'''Original air date''': March 26, 2006

After a pregnancy scare, Lois urges Peter to get a vasectomy, which kills his sex drive and drives Lois to stuff herself with food. Meanwhile, Bertram (the sperm cell who fought with Stewie in "Emission Impossible") is born (from a lesbian couple who bought Peter's sperm at the sperm bank) and wages war with Stewie.
!!Tropes used in the episode:
* ArtisticLicenceHistory and BlackComedy: On the JFK assassination.
--> '''Lee Harvey Oswald''': Hey, Mr. President! Mr. President, up here! I voted for you. Wait a minute. That guy on the grassy knoll's got a gun. He's gonna shoot the President! Holy smokes, I've got to do something! (grabs a gun and aims it out the window) All right, Lee, time to become an American hero.
* BaitAndSwitch: At the end it sounds like Lois is going to talk to Chris about the dangers of overeating, but she talks about it to Meg, when she talks to the actually obese Chris, all she does is compliment his hat.
* BigEater: Lois becomes one when Peter refuses to have sex with her.
* ChubbyChaser: Peter's newfound attraction to Lois post-weight gain jump-starts their sex life.
-->'''Peter:''' Fat sex is the hottest sex we've ever had! There were so many boobs I couldn't tell whose boobs I was grabbin', your boobs or my boobs!
* DoubleStandard: When Peter keeps criticizing Lois for her weight gain:
--> '''Lois''': You're one to talk. Look how fat ''you'' are!\\
'''Peter''': Lois, men aren't fat. Only fat ''women'' are fat.
* HypocriticalHumor: When Peter is apprehensive about getting a vasectomy, Joe tells him that a bunch of guys on the force got vasectomies and their lives haven't changed at all. However, he immediately shoots them down when asked if he would get one.
* LongList: Peter rattles off all the kids they have (except Meg), and a bunch that aren't.
--> '''Peter''': We can't afford another kid. We already got Chris, Stewie, [[Series/HappyDays Richie, Joanie]], [[Series/TheBradyBunch Greg, Marcia, Bobby, Jan]], [[Series/GrowingPains Mike Seaver, Carol Seaver, Boner]], [[Series/FamilyMatters Urkel]], [[Series/ThreesCompany Mr. Furley]].\\
'''Brian''': Peter, those aren't your kids. That's the Nick At Nite lineup.\\
'''Peter''': Blanka, Zangief, Chun-Li, Guile, E. Honda.\\
'''Brian''': That's [[VideoGame/StreetFighterII Street Fighter]].\\
'''Peter''': Red, blue, green.\\
'''Brian''': Those are colors.
* NotWhatItLooksLike: Subverted with the ending; when Peter is revealed to be in a closet making out with Lois's liposuctioned fat, he pauses for a minute, but when he can't think of an excuse, he says, "It's ''exactly'' what it looks like."
* RealityEnsues: Peter's desires to keep having fat sex with Lois turn out to be this. Her obesity ends up giving her a heart attack and she has to undergo liposuction treatment.
* ShoutOut: Stewie asks a kid on the playground, "You! [[Film/TheBluesBrothers You got my cheese whiz, boy?"]]
** Bertram says, [[Film/ANewHope "I sense something. A presence I've not felt since..."]]
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: At the sperm clinic, Peter accidentally knocked over a bunch of sperm vials, and when exiting the freezer later:
--> '''Peter''': (to nurse) And, uh, just so you know, everything in there is exactly the way it was when I went in. There is absolutely zero chance that I spilled all the jars and had to refill them with my own sperm. ''Zero'' chance.
* TakeThat: To the comic strip ComicStrip/{{BC}}.
* ToiletHumour: A cutaway involves Peter trying adult diapers.
* TheUnintelligible: Tony Danza and Sylvester Stallone in ''What?''.
* TookALevelInJerkass: Bertram. After his and Stewie's parting on good terms in his previous appearance, you really have to wonder why they're fighting again. Though, to be fair, they do still share some laughs and friendly conversations. In "The Big Bang Theory"? [[UpToEleven Not so much]].
* TruthInTelevision: A vasectomy is actually much safer and quicker than a tubal ligation (the female equivalent)--a vasectomy is also generally a lot cheaper.