa Take On Me]]" video. The creators were offered the opportunity to simply alter the original footage, but decided recreating it with a new rotoscope model would be easier.
* SexSells: During the cutaway on ''Film/TheAgeOfInnocence'':
--> '''Newland''': It is settled, May. Our parents have consented and you and I are to be married on the first warm, sunny day of spring.\\
'''May''': That would be most good, Newland, most good.\\
'''Daniel Day-Lewis''': (breaking character) I am sorry, but she is just awful. Is there any way I mean, can we add, like, a topless scene, or something?\\
'''Off-screen director''': Yeah.\\
'''Daniel Day-Lewis''': Really?\\
'''Off-screen director''': Yeah.\\
'''Daniel Day-Lewis''': We can? Great. All right, we got a movie!
* ShoutOut:
** The chase scene in Asiatown is accompanied by music from a chase scene in ''Film/RevengeOfThePinkPanther''.
** Early in the episode Chris gets pulled into the "[[Music/AHa Take On Me]]" Music Video.
** In the sewer, Joe blasts some [[Franchise/StarWars Tie Fighters]].
** In the sewer, the Griffins come across the kids from ''Film/TheGoonies''. Peter asks Chunk to do the "truffle shuffle".
--> '''Peter''': Hehehehe, childhood obesity.
* TakeThat: To Creator/WinonaRyder's BadBadActing in ''Film/TheAgeOfInnocence'' (and how the film was salvaged because of her topless scene).
* TemptingFate: In the "He's Quagmire!" cutaway:
--> '''Man''': I do hope nothing happens to spoil this fancy dinner party.\\
(Quagmire comes in and starts dancing in a speedo)